Website optimization is not hard is the true nature of Secrets

although there are many websites, the Internet seems to be a day filled with endless content, but the real original quality content is not much. We see more is copied, is that many large web portals and so. So the real content of the original, more vulnerable to the search engine on favor, high-quality forwarding not less but not more than half. Second show the true nature, around the theme of the site with rich content, as long as the theme of the site content is the real quality. So, even if the copy, the content must be related with the theme of the site. The last note, in the content properly implanted is conducive to the website optimization keywords, but. read more

Whether the problem included the webmaster has become

I also considered many things. Below I my analysis of several cases and experiment.


first, you may like me, think of the first question is whether the content of the problem is. Indeed, this may have an impact on the collection, but I can definitely tell you, I did a few days of experiment, the pages and page article is absolutely original, but the very serious changes in the changes, that is a very good article, but it is by love Shanghai spiders test. The same problem still exists, the home is still very good included, basically no what included within the page. read more

Four years of experience sharing to interested in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friendsLet them make money in

often hear some movie station or software download station friends complain, said his website resources are always being hotlinking, the results did not earn a penny does not say, also often bring huge pressure hotlinking to his paralysis of the server. In the Internet resource sharing today, is impossible to guard against anti Daolian, even the best technology will also be broken and for its use. Since the guard, why don’t we change a way of thinking, let these people Daolian for their services? Some friends may think that this is Arabian Nights, try to learn the methods I. read more

Dining O2O is at the cusp set sail or drowningFrom sh419, tour show, Ang Lee to see entrepreneurs wi

internal environment: from restaurants, benchmark merchants driven thinking change trend

‘s 2014 food and beverage industry report is an indisputable fact that the online catering industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, contrary to the downturn in the traditional food and beverage industry. Takeaway platform to shuffle the stage, and really open up consumers and catering merchants, as well as third parties platform or catering software service providers O2O mode is also in full swing layout. read more

How to efficiently write high quality pseudo original articles for the Shanghai Dragon

title which keywords determined, is the label, this step is often ignored for many people, and ignore the consequences of that leads to lower efficiency, generally I first cursory look at some of the content, and then establish what keywords embedded, it may take 1 to 2 minutes. But to lay the foundation for later work, reduce the number of repeated modifications of the time, and the article have labels it is also good for search engine. The following is the beginning of the false original content: read more

Love Shanghai library suffered infringement complaints about some enlightenment website optimization

website optimization is to obtain the flow of Shanghai dragon. The site you want to get a lot of traffic, only by virtue of a person’s strength is very difficult, if we can fully mobilize the power of the Internet, website, website ranking will increase quickly. One reason why love Shanghai library to attract a large number of visitors is the library there are a large number of useful resources, these resources are involved, whether it is the exam, or do the thesis, whether it is love network novel, or looking for professional knowledge, in the love of Shanghai library almost can be found, because provides convenience for the users so, get considerable traffic, site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, follow some rules, consider from the user’s point of view, give users some benefits, in order to increase site traffic…… read more

Google search results page added function calculator graphic display function

Google search results page add graphics function calculator function


graphics zoom operation

Beijing on December 6th news, according to the development trend of the industry attention to search the American technology blog SearchEngineLand reports specifically, Google Technology Engineer Adidas · Avi Doll (Adi Avidor) said Monday in a blog post, Google search results page has increased the graphics function calculator function, global math lovers only in the Google search function calculation the need to type the box, Google search results page will return the corresponding graphical expression at the top. read more

Check 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update processing method

2, a good space. There are two conditions, one is open speed should not exceed 5 seconds, Shanghai dragon do a commonplace talk of an old scholar should focus on the user experience, in fact, this is the user experience, if you open the space is very slow, who will love. The two is very stable, no matter what time the spider, spider can access. So the search engine to a certain degree above give you extra points, the snapshot is not a problem.

5, a week to write a few soft article. This is for you to learn, and can add a lot of backlinks to your site, snapshot update naturally be nothing difficult. I like A5 on the soft hits and reproduced or very good. read more

Community O2O 5 questions for entrepreneurs to think aboutSix ways to bring your entrepreneurial tea

When the

to look at the community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas.

understands your stress patterns,

even the Ding Dong District into a failed case, but the community did not reduce the heat O2O. On the contrary, we often hear that certain community O2O projects have received tens of millions of levels of financing. Moreover, dynamic valuation of billions of dollars, or even billions of.

when people face a series of crises, they will have a default stress response. For example, some people are faced with pressure to escape without restraint. Some people work hard, others complain about themselves, others blame others…… The important thing is that you have to know your stress patterns so that you can make your next step in a sober state. read more

Analysis of the significance of love Shanghai

in love Shanghai snapshot faster, the more new snapshot, love Shanghai more attention to its website, the number of spiders to his site is more frequent, this conclusion is nonsense, unable to prove that there is such a meaning of love Shanghai.


first, the first statement today to say: boy love Shanghai snapshot: the meaning of meaningless, love Shanghai snapshot update frequency, update speed snapshot meaningless. Who will say nonsense, this conclusion is what I get out, I certainly must produce evidence to prove my point: read more

Garbage content will become a site of internal injuries

we may be an illusion in the update of the content on the website, that updates the content not only can let the website snapshots. And that the search engine included more, the weight of each page to your home page with more high, thinking that the keywords ranking will be useful. Of course, there is a more important reason is to do the long tail keywords, but the general long tail keywords if not closely linked to the website theme bring flow in general are garbage flows. For example, if we are a Shanghai dragon forum, the others about reports of electronic commerce, the article e-commerce is popular reports, our forum and weight will be high, this article will rank well. Our website to bring good traffic, but because this waste is the garbage flows will bring content to us. read more

5 minutes to teach you how to optimize the mechanical industry website

skills is the first product to distinguish between primary and secondary, the main products are placed in the most prominent position and introduces the category, subdivision of the main products, the same type of subdivision. The classification should not be too much, not more than 7.

product is the difficulty of site optimization, the reason is based on the analysis of Dongguan’s user search habits, the customer through the search keywords of a product into your website, but see is your website 3.07ghz, looking for a long time can not find want the product, to direct user experience is dazzling and this is not consistent with the website optimization. But as a machinery industry enterprise website and inevitably there are many types of products. How to operate read more

Effect of site optimization flow of three factors

site included mainly the following points: 1, the overall structure design of the website; 2, website domain name and directory settings; 3, the site code is simple and standard; 4, website content meets the needs of the users.

website click rate and to optimize the process can not be ignored in a little. The website hits to the ranking has a great impact, the better the site click rate will be higher ranked relatively. Our website editor should grasp the user’s mind, the attractive title to attract users, but also through various channels to promote the site, increase traffic, so as to promote website ranking natural rise. read more

Analysis how to locate the site user groups

how can we find the industry’s largest user groups? In fact we are positioning of user groups is done in user demand analysis, positioning analysis group is part of the user is to belong to us, that part is not belong to us; for example: this website is selling reflow equipment; we love Shanghai the biggest demand is "drop-down box principle, reflow reflow process, reflow temperature

before a few sites are love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia first, then know that the Interactive Encyclopedia, an independent site, and the emergence of love Shanghai library……… We know that the independent site is two, then the ranking contrast gives us what information? Weiwei tell you: site prompt is the "search and download data of these user groups is the largest search;" reflow "maximum user needs is to find information and download information" read more

Four steps to the novice will be Shanghai dragon optimization

"to do good work, must first sharpen his tools", choose a certain weight of domain name and the stability of the space is the first step to optimize the success, I can see, a lot of people are not optimal level difference, but the optimization based hardware needed too, such as space often downtime, is a new domain name or domain name the domain name is being punished. So you will have to pay tens of times efforts may not be able to achieve the desired effect, and even to achieve the ultimate goal, but overnight, also can let you cast to waste all the effort. The stability of the space since Needless to say, I only take effect to talk about my personal website domain name, I recently made a guest website, the domain name is registered as a station has years of domain name, and then on a single page station, a love Shanghai index 80 words, there is no more new any article on the weights of the domain name, the ranking of this site within a week to love Shanghai before three. Thus, factors affecting the weight of the domain name can not be ignored. read more

How old and new sites included fast sharing

2. and their editorial content have a great relationship. Because the site itself inevitably there will be some common statements, these statements once too much appeared in an article in Shanghai, will be identified as love no new news. So on the back of a new press release available immediately be included. Some news is not included, or direct sea rock. Then I put these cannot be included in the news for a website to release the results of the second day was included. These are just proved this truth. read more

Do enterprise stand optimization needs from 5 aspects to consider

The rational use of Update and optimization of The Now the

station in correlation to note.

enterprise station itself is not for profit, its establishment is in fact more to create an industry name card with potential cooperation, let friends can contact their active. So the content of the website has become the best form of publicity of their own. This is more important for enterprise station. Of course, during operation we cannot order that several so-called high heat words and go online to grab some articles to supplement, instead we should supplement the process pays great attention to the relevance of the article. For example, your word is to optimize the water purifier, I can be targeted in this paper reflect European water purifier, water purifier, high quality water purifier, different kinds of words can change into a different view, because the love of Shanghai algorithm for judging points between very carefully, not only to highlight the word and related products words are embodied, the water purifier price, purpose etc.. Of course, do we need to understand these articles before website updates are based on the natural foundation, do not appear in the process of keyword stuffing cheating, not only detrimental in spider’s image, but also affect the user experience. > read more

Optimization of website user experience let fly article access speed

home page open speed slow

solution: regular space is not stable, the morning opened the afternoon, open, open the night, as soon as the replacement of a stable security, so do their own optimization more are useless. At the same time to determine the stability from the bandwidth, IIS number, CPU, memory occupancy rate, taking the visibility of several aspects, for a stable, this is fundamental to let the user experience to fly.

many sites use the PING command to test, with very few connection time, and doesn’t switch, but when open their own web sites, but with almost a > read more

Google paid links against website weight decide on what path to follow


exchange Links. At the beginning of establishment of the site may because of the weight of your site, collection and PR are very low, so the exchange of high quality Links is very difficult, so we can start looking for some time, and your site is a site to exchange, do not think that this is not good, both sides will eventually have a qualitative change the key is to adhere to. When your website has improved, then find a higher site exchange Links, this gradual increase the weight of the website. read more

Entrepreneurs dry sharing how to work on big data applicationsPain and happiness to see how to build

in Xiao Yonghong’s view, the big data industry is really built up the core or technology.

According to the

36 big data study found that currently get big data for corporate financing, most have been in this industry for 2-3 years. Big data business can not be anxious, can not blindly rely on government support and financing to seek development, can really create commercial profits with big data companies can survive in the fierce competition, big data technology and talent is the core competitiveness. read more