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How to improve the effect of Links

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PR, a pretty

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, other classified information, forum and industry website to restrict users leave the anchor text, hyperlinks or text links, friends of the chain link to the webmaster is a pity chain as gold. Because the chain links can improve the site of PR, increase the amount collected love Shanghai and improve the keywords ranking effect etc.. But if in exchange when a chain of improper operation, will cause the site into the doomed eternally. When we exchange Links, how to improve the Links

two, included the normal

a lot of people in the exchange chain will be the first time to see the weight of the other site, in fact this is a misunderstanding of the majority. There are many now query weight website, and each kind of query tool it will appear difference. Love Shanghai did not give every website real weight, so different Webmaster Tools calculation website called weight are based on different methods, so the weight we see is not the real weight of the site. When we exchange chain, if the website PR, it proves that if in the same time two outbound links, each link of the website, the PR value transfer is generally equal.

three and site

exchange chain, outbound links most people are more concerned about the other site, snapshot date and weight and the PR value. The number of the chain and included the situation is often overlooked by Shanghai dragon Er, a web site is normal, it can be proved that the content of the website is to search the love, it is a good comprehensive. This is a website with potential, and it is worth to be friends.

four, ranking similar

site is not in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the first is down right or be K (the maximum penalty is K is down right), there are many reasons why a site down the right, for example, change the website title and keywords, space transfer etc.. If the other site is a high quality website originally temporarily be right down, we can keep the webmaster contact, and other websites to restore the normal situation, we will exchange with each other, and not see each other is not appropriate, because the decline, who can guarantee their own website forever "superior".

and other rolling links do not, because the rolling link is not recognized by search engines; cross links do not, because the cross links not only management difficulties, and.

in the first placeThe


site keywords ranking is the weight of the similar keywords in the site is almost two key words site can support each other, this website for those keywords top is relatively important. It can be said, and related industry ranked similar website links to search engines, it is equal to two of the same level people agree with each other, so that the "vote" is more recognized by search engines.

? The on-line

How to choose the keyword keyword analysis

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4. can not be too narrow. Keywords search too narrow is relatively low, even no search, which is why most keywords causes no flow of

5. will expand the seed keywords and competitor keyword combination, basic keywords BK (Base Keywords). BSK = ESK + CSK. The basic principle of


2. search number, little competition. Through a large number of detailed keyword mining, search the number of relatively large, relatively small keywords


4. according to the competition website CS, looking for competitors website keywords CSK (Competition Site Keywords)

)Keywords ESK Keywords

2. ensure that the target keywords too fierce competition;

1. according to their own site, try to summarize site keywords, keywords are SK (Seed Keywords) seeds;

2. ensure that the target keywords too fierce competition;


3. is not too broad. On the one hand, the higher price competition keywords are generally larger, broader; on the other hand, broad keywords low conversion rate of



3. according to the development of seeds, looking for competitors website CS (Competition Sites

5. key words with higher commercial value. For example: for the sale of TV website, "the principle of" LCD TV is low than the word "LCD TV price" business value. Try from the key analysis on the psychological and visitors intention

. steps.

1. content. Keywords the content and requirement of the target is of great relevance, the conversion rate of

1. ensure that the target keywords have certain search volume

3. ensure that the target keywords can bring directional traffic to the site;

is a basic principle of

2. search number, little competition. Through a large number of detailed keyword mining, search >

1. content. Keywords the content and requirement of the target is of great relevance, the conversion rate of


2. according to the seed keywords SK, development tools use keywords to generate seed (Extension Seed expand keywords ESK Keywords;

1. ensure that the target keywords have certain search volume

two. Selection based on

3. ensure that the target keywords can bring directional traffic to the site;

two. Selection based on

Love the sea really put you as the original source

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I’m in the A5 Adsense nets cast a soft, but 2 hours later, found in the audit success, but I check included, has not been included in the Shanghai love, so I love the sea search for the title of the article, the original articles included me be startled at, in other sites, other sites must be collected A5 webmaster net, then, I think, love Shanghai will identify who is original? So I did an experiment, just to love Shanghai A5 station network included the first release of the article, in order to decide the conclusion. The second day, I checked the original articles included, A5 station is love Shanghai included, but I love Shanghai in search of the title, in the first row is the A5 station network, but another site of another collection of A5 articles, let’s look at the time of release, A5 net release time it is 11:36 on May 27, 2013, and the acquisition station release time is 13:14 on May 27, 2013, but why is it ranked in the front? You can see pictures, love Shanghai included the original A5 that article, but the ranking is not the first, as follows:

In fact, love is that Shanghai

acquisition station is original, why do you say that? You may feel not release time can determine who is the original? Love Shanghai not think so, because some time release system can be easily modified, may cheat, to love Shanghai will not release time as the main reference factor recognition the original source, that is what love? Shanghai official also pointed out: " adjust the identification and sorting algorithm has been committed to the original content, there are many factors will affect the identification of the original algorithm, and even lead to the failure of judgment. First of all, to the original acquisition and polymerization by content similarity, the similar pages together as the original identification of the candidate set; secondly, the collection of the original candidate, by author, publication time, links, user reviews, author and site history, the original forward trajectory such as hundreds of factors to identify the original judgment "finally, through the analysis of the value system; value judgment level of the original content and appropriate guidance for final ranking ".

actually see this title, we will think of this not what can be the matter in dispute. After a few days I found, I feel love in Shanghai to estimate the original sources is not mature enough, love Shanghai in the webmaster information platform also released the original thing, the establishment of the original project team to fight a protracted war, and pointed out that the original "origin" recognition algorithm, but this algorithm is not mature enough, so I came to Shanghai to talk about love that something original, webmaster should pay attention to this problem, don’t let the other grab your labor.

love Shanghai but also gives some suggestions, we can also go to the Ping Service, because of love in Shanghai approved release time, all our servers crawling when the Ping Service is to update notification service based on XML_RPC standard protocol, is used.

One of the key points of Links the inside pages can not be ignored

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This is the

The importance of

Links self-evident, remember that someone said in the A5 forum, one of the important methods of Shanghai dragon Wang Tong point is the exchange of Links, Links can quickly increase the weight of the site, to ensure the transfer of weight, can let love Shanghai more favor, so here is said to yourself about Links A and easy to overlook the point, that is the inside pages of

in the group saw a classmate that Links, I never change the page, there is always some pages of some of the large Links for me, is not to change, sweat, see here, don’t remind a station easily within the page weight is very low, perhaps, weight a page is higher than your ZhengZhan weight, the most easy to fall in love with the sea search, which search without pages exist within the pages of existence is a symbol, then the weights of the inside pages is how to put up the chain?? then you go to look that some pages fell in love with the sea the ranking is good, have done the chain; want to say here is a correlation, one is the domain name weight, see here, these 2 points is not the essential factor of ranking? Yes, it certainly is, a web site, but also has a correlation Transfer effect, if a page is made of long tail keywords, so for this correlation will transfer effect, that is what is what, not ambiguous, and the weight is the domain name, there is no explanation; for example, the Alibaba section of the page, we inherited the weight of the main station on the one hand, set the correlation in this column, this is a very good performance; don’t think the weight of the inside pages is very low, remember in Shanghai dragon why, Cardiff said, after the Shanghai dragon forum "

Links benefits, so here, simply say some views about Links exchange process. Don’t want to find how to say Links should pay attention to what ah, snapshot ah, PR ah, where to find ah ah ah, QQ group, platform, etc. the common sense of writing, if you write the words, then certainly in order to make soy sauce. So here, speak a little exchange process in Links.

here, little difference between the first simple mention Links and ordinary links, we usually need to do is outside the chain of forums and blogs, but Links is different, the influence is not the same, then simply said, both my own a little bit of views, the most a simple blog posted on the Sina blog, or make a Links link to their website, the significance lies in the accumulation of time and frequency of the spider, a spider blog again the access time is the need for a long time, but is to update the domain independent website is not the same, the worst a week has been updated, so it may cause a spider on your site again access time, which is why the website snapshot update will be better, because of the website Say, let the love of spiders in Shanghai to visit often, anyway, in order to improve the flow.

Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng e-commerce strategy using Gome love Shanghai open platform

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one of the keywords to love Shanghai to search, results in addition to advertising and official website of its own brand, there is a box like this:

in fact, Gome online mall this website, in many e-commerce sites, Shanghai Longfeng foundation is relatively poor, but we see it in Alexa on some data:

yes, this is the United States electronic online mall weapon in Shanghai Longfeng aspects: love love in Shanghai Shanghai open platform data open platform. Any legitimate sites, as long as the application and website conform to the classification of search engines love Shanghai needed, will be free to love Shanghai submitted to the search engine, like the United States presented in front of the user. Of course, some conditions, including as is to provide the tax registration certificate, authentic licensed assurance (for details see love Shanghai merchandise search, if you see the noble baby divided into the categories of goods). The submitted to love Shanghai, is in the XML format as submitted format, the format is in compliance with the standard, but also to love Shanghai search engine site map file.


from the figure we can see, search traffic proportion of Gome online mall is very high (3C appliances ranked first Jingdong is 11.9%, suning贵族宝贝 is also in 11.8%), but it is more important for us to see the right side of the search for the keyword ranking, in front of a few are large brand keywords, do e-commerce the website of Shanghai dragon friends will know, this kind of search keywords to break into the list is not a simple matter, because the competition is too strong.

so, to >

believes that many Chinese market for Shanghai dragon er know, love Shanghai is a very difficult search engine, not only the rules, sometimes also be rather baffling K (of course, most of the time because of the excessive Shanghai dragon caused, not to mention a detested) love Shanghai, abruptly grab many first place (even worse is the love of Shanghai promotion allows competing products keyword delivery). But we want to introduce an e-commerce website today, Gome is on the network of electronic commerce website. Familiar with electronic commerce China friend might ask: why I don’t like the analysis of Jingdong and suning贵族宝贝 and other well-known website

We take the actual

in Shanghai Longfeng circles actually spread such words: the best of Shanghai is not Shanghai dragon dragon. This sentence sounds like a lot of people may misunderstand, because behind should also take: concentrate on creating good content and do search engine friendly, what Shanghai dragon skills are not. Create the good content in all walks of life are different, but today we are going to discuss little about electronic commerce website in Shanghai love search engine in the Shanghai dragon strategy, how to do love Shanghai search engine friendly


Never understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization to became a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners experien

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I contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the time from the beginning of June 2010. Remember entered network industry is 2009 May, the Shanghai dragon does not understand. Every day only to imitate other people’s practice, I went to check the Shanghai index was also not love, only to see the people to do the site title is about some types of Wangzhuan keywords, then check their income cut figure is very attractive to me, every day hundreds of hundreds of income cut figure, I think, if I can copy the title and content of them, maybe I will have such a good website ranking and revenues. He also copied their title. After the description and keywords where to copy all the people, even the people of the copy.

In a meeting with

cannot start the optimization of Shanghai Dragon Well, pure is to find the network above, the network above people see the tutorial, some very outdated tutorials for me as treasure. According to the course of the above instructions, I started to go to some classification directory submission site, because the previous tutorial that submitted the catalogue can improve your rankings and included, the weight is very high, I for Gospel truth. Submitted after also found no website ranking up there, then I started the downhearted.

in the ASP system of website management, I slowly found defects, is that it is the access database, every time the amount, if the change of space, upload and download will continue to break, because the database is huge, if each interrupt after all re transmission, used for a long time in and out of habit, I found a lot of trouble.

because before my website is purely static, own website, no background, are FTP submitted the upload page update, I feel very tired, I started to go to the network above mining method easy, slowly found above the network that there are a lot of procedures can be downloaded directly to download a a ASP program, and then through the study of the modified, slowly uploaded to the space layout than I do that pretty much, and the message system, before their desire for such a layout, is very happy.

my first website was born, the name of good Wangzhuan network, because there is no what desirable, take your name at the end of the word as the name of the web site. Well after the commencement of operation, to imitate others, I began to write some tutorials inside the site, basically is to copy the somebody else’s article, then change a little bit, and then use their statement. After two or three months of hard work, I found the website ranking slowly with a little love in Shanghai began in 113, then slowly increase to 85, and then to the first 4 pages of the ranks, and never go up. Some late than I do website, I found that there are several obvious one or two months ahead of my site. I began to wonder what I was doing wrong, I began to slowly toward the direction of the development of Shanghai dragon optimization.


The word around behind the optimization technique

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webmasters understand the search engine user experience is the survival of a web site, first is to cater to the user; now or the future, the search engine for the user experience will be more and more valued. Reasonable use of four word correlation technique can not only make the search engine understand the content, can also greatly increase the weight of the website; users can more easily from the search engine get the information they need, this is a win-win situation to the search engine.

clearly, the long tail keywords around a word approach, as long as the user carefully, still can find traces of the search engine will find. So the search engine in the end it as what position? I think the station early to make less use of the early, to enrich the content, if deliberately used the word around, is likely to be sentenced to optimize search engine over into the cage; can be appropriate to use this approach to obtain the trust of the search engine; the late weight comes up I do not have to say, you know what to do.

third: multiple keywords appear in the content. "Actual code" and believe that many webmaster have the keyword for the keyword ranking promotion effect is enormous in the content of the text appears. For the first time the keyword anchor text behind, can not do, in order to natural.

fourth: outside the station anchor text keywords, outside the chain as well as the "long tail optimization" as the anchor text keywords do. This is a common technique applied in the construction of the chain, in the search engine algorithm in position has been very important.

Many webmaster

when doing keyword ranking will use the word around the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques! Here we come to know what is around the word and the word around behind the optimization technique, what is its significance to the search engine and users.

second, the website Keywords tag and description tag also needs to appear keywords. For example, the author Keywords: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou site optimization, Shanghai love optimization, Shanghai dragon knowledge. The author’s Description: Shanghai dragon years working on a couple of website optimization, website promotion and marketing network, to provide professional website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, to build Hangzhou website optimization to force Internet brand, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

first, the title of the site needs the optimization of key words. For example, the author of the title: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou website optimization, website promotion optimization love Shanghai, Shanghai Dragon – lovers


long tail keywords around a word, can greatly increase the keyword density, to search engine, of course, is a very high correlation. The search engine also can clearly know your article is what to write, so that the keyword has a better ranking. However, the search engine algorithm change frequently, Shanghai dragon technique is the use of the word four times around the word still work? What is the practice what cause for the search and user

what is the word around

? ?

Micro-blog account group let me share the experience of site traffic increased by five times

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included micro-blog is very fast, but the current mainstream micro-blog PR are mostly 0, using the weight transmission theory, depending on how much weight and cannot be passed down, but the weight is low and can not be said not to increase the chain and weight, such as the 300 micro-blog account I in a day can increase 500 the chain. The love of Shanghai is still very good ranking optimization.

micro-blog energy is concerned groups, if the number of your attention in 100 is equivalent to a medium-sized forum, pay attention to the number 500 is equivalent to an advertising banner, the effect is very.

web site outside of the chain webmaster mostly has a blog culture experience, Sina blog once was to a high position, but to change settings from some time ago the blog robot.txt file, love Shanghai spider is the chain weight almost no longer favor large portal blog, publish the blog has not included, this is not often seen in the past, the webmaster have abandoned the culture blog, a few of my friends around to raise hundreds of blog before, is now no longer maintain the blog development, how to explore the new increase chain resources, is now an imminent thing, micro-blog communications the exchange form of point to point, his superiority beyond the Forum, SMS, email, in 2011, two things most fire should be regarded as the group purchase and micro-blog. Every day cruising in the Internet webmaster who can not easily do not pay attention to such things, although micro-blog PR=0, but included is very fast, if you are concerned about the high popularity of words, but also to the site to bring a lot of natural flow. Is a very good way of product marketing website, here is my personal training this time micro-blog account experience to share with everyone.

and micro-blog group purchase are two kinds of Internet products nowadays is fried hot, micro-blog is able to provide effective help to improve the site traffic, my new station so far less than 5 months, through the micro-blog account group promotion, the natural flow and flow into traffic I love Shanghai the rapidly within 1 months increased 5 times, following my personal experiences in the process of exploring to share

we do website promotion and ranking webmaster, to improve the visibility of the website is simple, and natural flow, we should not only pay attention to the efficiency but also pay attention to the chances of success, more development a micro-blog account, if the account is not high degree of concern, perhaps the next account have been a lot of people are concerned, no egg put a basket, micro-blog is not directly anchor link only, some web site, but not too much, but also can reduce the scattered account account is frozen due to a chain loss problem, with the cultivation of blog account group is the same reason

2, the chain can not be lost, PR0 did not increase the chain and do not represent the weight of

1, training a group of micro-blog group

3, to publish advertisements can act tough and talk soft, soft as soft


Jabberly online helps users better connect to local communitiesHujiang Rui volt color business for 1

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below is the on-the-spot record of titanium media finishing:

I do Hujiang network do now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the first, to the present "

he believes that now the Internet education has not yet reached the highest point, is an absolute rise, last year there have been many projects, covering many aspects, many problems began to emerge, but still have not been covered, there are a large number of needs to be solved, so to provide enough opportunities for entrepreneurs.

, he recalled 8 years ago to get an angel investment, the most reliable investor Zhao Guibin – a freak, but also an abnormal investor. 06 years ago, when no one would vote for Internet education. Know each other, listening to his speech off the reel and completely cannot read his business model, in second years to $one million net of shanghai. Such people, he believes that really is an angel, although he is not a little angel, but he is really more concerned about the entrepreneurial psychology……

I thought we came to the scene today, entrepreneurship conference, people should not be too much, because of the popularity of education has been a long time, how can so many people? I think it is the most critical moment of Internet education, if entrepreneurs pay close attention to the words, hold on, don’t hurry, the best the peak moment may have been missed.

founder pointed out that Jabberly three outstanding technical features: instant response, peer to peer synchronization positioning technology, more extensive, more profound social networking platform.


do Hujiang network now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the earliest, now ten years later, more than a year, two years, the heat of online education is just coming to and this is a good thing, is not good.

products, there is a bright spot is called "jabberCRED", which is similar to credit rating system, the user can obtain credit rating by providing a small tips and recommended information for others in the Jabberly, the credit rating score can be used as a virtual currency to store cash coupons.

is currently available in 50 markets in the United States, but the company says its biggest hub will be in San Francisco. Jabberly told reporters that they envisioned several profitable ways, one of which is to join the merchants to provide a certain fee, while paying monthly, you can get business information ranking priority. Other ways include: business income sharing, organization planning, offline user activity, and so on.

In addition,

"you can’t discuss the service offered by Microsoft, but it’s very useful if you’re in a software company’s physical store."

Fu Cairui frankly, do Hujiang do now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the earliest, now ten years later, more than a year, two years, online education the heat is just beginning, this is a good thing, is not good.

via TNW

Hello! I’m Fu Cairui founder of the Shanghai river network, we used to call me Arno. I’m glad to see so many people here today. Please allow me to say it with pleasure. Welcome,


this year, since the end of the year, the online education sector has tens of billions of investment and financing, and recently there are many, "already crazy."".


titanium media note: 26 to 27 this month, the Internet Education Star entrepreneurship contest is being held in Shanghai hot. One day before the competition, Shanghai river network speech CEO Rui volt color share Hujiang network 13 years of arduous pioneering, and the four men met in a hard time.

to find instant information about its favorite stores, restaurants, or attractions. Jabberly is determined to solve this problem, a new day before their on-line application in Apple store, the user can ask for an instant locations, and quickly get the local people reply.

It’s sometimes difficult for

Jabberly was founded in 2011 by Bobby Marhamat and Ivan Turkovic, and it is not another LBS product similar to Blipboard, Foursquare or Yelp. They believe that this product can be considered a community, and those who rely heavily on social media can initiate and discuss information about locations and share their latest information.

How to make love Shanghai to speed up the content included in the new page

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many has stressed the need to make the high quality the chain, the site’s ranking to help, then what is outside the chain of high quality, new Adsense will mistakenly think is high PR>

website must update the content of quantitative timing, a certain period should pay attention to the cultivation of good search engine crawlers visit every time, only good planning website update time, then in the crawler crawling several times later, found that almost all a time Duan Youxin appear, then the crawler will be at this time of day frequent visits, website update time fixed, the same search engine crawlers will form a fixed time of visit.

fifth: update the chain number


chain not only need to update time stable, but also to control the number, remember not a sudden increase too much, but once again the case appeared scanty, long-term, the search engine will give the site right down, ranking drop, so the chain update every day the best fixed, slowly increase in fixed quantity so, rising steadily.

The chain of

love Shanghai for new sites are generally taken to only update the website snapshot and not included the content of the page, not a lot of experience in the face of this situation will be anxious, to take some ways to solve the problem of harmful sites, such as the use of mass chain software, content acquisition software, but is still not after use any effect, that is how to deal with this situation.

has been updated after a fixed time, also must pay attention to the number of website content updates, can not because the crawler daily visit, and the next release of a large number of websites that allow reptiles to grasp, because the search engine has a mechanism, in the capacity of a sudden spike will make the search engine mistaken collection site, so as to reduce the site the weight update, efforts to drive down the site snapshot, so the quantitative and slow increase of the update is very important.

third: update

pursuit of quantity, will affect the quality of most personal website as long as the pursuit of the number included, must the very poor quality, and post more quality worse, but the amount collected will be even worse, and the workload is large, so it is recommended that the careful preparation of several high quality articles, not only can increase the weight of the website, and the website of the amount collected is rising steadily.

to update the site, if every day, not three days of fishing, four days of that kind of, because every day the chain site in the increase, the search engine will give weight, but will make the site keywords ranking slowly rising, rather than give good ranking a few days later he dropped out of hundreds of.

second: update number

fourth: the chain update time

The first time Shanghai dragon master

sixth: update the chain quality

: content updateThe new