Vladimir Guerreros Best Games Were In Montreal — And No One Saw

Reggie Jackson1971-75RF/CFOAK31.111,883 Vladimir Guerrero1998-2002RFMON29.510,038 Rollie Fingers1974-78POAK/SDP13.014,125 Jim Palmer1975-79PBAL27.414,463 Bottom 10YearsPosTeam(s)WARATT/Game Tom Glavine1995-99PATL26.639,232 Mike Piazza1993-97CLAD31.939,857 Randy Johnson1998-2002PSEA/ARI/ HOU43.135,791 Gaylord Perry1972-76PCLE/TEX35.811,210 Jim Thome1995-993B/1BCLE26.341,716 John Smoltz1995-99PATL29.639,226 The most- and least-watched Hall of Famers in their primesTop and bottom 10 Hall of Famers by team attendance per game in their five best consecutive seasons by wins above replacement, 1961-present When we think of soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee Vladimir Guerrero’s outstanding career, we might recall his 2004 American League MVP season with the Anaheim Angels, when he carried his new squad to the postseason with a scorching .363/.424/.726 triple-slash line in September. Or perhaps we’d picture another Angels-era moment, a play that seems to be everyone’s favorite Guerrero highlight: that time he somehow blooped a hit on a pitch that bounced in front of home plate.But many of Guerrero’s top moments came in relative obscurity, as a member of the (late, lamented) Montreal Expos. Although fans of the big-market Atlanta Braves and New York Mets got to see him play on television with some frequency, Guerrero was mostly touted as baseball’s best-kept secret during his peak, routinely playing before microscopic audiences at Stade Olympique. He was baseball’s equivalent of an indie band on the cusp of national discovery — the hipster fan’s alternative to mainstream favorites like Ken Griffey Jr. or Barry Bonds. And while some assorted clips do exist of Guerrero’s feats with his first MLB team, it was also the era right before MLB.TV permanently killed the notion of an underground star. Guerrero might have been the last truly great player to bear that title.Certainly, no recent Hall of Famer was seen by fewer people in person during his best seasons than Guerrero. From 1998 to 2002, Guerrero produced 29.5 wins above replacement (WAR)1Averaging together the versions of WAR found at Baseball-Reference.com and FanGraphs. for the Expos, marking the top five-year stretch of his career. Over that span, an average of just 10,038 fans came to see each of Guerrero’s home games, according to attendance data from Baseball-Reference.com. That’s the fewest of any HOF member whose career took place during the expansion era (since 1961), including likely 2018 inductees Chipper Jones, Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman: Ozzie Smith1985-89SSSTL30.734,781 Includes hitters and pitchers whose entire careers came in the post-expansion era (since 1961).Sources: Baseball-Reference.com, FanGraphs Catfish Hunter1971-75POAK/NYY24.612,501 Bert Blyleven1972-76PMIN/TEX36.810,339 Ivan Rodriguez1996-2000CTEX29.935,120 Nolan Ryan1973-77PCAL28.813,455 Rod Carew1973-772B/1BMIN36.910,346 Greg Maddux1994-98PATL39.740,169 Chipper Jones1998-20023B/LFATL31.837,792 Roberto Alomar1997-20012BBAL/CLE26.943,113 Phil Niekro1974-78PATL34.910,229 Top 10YearsPosTeam(s)WARAVG. Att/Game That number stands out even more when you consider that Guerrero’s peak straddled the 1990s and 2000s, a consistent period of record-high attendance in the major leagues. All of the other least-watched Hall members on the list above came from the 1970s, when MLB-wide attendance per game had barely budged since the ’50s. By the time Guerrero came along, though, attendance was cresting after two decades of incredible growth. There’s a reason nine of the 10 most-watched HOFers came from the ’90s.But playing in a crumbling, derelict ballpark north of the Canadian border, for a franchise whose roster was gutted after the 1994 strike derailed a season many still believe was destined for a championship, Guerrero was the ultimate under-the-radar superstar. For example, he finished only 13th in MVP voting in 1998 despite producing the second-best season of his career by WAR (and tying fellow likely Chipper Jones for fifth in WAR among NL position players). During his final four seasons in Montreal, Guerrero had three seasons with a quadruple-digit on-base plus slugging (OPS), yet he finished in the top five of MVP voting only once.Of course, in some ways the privacy of Montreal also added to Guerrero’s mystique. In combination with his thrilling style of play — he loved to swing at (and hit) anything in the same area code as the plate, and he rifled down base runners with a cannon of an arm in right field — there was a certain romance to the image of the mega-talented Guerrero toiling away thanklessly for a soon-to-be-relocated shell of a franchise. He helped2Alongside underrated second baseman Jose Vidro and pitchers Javier Vazquez and Tomo Ohka. drag the Expos to surprising respectability in seasons like 2002, when they beat the odds to finish second in the NL East with 83 wins despite owning the league’s lowest payroll. And when Guerrero was finally given the spotlight of a bigger market in 2004, he made the most of it in MVP fashion.It made for a great narrative arc to the career of an all-time great player. However, it’s still a shame more people didn’t get to see Guerrero play during his peak seasons. Nowadays, we take it for granted that we can watch small-market stars whenever we want via the power of streaming. But Guerrero serves as a reminder of a time not so long ago, when brilliant individual performances could still be limited to an extremely small audience of lucky admirers. read more

The Spurs Eventually Got What They Wanted in Game 2 But It

On Sunday night, LeBron James put together a masterful performance, helping the Miami Heat defeat the San Antonio Spurs 98-96 and leveling the NBA Finals at 1-1.James finished with 35 points, 10 rebounds and three assists; he ended the night with a 72.3 true shooting percentage. After all the hoopla surrounding Game 1’s air-conditioning malfunction and James’s leg cramps, it was reasonable to expect James to play aggressive, attacking basketball in Game 2. And he did — one way in the first half and another in the second.The Heat got off to a slow start in the first quarter, but James pressed, looking to jump-start Miami’s offense from around the rim. By the end of the first two quarters, he’d scored 12 points on 11 shots from the field (with an additional point coming from the free-throw line). James took just two shots from outside the paint.James attempted another 11 shots in the second half, scoring 22 points (with the benefit of three points from the free-throw line). All 11 of those shots came from outside the paint.James’s second-half shots didn’t just come from outside the paint — they came from way outside the paint. His average shot distance in the second half was nearly six times longer than his average shot distance in the first half. (These numbers don’t include shot attempts where he was fouled; James took four free throws in the second half after being fouled on two shots at the rim).As remarkable as that split is, his efficiency on those perimeter shots is even more impressive.If, before Game 2, the Spurs were told that they could keep James from making a single shot at the basket in the second half, I’m sure they would have taken that deal in a heartbeat. Although James’s jump shooting has improved over the past few seasons to the point of being a dangerous weapon, the Spurs would generally prefer to have him shooting long jump shots, particularly long 2-pointers, when the alternative is him flying full speed at the basket. During the regular season, James made 38.5 percent of his long 2-pointers (everything outside the paint and inside the 3-point line). Those shots accounted for 24.1 percent of his total shot attempts. In Game 2, almost half of his shots were from that area (10 of 22), and he made 50 percent of them.James opened the door for this performance with his aggressiveness in the first half. All of his drives and interior bullying nudged the focus of the Spurs’ defense inward. In addition, the slower Boris Diaw defended James for much of the second half because Kawhi Leonard was in foul trouble.Before the finals, I pointed out (as did others) that a big piece of the Spurs’ success against the Heat in last year’s finals was the way they goaded Miami into taking long 2-pointers. The Spurs got exactly that in the second half of Game 2, and — despite James’s performance — the Spurs would probably still prefer James to take those shots. But like great players before him, James, when he is on, can make sound defensive strategy irrelevant. read more

Browns foolish to put Quinn on open market so quickly

The autumn winds have been swirling harder lately with trade talks involving the lowly Cleveland Browns.Disgruntled receiver Braylon Edwards was shipped out to New York a week ago for a cast of nameless characters.Now, quarterback Brady Quinn – and his four bedroom, five bathroom house – are apparently on the market.The Buffalo Bills must be laughing hysterically.Quinn earned the starting nod from coach Eric Mangini after weeks of neck-and-neck competition with Derek Anderson during the preseason.The boy wonder from Notre Dame started the first three games of the season against Minnesota (5-0), Denver (5-0) and Baltimore (3-2), the No. 9, No. 1 and No. 12 ranked defenses in the league.Without a doubt, Quinn struggled, completing 61 percent of his passes for one touchdown and three interceptions as the Browns lost all three contests. Carrying a quarterback rating of 62.9, he was benched at halftime in the loss to the Ravens.Anderson seized the opportunity to regain the starting job, and promptly tossed a trio of interceptions in the second half against Baltimore.Naturally, he was named starter days after the 34-3 trouncing against Cleveland’s AFC North rivals.The former Pro Bowler put the Browns in a position to defeat Cincinnati at home, but couldn’t muster up a scoring drive in the closing minutes of regulation or at all in overtime as the Browns lost, 23-20.Anderson then threw up a clunker, finishing 2-17 for 23 yards and an interception amid whirling winds in Buffalo. Somehow, the Browns eked out a 6-3 win in an embarrassing excuse for professional football.Apparently, that performance cemented Anderson into the starting role. As the trade deadline approaches, Quinn appears to be the odd man out, despite only playing in six career games.Mangini’s claim that the team isn’t looking to move Quinn holds little merit. The Browns have been quick to unload anyone at any chance they get. Just ask Edwards or Shaun Smith or Kellen Winslow.With the current makeup of the roster, the team is destined for a season of near 3-13, regardless of who suits up under center.But 2 for 17 is 2 for 17. Bills’ quarterback Trent Edwards even completed 52 percent of his passes, despite the attempt by Buffalo’s fans to run him out of town.Anderson has the edge in arm strength, but can’t convert short throws. Quinn can find receivers within 10 yards, but struggles to make downfield passes.After the trade of Edwards, which receiver is Anderson going to find 40 yards down the field? Chansi Stuckey and Mike Furrey don’t exactly strike fear into opposing quarterbacks. Quinn has posted better numbers against stingier defenses, but hasn’t received enough of an opportunity to grow with the offense.The Browns are awful, no matter who takes the snaps. But at this point, it makes sense to be patient with Quinn instead of dealing him after just six career games.At this point, though, no quarterback can right this sinking ship.Running the wildcat formation with Josh Cribbs every snap might be the option that produces the most offense. read more

Ohio State baseball looks to continue shutout streak

Two shutout wins in one week might be enough to give any team a confidence boost. And now, after beating West Virginia, 9-0, on Tuesday and then snagging a 5-0 win Wednesday against Marshall, the Ohio State baseball team will travel to Nebraska this Friday to take on the Cornhuskers for a Big Ten series. OSU coach Greg Beals is eager to keep building on the team’s win streak in Lincoln, Neb. “We need to come out and do the same things we’ve been doing,” Beals said. “Just pitch, play defense, get the timely hits, score runs, and head into Nebraska with some momentum.” The Buckeyes are currently 21-10 overall this season and 5-4 in Big Ten play. Sophomore pitcher Trace Dempsey said he wants revenge for last year’s home series with the Cornhuskers, where Nebraska won 2 of 3 games during a series in Columbus in April. “It’s good to see the bats going, we’ll definitely need that this weekend and I’m excited for Nebraska,” Dempsey said. “They took the series from us at home last year so we want to go take this series from them.” Nebraska had a rough start to the 2013 campaign, losing seven straight but was able to come back. The team sits at 13-17 going into the series. The Cornhuskers have been tough in Big Ten play, though, with a conference record of 7-2. The Cornhuskers are sure to bring several of their strong players out against the Buckeyes. Nebraska junior right-hander Christian DeLeon is 3-2 with a 3.93 ERA in 50.1 innings pitched. DeLeon has 26 strikeouts on the season and has yet to give up a home run. Senior outfielder Chad Christensen, another key player, bats a .383 with 18 RBIs in 120 at bats. OSU redshirt senior center fielder Joe Ciamacco said he knows taking this series will add to the Buckeyes’ confidence and standings as they continue through the regular season. “Heading to Nebraska, we need to take at least two of three,” Ciamacco said. “Get us going in the right direction again and hopefully make up a couple spots in the Big Ten standings.” The Buckeyes are  fifth in the Big Ten standings, while Nebraska sits in second. OSU is set to open the series against Nebraska at 5:05 p.m. Friday at Hawks Field in Lincoln, Neb. read more

Ohio States Sam Thompson None of us like to lose — were

Junior forward Sam Thompson (12) attempts a dunk during a game against Iowa Jan. 12 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 84-74.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorIn sports, losses are bound to happen. Especially in men’s college basketball, where the last undefeated national champion was the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers.For the Ohio State men’s basketball team, though, losses have been a rarity the past two years — just 18 in 93 games.But back-to-back losses to then-No. 5 Michigan State and then-No. 20 Iowa could cause some uneasiness around the program. That is not the case though, junior forward Sam Thompson said.“I don’t think anyone in the locker room is hanging their heads. We’re obviously upset about the losses. None of us like to lose — we’re all competitors,” Thompson said Wednesday.OSU (15-2, 2-2) coasted through its non-conference schedule and first two conference games, rising as high as No. 3 in the top 25. But the back-to-back setbacks — first on the road against the Spartans and then Sunday at home to Iowa — could have the team reeling as it prepares for its road contest with Minnesota (13-4, 2-2) Thursday. Tipoff is set for 9 p.m.The Buckeyes, however, are doing their best to not let the negativity continue, junior guard Shannon Scott said.“I think we were all down at first, we were pretty upset with the way we’ve been playing lately but we’re starting to get back a winner’s mentality now,” Scott said Wednesday. “I think we’re all positive, we all know what we have to do to become successful so we’re all sticking to that and we’re going to try and move on from there.”OSU’s been here before, dropping multiple games once conference play began in the past two seasons. Two years ago, the Buckeyes lost two of four games over a 11-day span, and last season dropped three of four in February. Those teams rallied to earn trips to the Final Four and Elite Eight, though, which could prove useful for the rest of this year.“Simply put, it’s a long season,” OSU coach Thad Matta said Wednesday. “I told (freshman forward) Marc Loving after the game, ‘This isn’t going to be the only time in your career you’re at a low point — trust me, it happens.’ It’s the reality for me coaching as long as I have. We’ve lost to two top-20 teams in back-to-back games and we’ve had a shot to win them both. I think the thing we’re trying to find is how do we get back to our consistent, our best basketball.”The Golden Gophers took MSU to overtime Saturday in East Lansing, Mich., before ultimately falling 87-75.“(Minnesota’s) a great team, they’ve got great guard lay and great bigs as well. We know nothing’s going to be easy,” Scott said. “We’re in the Big Ten now, it’s not like we’re playing some random team.”Minnesota has four players who average in double figures scoring, led by junior guard Andre Hollins with 16.3.“We know they’re not a slouch. We know that Minnesota, just like every team in this league can beat us,” Thompson said. “They’re a great team, they play a style of play that’s really caused a lot of problems for opponents this season. They force a lot of turnovers, they make a lot of threes. We know that if we don’t bring our best game or we could very easily lose this game.”Despite his team’s losses last week, Matta said in order to get a win Thursday, OSU just has to get back to what was working before when it opened the season with 15 wins.“I think just doing what we do, the consistency of what we do,” Matta said. “I say this all the time, know that we’re going to hold teams scoreless, not that we’re going to score every time we have the basketball but it’s one play after another play after another play after another play and then you put yourself in a position and you have a great chance to win the basketball game.”Thompson agreed.“We definitely weren’t the same team that we were the first few weeks of the season (last week),” Thompson said. “Whatever the issue may be with that, we just have to get it back.” read more

Mens Hockey No 17 Ohio State hopes to rebound against Connecticut

Ohio State’s junior-forward Mason Jobst (26) steals the puck away from Notre Dame’s sophomore forward Mike O’Leary (19) during a Big Ten conference matchup at the Schottenstein Center on November 3, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. OSU lost 4-1. Credit: Alex Hulvalchick | For the LanternNo. 17 Ohio State (5-3-2, 1-3-0-0 in Big Ten) travels east for a series against nonconference opponent Connecticut (3-7-1, 2-4-1 in Hockey East) after failing to earn a conference victory against then-No. 10 Notre Dame the weekend prior.The Huskies have struggled for most of the season, ranking toward the bottom of the NCAA in penalty-kill success at 72.1 percent and placing 13th-worst in the nation at 3.36 goals allowed per game.The Buckeyes played UConn at home last season and won the first game 7-4 off a hat trick by then-senior David Gust, but tied the Huskies 3-3 the next night, even after heavily outshooting UConn 49-17 in the game.Regardless of the statistics, head coach Steve Rohlik said this series is no pushover. The Buckeyes are not taking it lightly.“I know they’re going to get after it, they’re well-coached,” Rohlik said. “They’re going to be involved, their [defense] will be involved, and certainly we know we are going to have to be at our best.”Junior forward Maxim Letunov is the main threat for the Huskies. His nine points are tied for the team lead. He finished last year’s campaign with the second-most points at 27, first among returning players. Sophomore forward Alexander Payusov has been the major surprise for UConn this season. His six goals are tied for  for 10th place in the NCAA, a season after producing only two assists during the entire year.The Buckeyes come into the series after suffering back-to-back losses, both of which featured comeback efforts that fell just short. The game Saturday went down to the final seconds before the Fighting Irish claimed the victory.“I think there was a lot of good things to take away from that last 10 minutes,” junior forward Mason Jobst said. “We scored some goals, some power-play goals, I mean we don’t want to put ourselves in that hole, but that was good to get a little bit of confidence from that.”Playing from behind has become a staple of the Buckeyes. They have given up the first goal seven of their 10 regular season games this season, and are 3-3-1 when forced to play from behind.“That’s something that we obviously need to adjust and change,” Jobst said. “We were really good in the last 10 minutes of the third [against Notre Dame] and it seems that we keep doing that to ourselves and we just come up short every time.”Puck drop for the games against UConn are set for 7 p.m. Friday and 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. read more

Baseball Ohio State picks up 40 win against Florida Gulf Coast behind

Ohio State senior utility player Noah McGowan (4) connects with a pitch in the fourth inning of the game against Ohio University in April 10. Ohio State won 4-0. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for DesignAfter a trio of impressive pitching performances against Seton Hall to open the season, it was Ohio State’s pitching that once again came up big.Ohio State (4-0) defeated Florida Gulf Coast (2-2) by a score of 2-0 on Monday. The Buckeyes shut down an Eagles offense that had scored 38 runs in its first three games of the season.Sophomore pitcher Griffan Smith continued the trend of strong starting pitching for the Buckeyes, going five innings and allowing only one hit.Freshman pitcher Bayden Root added three scoreless innings in his debut, and junior pitcher Andrew Magno picked up the first save of his career.The offense ran through senior left fielder Brady Cherry, who reached base four times and scored both runs for the Buckeyes. Cherry launched a solo home run, his second of the season, in top of the second inning.The Buckeye offense has now hit a home run in all four games this season.Ohio State will return to the field at 3 p.m. Friday against Brigham Young as part of the Kleberg Bank College Classic. read more

Countrywide campaign to remove obstructions on roadways to begin soon

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGovt launches campaign to remove obstructions on roadwaysMarch 15, 2019In “latest news”Ministry hires Community Coordinator for cleanup campaignJune 18, 2015In “Business”Region Six Chairman disappointed main access road will not be fixed this yearNovember 7, 2016In “latest news” Minister David PattersonCome April 1, 2019, the Public Infrastructure Ministry will be conducting a country-wide campaign to remove all obstructions or encumbrances on the main access roads.This initiative will be conducted in accordance with Section 29 of the Road Act, Cap. 51:01 of the Laws of Guyana, the Ministry stated.The public and violators are advised to remove all such violations on or before the campaign commences.“All encumbrances found on the Government’s reserve during this campaign will be removed immediately, with a recovery cost attached,” the Ministry warned.The Ministry said the campaign will target derelict vehicle/equipment, immovable vehicles, paddy drying, hardware stores, barber shops, rum shops and bars, builders waste, roadside shop, car parks, sawmill, sand/stone heaps, tyre-servicing shops and several others.Subject Minister David Patterson said the campaign is an annual activity which is only to be conducted on the public roads. He made it clear that minor roads will not be targeted during this operation.“It’s restricted only to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure roads, so we won’t be going in anybody’s backyard. It’s on the main roads where people usually have combines and so on,” he said.Patterson made specific reference to the number of lives that have been lost as a result of such obstacles being on the roadways.According to him, the roads which will be targeted are “the declared public roads, such as the East Coast Highway (and) the Linden Highway, those are declared public roads under the Ministry”. Small roads such as exist in Sophia will be exempted from the exercise.Residents of Berbice, especially those living along the Corentyne Highway, are complaining bitterly about the drying of paddy of the roadways, and he said it must be a hindrance to commuters.According to residents, what is more worrying is the lack of response from the Police in Region Six in enforcing traffic laws in the region. read more

Woman busted with cocaine in book at CJIA

Ranks of the Police Narcotics Branch have arrested a 24-year-old woman of West Coast Berbice with in excess of ten pounds of cocaine concealed in books at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri.The four books were reportedly in her luggage. According to information received, the woman cut holes in the center of the books and stashed the cocaine inside. She then used glue to past the pages together.She was destined for the United States of America. Up to late Monday evening, she was being questioned by members of the Narcotics Branch. She is expected to be charged for trafficking in narcotics later in the week. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBermuda woman hospitalized at GPHC after ingesting cocaineJanuary 25, 2015In “Crime”Surinamese woman busted with cocaine at Ogle AirportSeptember 22, 2015In “Crime”Woman nabbed at CJIA with cocaine in suitcaseJanuary 24, 2017In “Crime” read more

Housewife on bail for ganja possession

According to the prosecution’s case, police ranks from Kitty Police Station went to the home of the mother of three but as they approached the front door, she was seen running inside the house.The prosecution is contending that a rank who stood guard outside the house noticed the 32-year-old woman throwing a bag through the window.The rank picked up the bag and reportedly found 91 grams of cannabis and subsequently arrested her.In court on Tuesday, Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield did not object to bail but asked for conditions to be applied if it is granted. She was released on $120,000 bail on the condition that she reports to the Kitty Police Station every Friday until the completion of the case. The case will continue on April 24, 2019 Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedClothes vendor remanded on cannabis possession chargeSeptember 18, 2018In “Court”Businesswoman facing 3 charges remanded on narcotics possessionJune 5, 2018In “Court”Female mining camp employee on charge for trafficking cannabis in interiorOctober 15, 2015In “Crime” A housewife was on Tuesday brought before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan to answer to the charge of possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.Denisha Harris, a housewife of Lot 33 Campbelville Housing Scheme, Georgetown, denied the charge which stated on March 29, 2019, she had in her possession 91 grams of cannabis. read more

Fire razes Corentyne home 4 homeless

A fire suspected to be electrical in origin has completed gutted a dwelling house at No. 57 Village, Corentyne Berbice earlier today. The house was occupied by four persons including two minors.Based on reports received, the fire started in the upper flat of the two storey wooden and concrete building at about 11:00h. At the time, Marcia Courtland and her daughter were at home.The aftermath of the fire (Royan Abrams photo)They were reportedly attending to GWI meter reader in the yard when the woman saw smoke in the upper flat of the house.By the time she rushed to the upper flat, it was already engulfed in flames. This online public understands that the house has been experience some issues with the electricity connection.With the help of public spirited citizens, she was able to salvage some household items. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAlbion fire leaves several including pregnant mother homelessMarch 13, 2018In “Crime”Fire destroys Tucville range housesFebruary 3, 2019In “latest news”4 homeless as fire guts Princes Street homeJune 12, 2017In “latest news” read more

Berbice man dies after falling from truck

Police in Berbice are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a West Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) labourer who reportedly fell off of a lorry on which he was working on Tuesday afternoon.The dead man has only been identified as “Donkey Head”.The incident reportedly took place at Rosignol Village.Following the incident, he was rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital in an unconscious state and later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.However, he died while receiving medical attention. An investigation has been launched. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBerbice biker dies after crashing into pedestrianAugust 19, 2019In “Crime”Mechanic allegedly burnt to death by employerAugust 5, 2019In “Crime”Mahaica farmer killed during argument; two others seriously injuredFebruary 4, 2015In “Crime” read more

Guyana and Cuba discuss migration matters Govt asked to relook at

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUS implements tighter sanctions on CubaNovember 9, 2017In “World”Caribbean News Round-upSeptember 13, 2015In “Regional”President, Ministers honoured by Guyana-Cuba Friendship AssociationMay 25, 2014In “Politics” A firm handshake between Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix and Ernesto Soberon Guzman, Director of the Division of Consular Affairs and Cuban Resident Abroad, following two days of meeting to discuss migration matters.Following a second meeting on migration matters between the governments of Guyana and Cuba, a request was made for the government to relook at the non-visa requirement for Cuban Nationals.The two countries met for the first time on the matter in 2016.According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), the Cuban government has asked Guyana to abolish the non-visa requirement for Cuban Nationals. This essentially means, if this request is agreed to, and steps put in place, Cubans wishing to come to Guyana would need a visa.According to Ernesto Soberon Guzman, Director of the Division of Consular Affairs and Cuban Resident Abroad, his country is doing this, not to stop Cubans from coming to Guyana, but instead, to ensure a smooth and legal flow of traffic. Adding that this measure is being requested to protect Cuban nationals as well.“Our objective is to get a regular and orderly flow of migrants between our two countries,” stated Director Guzman.In the meantime, Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix said Cuba’s request has been taken into consideration, and all efforts will be made to support that country’s migratory flow.He said Cuba has also requested that government share information relating to applications for refugee status by Cuban nationals, as well as travel information for Cubans passing through Guyana, DPI reported.The minister assured that Cubans will not be singled out or mistreated in any way.Guyana and Cuba established diplomatic relations on December 8, 1972. read more

Sarwan excited to work with Windies Men ahead of World Cup

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLara, Sarwan to work with Windies’ players ahead of India TestsAugust 16, 2019In “latest news”Sarwan slams board for West Indies cricket’s declineApril 8, 2016In “Sports”Sarwan set to retire from international cricketSeptember 15, 2016In “latest news” Former West Indies captain Ramnaresh SarwanFormer West Indies batting star Ramnaresh Sarwan said he has welcomed the invitation to work with the West Indies team ahead of next month’s Tri-Nations One-day International Series in Ireland and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England & Wales.According to Cricket West Indies, the 38-year-old Sarwan, who played 87 Tests, 181 ODIs and 18 Twenty20 Internationals between 2000 and 2013, will spend the remainder of the week working with the players, especially the batsmen, helping them to fortify their game.“I have come here to act as kind of a mentor to the players and try my best to assist them in any technical ways and with any shortcomings where I think they can improve, and to offer as much help to the head coach, Floyd Reifer, and his coaching staff,” said Sarwan.“I am very excited to be here. When I received the call from Jimmy, I was very overwhelmed at being asked to assist West Indies cricket again. I am really grateful for the opportunity and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the players, even though it will just be a few days, and hoping it will help them in some way or other.”Key batsmen Darren Bravo and Shai Hope led the group that spent long periods working with Sarwan in the nets on Tuesday, the second day of the team’s training camp currently underway at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies.“I know our batsmen have struggled in the past with rotating the strike, so I am trying to see how best we can get them to improve in this area,” he said. “It’s not an overnight fix, but it’s important to share ideas with them, so that they have something to build on.”Reifer described as “beautiful” having Sarwan available to work with the batsman, as all roads lead to the World Cup.“It was very important to have him here,” he said. “Sarwan was a player that was outstanding for West Indies. A very good batsman. A very good ‘finisher’ in limited-overs matches. We thought that a guy like Sarwan, coming into the camp with us whilst planning for the World Cup, would bring a wealth of knowledge.“We are hoping he can help the batsmen get a better understanding of how to finish games, the mindset, how to approach batting first, how to approach batting last, so we thought that kind of knowledge was very important to share. He fitted in very well. He did a lot of talking and a lot of work with the batsmen.” read more

Guyanese man wanted for murder in US extradited

Troy Anthony Thomas, a Guyanese man wanted for murder in the United States of America, has been extradited.Prisons Director Gladwin Samuels confirmed that he handed the prisoner over this morning for extradition.Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, when contacted, explained that Thomas did not appeal the April 4, 2019 High Court ruling which found sufficient evidence to have him extradited.As such, Minister Ramjattan said he issued an order for Thomas to be taken from the prison to the airport to be given off to the US marshals.“The US marshals came in today and they took him out,” Ramjattan said.Thomas has been accused of murdering Keith Frank, 20, a Guyanese who was shot and killed on December 11, 2011 outside a Richmond Hill, New York party. He has also been accused of inflicting injuries upon Dr. Katherine Maloney.In June 2012, a US judge issued a warrant for his arrest in the name of Troy Thomas.Since 2012, authorities in the United States had issued a wanted bulletin for the murder suspect. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMore US extraditions of fugitives hiding in Guyana imminentMay 6, 2019In “Crime”High Court finds sufficient evidence to extradite Troy Thomas to USApril 5, 2019In “Crime”Fugitive wanted in the US for murder of Guyanese caught by cops at LiliendaalMarch 14, 2018In “Crime” read more

Youth sentenced to community service for 1g ganja

Twenty-three-year-old Odingo Haywood who appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday was sentenced to two weeks community service on a narcotic charge.He pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on April 28, 2019, he had one gram of cannabis in his possession. The court heard that on the day in question, ranks of a police patrol were on Brickdam when they saw the accused riding a bicycle.However, upon seeing the police, the man started to act in a suspicious manner. He was intercepted and a search on his person unearthed the drug in the left side pants pocket.  As such, he was arrested and charged.The accused begged the Magistrate for leniency and stated that he was willing to pay a fine or do community service. In the same breath, he told the magistrate that he suffers from asthma hence him using the illegal plant.In handing down her sentence Magistrate McLennan told him “You are young and you shouldn’t be smoking cannabis, when you come to the court you have to tell the truth”.His community work will be done in and around the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and default, he will server a four-week prison sentence. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan who snatched cellphone because he was ‘hungry’ sentenced to 6 months community serviceNovember 1, 2017In “Court”Man tells Court that girlfriend gave him weed for birthdayDecember 14, 2015In “Crime”Community service for Labourer found with marijuanaDecember 23, 2015In “Crime” read more

Cyclone Fani Indians shelter from cyclones onslaught

[BBC] A powerful cyclone has slammed into India’s eastern coastline, bringing torrential rains and winds of up to 200 km/h (125mph).Cyclone Fani, one of the most severe storms to hit the region in recent years, made landfall at 08:00 local time (02:30 GMT) on Friday.More than one million people have been evacuated from the eastern state of Orissa, also called Odisha.A state official said two people had been killed.Flooding has also been reported in several areas, and forecasters say a storm surge of 1.5m (5ft) could threaten low-lying homes.Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-48153413 Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSchool hit by deadly cyclone landslide in ZimbabweMarch 17, 2019In “Environment”Tropical waves expected to affect St. Lucia and the region by FridayJuly 5, 2017In “latest news”Mozambique cyclone: Death toll rises as storm blocks aidApril 29, 2019In “latest news” read more

New Business Minister promises to increase local manufacturing local consumption

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGovernment measures impacting negatively on Manufacturing sector- NoktaJune 30, 2017In “Business”Finance Ministry officials meet PSC, GMSA as Budget consultations continueSeptember 11, 2018In “Business”Jordan admits economy decliningMarch 4, 2017In “latest news” The newly appointed Minister of Business, Haimraj Rajkumar, has disclosed that his list of priorities includes boosting Guyana’s manufacturing sector as well as increasing the local consumption rate.Rajkumar, an Alliance For Change (AFC) parliamentarian, made this disclosure at his party’s press conference on Friday (May 3, 2019), where he noted that even as he intends to follow existing policies within the Business Ministry, he also desires to execute the plan of enhancing the manufacturing sector.“There are several policies in the Ministry at this time that I would continue with, but my vision, one of the things I want which I hope that I [will] be able to execute before my time is up, is to increase local manufacturing, increase local consumption of things that we produce.”According to the Business Minister, this plan has stemmed from the tendency of most persons not purchasing locally produced products but rather those that are imported. On this note, he urged local manufacturers to produce high-quality products as this is one important rule to be considered when seeking local sales.“It tends to be, we have a culture of not wanting to consume things produced in our country, it’s been a long legacy and I would like to encourage our manufacturers, our entrepreneurs to manufacture things of high quality, so that our Guyanese consumers can have an amount of pride in purchasing and consuming our products,” Rajkumar explained.However, the minister, in response to a question directing that agriculture is cheaper than manufacturing items, expressed that the cost of manufacturing in Guyana is indeed quite expensive due to the high electricity rates.“The cost of manufacturing in Guyana is expensive, we can’t doubt that because one of the factors is the high cost of electricity.”Rajkumar noted that holistically, the business sector plays a vital role in today’s society since the Private Sector generates more than half of the country’s revenue, with specific agencies contributing to direct business development.“Business plays an inaugural part in the development of any society, the Private Sector involvement is actually about 75 per cent of generating revenue and spinoffs. Our Ministry of Business there are five agencies, more particular so the Small Business Bureau and GO-Invest, those are to my mind, agencies which may contribute more to direct development” he stated.Rajkumar, who hails from Essequibo, replaced Dominic Gaskin, who was forced to resign due to his dual citizenship status, which bars him from being a Member of Parliament and a Government Minister. read more

Miner fatally stabbed after refusing to give attacker alcohol

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related21-year-old miner stabbed to death during row over hammockMarch 24, 2019In “Crime”Teen fatally stabbed by brother after he allegedly refused to lend motorcycleMarch 20, 2017In “Crime”Update: Dead Brazilian miner was robbed of gold, cash; suspect arrestedNovember 21, 2013In “Crime” A 44-year-old miner of Princeville Village, Mahdia in Region Eight, was last evening fatally stabbed after he had earlier denied his attacker some alcohol.Leavern Daniels was killed at around 23:45hrs by a man known as “Tattoo Nose”, police said in a statement.Reports are that Daniels and a group of friends were consuming alcohol at a shop when the suspect approached their table and requested to join them.However, the suspect was denied.Police said the suspect became annoyed and threatened to kill Daniels.Shortly after the victim departed and was on his way to a camp, when he was attacked and stabbed in the region of his abdomen by the suspect, police said.Daniels was pronounced dead on arrival at the Mahdia Hospital; the body is presently at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting an autopsy. read more

German crossbow deaths police find more bodies

The traditional German hotel is in a popular hiking location in Bavaria (AFP Photo)German police probing the deaths of three people shot with crossbow arrows in a Bavarian hotel have found two more female bodies in a flat 400 miles away.The flat in Wittingen had been occupied by a 30-year-old woman who was one of the victims found in the hotel room.The other two in the hotel room were a man and woman found in bed, hand-in-hand, impaled with several arrows. It is a rural hotel on the edge of Passau. There was no sign of a fight, nor of another participant, police said. All five victims were resident in Germany.Two crossbows were found lying in the hotel room and a third in a bag belonging to the group. The couple found in bed were a man aged 53 and a woman aged 33, both from the western state of Rhineland-Palatinate.Two bodies were found in a flat in the north German town of Wittingen (AFP Photo)The German daily Merkur reports that they had several arrows in their bodies: two had penetrated the man’s head.The 30-year-old woman – found in a pool of blood on the floor with an arrow through her chest – is reportedly the sister of one of the Wittingen women. Merkur identified her only as “C” and said she had registered as an occupant of the flat in March. (BBC) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBody of man found in South Road hotel yet to be identifiedMarch 8, 2018In “Crime”Lifeless body found in Hotel on John’s streetApril 18, 2017In “Crime”Japanese police find 9 dismembered bodies in suburban apartmentOctober 31, 2017In “World” read more