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Provincial Traffic Police Corps released new year’s day traffic safety tips

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In order to strengthen the management of road traffic safety during Christmas, new year’s Day festival, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps combined with the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued a notice, in light of the actual situation in our province, the release of traffic safety tips. Here, the provincial traffic police department to remind the public if the traffic violations in a timely manner to report to the public security traffic control department to jointly safeguard the normal traffic order during the festival.

to prevent drunk driving, speeding traffic violation risk

The human resources development, make efforts spectrum new general secretary Xi Jinping important sp

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Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China in celebration of the 95 anniversary of the founding of the CPC Central Committee in an important speech repeatedly stressed that do not forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move into a large number of cadres and the masses of the hot topic of discussion. Two days, from the Qilian foothills to the source of Sanjiang, from Lake Qinghai to the Huangshui River valley…… The Province cadres and the masses to seriously study the important speech, have said that the speech reviews the history of modern China and China Communist Party 95 years of struggle, the valuable experience, expounded the important connotation of the road, China characteristic socialism theory system, system construction, provides a basic follow, pointing out the correct direction for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Must seriously study the speech as the current top political task, thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, the strength of the comprehensive well-off society, do not forget to early heart, continue to move forward, and strive to make efforts, Qinghai to build a more harmonious beauty of the socialist China characteristics of Qinghai and write a good chapter.

"do not forget to early heart, continue to believe that the party’s roots in the people, the power of the party in the people, insist on doing everything for the people, by the people, give full play to the masses enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, to put forward the cause for the benefit of the people."

General Secretary important speech so that the cadres and the masses of the province was encouraged. In learning an important speech, Dulan County Police old Tibetan people Xinhua Street Community Chahanwusu town 70 years before and while memories of the great changes under the leadership of the Communist Party of life, while the education of their children should cherish national unity and happiness of life, he said: "I am an old Party member of the Communist Party, in China under the leadership of live in a spacious house, open on the car, the past is really dare not to think, thanks to the Communist Party, also sincerely wish our country more and more thriving and prosperous." Longhua Hui Autonomous County town of four Zaba haning village Party branch secretary Ma Yingkui said: "the village from poverty to prosperity, has undergone tremendous changes, I believe in the" eight group "precise poverty alleviation policy support, we will be more affluent life of the villagers."

"do not forget to early heart, continue to move forward, to keep our party from the inception of the struggle for communism, socialism as its creed, the common ideal of the firm lofty ideal of communism and socialism China, constantly put great practice for the lofty ideals of the forward."

Director of development and Reform Bureau

Maqing County Wang Zhigang said: "learning the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech, pointed out the direction for future work, we provide the impetus. In the "13th Five-Year" plan for the start of the year, in the future I will work with the advanced model as an example, to the party’s absolute sincerity and loyalty into their own practice." Zeku county he Mao Xiang in the process of organizational learning, the cadres first said: "long as a party member, can contribute to the development of the home, is my dream, the essence of learning important speech, is to remember the purpose of the party, don’t forget the heart, for the future, to the poverty of the high road."

"do not forget the early heart, following;

Remember the history of the party to keep advanced firm belief, faith, confidence, firm Sanxin theme

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City Forestry Bureau deputy party history department professor Zhang Yong invited municipal Party Party made "firm belief, faith and confidence in" clean government education lectures, a member of the party committees, Municipal Bureau of Forestry Bureau and subordinate units Fu Keji leading cadres above more than 70 people listened to the lecture

City Forestry Bureau, associate professor of history building department of the Party committee Zhang Yong invited municipal Party made a firm belief, faith and confidence in "clean government education lectures, a member of the party committees, Municipal Bureau of Forestry Bureau and subordinate units Fu Keji leading cadres above more than 70 people listened to the lecture.

, on the Marx doctrine and the Marx doctrine in the construction of innovative development of three parts Chinese people accepted the Marx doctrine, in the predicament of revolution, reveals the severe test China the leadership of the Communist Party and the people of all ethnic groups after the revolutionary war, the great practice of building the hardships of the road to explore the reform and opening up the great social economic development achievements. Lectures easy to understand, the use of vivid examples and objective data, expounds the considerable progress achieved in our province, sharing the city economy, cultural, ecological and other aspects of people’s livelihood, under the leadership of the party and the people’s social development achievements, so that party members and cadres feel more Chinese was the Communist Party, maintain the advanced and innovative the purpose of the party faithful practice.

held firm "lectures on faith, confidence, to further enhance the party members and cadres of the global history, national provincial and city understanding and enhance the ideal education and the purpose of education of Party members and cadres, Party members and cadres will effectively stimulate entrepreneurship and internal power of urban and rural virescence development in our city’s confidence.






this issue: Deputy mayor of the municipal government.

: the provincial construction department, the provincial forestry department, municipal office, municipal office information department, inspection department, the office of the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government office, the municipal government office information supervision department, municipal CPPCC office, City Commission for Discipline Inspection Office, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal Organization Department, municipal a good activities leading group office (5), the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Department of the city, a city office, city year office, municipal Party committee, the Bureau of subordinate units, the center of the offices, the leadership of archive.



The province will implement special education promotion programs from four different stages

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days ago, the provincial education department, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly formulated "special education in Qinghai province to promote the implementation of the program", will implement the plan to improve special education from pre-school education, compulsory education, high school education and higher education in four different stages, and strive to 2016, the province’s basic compulsory education of handicapped children, visual acuity and hearing, mental handicapped children compulsory education enrollment rate reached 90%.

it is reported that as of the end of 2013, the province has 12 special education schools, 654 schools in the compulsory education stage for students with disabilities attending classes and 2 primary school attached to the school, to alleviate basically disabled students, especially the stage of compulsory education for disabled children to school difficult problem.

according to the "special education in Qinghai province to promote the implementation of the program", our province will actively develop preschool children with disabilities, major projects will be included in the development of preschool education for preschool education for children with disabilities, children with disabilities to improve pre-school gross enrollment rate; expand the disabled children’s compulsory education scale, to fit into the ordinary school for disabled children, arranged nearby to the ordinary schools with the class, for severely disabled children, arrange to attend special schools, to provide door-to-door service for the school can teach children and adolescents with severe disabilities; development of high school education for the disabled in the occupation education, high school and secondary occupation school will actively recruit students with disabilities attending classes, improve the proportion of disabled people to receive high school education; accelerate the development of higher education for the disabled people and society Training, efforts to expand the scale of enrollment, colleges and universities must recruit qualified candidates in line with the admission criteria, not because of their disabilities and refused to recruit.

our province will also be a new, expansion and expansion of a number of special education schools, the construction of classes with special education resources in schools and accessibility facilities, such as special education escort.


Xining City Public Security Bureau successfully completed the Corban security work tasks

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In order to do security work, "Corban" to the Muslim compatriots to build a harmonious auspicious festive atmosphere, in November 11th the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau issued "on the strengthening of the city" Corban "during the anti-terrorism and security work notice", and organized a special meeting convened on the "Corban" security work done arrangements and with the deployment, asked all units should attach great importance to carefully organize, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong

in order to do security work, "Corban" to the Muslim compatriots to build a harmonious auspicious festive atmosphere, in November 11th the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau issued "on the strengthening of the city" Corban "during the anti-terrorism and security work notice", and held a special meeting on the "Corban" security work done arrangements and with the deployment, asked all units should attach great importance to carefully organize, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. Each unit according to the requirements of the notice, the jurisdiction and duties in accordance with the division of tasks, attention, meticulous organization, global dispatched more than 900 police officers, security and orderly completion of the nearly 160 thousand Muslim compatriots Corban Festival worship activities.

11 16 day at 7:30 pm, municipal public security bureau deputy director Huang Shujiang led the country to visit the site, Paul, Jing Wenbao, Jizhen, special police, traffic police, public security, counter-terrorism, ICT and the East Branch of leadership, the activities in the field of security work carried out to check again in the traffic police department deployment; convenient for people to travel at the same time, to strengthen the the main road east area command to ease the work, to ensure the smooth roads; the Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the premise of East West, North Branch in street patrol control efforts, refine the security program to do the tasks and responsibilities to the people, to ensure that the activities carried out smoothly; participate in the security work of the police on duty, duty conscientious, cooperate with each other, without complaint, stick to their posts. During the whole event there is no mass incidents, to ensure the safety of the people involved in the activities of the people and property, there is no danger of endangering the safety of traffic accidents, public security and public security incidents.




Xining City, a city of this year and strive to national evaluation and ranking forward

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reporter from Xining city in May 23rd held a press briefing learned that this year in the national annual evaluation of the last three months, Xining City, a city will control the evaluation standard for the gap; highlighting the key and difficult, pay close attention to the weak link, and strive to achieve the national evaluation and ranking more forward.

this year is the fourth batch of national civilized city to create a key year of selection, but also the implementation of the Xining city to create a crucial year for the five year plan. It is reported that in the next three months, Xining will further strengthen the propaganda and mobilization, broaden the channels, various carriers use a variety of forms, to enable the general public to enhance the creation of awareness, create to create a strong atmosphere, in order to achieve real effect in improving the comprehensive quality of citizens; evaluation standard strictly control the national civilized city to create work, weaknesses and problems in the specific work to create a civilized city exists, focused and difficult to implement the plan, to ensure that the creation of standard.

According to the

standard and civilized city, to carry out special rectification action focus, vigorously carry out environmental sanitation, illegal structures, outdoor advertising, traffic roads, residential areas, business premises and other special rectification activities, and strive to urban greening, lighting, landscaping, cleaning work on the basis of the existing overall level, standard, new class struggle, to the evaluation of relevant standards, by focusing on remediation, the city environment has improved significantly, significantly improve the level of city management, to achieve national civilized city standards.

development of Xining city environment, traffic civilization, civilization, civilization, public places business operations of public civilization index system evaluation method, self diagnostic evaluation and publish the evaluation results, the implementation of key crucial, concentrate to solve difficult problems. (author: Xiao Shu)

Wang Yubo stressed the effectiveness of people’s recognition and satisfaction

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  according to the Xining municipal arrangements, from the beginning of this week to the end of the month, the city sent 8 inspection groups, respectively, led by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, the county, municipal departments and units of the 2012 annual construction of punishment and prevention system and clean government responsibility system to conduct a comprehensive assessment. On the afternoon of December 11th, party secretary and mayor Wang Yubo went to Huangzhong to participate in the county’s 2012 annual punishment and prevention system construction and clean government responsibility assessment conference and speech. Wang Yubo stressed that all Party members and cadres should take the overall situation in mind the spirit, the spirit of courage to play, "fine" management philosophy, the attitude of the party’s eighteen strict in demands on determining the route and policy implementation, to the provincial government, the municipal government’s decision to deploy the implementation to solid win the effectiveness of people’s recognition and satisfaction.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the general secretary of the eighteen Party’s report and Xi Jinping recently a series of important speech, profoundly expounded the extreme importance of strengthening the anti-corruption struggle and the urgency of the problem of corruption, will be referred to the "wangdangwangguo" height, but also give us great teaching, the Party Central Committee firmly oppose corruption. To ensure that cadres honest, clean government, politically strong determination. With the profound changes of the economic system, social structure, the pattern of interests, the anti-corruption situation is still grim, the spread of corruption and soil conditions is difficult to eliminate in the short term, especially in our city in the economic and social development of the strategic opportunities, investment scale expands day by day, the public power’s influence is increasing, with the possibility of corruption increase. These require us to attach great importance to strengthen leadership, intensify efforts to really hard work, and comprehensively promote clean government and combat corruption.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the implementation is the end of all our work, strict discipline, to ensure that the central and provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee and the party’s major decisions to deploy the implementation of efforts. To change the style, and strive to close ties with the masses in practice for the people. To firmly establish the concept of the masses, with a heart of gratitude to the masses, the real work of serving the people. In practical work, we must always adhere to the interests of the people first "principle, starting from the interests of the people most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, do something to promote timely assistance, the pace of industrialization and urbanization of agricultural industry, help the masses, and improve living standards. We should try our best to help the masses to solve the practical difficulties of employment, medical care, pension, children’s entrance, heating and so on, so as to win the support of the masses.

Wang Yubo pointed out, to take measures to deepen the source of prevention in promoting the construction of anti-corruption efforts. From the city to increase the intensity of e-government construction, strengthen the construction of public resources trading platform to start to deepen the reform of key areas and key links. The full implementation of the prevention and control of risk management, perfect party, government affairs and public institutions, public affairs, to maximize people’s right to information, participation and supervision, with honest and pragmatic government escort for economic and social development. To grasp the key;

Wang Yubo reconstruction of the city with the city of Newcastle

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April 5th, Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the mayor of and the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth Huangzhong County town of DOPA field, road network, research and construction of the new town planning dopa. Wang Yubo stressed that the use of modern city concept, first-class design, first-class construction quality to create a new benchmark for DOPA metro, city reconstruction of a distinctive and beautiful environment and perfect function, livable industry of Xining new district.

Wang Yubo and his party have investigated the Huangzhong vocational and technical school, Huangzhong administrative office center, the city’s main road network, the new Hualian European style town and other key construction projects. He stressed that DOPA Metro is an important content of construction of the eastern city of group of Qinghai Province, Xining is the main battlefield of promoting urbanization construction, is an important part of Xining District, Huangzhong county government must attach great importance to ideology, understanding highly unified, highly consistent action, strengthen the organization, strengthen leadership, Xiancai, gather wisdom, with a high standard of planning, high quality construction, high level management reengineering DOPA new city, building a new city name card.

after listening to the Huangzhong county government report on DOPA Metro plan of design, the annual investment plan arrangement situation after Wang Yubo held office meeting at the scene, puts forward specific requirements of metro construction work started dopa. He stressed that it is necessary to a higher level of planning to lead the New District construction. In the general planning of the provincial government approved the plan, planning design units compiled in each class, each node of the building, covered with DOPA Metro Planning and design class, to attract foreign investors, leading the city construction. Two is to greater efforts to promote investment work. There is a strong investment in the new city. To catch up with the progressive consciousness, the courage to be first, accelerate investment, actively coordinating service projects, services to promote investment, to guide business services. In the Da investment must have a new big improvement. Three is to accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, the core is the road network, water network project. To fully learn from the experience of the construction of the new area of the country, emancipate the mind, broaden their thinking, increase the intensity of investment in infrastructure investment, market-oriented operation. Strive for about 3 years from the overall framework of the new urban network, opened the new town skeleton. Synchronization to complete the comprehensive management of the river, to achieve the formation of the road network, the river into the scene effect. Four is to be more determined to govern the city according to law, the management of the city. Strict measures to control the illegal structures. Huangzhong county Party committee and government to make great efforts, the great efforts to increase the illegal construction of illegal investigation and remediation, and promote the orderly development of the new district. Increase legal advocacy, so that the city planning, construction of the city according to law, according to the concept of urban management in the hearts of the people. Five is to further promote the study of farmers urbanization. Urbanization is the core of human urbanization. To co-ordinate the reform of the household registration system, industrial support, change the mode of production and lifestyle of farmers, the integrated implementation of policies, orderly transfer of agricultural population. (author: 1)

Xining Development Zone financing of more than 60 enterprises thirst

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this year, the development zone through the issuance of corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds direct financing and financing platform for financing and other ways to support the financing of 6 billion 340 million yuan, an effective solution to the problem of corporate finance park.

this year, the Development Zone conscientiously implement the provincial government to help enterprises steady growth of policy measures, the establishment of the park above Designated Size Industrial enterprises to help the normalization mechanism. In order to help enterprises solve the financing problem, development zone, give full play to the role of financing platform investment holding group company, test the capital market successfully issued 600 million yuan of corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds 1 billion 200 million yuan, reduce financing costs and achieve a major breakthrough in the capital market direct financing. In addition, the state-owned Credit Guarantee Corporation financing platform, help the park nearly 50 enterprises financing about 4000000000 yuan; support funds through technical innovation, interest returns for 540 million yuan, to provide financing guarantee for the park development and growth of enterprises.


Xining in the first half of 2010 to continue to increase the intensity of law enforcement supervisio

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in the first half of 2010, the city discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels around the economic construction and hot issues of concern to the masses, and seriously carry out law enforcement supervision.
it is to continue to carry out the implementation of the policy of expanding domestic demand of supervision and inspection, strict implementation of the new system monthly central investment projects, to further implement the responsibility to strengthen the construction project, the quality of construction projects and the use of capital management, strengthen the acceptance work of Engineering project construction, to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, the use of funds, project progress according to safety regulations implementation of the plan. In March and April the organization development and reform, finance, audit, the expansion of domestic demand for the construction of the project conducted a focused spot respectively of the central and Qinghai provincial special inspection team to the city inspection, the implementation unit of the inspection found problems timely rectification, to ensure the healthy operation of the special fund, to promote the expansion of domestic demand the implementation of the policy. Two is to carry out the outstanding problems in the field of construction work. Formulated the "working point" problems in Xining city in 2010 the field of construction management, the city construction field to carry out the inspection work carried out at the beginning of July arrangement, organization construction, development and reform, land and other departments were divided into two groups to carry out inspections of the city’s 30 million yuan more than 75 projects. The three is to strengthen the Yushu earthquake relief funds and materials of supervision and inspection, formulated and issued the "on notice" to strengthen discipline, supervision of earthquake relief funds and materials, the establishment of the relief system of disclosure of information, and consciously accept the supervision of the community and the media. In conjunction with the audit department to strengthen the management and use of relief funds and materials of supervision and inspection, investigation of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, municipal charity, Red Cross and more than and 60 administrative units, and the use of law review, check method, physical inventory and other methods for the earthquake relief funds donated materials, management, finance, authenticity the legality of the tracking audit inspection. Audited, as of June 30th, the city raised a total of 43 million 27 thousand and 300 yuan donated relief funds and materials discount, to ensure the safety of relief funds and materials. Four is the development of the city’s financial lending projects to carry out supervision and inspection. Formulated the "implementation plan" on the joint supervision and inspection of the National Development Bank loan project, starting in mid May in conjunction with the development bank, finance, auditing, construction and other units carried out spot checks on key projects. Five is to do a good job of leading cadres economic responsibility audit. Held in 2010 leading cadres of economic responsibility audit leading group meeting on the annual economic responsibility audit arrangements to determine the 7 audit object (of which 3 outgoing audit). The city administration, city merchants, Municipal Association, municipal civil air defense and other units to carry out economic responsibility audit. Six is to do a good job accident investigation. With the deepening of the "safe production year" activities, strengthen supervision and inspection, and urge local governments at all levels and relevant departments to conscientiously fulfill their regulatory responsibilities, the main responsibility for the implementation of enterprise safety production. Participated in the investigation and handling of the green coal group "4.25" safety accident and the Lake District Xia Chun Park residential construction site "5.11" tower crane accidents. Seven is to strengthen the protection of living;