María José, the scorer of the month: has five goals in January

first_imgTo his 35 years, the footballer of Santa Cruz de Tenerife shows us that he has rope for a while. Before the Depor made it clear that the boots have quality, with three goals. A fact that is not surprising to everyone who knows her. And is that football runs through his veins. His father, Christ, was a Betis player in the 60s, and Ayoze Pérez, of Leicester, is his cousin. A fact that led him to always grow up with a ball on his feet. His passion led him to go through several teams such as Sabadell, Sporting Huelva, Extremadura, Tacuense, Levante or Granadilla, with which he achieved promotion in 2013-14. In 2016 he went to Levante, but returned home in the following season to continue making history in the ranks of the Canarian team. For now, he is getting it … Maria Jose could not start better the year 2020. The front of the Passion fruit, who scored a hat-trick this weekend against Deportivo (5-3), has picked up scoring speed and adds five goals in the last four games. A figure that no player in the category approaches. The Canarian footballer has met again with the goal this year, after four long months of drought. “The team was very good and personally, very happy to help with goals,” he said after the match against the Galician. To these five targets is added one scored on September 14 to Logroño (1-1). A fact that is noted in the future of the team in recent days, with three consecutive games without losing, with two wins and one draw. A streak that ends the four straight defeats they put in a hurry to the canaries, now in the ninth place of the classification. The truth is that María José Pérez (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 19-3-84), better known as María José She has been one of the most decisive players for Granadilla in the last two seasons. Last year he signed fourteen targets, which contributed to classifying the team in fifth position. Two campaigns ago, his performance was also decisive. The Granadilla finished fourth, the best record of the club in Primera, with 12 goals from the Canarian attacker. last_img read more

Bordalás: “This is historical”

first_imgPraise to the players: “The team does not wrinkle, it is always whole, it always shows its face. The boys have returned to give a demonstration of what it is to show their faces. A historical man like Ajax did not need to warm up the game. This is historical.”Historic moment: “I imagine that in a few hours we will be aware of what we have achieved. This will be for history before a team like Ajax. It has a lot of merit, it is incredible. I am super happy. It was the game that Getafe had the most fans out of . It has been fantastic. “First goal, key: “Starting scoring has been important. The team never lowered its arms. We had two sticks. If we scored a second goal it would have been different. It’s good for Getafe, for football and for the people.”Draw: “We are still a small team and we have to enjoy. We will try again because there are teams.”Final touch: “In the end they all went to protest to the fourth referee and I told them to stop protesting. In the end there were hot spirits and it’s anecdotal.”Then in the press room, Bordalás was more explicit:What has been the worst moment that has happened on such a happy night? Bad times almost none. We have been far superior to a team like Ajax. It has huge merit. All my recognition to this team. It has been a great match. A goal unfairly annulled, three clubs, other clear … And they both goals and little else. It has enormous merit and will be historic. Getafe has shown ambition and I am very happy.What happened in the action of the cards to the bench? You are always worried about an opponent with such an impressive level. I was calm because the team entered the game well. In that action I only say that during the week we had to endure many false and unfounded accusations about Getafe’s game. There we were superior and the atmosphere was hot from the initial beep. The team did not wrinkle and was superior. Nothing happened. They protested all the actions from minute one and I have recriminated it because there was a spirit of intimidation. Have you been impressed by the atmosphere of the Johan Cruyff Arena? From the beginning the fans were cheering and it was a boiler, but the team came out bold and we scored in five minutes. They tied us soon and it was complicated. The boys have made a fantastic tie. How do you stop the Ajax game? The team has done a fantastic job at the defensive and also offensive level although we lacked success. It is not easy because they are very well endowed technically. Even defending well is complicated because they dominate the spaces and know how to move. A difficult game was anticipated and so it was.What can you tell the two thousand blues who were in Amsterdam today?Thank them and congratulate them. They are encouraging all season and it is something historic. The time that more getafenses have attended a party in Europe. Thank them because they will be enjoying this great deed that will remain for the history of the club. What do you say to those who have criticized the Getafe game? People say nothing. You have heard falsehoods of this team that plays fantastic and I am very proud. He has been superior to an almighty one like Ajax and I can only congratulate them.Ten Hag: “It has been a big disappointment” How do you analyze the match? We have fought in an exceptional environment. It has not been enough and we were eliminated. We have to keep up. Has Getafe’s answer surprised you? I was not surprised at all because we saw them several times. We knew their style of play and we didn’t play well enough to eliminate them. What were the reasons for the elimination? In Europe it is very difficult to pass qualifiers and more if you make some mistakes. It has been a big disappointment and it’s a shame for the great atmosphere in the stadium. Analysis: “Go game, go eliminatory. We have had to endure a series of accusations all week, accusing us of false things. We have been able to prove that we had three clubs, an empty goal, another of Jorge who slipped … If that is a team who is accused of being defensive, I don’t know what football is. You have to congratulate the boys because they have made a fantastic tie. It has been incredible. “last_img read more

The new management of Umtiti and Lenglet

first_imgSetién said, before the Naples match, that Piqué’s companion in the defense center would decide “at three in the morning”. It is not the first time that the Cantabrian wanted to publicly announce that the roles of Lenglet and Umtiti have changed and there is no headline and substitute as in the Valverde stage. Can’t hide that the prominence of Umtiti has grown since the arrival of Setién. The Cantabrian, lover of the style of the former Olympique de Lyon player, made a statement of intent in his debut against Granada. Umtiti was headline ahead of Lenglet. He simply likes Umtiti more. However, while Umtiti’s performance was poor in Valencia, Lenglet’s was more satisfactory in the matches he entered. That matched the situation. Setién decided to match the status of both, although the Bernabéu party could set a trend. Especially, if it is Umtiti that accompanies Piqué and leave the exsevillista on the bench. That would mean, first, that the left knee of the world champion is able to withstand two elite matches in four days, something that a year ago was a chimera. Second, what Setien relies more on Umtiti for important matches.For now, Lenglet has played 530 minutes with Quique Setién and Umtiti, 482. But there is a trend. Lenlget has played many home games and Copa del Rey. Umtiti has started in Mestalla, Benito Villamarín and San Paolo, demanding matches away from home where you don’t have to wrinkle. Maybe in that difference in character between the two (Umtiti is a warmer blood player and Lenglet, more cerebral) there may be the key of the election for the parties, much more than the one commented on the exit of the ball.last_img read more

The ‘Professor’ Dani Ramírez already gives lessons in Poznan

first_imgIn Poznan, Dani Ramírez has kept the numbers that led him to succeed with the LKS Lodz shirt. Despite moving in a three-quarter-zone area, the Madrid midfielder continues to touch 85% of success in the pass, continue dribbling 60% of the times you try and only 25% of their losses are in their own field. Ramírez also recovers, and 67% of the time he does so near the opposite area. It is logical, therefore, that the city of Poznan be exalted with its signing. After winning 4-1 at Górnik, the team ascended to the third position of the Ekstraklasa and are only seven points that separate him from a leadership that occupies the Legia.“I am happy with the goal and the assistance, but above all because we have managed to win”He said after the meeting Dani Ramírez, who will take advantage on Wednesday to visit his old teammates and witness live the vital LKS Lodz-Zaglebie. At this rate, the almost 500,000 euros that Lech Poznan paid to LKS Lodz to take over the services of Dani Ramirez They will seem few. Since his arrival at the railway club, the Leganense midfielder has shown why he was one of the most coveted players in Ekstraklasa: playing after Gytkjaer, with total freedom in the midpoint, Ramírez has become a mandatory toll for all Lech attacks Poznan When the ball passes through your feet the play improves. Nor does it falter in defensive tasks, recovering an average of eight balls per game.Since signing for Lech, Dani Ramírez has had the total confidence of Dariusz Żuraw, which has given it ownership in all the games in which it has been available. It was not until this week, however, when the Spaniard enjoyed his first big night at the municipal stadium in Poznan, with capacity for more than 40,000 people. Before Górnik Zabrze, Ramírez He opened the can and gave Jozwiak the ball with which he put the railroad ahead again on the scoreboard. He was replaced in the 80 ‘and received congratulations from Żuraw and a loud ovation from the public.last_img read more

Ferdinand blesses Saúl: “What a player! I’ve been saying it for years …”

first_imgThe English team would be willing to give 80 million for the international and Ferdinand understands that the effort is worth it. This is how the Englishman, 41, sees it: “I think he is an important footballer. Very complete, calm, with a great left foot, a charming game driver, he scores goals and he is very well formed tactically “. Saúl has been watched by the Premier clubs for years. United, in fact, has always been one of the most interested in mounting a competitive eleven. He 8 has a contract with Atlético until 2026 and a termination clause of 150 million. This interest is debated among the fans and there is already an authorized voice that gives the approval to the signing. Ferdinand says yes. With those qualities, he sees him as highly capable of being one of United’s leaders of the future. “You can see Simeone, he has his teams very well organized and he is in the middle orchestrating and dictating“, Add. “Saúl is huge and is in the newspapers this week because Manchester United is interested in him, but we will have to wait to see …”, concludes Ferdinand.center_img Manchester United’s interest in Saúl has fueled the gatherings around the news of the red devils. One of the last to join the debate is Rio Ferdinand, who would wholeheartedly approve the arrival of the Spanish midfielder to your former team. “What a footballer! I’ve been insisting with Saúl for a few years… ”The former defense said in a video on Instagram.last_img read more

Madrid will save between 33 and 56 million with the salary cut

first_imgBasketball players have already given the ok to the drop in salary and soccer players (with exceptions, such as the one argued by Kroos in the media in his country) as well. The idea of ​​all is to make that effort in the workers who charge the most in the workforce so that the rest (Madrid has more than 800 in total) are not affected by an ERTE. In the white club, however, there is still tranquility. The ECA recommends an Efficiency Ratio (percentage of the entity’s total salaries with respect to operating income) of 70%. That ratio is 52% in Madrid, spectacular. The total wage bill (of the more than 800 workers) is 394 million and the operating income is 757 million. Of those 394 million total salary mass, 283 correspond to the salaries of the coaching staff and players of the first template. “To know if LaLiga will be able to resume, not when it will be able to resume, it is better to listen to what the health minister, Mr. Illa, says than LaLiga president Javier Tebas.” The phrase is from Irene Lozano, secretary of state for the sport, and throws down a bit the announcement to hype and LaLiga that the competition would start on May 29 or June 6. Either way and for now, whether the championship is resumed or not depends on the negotiation that Real Madrid players have started with the club to lower wages. The crisis is becoming more acute and the lack of the global agreement (between LaLiga, the Federation and AFE) that the white entity wanted has forced it to change plans.The SER affirms that right now in Madrid there are two figures on the table for the salary reduction, 12% and 20%. Madrid have a total salary mass for the first staff of 283 million euros. Not counting primar by titles or bonds. That, according to the last closed accounts, than with those of the 2018-19 campaign. With 12%, Madrid would save 33 million. With 20%, you would save 56 million. Keep in mind that the income is 757 million. If these fell 12 percent, it would mean 90 million euros of losses for the club and if 20% fell, 151 million less revenue.last_img read more

The Naples applies an ‘ERTE’ for its workers

first_imgAt the moment, March salaries are “frozen”, and the evolution of the emergency will be awaited to make a decision: there is no hurry, since the dialogue for the cuts will depend a lot on the resumption date of the championship. Meanwhile, after the Serie A statement announced a common direction line to cut four months of salary for players if competitions are not resumed and two if it will finally be possible (proposal defined “shameful” by the Association of Football players), De Laurentiis’ club has not yet started negotiations. The Azzurri, who are still pending the controversial situation by the fines due to November riot (The arbitrations are blocked until mid-May due to the COVID-19 crisis), they have not moved from the southern city during these weeks of quarantine. Naples is the first Serie A team to apply an ‘ERTE’ to the club’s 30 workers, also suspending ‘teleworking’ used in recent weeks for coronavirus emergency. Over the next two months, employees will collect 80% of their regular salary (for a maximum of 1400 euros) through the ‘cassa integrazione’, social buffer that the state grants to companies in crisis: A measure that would be discontinued if the entity returns to training, something that will be possible, it is expected, in early May.last_img read more

Guti, the ‘mirror’ of Camavinga

first_imgGuti’s name has slipped in more than one occasion in the occasional emotional talk Julien tells his pupils. “The last pass and his handling of the left leg is similar to Guti’s,” reveal some of his teammates. Now, it remains to be seen if the French player can wear the same shirt that Guti wore in his day: the white of Real Madrid.The best advice Julien gives to the sensation of Ligue 1 is to continue for another year: “I think he has to consolidate himself in another full season. He must be prepared to play 40 consecutive games in a top team and another year of better is essential. This is the place where he grew up and they love him very much.” Camavinga is one of the great revelations of Europe thanks in large part to Julien Stéphan. His current coach was in charge of uploading him from Sub 17 to the subsidiary with only 15 years old. In those trainings both made a great duo to the point that when Julien was promoted one of his first decisions was to debut the 16-year-old midfielder against PSG. A bet that came out like gold in cloth. “We had no doubt that it would be a success. At no time did I look at his age, but at the quality he had,” the coach assured ACE.There is no doubt that Julien is Camavinga’s mentor, but both have a secret: his admiration for Guti as a player. The midfielder could only enjoy his last stage. But Stéphan always noticed him: “I cannot speak of idols, but when I was young I looked at Guti attentively. I adored his elegance, he was very strong, efficient and very beautiful to watch playing, he marked me a lot.”last_img read more