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What are the new trends in the home textile industry how to grasp the opportunity of the monkey

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is now investing in every industry, the majority of the investment managers who need to know about the future development of a trend in recent years in the industry, we are now in the textile industry as an example, today Xiaobian take you to understand, I hope all of you to help.

2015 introduced a two-child policy, causing many franchisees to children’s home textile bedding ready to, many children are popular in the market, many brands have a series of children’s home textiles, but specially set up a sub brand for children’s home textiles but not much known as Luo Lai Jie baby and children. Although the textile industry environment is not optimistic about everyone, but many textile brands still maintain a uniform rising trend, although many children adhere to the high-end brand textile line, but the feedback from the market and consumers’ purchasing power, Chinese baby market still has great potential.

In fact, some


How to select excellent employees in the restaurant

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opened a restaurant, there are a lot of preparation to do, choose a good location, find a good decoration scheme, have to recruit outstanding employees. In this article, the small series focuses on the recruitment and selection of staff, teach you how to find excellent employees. Here are the details:

1 to select senior staff

be familiar with the environment, familiar with the guests, familiar with the operation procedures, master the target customer positioning, for regular customers, regulars, consumer, leadership and surrounding competition; status should be very clear and understanding. Only meet these conditions can be better in line with the needs of the post, but also better for the customer service.

2 information and marketing

must have the amount of information collected, and to learn marketing skills, here is not only the problem of marketing services, including marketing, so that consumers purchase themselves don’t need more food, this is not to sell, but can be better made to consumers, to guide consumption.

3 personalized service

service is the most important in the catering industry, but also are basically the same, only make a difference in the service, launched personalized service to make consumers more satisfied, to store more favorable impression, so the personalized service of an employee is very important, but this is not to say that the other kind of offbeat tend to scare consumers.

do catering business, talent is very important, excellent employees can not only make the customer satisfaction, but also to enhance the store image. Therefore, to recruit excellent staff. In addition, the consumer has been tracking service is also very critical, which is also an effective way to increase repeat customers, and even bring more surprises to customers.

The model made new achievements in business dishes guy wit Kuangzhuan 10000

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is not easy to find a job, entrepreneurship is difficult, many people want to own shop when the boss but it is difficult to find a good project, in fact, a good business opportunity in the US, as long as good at that, you can also find a good opportunity to build up the family fortunes.

The dishes made of


zhangyifan check a lot of information. It is said that as early as a few years ago, the Japanese hotel has this kind of sample, is called the model. Then, he put the idea to consult a number of hotel owners, most people say you can try. Zhang Yifan spent 800 yuan, from the Japanese Yamamoto simulation food processing plant, a "Braised Perch" dish mode.

zhangyifan with dish mode meters to Qiingdao University College of engineering, Professor Liu Yongming expert advice to die. Professor Liu told him the mold production process: the first fish with fixed frame, pour in the fish on the silica gel. When the silica gel is solidified, a small hole is drilled on the top, and then the resin is poured into the hole.

what project is the most profitable? Resin after cooling, separated from the silicon mold outside, left in the resin model became dish molding. Remove the edges of coarse grain, with a knife to carve out the food unique potholes and spots, finally, paint and dye color, so the dish mode can be deceptive.

2008, Zhang Yifan after his resignation, borrowed 30 thousand yuan of money, to buy materials and equipment, to start a food mould. Green pepper pork earn ten thousand yuan

zhangyifan spent a week, finally made a few. When he took the dish to the hotel marketing mode, the boss said: "not at all, I don’t give away?" Zhang Yifan had to go to ask Professor liu. Professor Liu told him to die to do dishes, carving, carved and colouring technology. After 3 months of hard work, Zhang Yifan made dozens of dishes, "Sauteed Shredded Pork with Green Pepper", "chicken" and "Goulash" and so on, the price for each 500 yuan.

Open dry cleaners must pay attention to the four matters needing attention

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people are now more and more accepting of the service industry, people used to prefer to wash clothes at home, and now often choose not to wash the clothes do not bother to send dry cleaners chain. This brings to the development of the dry cleaning industry business opportunities.

now in the era of fast food, dry cleaning industry development is downwind sailing! Many people join the dry cleaners investment success entrepreneurial choice! Several matters needing attention when the dry cleaning shop.

note, first understand the local market

note two, the best community store

note three, to have a professional

also as owner, also need to learn more knowledge of the industry. Now more and more new fabrics, with varied styles emerge in an endless stream, and similar fabrics combining the different fabric blend, more different fabrics and different color combinations of changes, only by constantly learning, in order to open the laundry.

note four, dare to bear the responsibility of

Support overseas students to Tianjin innovation and Entrepreneurship

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is where people will be popular, Tianjin to promote innovation and entrepreneurship to welcome more overseas students to start their own business, but also for these people to wear a variety of people brought a lot of benefits.

in the Park registered students studying business, employment special funds to provide housing subsidies, subsidies to 1 yuan per square meter per day, the subsidy period is generally 2 years. To Tianjin to carry out innovative overseas talent, support for the study of foreign students to participate in scientific research projects funded by merit, given 20 thousand to 200 thousand yuan of funding.

combination of entrepreneurial talent strength and policy advantages, success is easy, Chinese’s business environment is getting better and better, overseas students can be completely self willed to return home.


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Shanxi will build a number of entrepreneurial cities to achieve more employment

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this is an era of innovation and industrial restructuring, Shanxi as a large province of traditional resources, is also actively looking for the transformation of the road. Shanxi trying to develop innovative projects in the new era of the new situation, the environment to achieve the goal of pollution, and continue to support local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

“early start, we are one of only 3 personal computer 2 studio, due to the shortage of funds and personnel, as well as to the local electricity supplier industry understanding is not deep enough, a lot of difficulties in the early stage. When we are faced with the plight of survival and development, the Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the provincial Employment Bureau has given us strong support and guidance, so that we get rid of the dilemma.” Wang Wang, general manager of Shanxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jiening told reporters.

2012, in the provincial government under the arrangements, I selected 30 development environment is good, the employment policy system more perfect, the public employment service system more perfect cities and counties to carry out the creation of entrepreneurial city activities. The activities carried out in three years, the creation of cities and counties to strengthen organizational leadership, improve policies to support entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial services, optimize business environment, business activity index increased significantly, the initial formation of the government to encourage the whole society to care and help support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, workers brave good pattern of self entrepreneurship.


policy support,

A group of venture



DAMBOLO shoes to join a good market choice

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actually, the choice of women’s shoes to join the market, is a very wise choice. Women’s shoes to join, for entrepreneurs, the cost is small but large profit margins. DAMBOLO what about women’s shoes? Good quality projects, successful venture worthy of trust!


said thick shoes ugly people, must have seen their own thick shoes to wear the ugly look, but certainly did not see those female stars wear thick shoes, beautiful and confident and the appearance of gas. Among the many female stars, the number of Fan Bingbing like to wear thick soled shoes, it can be said that all the year round in the wear, there is a pattern, pure color, anyway, thick soled shoes style has come a. Of course, in addition to Fan Bingbing, as well as Angelababy, Zhao Liying and Zhao Wei, they are not to be ignored, but also very deep love shoes. Always like to wear a pair of thick shoes, show a strong gas field.



in addition to the stars are wearing, the annual fashion week T Taiwan have thick soles of the shoes, the designer is also deeply love the thick soled shoes. Have to say, the shoes are still pick people to wear, no contrast, do not know the original thick shoes can wear so well.


as early as in the 70s of last century, thick soled shoes began to fire up in Europe and the United states. It can not only explain the lively and playful style, but also to support the sexy wind, variety style is so annoying. You are ugly, ugly shoes, because you probably do not know what is the difference between the shoes and the shoes, shoes today let DAMBOLO tell you loudly.


anyway, remember, thick soled shoes and platform shoes are different. Thick soled shoe soles are generally not so exaggerated heavy platform shoes, at about 7CM, suitable for daily walk. Remember, the wrong way to make a thick bottom shoe is the main reason for it.


wear thick shoes ugly? That’s why you didn’t choose a pair of shoes. Next, DAMBOLO shoes that you have the best of these cheats get up, you will never say thick shoes ugly.


The first step for

to make a thick soled shoe look good is to choose the right style. To choose the shoes Square, tip design, thick soled shoes so exquisite radian can make big toe become more slender and elegant, but also modified the foot, perfect. Vamp with solid colors is better, it can let you casually collocation your clothes; the best is the sole wedge slope, there are color design, this design makes it the line more good-looking, not clumsy, also very fashionable personality; at the height of the best exposed ankle, so wearing them to look good, there is a sense of hierarchy.



saw thick soled shoes look fashionable, next is the collocation, the DAMBOLO women’s strengths, absolutely let you beauty earthshaking. >

Xiamen innovation and strong emphasis on international market

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the pace of economic globalization continues to accelerate, a high-quality enterprise only to meet the domestic market is not enough, but also to overseas development. Xiamen for the phenomenon of economic globalization, for the development of the enterprise requirements, innovation and strong, both in line with the international market, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Standing Committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Huang Qiang led the research area of industrial enterprises, has come to the long bus, amoytop, ed Sadegh, biological biological enterprise, the field to understand the situation of production and operation, the scene to coordinate the resolution of difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises, encourage enterprises to accelerate the capital expansion to achieve large-scale production.

in the enterprise and exchange forum, Huang Qiang pointed out that to further optimize the layout of regional and business enterprises, to mergers and acquisitions or capital expansion etc., to expand the scale of production; to innovate and create a strong embrace of the market, both capital and capital, integration of international markets, has taken the pace of development more quickly, the formation and development of larger scale the better economic benefit.

Huang Qiang said, the district government and enterprises will always be the same resonance frequency, must take effective measures to help enterprises solve difficulties and problems encountered in the production and management, for enterprises to achieve sustainable long-term development to create a more favorable external environment.

in the process of economic development, enterprises must be timely to keep pace with the times, to stand in the market environment, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, in order to become bigger and stronger. In an innovative society, it is very necessary for enterprises to start their own businesses, improve their competitiveness, and move towards the international market.

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Pet market is a huge market for investors to boil

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pet is a good companion of man, in the background of the twenty-one world living standards gradually improve, more and more people begin to love and raise a pet, the pet market investors should see how huge, pet business is a good way for entrepreneurs!


advantage: with the continuous improvement of living standards, and the family scale, pets have become more and more a part of people’s daily life, China pet consumption has formed the scale. Experts believe that the first step (, according to the law, a country’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) between 3000-8000 U.S. dollars, the pet industry will be rapid development.

disadvantages: this small scale family pet with seed, because the location, size, number, breeding cycle and other factors, the investment return is not too high.


How much money does it take to join the left right fried chicken burger

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to say fast food is the most convenient and most can solve the problem of hunger is still the most Western fast-food hamburger, Chinese into the original fast food items, now the consumer demand is still bujiandangnian. In fact, the original hamburger is minced beef and noodles, made of meat pie, so called beef pie. In 1850, German immigrants hamburger hamburger cooking skills to the United states. In 1932, some people will be the fried beef cake sprinkled with food as staple food or snacks Dinner Roll with sesame in later retrofit, gradually merging with the sandwich, beef pie caught in a split into two small bread, called for a hamburger, hamburger bread.

how much does it cost to join the left right fried chicken burger?

A selection of

now this burger is also a lot of people, left and right fried chicken burger strong rise in this market, has become a popular brand, then the left and right chicken burger joined how much is


specific join fee is as follows:

standard store

store area of 120 square meters of mobile capital of $100 thousand to join the cost of 10 thousand yuan total investment cost of 370 thousand yuan

image store

store area of 80 square meters of mobile capital of $70 thousand to join the cost of 8000 yuan total investment cost of 240 thousand yuan


store area of 60 square meters of mobile capital of $50 thousand to join the cost of a total investment of 5000 yuan, 170 thousand yuan

compared with other brands, this is a relatively low cost, if you echocardiography, it quickly action!