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Old end English SEM online shopping sites need to pay attention to a few details

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A lot of foreign trade retail owners often met the problem is that the

SEO keyword ranking up, also to flow, but sales are not ideal, a big problem is the details, the details do not directly affect your sales. The foreign trade station retail need to pay attention to what the problem, at the end of the old in here a few main speaking, one is the description of the goods, the foreigner online shopping has been very popular, trading than domestic more regular and perfect, many are looking directly at your website directly to buy, do not ask what unlike the domestic Taobao, ask what a day is not to buy.

so for foreigners, the description of the goods made him think you website goods authenticity and understanding of merchandise, directly affect your sales, so when writing a description of the goods to the translation is correct, what type of mistake, many foreigners are in direct search models, especially for the imitation goods perhaps the research of this brand of foreigners than you are so thorough, another is that you have to sell goods to you have a better understanding. If you have a customer service, it is best to ask some of the questions raised by the customer together to sort out a document, the future can be directly copied when asked to reply, but also to save time and reduce errors. In addition to the description of the goods, another is the customer evaluation, so attach great importance to others on your goods advice, you can register several ID to evaluate their own goods, with speculation forum, need to give yourself some vest evaluation, of course is advantageous to their evaluation, but should not be too obvious to cheat a foreigner, or very smart, they will not copy others website written uniform evaluation.

In addition to these

, your site must meet the foreigner’s appetite, not to see that this is a China style, with your product template choose a love style, home products must be rich, then that is shopping payment process should be concise, not too many complex steps, at the end of the old ever seen evaluation on the shopping site to a foreigner investigation, try not to mean too many steps, can let me fill out the necessary information for quick payment is good, this is a foreigner myself, so a good user experience to summarize the characteristics of foreign trade station should be: good layout, high user trust the degree of experience, the payment process safe and fast, do these in your foreign trade shopping site is definitely a multiplier effect.

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Not yet opened Wanda electricity supplier with any valuation of 20 billion, revealing its true color

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2015 is a O2O battle, Miss 2015, Wan Hui did not A new force suddenly rises., defeated. With the help of the world’s largest commercial real estate projects, one million began to take an advantage, but the traditional commercial real estate first, does not mean that O2O can make the first. If the general really incompetent, even if Wanda, external cooperation cannot stop service.


Wanda Group’s business website wankui on-line has been more than a year, I recently had a try wankui iPhone version, download the 0.9.10 version, and a combination of Web products (WebApp not found), in accordance with the version number of view should belong to the test version.

the following is a simple structure, in accordance with the habits of the author, the right side of the functional structure, the left is the highlight of the problem, etc.. On the product, it is a very common product, and even some of the standard configuration of electricity supplier products have not been developed.


mobile terminal wankui even the most basic UGC entrance no details page sharing button can not be used, adequate human and financial input, should not be ah.

In addition to the individual

very low price product sales can, like 1 points for KTV 100-30, a restaurant coupons, other businesses will not flow? The fundamental reason is the consumer: cheap or even free to Wanda consumption led the way to online coupons, rather than drive line.

like this general relying on resources under Wanda line electricity supplier O2O

should do?

1, the combination of online and offline

combined with their own advantages of resources integration of online and offline Wanda imperative, this is Wanda electricity supplier advantages, not to do more.

2, product development to the mobile terminal sending end


mobile phone is closer to the user than PC era, all the development should be dominated by mobile terminal.

3, mobile platform strategy


line is the platform resources, Wanda electricity supplier to become a O2O inside one of the enterprise, should do and can do wankui only developed "1+N" platform allows businesses to access. The 1 is for all products, users and marketing to profit, only a body of a platform of a product. N is the right to the line of business independent marketing management. Look a bit like Tmall, careful consideration, in fact, 14 years of hot takeaway O2O is not a platform for businesses. After the completion of product development, do a few successful promotion, so that the next line of business reference, relying on a single Wanda promotion or merchants to complete independently, the cost is too high.

4, to solve the problem of asymmetric information

enterprises to improve production and sales efficiency. The present Chinese market

Buy fake Taobao Tmall to Hangzhou Court available in the consumer residence

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to buy fake Taobao Tmall need to go to Hangzhou Court: in the consumer residence

[TechWeb] reported on March 17th news, according to media reports, a Beijing consumers to buy food quality problems in Tmall, Tmall and shop sued to Beijing Haidian District court, but Tmall to "service agreement" agreement in the grounds of the jurisdiction objection is that the case should be transferred to the Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province Yuhang District People’s court.


raised objection to the jurisdiction of the reason is that all consumers must be registered Taobao account in Tmall shopping, registered Taobao account will display the "Taobao service agreement", consumers need to click "accept and register", in order to register the account. In the "Taobao service agreement" in the following agreement: "you and Taobao platform operators are agreed to the defendant’s domicile to the court of first instance jurisdiction of the court". Therefore, consumers sued Taobao, Tmall need to court in Hangzhou.

Haidian court finds that Tmall proposed the jurisdiction objection is invalid, reason is the user registration Taobao account, the direct default "Taobao service agreement" of the content to be recognized, click on this option, "agreement" content is not expressly. "Taobao service agreement" content, "agreement jurisdiction" clause mixed with a lot of information.

court according to the "Civil Procedure Law" in the "take reasonable way to draw the attention of consumers" explains that the jurisdiction agreement Tmall company to provide the above way, did not meet the above criteria, consumers can not understand the relevant information clearly.

at the same time, the Haidian court also according to the "contract law" provides the standard clauses from its responsibilities, increasing their responsibilities, mainly the right to exclude each other, the provision is invalid, that if the "Taobao service agreement" under the jurisdiction clause, consumers need the extra burden than commodity prices obviously too high travel costs and the cost of time, is likely to hinder the reasonable demands of consumers rights.

in addition, the judge said, according to the "Civil Procedure Law" interpretation twentieth regulations "concluded in the contract for the sale of information network, by other means of delivery, receipt for contracts", in this case the contract for the sale of goods in Haidian District for the home, it can be sued in Haidian District court.

thus, the Haidian court rejected Tmall’s jurisdiction objection. As of now, Tmall has not yet said whether to appeal. (Ming Yu)

Wonderful double 11 slogan boss really strong headlines need to boss

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eleven is coming, they began the last stage of the crazy publicity, but at this time of the ordinary people are numb to the phrase slogan, hit the hearts of consumers has become a problem of the major electricity supplier website, let us look at these years which have wonderful double eleven



eleven is coming, they began the last stage of the crazy publicity, but at this time of the ordinary people are numb to the phrase slogan, hit the hearts of consumers has become a problem of the major electricity supplier website, let us look at these years which have wonderful double eleven



[Suning holding Jingdong "boss" has always been a pair of eleven women] the main force, in order to grab the female market, Suning also painstaking publicity campaign, recently came online Jingdong boss Liu Qiangdong wife of "tea" the news of the pregnancy was a ten to refers to the maternal and infant products manufacturing topic, Suning at this point, hit "if the boss really strong, why should the headlines boss" and other slogans, although the slogan is attractive, but the personal attacks that is overweight, users are also accused of no integrity.


[Suning internal dog] Suning COO Hou Enlong in October 23rd that to carry out the "Ping Beijing campaign" (Tang Pingjingdong), at first glance this slogan is not too aggressive, but the netizen released Suning internal slogans, which names that Jingdong can not afford to lose. Suning to dog unsparing this slogan.


[retail] Jingdong in addition to the best in all the land "Industrial and Commercial Bureau report to Tmall, has recently released a Jingdong internal slogans on the Internet, like network scripts like slogan incentive people really can not bear to call down Tucao, Suning webtvproducer boasts No. if you put out the best in all the land, may be in violation of advertising law.


[Tmall] Suning "face" in 2014, Suning has no relationship with ALI, Ali is a registered trademark of the double face eleven, Suning also took the opportunity to black out Tmall, Taobao, fake irony bad sellers flesh and other issues, and said to give consumers a different kind of double eleven, the poster was online bursts of "beaten girl", a potential to make Tmall face posture.


[Tmall] face to face strong response to Suning Suning so naked taunt, Tmall is certainly not silent, choose a strong "face" response, "I copy is the biggest, Suning jealous I made the myth, this is my double eleven" comeback shows Tmall overbearing ">

Wangzhuan is how to make you play earned your website

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make your site "play" is a book about the website of the book, more systematic introduction to the web site operators need to consider all aspects, and through actual cases detailed analysis of website operation success. This book is easy to understand the language, the grassroots webmaster website will have some inspiration.


name is quite interesting, play make your website, revealed the essential reason of grassroots webmaster of the operation of the site, I before several articles also mentioned some of their own do stand experience, make a station driving force is often reflected in the play earned the two words. I remember the first stop is the personal home page, although no one has to browse, but happiness within, reflects a word play. Later came to know the website also can make money, they made a love they had a profitable website, which reflects from play Wangzhuan process. Do stand a few years, also made a number of sites, later station will first consider is how to make a profitable station, and not just in their own interests, many of which are in Wangzhuan for the first goal, I think most grassroots webmaster and I have similar experiences. This book is to let you be able to earn your website, both to experience the fun of standing, but also easy to make money.

I think a lot like me is no stranger to the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan, in the webmaster nets every day can Wangzhuan site operators and some monasteries of the soft, but these information are often reduced to fragments, it was emphasized that the chain is very strong today, all the daily pursuit of the chain, the chain of a chain of black white don’t let tomorrow, and some people say that the content is the soul of the website, and then began to collect the mass or pseudo original. Some people say how to earn 200 day today, so go for what alliance advertising, tomorrow and some people say that Taobao customers earn 5000 month is not a dream, and the web site into a station. QQ station, novel station, navigation station, others say what money fast, a few more than a few hundred in the same website. Grassroots webmaster do stand universal blind characteristics, there is no complete plan, nor a website development, do not stand more patience, a keyword ranking dropped, a few days do not update the snapshot, began remedise. If you belong to the above types of grassroots webmaster, recommend you see the soft time down carefully read "play make your website" this book, this book is a comprehensive summary of methods and techniques to help us at present operation of small sites, these skills are especially important for the novice webmaster, is conducive to standardizing we do the habit of thinking and behavior from the start station.

is another highlight of the book lies in using a large number of cases to prove their point of view, although the road whenever successful website is different, but all have the same quality, but the site’s failure in addition to congenital failure topics, in the process of operation details is decided whether can be the key site of continuing strong. Combined with this book, I also began to reflect on their own in the process of doing some of the problems, as well as the future of the site.

network is a virtual, when Wangzhuan is realistic, bank card numbers and beating >

The way of communication between 5 common e-commerce websites

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now small and medium enterprises website operators are considering the use of e-commerce to increase sales, improve product brand awareness in the process, many factors need to be considered, but one important indicator is the amount of consultation. Visitors to the communication between the staff and customer service through the website, we can let them know our product advantages, our strength and other aspects, and finally led to a deal with the viewer, then can get the user’s contact (telephone, QQ and e-mail) for late tracking service, to after sales! General visitors access to the site if you want to consult you through the following 5 common Consulting:


business website

this way is now very common, basic sales website have business software, currently on the market can provide the business software company is also very much, but is generally a fee, you can choose according to their actual needs. Dalian Zhong Shi is not bad, a lot of data on our website is relatively large help.

2 Tel

some visitors typing limited or troublesome love directly by telephone communication, site this time should also put the phone in a prominent position, convenient for the user in his own way, the common telephone mainly has the following several


A. local phone


phone must have, I think there are 2 aspects of the role of a local people used to use this number, two is to increase user confidence in the site, because there are a lot of websites you can through the web site information to judge the company in the end is what place, feeling like a bag of companies can not give trust


B.400 phone

phone 400 is now basically popular, many companies are using the phone, but the 400 tariff should be said that the general plane is paid only dial the telephone fee for mobile phone users, different operators and package costs are not the same, but with the local solid favorable netcom. A lot of users feel that the 400 phone is free, I did not know when the phone is the same as that of the 400, so the site explained above, so as not to be deceived by consumers mistakenly believe that


C.800 phone

800 phone call for consumers, is a completely free telephone service, but generally only a landline and mobile phone can not call to PHS, now. Now a lot of mobile phone users like to use a mobile phone call, the result is always out of order, resulting in a large loss of customers, which also requires us to indicate the 800 phone on the site

D. network phone

network phone is also a common way, the browser just need to enter your phone number in the web page can be, and then the operator of the site can call the initiative to call >

Taobao began to auction the island, you will throw money or stir up trouble

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Taobao began to auction the island, we can auction a nouveau riche Island, after taking the real estate investment immigration, or just want to be a quiet island of Taohua Island is their own choice.

March 3rd will begin the official auction, is still in the registration stage, the general need to pay 1000 to $5000 to participate in the margin. Although there are a lot of options, but you may want Fiji can not touch the lives of children, the blue island of its heart.

near Fiji’s main island "Haiyangzhixin" is a type of the original island. As the Commonwealth of the Republic, Fiji has more than and 300 large and small islands, half of which are uninhabited, and the sea is as blue as diamonds. As a former film of the island, the rest of the island to shoot, Bill · Gates’s wedding, honeymoon venue, President of the United States, President of drinking water is also a special gimmick full of water. A few days ago, President Xi Jinping’s diplomatic runaway Fijian also became the new China to Fiji visa, the highest can stay for 90 days. Ah, but you might get a tan, because you can’t wear a hat other than the head of the village in fiji.

the island is handled by the Vladi Private Islands GmbH, an island brokerage firm headquartered in Hamburg, germany. You can also call the hotline service requirements.

its reference price is 5 million 800 thousand yuan, after the purchase can enjoy the remaining 99 years of property rights for the past 89 years. Do not know that this figure is not that it has been for 10 years, but in contrast, Canada Island only Dade reference price of 2 million 280 thousand can get permanent property. The island is known as "Pu Yi teacher Johnston king of the division, with the island island" also comes with a small museum, and therefore hope Chinese could take over the island".

in addition to 50 thousand yuan deposit, the purchase of an island you also need to pay the additional cost of attorney fees, transfer tax, consumption tax and the annual holding costs and property taxes, etc.. Of course, we can also see a lot of Tucao next to the auction page.

as a seller, you need to pay the operating margin of 95000 to the auction house and technical service guarantee fee of $5000. If it is real estate services, you need a deposit of 495000 yuan.

concern is the Taobao auction and in more than one aspect of this island, you can go to the ladies Department tried to take it to the price of 1 yuan of luxury bags, or go to the area to take the court judicial auction sale of real estate.

Taobao customer practical skills sharing and online shopping market situation

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first to share with you the current online shopping market situation

Taobao eleven during the transaction volume of 626 million, has now exceeded the daily 800 million, in the near new year period, I believe will create miracles. At present, online shopping has become the people’s lives, in the traditional sense, we will not imagine the impact of the site on life. And now you can clearly see that online shopping has gone beyond the traditional shopping paradise.




latest report released

in the next 4 years, online shopping will reach about 4.83% of the total retail sales, at around 1 trillion. According to the experience of the United States and other mature markets, this transaction will be 30% of the partners from the promotion of

combined with Taobao products, Taobao is the passenger business, owners have their own traffic, have their own marketing resources, combined with the trend of e-commerce at present, will flow have a greater value of

well, the above is some macro aspects, I believe we have to understand.

there should have been a lot of webmasters began to do Taobao off, then we began to dry.

introduce some of the more practical skills, I believe that this is everyone’s attention

1, high-quality shop recommended

this is a commonly used way of promotion, Taobao currently has more than 400 million of the goods, want to choose their own satisfaction with the goods is more difficult.

this is what we are going to launch a product, Taobao hot shop recommended

consumers find it difficult to find goods, which appeared business opportunities, if we can help consumers to provide quality stores Taobao, so that consumers quickly find their own products, of course, will have to buy. There are a lot of early owners are trying to do this, I know a webmaster, every day to spend a lot of time through Taobao or friends to find such a good shop. Continue to optimize the benefits of each store, eliminate the poor conversion of the store, it is currently a click of the basic can reach 0.3 yuan. Has been gradually beyond the traditional click type advertising unit price. For most of the webmaster, perhaps not familiar with the early stage of Taobao’s high quality shops, so we will organize the above we see the template. Through the summary of Taobao’s transaction data, the quality of the seller every day, pick out for everyone to promote!

2, online shopping experience sharing

you can find in a lot of local forums, or shopping forum, there are a lot of girls like to share the experience of shopping, and the accumulation of a large number of fans. This group is currently the guest is very popular and affordable. They use their own experience in shopping for friends or friends to provide shopping advice to help people choose goods. For example, a call a M>

Buy all over the world tip black five Carnival shopping in Sogou search

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double eleven panic buying discounted goods have not yet been fully opened, "black Friday" the Christmas shopping season with the first snow on the north, not to the credit card "cut the hand of the party who is already in, Mayer, Nichia and 6pm sea Amoy website hualiaoyan? It must not miss. Shopping search channel, here seven million promotional merchandise category from selected the most affordable goods, let you again in November 25th through eleven all over the world to buy double tip goods"



if the double eleven has become Chinese business enterprise together to create the most ambitious Online Shopping Festival, then for advocating quality sea Amoy family, black Friday is their shopping feast. "Black Friday" also called the Chinese cabbage, is the first day after the holiday of Thanksgiving Day, the major European and American businesses will be the largest annual discount promotions, in order to meet once a year Christmas shopping season.

thanks to the excellent quality of overseas goods and affordable price, as well as the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, more and more become the black Friday cut the hand of loyal fans. However, the implementation of cross-border electricity supplier of the new tax reform ended the sea Amoy duty-free era, and transport, customs clearance cumbersome process caused by hand chop weeks of waiting, greatly reduce the "black five" brings us joy. But never mind, Sogou shopping search channel dedicated to create the "double eleven to buy over the world through the tip of goods" has been officially launched, in cooperation with the industry’s most professional sea Amoy company, we get in black Friday affordable prices at the same time, but also enjoy the "global mail", "limited exemption", "overtime payment" of the three "domestic electricity supplier" value-added services, let you enjoy the "five Black Sea Amoy feast"


in the shopping search Sogou black Friday activity area, mainly to provide Nichia, Meyer, 6pm of the three most famous overseas electricity supplier website millions of goods website direct mail and limited duty-free goods and mail services are divided into global maternal, international beauty and overseas digital, Home Furnishing life, health food, clothing, shoes and bags outdoor sports of the seven sea Amoy the most popular classification, even if is the first test of the sea Amoy to white buyers could quickly find their love of goods, easy shopping, no trouble to fill a variety of transport information.


At the same time, price and Meiya Nichia

area all recommended products of Z, Z and 6PM seckill cost activities Limited special offer activities in real time synchronization, whether it is treasure treasure mom dad, are Master, Home Furnishing experts or digital geeks, did not miss the Holland special offer seckill milk, toilet cover, Japan drugstore, Beats headset and worry.


not only that, in the event area of the special column, there are many High buy the world, cheaper than the local exclusive duty-free goods >

O2O local needs must not be empty talk

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What is


began in 2012, a new term in the field of e-commerce O2O instantly by various types of enterprises and industry insiders to discuss, or tap their profit opportunities. O2O in the end what is the usual explanation is Online to Offline, the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. In this way, the line service can use line showmanship, consumers can choose products or services online, but also online settlement, and online access to goods or services.

can be seen from the explanation, O2O must be based on the physical store itself, the service of all entities and businesses and entities merchants goods or services. Through the realization of O2O is the online showmanship, offline consumption. For physical businesses, the Internet is just a tool for its use, through the use of online tools, and the realization of the docking of the entity under the line to achieve the purpose of serving the entity.

O2O how much fire?

with the coverage of 3G networks, the popularity of smart phones and the rise of the application of two-dimensional code technology, in 2012 as a new concept of O2O hot. Even after 2011, fierce group purchase market has also been out for something again, this concept has been continuously enlarged, make people feel that it is full of hope, it is easy to attract capital. As long as anyone who is successful through O2O, who will become the leader in the field of electricity providers, will be a dominant in this field.

so, the new attempt to start O2O again in full swing. Many companies have not yet figured out what O2O is, in order to catch up with this new trend, have flocked to them. At this moment, it seems not to play a O2O is not in this Internet era, it is bound to miss the same business opportunities.

behind the fire is really really so optimistic? These enterprises we calm down and look closely tied with the concept, it can be found that O2O is actually just "do ladaqi tiger".

for example, Ctrip, eLong such travel service enterprises, there are 58 city and Ganji, people network, public comment on these provide life information service based enterprises, they used a few years ago is now known as the O2O way. However, in fact, they are service e-commerce, e-commerce is characterized by such services must be completed online, and rely on online as an information and payment platform. The new force of, the online price strategy after being put on the coat of O2O. Just imagine, since the line of the price, how many people are there in the store experience, and then consciously, made a special trip to the online mall to order? It can become a O2O 


how to define O2O?

a glance, will think O2O (Onli>)