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User role, innovative booking, airline website, requirement analysis

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will do some research on network booking, in fact, from a recent written test questions, the following analysis is the lack of a large number of user research, the right to enhance personal ability to do some exercises.

the booking site overwhelming, in addition to the airline booking portal booking site, a variety of small professional but involves too many to count, the process of financial transactions, users tend to high visibility and high reliability of the website, like tmall fame, booking system, "where" and "Ctrip" champion, while QQ had rushed to follow drool with envy.

then, what are the user groups for booking websites? The white-collar workers who travel frequently, the middle and high production groups who like to travel, the Secretary groups of the enterprises, the heads of tourist groups and so on. Here we select white-collar workers who travel frequently to create a user role to output user requirements and function lists.

, user roles (Ada),

if you’re going to list the types of users for a site, you need to do a lot of user research. However, after a brief analysis, we can find that Ada is actually a typical example of mainstream users, after refining the Ada can be found.


can see that Ada uses QQ travel to book tickets, which are divided into two main categories: tolerances and private trips, which demand different.



1. screening condition is clear. (such as clear location, clear round-trip time, comfortable price within reimbursement, etc.)

2. efficient completion of tasks. (due to frequent booking, avoid unnecessary information, accurate search, direct target),

3., however, pays more attention to price. (within the scope of reimbursement)

4. to change the information back. (tolerance formation often change, change the rules back loose requirements)

5. requires a travel schedule for reimbursement. (obvious itinerary options)

6. requires real-time feedback and reminders. (work is busy and easy to forget)

private line:

1. tends to choose the lowest price. (clearly marked the lowest possible price; even traveling at a low price);

2. information must be safe and reliable. (to prevent loss of property)

3. time can be changed by price. (providing low price information on the target time, period of time);

two, user requirements analysis (tools: MindManager)


Talking about the core value of blog marketing

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did you write a blog today? Classmates and friends often ask each other questions similar to each other. Indeed, Blog has become an important part of Internet life in the past few years, and blogs are becoming more and more powerful at the level of public opinion, media influence and celebrity effect. The major mainstream portal blog has gradually become the stage of people’s life expression, personality display and ideological collision. It has also become an exposure platform for celebrity life and career. This is the full embodiment of blogging as a media attribute.

in the enterprise end, blog without entertainment celebrity so hot, as content for the king of the blog, enterprise want to have a certain, not overnight can achieve. The enterprise also must sober understanding, the blog marketing value, can have the definite goal, the persistent does. Blog marketing for enterprise core value mainly has the following points:

1, great influence. The core goal of blog marketing is to compete for the right to speak, with corporate blog influence, expanding their audience, professional, authoritative blog by enterprises, and gradually establish a network interactive enterprise brand influence, ultimately affect the user’s buying orientation.

2, good search engine performance. Blog marketing itself is in the enterprise to submit a link information page and website of high quality to the search engine, continuous blog marketing must be able to bring web search ranking to improve, blog marketing and search engine seamless docking, complement each other.

3, word of mouth effect, lasting effect. Enterprise blog in a field of continuous in-depth study, and user interaction at multiple levels, will inevitably produce word of mouth effect, to help users build lasting attention and loyalty.

4, low marketing costs. Compared with the traditional media at one hundred thousand above the level of advertising spending, blog marketing is the cheapest way of promotion, as long as you have time and perseverance, the enterprise will continue to return, at the same time in the middle of the blog marketing online survey for the enterprise and save the market research expenditure.

5, beyond competitors. Victory belongs to the people in the morning Road, blog marketing is the same, enterprises as long as the early consciousness, early action, adhere to do network marketing, competitors are always behind us.

The value of

blog marketing lies in the foresight. When the enterprise insists and seriously does it for a long time, the help of blog marketing will appear constantly. It is the ladder of the long-term interests of enterprises.


Wilson Beijing neighbor Network Technology Co. Ltd. ( senior marketing consultant MSN such as neighbor network marketing expert network enterprise side (welcome to reprint, please keep the source and the author with the same.

Server hosting

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easy four trick to teach you select hosting server

first recruit: first managed, may wish to look at the ICP card

is the first time you want to rely on this server hosting business, dig out the life first bucket of gold, then never considered without a ICP license "small company", to lock a good qualification, large scale, great reputation, high credibility of the company, which is the basic principle, even spend thousands of dollars worth. In the future you will understand why.

second trick: try to cross unnecessary middlemen (intermediaries)

as far as possible across the middle taking unnecessary, less roundabout, it is not all to save money (of course, this is also one of the factors), because middleman, future instability may occur more difficult mutually making excuses. Try to find a hosting service that rents the cabinet directly from the computer room. A friend asked directly to the room is not the best managed best? I think it might be, but sometimes directly managed to the room, the price more expensive than through intermediaries, because the room is mainly for companies that hire cabinet, on the server hosting sporadic customers is not very seriously, the mandatory service business service is not necessarily catch good.

third: don’t study room, recommended to investigate the service

remember, not about service providers in the room to meet, because study room is the second, investigate the service is fundamental to service company to see the house big? Many people? Scale okay? Okay? History is not long? General service providers can’t wait to go about you see the deluxe room, deluxe room again, but remember, family room will not give you any responsibility, a problem you have to find a service provider.

do not select fixed telephone, fixed place website hosting, especially to ignore the PHS, leaving only easyown, QQ number, E-mail, this kind of personnel will evaporate at any time, don’t see their online phone and you can talk to the fiery, serious things when vague, so don don’t put the machine where they rested, otherwise the machine lost you can’t report.

fourth strokes: inspection room, focusing on its size, history,

although the investigation room is secondary, but it is also necessary to investigate, not only to listen to service providers boast of bandwidth, speed, good, depends on the size of the computer room, history. Now the Beijing engine room is bristly, from time to time there is a new computer room emerging, one is telecom level, others said, but the telecommunications level of the computer room, did not say that the telecom opened ah, do not misunderstand ah, ha ha. The service provider may give you the speed of testing websites in person, but the bandwidth is good and the speed is not always good. It’s a tongue twister, but it’s a common knowledge in the industry. A new room originally because the machine is less, so the speed must be fast, but this new room considering the initial start-up costs, often leading to smaller total exports of the Internet backbone, operating for a period of time, many customers.

Talking about the business of hunting and hunting orientation + core + + major

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The development of

throughout the Internet, with the development in recent years, the network recruitment is still blowing a fresh air, and it also needs a better air thrust to improve their success rate, thirst for talent for business development has become a major problem of the temporary unit, but for the low efficiency the current Internet recruitment, the employer may need a better platform to make their own higher success rate, while the headhunting network is to improve the success rate of such a network recruitment platform, and it exploded in the age of the Internet, bring to the employer is not only the economic benefit so simple, and this paper will analyze will be those secret behind the headhunting network successfully, the secret of success for you to decrypt it.

to engage in hunting online users, the website is not only for the employer to accurate information search, but also to search for employment with occupation personnel, for the two sides to determine a location of standard and non standard requirements, will carry out their own business to homesickness, let oneself more professional business website however, demand for precise positioning of the occupation to a great extent, let both sides fit higher degree, greatly enhance the success probability of network recruitment. Because there are many enterprises pay attention to the efficiency of information transmission is called, Liepin this view do practice, through improving the recruitment of mutual information, a trust platform for each architecture, eliminating doubt and create mutual trust because communication is not smooth.

, of course, be more careful classification in headhunting online users will, which is the core user group as headhunting network direct object, the core user site will be in the enterprise as the backbone for the enterprise change in people who have the right to speak, which is the core user group to improve the likelihood of success, through the headhunting network to find their desired counterpart, and these core users have the right to speak and screening rights will make the network recruitment success and adaptation to a new level to a great extent. This is what you said in the professional degree, hunting recruits have been able to complete the recruitment industry counter attack in a short period of time, there is a direct relationship and has always insisted on the professional headhunting, because do not do the low-end, senior positions only covered, but the company in the end through the cultivation of talents as the service object. Culture of this part of the crowd to complete the core users, closely integrated in the long process of both professional and user experience.

According to the

website is also very strong, headhunting network is for those in the network on demand larger position and demand for working people, and these people will be further refined into different ability of different occupation and different stages, this will be beneficial to the selection of enterprises, more conducive to enterprise for people the screening, but relatively speaking, for the enterprise, headhunting network will still be carefully screened, which is also the place for headhunting network, after detailed classification will be corporate information, those in need of the vocational work network will find their seats, the value of life and life opportunities, and the combination of these two on the site.

The dilemma and challenge of Internet Entrepreneurship

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for business, today went down earlier than usual, met with big box small box of distribution in the elevator. I was surprised at his earlier. Asked him how Dangdang had been doing recently, he told me, "well, what’s more, we’re all in charge of a small area, and we can’t deliver it.".

Ma Yun’s winter on less than six months, while Dangdang’s business is in full swing, it is really hot and cold two days,


in fact, the Alibaba and the hot recession reflects the Internet development characteristics: by collecting enterprises such as advertising fees, membership fees, fees and other ways to profit ranking of the Internet Co, because of the economic crisis led to the decline in corporate profits, reduce investment in marketing and have great influence. While users rely on Micro Payment ways to profit the Internet Co, is due to the increase of unemployment linger boring play games online and making friends, looking for the opportunity to bargain and other consumer shows Spring is in the air. prosperity.

we can sum up the two types of Internet charging: the terminal consumption model and the front-end charging mode. According to the concept of supply chain, who owns consumers is the main chain of supply chain. Undoubtedly, the front-end consumption model should be the main innovation direction of the current Internet entrepreneurs.


because of the economic crisis has created a lot of people around the Internet can be a long time, ordinarily, the most troubled Internet business "popularity" to solve the problem seems to be easier, the Internet seems to have a lot of opportunities of entrepreneurship.

in fact, the current difficulties and challenges facing the Internet business is more serious, and before the economic crisis, there are different characteristics.

1, the opportunity for rapid growth and prosperity is gone. The Internet industry, after 15 years of development, has been from the first piece of white paper on "letting a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend" into the establishment of a truly innovative model and a solid foundation for the operation of the times. PPG’s ups and downs are a good example.

2, venture capital tends to be calm and prudent. Before the economic crisis, the Internet economy to follow the trend China economic way listed return is amazing stride forward singing militant songs. But the economic crisis has made investment firms that have made a pile of money in the past two years been trapped, and in the short run, it is difficult to launch the project. Internet business is facing financing difficulties.

3, the Internet tends to mature, innovation patterns are decreasing. Before the economic crisis, copying foreign models casually was a great innovation. Such as Baidu, Google to put forward their own Gengdong Chinese let their stocks tumbling climb. If some of the popular models are still blindly follow the trend, then only a dead end. Because you are very difficult to shake the others based on pre crisis status.

4, exploration time decreases, cash flow pressure increases greatly. Before the economic crisis, you can also burn venture capital to explore profit models, and now if you can’t generate positive cash flow in the short term

Zhu Yong the future development trend of personal websites is to follow the brand operation road

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now, with the continuous improvement of search engine algorithm, it will become more and more difficult to do garbage flow making. The author thinks that the development of website will change from content resource type to service type. Because the content type information site in order to truly become bigger and stronger need to put a lot of effort to make the contents of construction, the content for the core competitiveness of the website to keep the original content and readability, only by a few people is not enough, we must let everyone participate into interaction can produce large numbers of valuable content, such as Ai Rui, A5 and other sites are because there are many industry experts and many participants come together to create content to attract people in the industry to this platform.

behind this kind of website success persistence, timing, contacts, execution and other factors are indispensable, especially in the early stage of a variety of resources are the absence of how fast the accumulation of popularity, the website around this time is one of the most difficult period of the site. Now due to lower construction cost and technical threshold, the employment situation is grim, the personal website of the competition is increasingly fierce, collaboration without a strong personal charm and extensive network of resources and the team want to talent shows itself in many sites is very difficult. In the end, it can only be reduced to a garbage collection based on collection, replication and pseudo original content, and it is difficult to make great progress.

therefore, Zhu Yong believes that providing professional services vertical web site is one of the trends in the future development of personal websites, that is, according to their own circumstances, in their own advantages in the field of content services provided. As the tour guide can be considered to be a tourist route advisory network, website planning to do a professional web site planning advisory network, can even be from the region or consulting direction subdivided, share the thinner over the visitor conversion rate is higher, it is due to the characteristics of small but refined, more of the most incisive advantages of each show the site to do the fine, this is some big website to do but not for the region, and for individual webmaster is an opportunity.

for profit, such as tourism line Advisory Network and some travel agencies and tour cooperation recommendations adopted by customers can be introduced to the customer so tour guides or travel agency, ultimately consumption can be to guide or travel agency commission. In fact, this type of website has been a lot of people doing, such as domain name on behalf of the record; SEO training, consulting, network promotion consultants and so on. The key is how to make use of the advantages of resources and connections, and explore the value of them. As long as the integrity, enthusiasm, and thoughtful service, will gradually form its own brand, so that the site onto a broader path of development.

After the

website will form the brand effect, through word-of-mouth way to get traffic, without having to search engine face life every day, of course, SEO and a variety of ways to promote or combined use, in order to make the site bigger and stronger.

this article is from the Libia Web Operations Club

Despite the business model, why is the news still difficult to succeed

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Most people in

for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, and when we put the idea back to the news industry to look at this issue, the answer may be similar, but the process of enlightenment is undoubtedly more precious.

raised the concept in today is no longer fresh, to raise public projects are becoming more and more diverse, the past few years abroad to raise public platform rise on the occasion, to raise the public news once the topic is the focus in this field and hot item. However, a short period of time, the news raised almost all domestic chips platform disappeared, in foreign countries are also facing the embarrassment of fewer people.

Most people in

for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, that there is no clear business model is the most important reason to raise public news quickly died, but when we look away from a commercial point of view, put aside all the predictable interest factors, only from the news and the media industry see the news all the chips, we can also get the similar conclusions, to raise the public news perhaps only as a concept eye-catching, it represents the people for the pursuit of citizen journalism in a certain extent, more is a reflection of the readers for the news of the value of their emotional sustenance, and indispensable it is not of this form, between concept and reality of the distance is far, the news in the form of vitality also confirms this problem in the side.

therefore, the congregation raised hot news and rise to fade and is not a business issue, more is the media industry’s own problems, if the judge might have deviated from its starting point starting from this point of business only.

did not win the editing line

All the chips

news appeared inspired from readers but the reporter, reporters for the truth of the incident attachment or other private purposes, are often tied to avoid the single-handed system to investigate the incident, and this behavior to a certain extent to some readers.

due to the current status quo of the media industry, has been in the news reports are more constrained, the reader demands for the truth behind the events often in the traditional media are not met, so when I stand out when reporters tend to be part of the support of the people. This is just the reporter impulse in some time, in the process of raising funds, the timeliness of news has disappeared, and the characteristics of network communication also determines a topic is difficult to calm and then set off the climax of the wave is larger than that of the. In this case, whether the journalist can persist in pursuing the truth or not, the reader can continue to pay attention to the topic, which are uncontrollable factors.

from another point of view, the news raised this form of reporters as an individual pushed to the table, and the production of news itself is a process of group cooperation. As we all know, the current news production process, reporters and editors duties are separated, the reporter is only responsible for interviews and writing, while the editor is responsible for reporters

Imperfect web analytics data Data idealization and visitor idealization

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1, technical idealization

Collect each kind of data

has its unique technical advantages, but no one can capture the perfect way to collect visitors all the action on the site, each kind of technology will be due to the limitations of the cause you see the data is not perfect data. To calculate the page stay time, for example, the following figure is the time history of an access: (the time in the icon is the time to enter the page)


usually calculates the retention time of the page as follows: the entry time of the current page is the difference between the entry time of the current page and the entry time of the next page. Thus in this example page retention are as follows:

pages A:5 minutes

pages B:1 minutes

pages C:4 minutes

page D:?

Why not stay

page D? Yes, no matter what kind of collection mode could capture page D accurate residence time, the reason is very simple, the data collection methods are unable to capture the visitors leave (or stay for a long time in the exit page no click, or closes the browser). Therefore, different tool manufacturers have different definitions of the time of stay on the exit page, and some are uniformly calculated for 1 minutes, some simply think it is 0 minutes.

currently has some of the following techniques or restrictions on data acquisition or obfuscation of existing data collection.

1. cache

does not mean caching physical chips such as CPU, but rather to save network resources, speed up Web browsing, build browser caching, or proxy caching. A simple understanding of these two caches is to store the content of your web pages (including pictures and cookie files) on a computer or proxy server. When you call a previously read page, you can directly transfer the contents of the cache without the need to retransmit data again from the web server.

below is the file record left in the local cache folder after accessing a web site:


because when a visitor accesses a web site through a local cache, it does not send a request to the web server, and naturally there is no Log record of the access. That is to say, the data collected through the Web log will definitely lose this part of the traffic.

2. crawler

if you want to clarify the principle and algorithm of the search engine crawlers will open a single section are not enough, and it is not the subject of this book, so will not repeat them here.

first gives a search engine crawler record in web server Log: >

How to do a good job of site positioning

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today’s website can be described as grass, a large number. And quality is a hierarchy of bad, and even some fraudulent sites. Presumably, someone is a network of fraud, the feeling of hate. Growing up steadily from small to large, the site is a leader in the industry. In other words, it’s a weathervane. Why do they become "leaders" and they are silent and silent?. Even in a struggle, it’s a bit close to bankruptcy. Such a phenomenon, one of the factors: site positioning, there is a direct correlation.

The rise of

e-commerce has had a great impact on traditional sales methods. But it is also a minority, can set off the seas. The early days of a website are often aware of being able to make money on it. Put profit in the development of the front, multi-element infiltration, it must be difficult. And the probability of success is also low. Therefore, from the beginning of the construction site, to the operation of the site, you need to have a clear positioning.

positioning factor 1: what types of websites do you want?. Common websites are commodity, consulting, news and so on. To the website planning, in the end is to do what kind?. In this way, large directional indicators are determined. In the construction of the website, we need the corresponding factors. This test point is, search spiders, see if it can be successfully included in the database. Later on, that is, the frequency of site snapshot updates, new content can be faster grab,


positioning factor two: Web service object segmentation. Perhaps some managers will have a certain sense of confusion, users need what positioning ah?. Without these factors, there will be many late impact factors. Clearly user positioning can narrow the range. As a result, the service object is better accurate, can be investigated in detail from the market, scientific data collation. In this way, you can know what the service user needs. Take this time, it is very worthwhile. Now, both from search, or users, this requires a high degree of. Need to be real and effective, which can only play noisy, influence.

positioning factor three: website profit way. The purpose of doing a website is often a certain advantage. This, the commodity website is more obvious. As for the consulting website, it is often achieved a certain brand publicity. Most of them are still profitable. In other words, how to realize the flow?. This is the final process and the most important one. To do rationalization guidance, so that customer satisfaction. That’s not profitable,


sums up: "everything needs to be fixed.". From the point of view of growth, different plants can grow vigorously in a certain environment. The same is true of websites. They can not be given the same position. They are in a mess. They can not grow. They can only disappear in a large number of websites. Therefore, the positioning of the website is the key,


(source: >

Dry sharing network entrepreneurs explore the efficiency of individual owners to make money

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with "want to live on the web free occupation" more and more, individual network business has become a hot topic and one of the premise, want to start is to have its own survival ability, the survival, is actually on the network can earn the cost of living.

on the network to make money a lot of ways, Xiaoqiang is not one by one example, I just say I’m good at making money online one of the ways, personal adsense.

One of

‘s business is strong, do webmaster foundation class teaching, simply put, is recorded in the tutorial, sell tutorial, get data, personal webmaster more and more, more and more personal webmaster want to survive in the gold rush on the Internet, so personal webmaster how to make money?

personal webmaster want to make money, we need to know what they will understand, what, what, to do good work for the first, on this basis, and then try to maximize the possible, sometimes, even if we don’t understand what the novice webmaster, if master some skills and ideas, can make a lot of money, although rarely, said about to below some knowledge in the Internet to make money. Attentively read + practice, as long as there are some basic, I believe you can mix food to eat.

PS: the end of the article will give you a project operation methods, adhere to the operation, living expenses, no problem.

Basics: location, tools, and principles

self localization

Are you ready to

how to make money? If Xiaoqiang said, Jack Bauer (have been used to make money selling tutorial sold about 200 sets), Taobao (and other passengers also used to make money, such as high-end SEO service), said we should have accurate positioning, and be aware of their own ability, so as not to chew more however, chew.


tools have

with the positioning, we have to have the necessary tools, remember, always with the diamond, you can take the porcelain work, "tools" is the fundamental money making network.

what is a tool?


simple can be summarized as "money + money tool tool", of course, according to the specific, we choose the way to make money, such as Taobao, Jack off, is to do with the +SEO/ keyword website architecture, so we need a tool to make money, the website of +SEO itself, and the money is the natural tool, Alipay each month, Ali mother (guest Taobao official) will check to alipay.

The logic principle of

project itself

How can

earn the money for this project? How does this project work? Are there any chances to take shortcuts? Can you make it by yourself? Don’t get it. What about making money?

, such as Xiaoqiang selling tutorials, how can you make money? Customer base is an individual novice webmaster, recorded >