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How to stand out in the competitive market

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entrepreneurial boom rise, no matter whether there is a large amount of money to join the army to venture, so the competition is unusually fierce. So how can we obtain the success of the enterprise in the fierce environment?

A, rational business

especially the first venture, must be rational thinking, find out the following problems: one is the business model, must find a profit point, there must be a clear source of profits; two is to do the worst case of the operating budget, rather than to the ideal data to make predictions, to prevent investment budget small, market forecast, cost estimation and low misalignment phenomenon, too idealistic will inevitably lead to higher expected benefits, problems will be taken by surprise; the three is the ability to integrate resources, first venture to integrate all the available power ", to create a complementary community of interests.

to effectively reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, the enterprise operation is four multiplier; all kinds of resources "chain" can not be broken, the resources here refers to the raw materials, products, talents, capital, channels and other elements, in order to do this an enterprise must reduce dependence on certain resources, or have to mobilize, the ability to contain resources.

to the venture capital source, target customers, partners (need complementary), start-up and operation mode have a very clear understanding, from pay attention to important points, start small, attention to detail, rational entrepreneurship.

as the current join and agents is a fast way of business, but the risk is also accompanied by many, in the decision to join, must pay attention to the details, through the use of the Internet, related to the enterprise stakeholders consultation to deepen the understanding of enterprise, even if there is a kind of joining the board shop, nor by the appearance of confused, improve the legal awareness of self-protection; the best lawyer first confirmed, and learn to apply additional provisions to protect themselves; to choose the most suitable mode.

If you want to join the

There are five ways to help you succeed in food and beverage

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no matter what business we do, in which industry, we must understand the basic elements of the industry, the basic law and the basic situation. Food and beverage industry has summed up the food and beverage industry five proverbs. Namely: the quality of health services, innovation is a treasure, store location is very important, the size of the mystery, scientific management.

without characteristic innovation

The size of a


without scientific management

fullyequipped small sparrow. Although there are not many employees in a restaurant, there are a lot of management. We often see such a restaurant: a large number of waiters, seems to have been busy, but the customer is always asking for a waiter, the service is very slow, which is why? This is clearly the process design of the restaurant

The tutor mode makes the entrepreneurial experience from generation to generation

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10 years ago, entrepreneurship or personal struggle to choose, and now the business has become a feast for all the people. China’s entrepreneurial boom is booming, and now the new customers can enjoy a richer business support than in the past.

"double" team, youth hit off groups can not be ignored. Some of them came from college, earned the first pot of gold to help students, but also some from rural areas, take the electricity supplier by express dare to spell the spirit of play a new world. There is a "two generation", who have a generation of grassroots spirit, bold and innovative ideas into, in the pursuit of "double" on the road to lead the way……

this one, all cannot do without the support of the Communist Youth league. As a bridge between the party and the youth, helping young entrepreneurs is one of the important tasks of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth league. The mentor, the public record space, business competition, business support, training and evaluation of initiatives to help the youth in the "double" on the road to encourage. Today, times will launch a series of reports on "double", all show strong initiatives, new achievements in helping my youth youth entrepreneurship innovation.

"Xiasha network

" was born in the school computer room

How to choose a dry cleaners

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with the people’s living conditions improve, people’s consumption capacity is also undergoing great changes, the demand for the dry cleaning industry is greater, the dry cleaners in the market nowadays is a hot demand, for many people, for convenience, will put his dirty clothes to the cleaners. To wash. Many entrepreneurs see this market, would like to open a dry cleaners, want to bring good development. Here to give you an introduction, how to open a dry cleaning shop location.

if investors operating small dry cleaning shop in common, can open a dry cleaning shop in the area near the. Because of the low rent near the dry cleaners, dry cleaners low investment risk. With the improvement of people’s life, people’s life pressure, work tired, after work rather than go away to find dry cleaners, and in the area near the cleaners have obvious advantages, time saving, convenient residential consumption.

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Small investment projects recommended

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in recent years, with the breeding project hot, more and more people saw this huge market to get rich, but most of the breeding project investment are relatively large, so many people are not able to participate in. Here, Xiao Bian will bring you a few small investment projects for you to bring new business opportunities!

beef cattle breeding

with the vast number of consumers of the material and cultural needs growing, breeding market growing, more small as we have identified a few little investment, the effect is very good, I hope.

How to locate the small ice cream shop how to profit

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we know that as soon as the summer ice cream industry has become the hottest industry, which naturally attracted the attention of more and more investors  . For an entrepreneur, the successful opening of an ice cream shop, location is crucial, and even the success or failure of entrepreneurship. The following Xiaobian for everyone to carry out a detailed analysis.

General for open ice cream shops are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places.

according to location: Commercial Street, shopping malls for the opening price in 25 yuan -50 yuan between the ice cream shop;

and the ice cream product price 8-18 yuan, as can be imagined, it should be the best location of the popularity of the mall, commercial street.

divided by external factors: the best store door adjacent to the road, the peak flow of 100 people per hour, the traffic flow of 200 vehicles per hour is the best. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

According to the


Ji’nan Lixia District to participate in the 2015 tour business venture Master invitation

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want to succeed in business, in addition to their own strength, but also need a good environment for development. Ji’nan Lixia District by inviting entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurial experience and other measures to encourage entrepreneurial students fighting spirit and enthusiasm to create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere.

According to the

genuine sharing encourages entrepreneurial spirit

11 13, Lixia District People Club Bureau in Lixia District, Shandong University of Finance and economics university students entrepreneurship Park held in the district under the forum of entrepreneurship 2015. Shandong University, Shandong University of Finance and economics, Shandong Normal University, Shandong Jianzhu University, Lixia District, the streets of the pioneering work of the person in charge, Lixia District outstanding entrepreneurs, investors, Lixia District, shanghaicaida business park in Lixia District, entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial team representatives participate in the forum activities.

forum site, Jincheng Tongda law firm senior partner Zhang Lei, Qilu equity trading center assistant president Jiang Wei respectively from the "entrepreneurial companies how to share", "capital market" to boost innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurial financial management guidelines; general manager of gold car service founder Ma Hongbo, Shandong village travel network founder Li Huabin and Beijing write a flick of Consulting Ltd. Wang Zhiyong as a new generation of successful start-up pioneer and the audience shared the hardships and harvest their business on the road, and the scene to raise questions of entrepreneurs in the face of business confusion proposed site answer, solve their initial problems, to help companies improve innovation business model.

directions to provide funds to support

Students willing to go small carpenter extraordinary entrepreneurial road

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students now face greater employment pressure to a lot of people will choose to go into business at the time of graduation, one of the most of college students entrepreneurs succeed, let’s look at the students become small carpenter entrepreneurial experience.

see father in rural carpenter’s, he was determined not to follow in his footsteps. After graduating from college, he went out to war, swept the public toilet, to the restaurant to wash the bowl. Dramatically, he ended up working as a carpenter.

occasionally found in the furniture industry has tremendous opportunities. He decided to return home business, dedication, step by step to realize their dreams and glory, for three years, he was only 25 years old, the net worth of more than 4 thousand yuan. His name is Chen Zhihong.

removed employment when starting a small carpenter

in Ya Tan Zhen college business park, only 25 years old, Chen Zhihong is said to reporters said: "the most important is I have a heart not admit defeat."

2007 in July, just graduated from the University of Chen Zhihong alone Nanjing.

in hard work at the same time, he told the design of furniture production and business processes are full of interest, whether it is a worker, or department manager, he would love to ask, and they love to discuss the development of furniture industry. In 2008, he decided to return to his hometown.

to the beginning of Chen Zhihong to do a "Ya Tan Zhen Xi Mei Furniture Factory, founded in March 2009 formally registered" Wangjiang County Hei Mei Furniture Co. Ltd., and the company moved into the park in the local college students’ entrepreneurship.

2009 years in December, many people in the eyes of the puzzled, spent more than 4 yuan, invited Tsinghua University Professor, China’s top ten furniture planner Zhang Yilai company lectures and planning guidance. Professor Zhang Yi came to the company, jokingly said: you are my company in recent years, the history of lectures, the smallest company."

How to do a good job in tea shop location

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open tea shop, generally choose what lot more money? Many investment businesses are eager to learn more about this issue. Today Xiaobian on a few suggestions, hoping to help investors find the right address. If you want to learn more about the location of the skills and then look at.

A, reasonable location: business the most attention is the geogas popularity, this is not superstition, gas mainly at the place where there is no commercial atmosphere, the commercial atmosphere of our merchandise are not appropriate, the popularity of our business mainly refers to the place where there is no customer flow whether there is psychological motivation to buy our goods these customers.

tea as a kind of special commodity, in addition to drinking health care function. It also reflects its cultural and artistic value, it can make the person heart, yaking and natural tea shops should be selected according to the characteristics of tea, summed up the general has the following sections:

1, the bustling commercial center of the area: commercial atmosphere thick, traffic, shopping complex, high purchase frequency, most consumers have strong quality, good and beauty, but the price or the cost of rent is relatively high, competition is particularly fierce, so enter the before after careful consideration, analysis of their own human, financial and material resources have, if there are conditions, to enter the commercial center of what is right, to seize the commanding heights! But do not have the strength, do not act rashly, these places require high grade tea, should pay attention to the brand, to enrich the varieties of tea, and tea related to supporting tea, tea books, such as red porcelain, porcelain, tea glass etc..


2, hotel group: hotel business is the place of residence, most of them do not take tea, purchase at any time, and, in order to zouqingfangyou, take a little tea, is elegant and impressive, the hotel will have tea, tea is off to Chinese the traditional etiquette. The hotel group opened near the shops, is more worth it, the rent should not be too high, but also can rent a hotel business hall, can improve the style and combined with tea.

3, the local population: road traffic flow is big, is mainly to attract customers, so these places focus on the external attraction to tea varieties, novel, price concessions, for some number of older, larger customers into intangible assets, just getting started merchants should not blindly open shops.

4, residential area: tea is a necessity for the consumer, the general risk of smaller residential areas, but at the same time according to different levels of residents are not the same style of tea shops.

a, the old liberated areas: these neighborhoods with a rustic Chinese characteristics, industrious and simple virtue, tea can not be too high, tend to low, low to the pursuit of profit, the salesperson should be flexible, pay attention to popularity, the quality of tea must be stable, better reputation.

b, New District: this kind of consumption is more advanced, and material recommend

Just graduated from college after 90 do not write a general chapter

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There are a lot of grass root

counter attack story, there are a lot of business market, the newly graduated after 90 boys now began to live a rich life, by air travel, access to the Michelin restaurant, let peers envy.

can you imagine a year to earn millions of dollars of entrepreneurs, the company has hundreds of employees, and this year he is only 23 years old


see here you must really want to say, comparisons are odious! Sure either by dad or grandfather by the rich two generations three rich generation chant, and he dare to boast without shame on CCTV! In any case, today we will welcome the eight hundred and eighteen 90.



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