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Website optimization is not hard is the true nature of Secrets

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although there are many websites, the Internet seems to be a day filled with endless content, but the real original quality content is not much. We see more is copied, is that many large web portals and so. So the real content of the original, more vulnerable to the search engine on favor, high-quality forwarding not less but not more than half. Second show the true nature, around the theme of the site with rich content, as long as the theme of the site content is the real quality. So, even if the copy, the content must be related with the theme of the site. The last note, in the content properly implanted is conducive to the website optimization keywords, but.

How do the true nature of

, a rich content

often see some sites, but also some very conventional corporate website, for one day you can update dozens of articles pure optimization. It is hard to imagine that these articles come from, is a professional writer, an article in the quality of the article to 1-2 hours. Even worse, a day to update more than a dozen or even dozens of articles in peacetime, but encountered holidays but two or three days an essay is not updated. Three days fishing nets two days of drying, regular updates, will naturally lead to question search engine. The manufacturing batch so people, certainly can not win the trust of search engine. Generally speaking, conventional propaganda display type website, a day update two or three articles to the original content, just regular timing quantitative update.

do not know how many people are confused, since the "content is king, link the emperor", why some website day dozens of Posts link has reached tens of thousands, ranking is not always ideal? Website optimization is definitely not just a copy of several articles, just send the link can be so simple, ideal ranking. On the one hand, the search engine algorithm constantly improve, and continuously improve the user experience, let the content value of quality website ranking as much as possible; on the other hand, the competitive environment has changed, with the continuous improvement of the quality of the whole website, search engines are increasingly high demands on the quality of the site. The content, if the content quality is not high, there is a link, if the link is cheating, is in any case can not win website optimization.

but the content is ultimately the soul of the website is, whether starting from the user or search engine which point of view, rich content can not be less. The same link building, Google is not clear to combat paid links? It is enough to show that in the website optimization process, the link is very important, so click paid links, because it has seriously interfered with the search engine to judge the quality of website. Therefore, the author emphasizes that both the content and the link is still an indispensable site construction production and site optimization. We now answer the question at the beginning, the real reason content link ranking still suck is the lack of the true nature of the language, with professional interpretation of the search engine is using "and that the amplification of the search engine algorithm vulnerability".

Whether the problem included the webmaster has become

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I also considered many things. Below I my analysis of several cases and experiment.


first, you may like me, think of the first question is whether the content of the problem is. Indeed, this may have an impact on the collection, but I can definitely tell you, I did a few days of experiment, the pages and page article is absolutely original, but the very serious changes in the changes, that is a very good article, but it is by love Shanghai spiders test. The same problem still exists, the home is still very good included, basically no what included within the page.

second, can think of is the chain, many people will think it is the inside pages of the chain, and basically do is home chain. I do not deny this, home chain is indeed more, we do traffic, is the main page flow is more important. Through several days of the experiment (Ps: before the chain, the chain page also have to do, but also many). The chain increase in my page, whether the submission B2B or soft, also did not see the inside pages of the effect of flow more and more home instead.

The first thing

two, whether there is a relation between the

, 1 quality problems of the chain

through the experiment, then follow the above 3 points Never mind, obviously, love Shanghai algorithm to change the quality of the chain is to have a relationship, talking about the quality of the chain, many webmaster said.

and internal chain

well, and the contents of the article, the chain has no absolute relationship, whether there is a relationship between and within the chain? I think, through these days of experiment, so I let the editors to do the best in the chain, the chain of keywords, long tail keywords are carefully considered, after my confirmation will be released within. This is the chain always do well, so, in the chain is not a key factor.

three, whether there is a relation between the

and the outer chain

recently opened the computer do not look at the data changes, but first open the website for the website of the Shanghai love is included, strange things happened. Do not know if you have not encountered such a thing, web site included is the next day included, but the inside pages do not know why that is not included, 6788 Chinese business network I do, (some Ps: station which includes the inside pages) included 1 Manzo, included home 3www unexpectedly reached ten thousand in 1800. It makes me too much to handle, the other page is completely not included, basically all is the home page included, articles are absolutely original (including pages).

is the content of the problem

more than three points should be considered the most webmaster, because the site is closely related to the change of these factors is to cannot do without, so it is the main experimental analysis of the three main factors, so here to talk about my views, I hope to help you, as soon as possible to love Shanghai new algorithm and new collection.

Four years of experience sharing to interested in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friendsLet them make money in

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often hear some movie station or software download station friends complain, said his website resources are always being hotlinking, the results did not earn a penny does not say, also often bring huge pressure hotlinking to his paralysis of the server. In the Internet resource sharing today, is impossible to guard against anti Daolian, even the best technology will also be broken and for its use. Since the guard, why don’t we change a way of thinking, let these people Daolian for their services? Some friends may think that this is Arabian Nights, try to learn the methods I.

above method, I personally are in the experiment, the specific effect I also don’t need to say, just want to give you webmaster a train of thought, I hope everyone can make excellent stand, make more money.

2, honesty is the life of Wangzhuan this is important

six, the network is very sensitive to the excellent resources, will soon let you connect the resources all over the internet.

3, a lot of people have a corruption free two word psychology, dream of the sky really will drop down a big pie for yourself, will? Some people have been giving them cheat, also stubborn, really sad. Many stations under the guise of defrauding the join for free membership registration, white hard for them to make money, so I said: fools do free wangzhuan.

four, each resource is compressed into a self extracting compressed package and written into the ad page of its own website, so that when the browser unpacked the document, it would pop up its own web page.

1. Rent a relatively good server so that you can provide resource download services.

we rough calculation, those popular film and television or software brings us 100 thousand traffic every day, light window advertising also has hundreds of pieces. Because resource download users are highly targeted, if appropriate, do CPA and CPC advertising, every day can earn enough 3 digits, so stick down after the purchase of a more advanced server, improve download speed, thus forming a virtuous circle. I’m afraid that also worry about hotlinking fewer

The hotlink of

2, is too slow to make money although the development of offline are easier, but even if you have hundreds of members of the lower monthly income is not very optimistic, some of the more you Wangzhuan offline development you will die faster, that is several together add up to only tens of dollars, although for some you pay, but the poor, even the electricity does not come back to earn, wasted valuable time, I had all these cost compensation.

often saw on the Internet, so foreign websites now wrong Chinese payment, I think this is not necessarily the site itself, the majority of it is at least the Wangzhuan friends integrity even their life would not attempt to use trickery to earn more profits, but I do not know the magic of a ruler, meaning "daogaoyizhang. Have a lot of friends in the lower pull, I do some publicity referrals, I send you a full set of advertising software, do my downline commission how, this is really work for you? You can earn a lot of money? I think not just inevitable, deception those bent on cheap do not attempt to work, "

of course, some people may think that such a program is not feasible, or not enough to shirk the reasons for not doing. I personally think, want to make money through the network does not require too much technology, or that technology is the most obscure link. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is one of the most typical examples, without technology, we can ask people to do, the key is whether we have to do, have not thought.


two, to the thunder resource download ranking, looking for the current most popular resources, resources should not be too large, every few megabytes to tens of megabytes can be, resources will be arranged standby.

1, thinking, the development of

three, make a download forum or web site, each post or article added to a resource connection.

this article comes from: 70 webmaster network www.70admin.

seriously hinder Wangzhuan friendsSince the beginning of June 2004 in

notable features of free web sites:

self do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, found that many domestic friends have a common heart is just free or charge site is added in the free, free of course do reputable websites may earn a little money, but a free website will not give you too much money, you can subsidies electricity and Internet access is good, but the vast sea, why so lucky? And most friends in charge website free period to join, because of their lack of experience, and few people are willing to join for free during the subordinate agency counseling, or that they do not know to ask his boss or his agent, the agent is a novice, and how coaching his subordinate agents! Before entering the toll period, suddenly became very confused, and begin looking at a loss. The new free Wangzhuan, fail, fail again, that lost to the higher confidence, it is deplorable!


five insists on updating resources and compressing them in such a way.

1, foreign net profit more than 90%, is not trustworthy, but also can be said to be a Swindlers Company, even if you do a minimum payment amount is more than 90% of bad faith, some domestic free Wangzhuan, without a penny of investment, the vast majority of the site is not stable, some even don’t speak credit, not to pay members; there is a

Dining O2O is at the cusp set sail or drowningFrom sh419, tour show, Ang Lee to see entrepreneurs wi

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internal environment: from restaurants, benchmark merchants driven thinking change trend

‘s 2014 food and beverage industry report is an indisputable fact that the online catering industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, contrary to the downturn in the traditional food and beverage industry. Takeaway platform to shuffle the stage, and really open up consumers and catering merchants, as well as third parties platform or catering software service providers O2O mode is also in full swing layout.

say the inside of the restaurant industry, too

this year, the Internet’s most important aspect of the matter is sh419’s change. Prior to the introduction of the key of Mr. Lu Qi in sh419, Mrs. Robin Li, Melissa, the media called "sh419 behind the woman stood to the front, served as special assistant chairman, responsible for the investment, human resources and market public relations work, Robin Li said," sh419 has a spirit called courage, and my wife Melissa Bo.

reportedly, "entrepreneur wife" has become a new venture in the circle of third forces, with investors, founder of the same pace.

Two years ago

was also in that afternoon, the city express reporter asked me to interview the company. Since June this year, the traditional newspaper took out an entire page, each report and the wisdom of life related economic trends.

to see a telecom operator yesterday, we can sit together, because of its wisdom catering suddenly very interested, said a little is interested in intellectual economy, finally fall into the wisdom of catering. For example, to provide WiFi environment, such as restaurants, although this is not a smart life, but also allows operators and smart economy hanging on the hook. "Wisdom economy" is another name for "O2O" at this level of government. Online registration official saying is wisdom medical, quick taxi is wisdom travel, mobile phone ordering is wisdom dining, these are included in the wisdom of the economy in this area. Creating a smart city can be an expectation and a goal for the state and local governments. Operators are concerned about smart restaurants, without the support of the national government.

Hangzhou is a smart restaurant advertised in the restaurant, three months down, after the media exposure of the countless times, now the daily traffic is two times more than before, also be the travel arrangements for a project of Hangzhou tourism experience, not the thirty moment required to join people. Not to say that the restaurant in the end wisdom is not wise, I would like to explain the external environment, the wisdom of the economy, the industry’s attention, undoubtedly it has a great role in promoting.



Ang Lee probably heard the story. Before he became famous, Ang Lee stayed at home for six years, and his wife went out to work to support the family. Ang Lee felt sorry, secretly learning computer, want to find a job for home. Wife found, resolutely opposed, and affectionate to Ang Lee said, "do not forget your dream."." This was followed by Ang Lee, the great director, not Ang Lee.

Abstract: wife entrepreneurs have to play what role? Net red Luo’s words: for entrepreneurs, you may decide to marry the wife finally made out of the $one billion, or one hundred billion. Sometimes they are angels, sometimes the hypnotist, sometimes comrades, sometimes massive roadblocks.

it’s almost a classic image of a wife in an entrepreneur’s mind. Recently, however, the wives’ participation has been somewhat different, and the silent support of this role has been an old image. In the new era, "sister-in-law" should be, when the husband’s career crisis, to pick up the beam, but also played a hooligan.

, /wugaga

the external environment tells us that O2O is at the cusp of the catering business, when it sails and is easy to drown.

I just want to borrow these two examples that happened within a day to show how much the external environment is concerned about O2O or the smart economy. About October, I will often receive interviews from all over the country, talking about the wisdom of the economy, the wisdom of food and drink this thing. This is also an external situation.

catering industry will face an opportunity to seize it and make good use of it, now is the best time, but it is also the most testing period. The test is not only catering enterprises, as well as catering enterprises to provide services of various O2O Internet platform, as well as to provide intelligent management of the restaurant information companies, and so on.

this force has actually been low-key lurking in the business circles, but not to cannot but when they choose the hidden power and name. There are usually two reasons for their popularity. One is that her husband’s net worth is packed into the charts, and that people always have the desire to spy on them and see who has saved the galaxy for the rest of his life. Two is squeezed into the list of husband derailed.

I have a classmate C husband also entrepreneurs, venture capital, trap eyes money day, out of the BAT, with a well-known VC million investment, so we started licking the face hold thigh: remember to ring the bell to pick up our C always SIP! Smiling, she is the kind of Lin type girls, the most exciting time is Minzui smile. Since then, however, we have seen the frequency of small C decline from once a month to once a year. Just know later, home mortgage, child care, the two mountains all the pressure in the small C, she is still in daily work to start a micro business subsidies home, left hand right hand holding baby package mail is commonplace. During this period, the husband’s project changed two times in three years, not to mention IPO, and even the new three board are within the foreseeable future, but little C no complaints support, she in our minds of the image immediately tall.

How to efficiently write high quality pseudo original articles for the Shanghai Dragon

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title which keywords determined, is the label, this step is often ignored for many people, and ignore the consequences of that leads to lower efficiency, generally I first cursory look at some of the content, and then establish what keywords embedded, it may take 1 to 2 minutes. But to lay the foundation for later work, reduce the number of repeated modifications of the time, and the article have labels it is also good for search engine. The following is the beginning of the false original content:

false original article writing is the basic technology must understand website editors and the Shanghai dragon staff, general pseudo original is to rewrite the past, only need to change the title tune out of order one, included the effect is good, but with the continuous improvement of search engine, it is clear to this kind of the recognition well, even included the article ranking will not be good to go, do not directly collected. The Shanghai dragon is included and ranking for originality are very important, which requires us to improve the content editing capabilities, share how to efficiently write some insights into the high quality pseudo original articles to Shanghai Dragon:

is a pseudo original, there must be the source, actually speaking of the source can be very much, the limited space is incomplete, the content sources suggest that in several major search engines and blogs through the relevant keywords to find out a pile, now the site of 100 also greatly facilitate our. This article is mainly used for bedding and general use, if the content needs to be updated daily and have timeliness can be news search, when you search for a certain amount should know where to find the website content.

You should consider the content of the article should be embedded

more convenient way is to cut the redundant part of the article, to do a good pseudo original words of the original data and some cases are in fact must be cut, there is some part of the long winded to delete, delete these articles after only one subject to the backbone. Some of his collection to other articles embedded in, and then adjust the paragraph order, but it is emphasized that the article must be normal to see to understand, not only for the pseudo original and pseudo original, this way is relatively low-level pseudo original style.

to further improve the pseudo original effect, must spend some effort, we must first do is to the original.

After the

content began to Shanghai dragon pseudo original, first and most important is the title, whether it is self-evident importance of Shanghai dragon or do the title of the article, I recommend directly to the need for optimization of keywords in the title, of course, to nature, not title and content is not corresponding, also suggested with a long title or subtitle means, this kind of method is not very hot to do some long tail keywords effect is very good. A final reminder is the best pseudo original title with the original title is completely different, this is more conducive to deceive the search engine.


Love Shanghai library suffered infringement complaints about some enlightenment website optimization

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website optimization is to obtain the flow of Shanghai dragon. The site you want to get a lot of traffic, only by virtue of a person’s strength is very difficult, if we can fully mobilize the power of the Internet, website, website ranking will increase quickly. One reason why love Shanghai library to attract a large number of visitors is the library there are a large number of useful resources, these resources are involved, whether it is the exam, or do the thesis, whether it is love network novel, or looking for professional knowledge, in the love of Shanghai library almost can be found, because provides convenience for the users so, get considerable traffic, site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, follow some rules, consider from the user’s point of view, give users some benefits, in order to increase site traffic……

love Shanghai library, its content by users to upload, upload users will get the reward points, integral benefits can be transferred to love Shanghai library works, so the cycle of Internet users to upload works love Shanghai is to pay a compensation, the compensation is integral, integral function is available for free download love Shanghai library resources, this love Shanghai library on the formation of a harmonious ecological system, Internet users to upload content, have access to the content, provides a great platform for free resource sharing love Shanghai library, which is a big platform of love Shanghai hardly do what day will get a lot of traffic, then hang a few ads in Shanghai love library right, and so every fortune……

say, love Shanghai for the majority of private network library is something, but why was infringement complaints? The reason is very simple, these free resources are not from the original hand, but not under the original author’s authorization, some users upload to the library on the sea of love, some love of Shanghai library the novel in some websites or to pay to read in the form of network, Chinese always staged such people may not be forced to say things, such as film "let the bullets fly", Youku on demand a fee of 5 yuan of money, and free to watch in some other video sites is. The same clothes, spread the price of 20 yuan, into the store, into a 200 yuan.

The ultimate goal of

we just don’t talk about these Chinese features, no permission on the love of Shanghai library, of course, these works will be placed on other sites, other sites of fame without love Shanghai, Sue.

in March 15, 2011, including Jia Pingwa, Han Han, Guo Jingming, Li Chengpeng, when the moon, 50 domestic well-known writers jointly issued the "315 China writers denounced the book" love Shanghai, said: "the love of Shanghai library contains almost all of our works, and the user is free, anyone can download and read, but it has not achieved any of us authorization. Not to take that love to steal, Shanghai has completely degenerated into a thief, it stole our works, stole our rights and stole our belongings, the love of Shanghai library into a stolen goods market."

This is the mode of operation of

Google search results page added function calculator graphic display function

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Google search results page add graphics function calculator function


graphics zoom operation

Beijing on December 6th news, according to the development trend of the industry attention to search the American technology blog SearchEngineLand reports specifically, Google Technology Engineer Adidas · Avi Doll (Adi Avidor) said Monday in a blog post, Google search results page has increased the graphics function calculator function, global math lovers only in the Google search function calculation the need to type the box, Google search results page will return the corresponding graphical expression at the top.

Avi Doll said that users in the Google search results page to see the graphics function, but also use the mouse to click on the node graph, to zoom in and out of these charts. Avi Doll said, most browsers have support for Google this new function.

SearchEngineLand pointed out that the graphics function calculator function to increase Google’s new search engine WolframAlpha, can be regarded as the corresponding mathematical calculator function on another Internet response. The WolframAlpha service in May 2009 officially launched, has been hailed as the "outside Google killer". With the Google search service is different, users need to query the search box type problem in WolframAlpha, the search engine will return directly to the user answers, instead of returning a lot of web links.

Check 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update processing method

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2, a good space. There are two conditions, one is open speed should not exceed 5 seconds, Shanghai dragon do a commonplace talk of an old scholar should focus on the user experience, in fact, this is the user experience, if you open the space is very slow, who will love. The two is very stable, no matter what time the spider, spider can access. So the search engine to a certain degree above give you extra points, the snapshot is not a problem.

5, a week to write a few soft article. This is for you to learn, and can add a lot of backlinks to your site, snapshot update naturally be nothing difficult. I like A5 on the soft hits and reproduced or very good.

Shanghai, now more and more electricity supplier website needs to be optimized, small small to release the product page, big big to keyword optimization ranking, with the local network of Shanghai dragon arena. A Shanghai dragon need to grasp more knowledge about Shanghai dragon, today Shanghai love story behind the snapshot. If a site has new places or new things will attract the arrival of the spider, a snapshot of your website so the search engine will update the database, so how can we make love Shanghai day is the next day snapshot update or snapshot here according to a "fat: 10 love Shanghai in inventory update the reasons summed up" approach 10 corresponding, provide a reference for the webmaster.

6, refused to hang black chain. Experience tell you webmaster, black links will quietly disappear, once this black links force, increase the weight of your site, when a link failure, so your site will be search engine friendly judgment. It will not only affect the snapshot, and may be right down. So such things advised you don’t do it.

4, Links check. Many webmaster, hasty do a Links whether, in fact, this is wrong, Links not to do, but also diligent check, because if you change the link update snapshot overnight, then snapshot of your site also have a certain effect.

1, every day to add original content to your website. We are the first day to a new company work, presided over the morning meeting of the people will say so and so coming to our company has injected new blood, and we also need such a website, need to take care of it. The website should have the update frequency. Let the spider often come to your site. Snapshot will update. So slowly accumulated weight love Shanghai.

3, every day to add several backlinks. A regular and continuous increase a few of the reverse connect every day, the effect is very significant, which is equivalent to the word-of-mouth, your website address every day in the Internet, so there is a spider on your friendship, the key point is to adhere to, so as to let the search engine update every day.

7, adhere to the mass without software

. Can improve the keywords ranking group within a short time, that I have.

Community O2O 5 questions for entrepreneurs to think aboutSix ways to bring your entrepreneurial tea

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When the

to look at the community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas.

understands your stress patterns,

even the Ding Dong District into a failed case, but the community did not reduce the heat O2O. On the contrary, we often hear that certain community O2O projects have received tens of millions of levels of financing. Moreover, dynamic valuation of billions of dollars, or even billions of.

when people face a series of crises, they will have a default stress response. For example, some people are faced with pressure to escape without restraint. Some people work hard, others complain about themselves, others blame others…… The important thing is that you have to know your stress patterns so that you can make your next step in a sober state.

I have been to the community O2O embrace of doubt, on the one hand is the market rising heat, on the other hand, has seen relative success stories, curious, also let a person want to explore in this field.

in 2013, one of my friends want to do community O2O, and to start planning team and other issues. By the first half of 2014, the project had not yet started, but he told us about it again, saying that a company in Beijing had raised $100 million. "One hundred million dollars ah, what not to do!" the excitement shows between the lines. Not long ago, when we talk about the O2O community again, he became silent, seems to have given up the idea, perhaps by the Ding Dong District "failure".


what is community O2O? I always have this question. For example, near the community to achieve online takeaway food store, is not? If so, it is not a takeaway, as for the O2O community so tall? Looking at the current domestic O2O community model, can be divided into several categories:

through the phenomenon

has been a bottleneck, funds may be problems, you can not continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. Debt denial includes non essential expenses such as not buying new equipment, adding workspaces, hiring contractors, and so on.

these decisions are tough, but as an entrepreneurial team, it is better to save money than to let the debt problem grow. In addition, it is necessary to have an emergency account, so as not to encounter really unavoidable expenses.

meets customer needs in order to create valuable models. The Internet is not to change people’s lives, but to enhance people’s lives, make life easier and more interesting. And the development of the Internet to the back, the more should be embellish things fine silent, feeling no barriers, and daily life as one.

rejects more debt,

a, the District Social entry: for example, Ding Dong District, community social entry, but actually do is.

if clear decay building a nest, must not mean action. If you can’t hire more employees, so will the extra people clean up; if your income is from a customer service to customers, then do not choosy. But also be quick to find clients and projects that interest you.

everyone loves listening to successful startup Stories: tough starts, popular products, smooth financing, and the peak of life…… Not every story has a perfect ending, and in order to avoid the tragedy, especially entrepreneurs in the Internet industry entrepreneurs, have not only courage, foresight, more important is to learn to deal with the crisis.

understand the difficulty, and see the essence of

for the community O2O, on the one hand, the market is rising heat, on the other hand, did not see a relatively successful case appeared. To meet customer needs in order to create valuable models, so as to look at the current community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas of the industry. So, as an entrepreneur, the following 5 questions are worth thinking about.

when you start your business, you may have a relatively focused vision: >

maybe you know everything about the team, such as how many people have been hired recently and how many contracts have been broken up. However, these are not the main reasons for your bottleneck. As a marriage, a small problem small enough to make families fall apart, but the long-term accumulation of small problems can also lead to building collapse. So the team’s decision makers should see the problem going on for a long time.

1, entry point,

we all say that entrepreneurship is based on passion, all the problems to understand, and also lost the opportunity to start business. So these questions don’t have to be answered, but at least think about it. If you’re trying to start a business in this field, I think the following issues need to be considered:

back to the original vision,

/ Wu,

don’t believe in fatalism,

fatalistic theory is, "things are always like this, you can’t escape."." The idea is so easy to despair that there is no incentive to take action. Keep looking at where you can change and challenge, and you won’t be a victim of fatalism.

bottleneck coming, take decisive action,

American financial magazine Entrepreneur pointed out that entrepreneurship is a gamble, but also to face the difficulties in the team, which requires entrepreneurs excellent Eq. Specifically, there are several ways to get your team out of the clouds as soon as possible.

Analysis of the significance of love Shanghai

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in love Shanghai snapshot faster, the more new snapshot, love Shanghai more attention to its website, the number of spiders to his site is more frequent, this conclusion is nonsense, unable to prove that there is such a meaning of love Shanghai.



first, the first statement today to say: boy love Shanghai snapshot: the meaning of meaningless, love Shanghai snapshot update frequency, update speed snapshot meaningless. Who will say nonsense, this conclusion is what I get out, I certainly must produce evidence to prove my point:

happy net comprehensive strength from speaking, though not the renren贵族宝贝, however, the gap between the two should be relatively small, the key is, although the latest snapshot of happy net, but the relative and renren贵族宝贝, love Shanghai may pay more attention to the happy net? Love sea spiders to happy net the frequency is really better than renren贵族宝贝 frequently? I think the answer is no..

two and more absurd: love Shanghai snapshot affected the weight, the more new snapshot, snapshot update more frequently, to the site of the weight is also higher. This conclusion is more absurd.

love Shanghai snapshot, a familiar term. Many webmaster for the weary, even sleep, so love Shanghai snapshot, what is the meaning? On the Internet are also very concerned about the most Public opinions are divergent., snapshot time that updates faster, more new snapshot that love Shanghai more attention on its website, but there is a lot of argument also said that the snapshot update frequently, Shanghai can give love higher weight…… anyway, that is very important in many aspects, can affect the site, so many webmaster in exchange Links, when review site to put love Shanghai as a snapshot of a very important factor to consider.

it is easy to see from the chart, pages 88 network and network China machine is the latest snapshot of the snapshot, renren贵族宝贝 is last month, is this love Shanghai yellow pages more trust 88 network, 88 network spiders to yellow pages more frequently than to renren贵族宝贝 frequency? I want to be people are bright white, renren贵族宝贝 than yellow pages 88 nets strong, can’t love Shanghai more attention to pages 88 nets and machinery network. Someone will say, 88 pages with net renren贵族宝贝 not in a class, difference is very far, can not be compared, so good, see below:


love Shanghai snapshot of what kind of meaning? I am now 88 Yellow Kid webmaster assistant, follow the 88 steps of network pages, follow the webmaster learning is a long time, today I dare to publish small, personal insights on love Shanghai, agreed to a boy about thumb. Don’t agree with that boy, please.

, many webmaster said the snapshot update more quickly, it shows more importance to love Shanghai on its website, that his website spider to crawl the content of frequency is fast. Then look at the picture: