Drew Brees says reaction to his anthem comments was ‘crushing’

first_imgBrees later apologized for those words and reiterated he knew his remarks were wrong when Donald Trump argued he should not have “taken back” what he said.MORE: Drew Brees’ wife says family received death threats over commentsThe Saints quarterback spoke to the media on Saturday and, prior to answering questions, he once again addressed his original comments about the anthem and the aftermath.”Going back to my comment on June 3, to think for a second that New Orleans or the state of Louisiana or the Black community would think that I was not standing with them for social justice, that completely broke my heart,” Brees said. “It was crushing. Never ever would I feel that way. I recognize that I missed an opportunity that day. I had an opportunity to talk about and emphasize the social injustices that exist for our Black community and our need as a country to support them and to advocate for systemic change. And my lack of awareness in that moment hurt a lot of people.”Kneeling during the anthem is expected to be more prevalent in the 2020 campaign following the death of George Floyd in police custody in May.MORE: Here’s a complete list of NFL players opting out of the 2020 season NBA players have been kneeling and wearing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts prior to their games in Orlando this week and, shortly after Brees’ comments in June, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged the league was “wrong in silencing our players from peacefully protesting” previously.Brees clarified he would be standing for the anthem this season.”I will always stand for the flag because of what it means to me and to honor all those who have sacrificed, who have served and died for our country and all those who have struggled to move this country forward,” Brees added. “I acknowledge and respect anyone who chooses to kneel or any other form of peaceful protest to bring attention to the social injustices and systemic racism that so many have endured and continue to endure in our country. I will always support and advocate for the black and brown communities in the fight for social injustices. Always.” (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/87/d4/drewbrees-getty-ftr-060320jpg_rbg9cdmutfpu1qvv7vlj2zjdj.jpg?t=2069802114&w=500&quality=80 Drew Brees has revealed the personal anguish he felt following the backlash to his original comments on kneeling for the anthem before NFL games.The New Orleans Saints quarterback was widely criticized by teammates and other players in the NFL back in June when he suggested those who do not stand for the Star-Spangled Banner are “disrespecting the flag.”last_img read more

James Harden scores 49 in Rockets thriller over Mavs, but says ‘it’s not about the points’

first_imgLuka Doncic had a triple-double for the Mavs — his NBA-leading 15th of the season — but went just one-for-nine from three-point range, while Trey Burke added 31 points from the bench having drained eight of his 10 attempts from beyond the arc. “We are a young team. We have got a lot to learn,” Doncic said. “We will get better, for sure. I know we are going to get together when it matters most, so I’m not worried about that.” James Harden scored 49 points in a 153-149 overtime victory over the Dallas Mavericks, but it was the Houston Rockets’ defensive effort that the former MVP wanted to highlight. Another fine offensive night from Harden saw him move past Calvin Murphy to become the player with the second-most points in the franchise’s history, behind only Hakeem Olajuwon.  With Russell Westbrook adding 31 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists too, it was a fine outing for Houston’s leading duo, though Harden was quick to defer praise to the collective performance at the other end of the court. NBA RESTART: Schedule | Playoff Bracket | Bubble, explained”It’s not even about the points,” Harden told ESPN on the court after the game. “Our effort was there continuously throughout the course of the night against one of the best offenses in this league. They were going to be tough from the beginning of the game and we had to stay with it, even when we were down by double digits. We kept fighting, especially on the defensive end and forced overtime. We wanted to stay with it and give ourselves a chance at the end of the game. We did that. Our confidence defensively was building, especially in that fourth quarter. We kept pushing the tempo, kept fighting.” last_img read more

FFA members from Charles City, Rockford help Nebraska flood victims

first_imgCHARLES CITY — Some two dozen FFA members from Charles City and Rockford took a six-hour trip to east-central Nebraska over the weekend to provide manpower and supplies to a flood-stricken family.Charles City sophomore Justin Heyer says the devastation at the Drew Wolfe cattle operation is unimaginable.  “It’s just horrible seeing how we can have such a successful spring in Iowa and then we come down here, just the next state over, and it looks like a beach right now,” Heyer says. “It’s like we’re by the ocean. Everything is just flood plained, destroyed.”The Platte River left its banks near Schuyler, Nebraska, and raged across corn fields, feed yards and swept away a third of the operation’s 2,500 head of cattle. The FFA members picked up and rebuilt fences destroyed during the record-setting event. The rancher, Wolfe, says the random act of support from the 25 students was overwhelming.“It’s nice to see kids wanting to come help,” Wolfe says. “There’s been a lot of that but it’s pretty amazing.” Rockford FFA member Sawyer Salisbury skipped a benefit Saturday for his own family who lost their house in a fire on February 2nd to go to Nebraska. “When my house burned down, everybody was there to help me so I figured I’d go help someone else in need,” Salisbury says. FFA members who helped flood victims.FFA members raised $3,500 during a two-hour fundraiser to help offset the costs of the trip. Another $2,500 came in later that’s being donated to the #nebraskastrong cause. Rockford FFA member Jayden Jorgensen says the experience is something she’ll never forget. “This is where you learn your life lessons, respect for others, respect for livestock, compassion, all of those good qualities that makes a good community member,” Jorgensen says.The Floyd County Cattlemen’s Association joined members on the trip. Several businesses and organizations in Schuyler provided meals and hotel rooms.last_img read more

Ambassador Branstad talks about the trade war while visiting the state fair

first_imgThe U-S Ambassador to China visited the Iowa State Fair over the weekend. Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says the escalating trade troubles between the U-S and China are top-of-mind for many people, from politicians to ag producers. Ambassador Branstad was asked how long the trade war between the nations will likely continue.“I wish I knew,” Branstad says. “We’re back at the bargaining table but we’ve got some big differences including things involving protecting intellectual property rights, stopping the stealing of technology and just getting access to their market in many areas.” The Trump Administration plans to impose another 10-percent tariff on 300-billion dollars worth of Chinese goods starting September 1st, and China is retaliating. Branstad says agriculture has been “really hurt” by that retaliation, as China has asked its state-owned companies to halt all purchases of U-S ag goods.“There’s a lot of threats being made but they really need quality, reliable food from America,” Branstad says. “The Chinese people do appreciate both the quality as well as the dependability of American food. They have not always had that.” There are some indications the Chinese may be stalling any resolution until after the 2020 presidential election, but Branstad says that’s a mistake on several levels.“This is not going to change just because there’s a change in party because both parties are tired of the way China is handling the situation,” Branstad says. “They want reciprocity and fairness and it’s a bipartisan issue. It doesn’t make sense for them to stall. They’re only hurting their own people as well as hurting the world economy.” Branstad says it will take persistence and patience for the two countries to strike a deal.last_img read more

Howard County felon sent to prison for nine years on gun possession charges

first_imgELMA — A convicted felon from Howard County who was found with more than a dozen guns will spend nearly nine years in federal prison. Court records show 63-year-old Michael Strain was found guilty of  two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm in October. Evidence showed that Strain was living in Elma in late 2010 and early 2011 and purchased ammunition and firearms accessories after being told he couldn’t legally buy a gun.  That led to an investigation where officers found thirteen guns at his home — including a sawed-off shotgun. Strain was convicted in Minnesota in 2001 for fleeing from police, and possessing a pipe bomb in his car that was parked near a courthouse while he attended a court hearing. He was sentenced to 105 months in prison and fined $12,500.last_img read more

Governor to Senate GOP: time to act on felon voting rights

first_imgDES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds says it’s time for Senate Republicans to lay the groundwork for a constitutional change, so released felons automatically have the right to vote.“Iowa is now the only state in the nation where all convicted felons lose their right to vote unless they apply to the governor,” Reynolds said. “Now is the time for action to change that.”In 2019, Reynolds proposed a constitutional amendment as part of her “second chances” agenda, to automatically restore felon voting rights. The process of putting proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot is a lengthy one in Iowa. If senators fail to act this year, the earliest the issue could be presented to voters would be 2024. Wednesday night, House Republicans sent the governor a related bill, to take effect if the amendment passes, to require a felon to have paid all victim restitution before they’d get the right to vote. Critics called that a poll tax. Reynolds signed that bill on Thursday afternoon.“This bill ensures the rights of victims are protected by clarifying that victim restitution must be repaid before an Iowan’s voting rights are restored,” Reynolds said. “We must never forget about victims and that’s why I think this bill is a sensible compromise.”Protesters have been calling on the governor to issue an executive order automatically restoring felon voting rights. Reynolds has said she’s seeking a permanent change, so the policy doesn’t change depending on who’s elected governor.last_img read more

USMCA Takes Effect Today, Grassley Comments

first_imgThe U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement takes effect today, replacing the outdated North American Free Trade Agreement. The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee that shepherded the deal to its final passage is hailing its benefits for agriculture.Chairman Chuck Grassley says USMCA, which President Trump sought to replace NAFTA, will end 30 years of Canada blocking imports of U.S. wheat, dairy, and poultry, deal with Mexico’s trade barriers, and more.“This new agreement will provide certainty to our farmers and ranchers, and update NAFTA in other important areas. And I’ve already mentioned the digital economy, but also, customs, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and technical standards. And it even helps on intellectual property.”USMCA will also give the U.S. tools to deal with continuing trade problems. House Ag Chair Collin Peterson spoke at a virtual roundtable later in the day.“There are some troubling signs out there of people using COVID as a reason to put up trade barriers. We see some ‘monkey business’ going on in Mexico. We continue to learn about the Canadians and what they’re up to with dairy policy. So, we need to be vigilant and we need to make sure that the agreement is enforced.”Senator Grassley echoed the concern about Mexico.“That country has quit approving biotech traits for U.S. companies. And they have offered no satisfactory explanation for the lack of approvals. And so, I expect the U.S. Trade Representative to aggressively and fairly use the tools of dispute settlement.”Separately, Grassley says he’ll join fellow Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst in blocking a Trump nominee to be EPA deputy until EPA explains its plans for 52 small oil refinery retroactive ethanol waiver requests.“Oh, yes. I think we’ve been playing around too much with all this stuff.”Grassley says he met with the nominee Doug Benevento and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, recently, but wouldn’t give details on the meetings.last_img read more

D-DAY: Micho rushes back to Uganda, press conference 10am

first_img0 RELATED VIDEO 0 EGYPT 22004136 201102-21 Share on: WhatsApp 21101014 CONGO GHANA Cranes coach Micho wants outKampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | All indications are that the Micho-FUFA saga will end today, with the Serbian football coach set to announce his next destination.Cranes national team coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevich confirmed to The Independent that he has called a 10.00am press conference Saturday at Kabira Club, just outside the city. He did not give details.The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) headquarters where football press conferences are usually held, is on the opposite side, in Mengo, in the city.It was not immediately clear if FUFA are aware of the Saturday July 29, press conference.  Micho left for a “holiday” on Monday hours after meeting the FUFA executive.At Monday’s meeting, the two parties agreed, according to a statement released after, that a decision on his future will be announced after CEO Edgar Watson meets his agent Ivic Stankovic to resolve his complaint about delayed payment of salary arrears.Micho has since been linked to South African club side Orlando, at which he had a stint years ago, but more recently to Egyptian giants Zamalek. Zamalek 24 hours ago sacked their coach Augusto Inacio.Egypt would hit two birds with one stone if Micho left Uganda – for Zamalek. He is seen by many football experts as being capable of destabilizing World Cup qualifying Group E that has Egypt, Congo, Uganda and Ghana.Uganda are currently lying second behind Egypt (6), Uganda (4), Ghana (1) and are due to clash on August 31.GROUP E TEAMSMPWDLGFGA+/-Pts 0 200213-20 Micho started his African adventure in Uganda with SC Villa, went via St.George in Ethiopia, Orlando Pirates in South Africa, Al-Hilal in Sudan and Rwanda before coming to Uganda.  He has complained for years about failure by FUFA to pay his salary under the agreed contract.With the new developments in Egypt, a mutual separation based on the terms of the contract, now look inveitable. What Micho called rumours a few days, could become reality at Kabira Club today.EARLIER STORIES Who is Micho?Whether he leaves or not, Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevich’s name will remain etched in Uganda’s football history as the coach who broke the jinx!History will state that in 1978, Uganda Cranes reached the final of the Nations Cup finals, falling to Ghana 2-0. Jimmy Kirunda and Phillip Omondi were some of the great names that Ugandan soccer would talk about for over three decades as players who last featured in the Nations Cup finals.For close to four decades after 1978, Cranes beat all the giants from Ghana, Zambia to Nigeria, but qualification eluded them.Uganda’s sports history will also add that FUFA presidents and coaches came and went but success remained elusive — until Lawrence Mulindwa in 2013. Then FUFA President Mulindwa, decided to bite the bullet and sack coach Bobby Williamson who had done a tremendous job with the team. In came ‘Micho’, and the rest is history.Williamson had come in to replace Csaba László, who resigned in July 2008 to go to Hearts in Scotland, despite a running contract.  Williamson had led Cranes to four CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup trophies since 2008 but failed to secure qualification to the African Nations Cup in his five-year tenure – on one occasion failing on the very final day of qualification.Micho ended the jinx last year as Uganda qualified. He then led the team to Gabon, where Cranes managed a point and seemed to grow stronger thereafter, with a strong performance in their opening two games of the World Cup qualifiers.“FUFA hasn’t received any communication in regard to rumours that Cranes coach Micho has resigned. The Serbian is still under contract,” Federation of Uganda Football Associations FUFA said Saturday.FUFA were reacting to stories that they called mere “rumours” that Micho had said goodbye after his new look Cranes had humbled South Sudan 5-1 in the CHAN tournament second leg – at the Phillip Omondi Stadium.FUFA then met Monday this week with the coach at FUFA House in Mengo, at which they released a statement saying the two parties agreed that CEO Watson talks to Micho’s agent Ivic Stankovic.to resolve any issues between them.ALL SMILES ON MONDAY: Micho (2nd right) after meeting FUFA officials. Micho’s agent now comes into play.Micho, who like Donald Trump usually says it all on twitter, was silent five hours after the meeting ended,  then he tweeted: “48hours expired I couldn’t come out with final outcome as promised due to human wish that unfortunate situation is sorted in civilised way.”Will Micho face his former side Rwanda?The “rumours” started minutes after Uganda walked past South Sudan at Lugogo on Saturday.Their next CHAN opponents – Rwanda.Micho has handled Rwanda before as well. *****FROM THE ARCHIVES 0 UGANDAlast_img read more

Chelsea readied for Barca test as Willian leads rout of Hull

first_img“But in the next two weeks we have to play massive games and we must be strong – Barcelona, United and City. We are ready.”Willian did no harm to his case to start against the Catalans with a stunning all-round display capped by his two goals.“For sure, his performance was impressive,” added Conte.“I hope to see always this type of performance because, when Willy plays in this way, it is a great joy for me, the team, the club and our fans.”Share on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2 Barca’s visit to the Bridge on Tuesday is followed by consecutive trips to Manchester United and Manchester City on league duty before the return leg at the Camp Nou on March 14.“We lost two games at the end of a busy period. Now we have the right confidence again,” said Conte. London, United Kingdom | AFP | Antonio Conte believes Chelsea are ready for a season-defining few weeks after Willian starred with two goals to blow away Hull City 4-0 to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals on Friday.Just four days before facing Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 tie, Conte named a much-changed side with Thibaut Courtois, Cesar Azpilicueta, N’Golo Kante and Eden Hazard not even included in the Italian’s squad.center_img But they still had too much quality for the Championship strugglers as two great strikes from Willian added to goals from Pedro Rodriguez and Olivier Giroud’s first for Chelsea put the hosts 4-0 up by half-time.Conte made seven changes in all from the side that beat West Brom 3-0 on Monday to ease the mounting pressure on his job after damaging defeats by Bournemouth and Watford.Once again the Chelsea support showed their backing for the former Juventus boss, but more challenging tests lie ahead in their bid for Champions League glory, and a place back in the competition next year via the top four of the Premier League should they fall short.last_img read more

Uganda aims for perfect record against Singapore

first_imgUSA22042.12 TeamPlayedWonLostPointsNNR Remaining matches15 November: Singapore v Uganda (Oman Club Turf 1); Denmark v USA (Oman Club Turf 2) 8.30am16 November: Oman v USA (Oman Club Turf 1); Kenya v Singapore (Oman Club Turf 2)18 November: Kenya v Denmark (Oman Club Turf 1); Oman v Uganda (Oman Club Turf 2)19 November: Singapore v USA (Oman Club Turf 1)SOURCE: ICC.com********RELATED STORIES FILE PHOTO: Ugandan cricketers, now playing for prideUPDATE #WCL3  Uganda ?? To bat vs  Singapore ?? 204/10 in 49.4 USA ?? 230/7 in 50 vs Denmark ?? To batKampala, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG | Uganda will hope to maintain their perfect record against Singapore when they play their penultimate match of the World Cricket League Division Three in Oman today.The Cricket Cranes’ hopes of making a return to the World Cricket League Division Two were virtually extinguished Tuesday by neighbors Kenya, leaving them to jostle for a favorable table placing in their final two games. Victory over Singapore today will ensure Uganda does not end bottom of the table.Uganda will go into this match confident, as they have won all two games they have ever played against Singapore at this level.The most exciting was at the 2014 edition, where Uganda snatched a one-run win.  Set 196 to win, Singapore got stuck at 195/9 after the very last ball.It was much easier last year, with hosts Uganda (217/9 ) securing a 66 runs victory.This time round, Uganda has struggled getting close to the 200 run mark. Opener Arnold Otwani has given a good account of himself with two great scores of of 88 and 52, but all around him, wickets have consistently fallen cheaply.Only Dinesh Nakrani (50) in the last game against Kenya, has been put up a fight with the bat.If Singapore win today, they could well still be in contention for a top two place themselves, or determine the fortunes of two other contenders USA and Kenya, who they face in their next games.Oman are favourites to bounce back to Division two, but meanwhile, USA can move back to the top of the standings on Thursday when they take on bottom placed Denmark. A victory for USA will also confirm them as only one of three remaining to contend for the top two places.Uganda won the bat and chose to field, but will go into today’s game again minus key bowler Irfan Afridi, who has been suspended from bowling in international cricket.In a statement early this week, ICC said, “Per Article 3.6.2 of the ICC Regulations for the Review of Bowlers Reported with Suspected Illegal Bowling Actions, video footage of Irfan’s bowling spells were provided to the Expert Panel of Mark King and Andrea Cutti, who are members of the ICC Panel of Human Movement Specialists, for their analysis and assessment. The assessment revealed that the amount of elbow extension in Irfan’s bowling action was above the 15 degrees level of tolerance permitted under the regulations.”In Uganda’s second game, USA complained about Afridi’s action to the umpire, alleging chucking, and he was withdrawn before he could complete his spell. Oman33060.613 Uganda3122-0.104 LIVE SCORES (click)All eyes on 2023 World CupThe 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Three is an international cricket tournament that is currently taking place in Oman between 9 and 19 November 2018. It forms part of the 2017–22 cycle of the World Cricket League (WCL) which determines the qualification for the 2023 Cricket World Cup.The top two teams will be promoted to the 2019 ICC World Cricket League Division Two tournament, and the other four teams will play in the 2019–21 ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge League.The 2019 ICC World Cricket League Division Two is scheduled to take place in April 2019 in Namibia.center_img Singapore21120.443 Kenya3122-1.176 Denmark3030-1.116 Six teams will qualify for the tournament:Papua New Guinea (9th in the 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier)Hong Kong (10th in the 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier)Canada (3rd in 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Two)Namibia (4th in 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Two)TO BE DETERMINED (1st in 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Three)TO BE DETERMINED (2nd in 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Three)Standings so far Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more