Mysterious Death of Matthew Innis Leaves Heightened Suspicion of Foulplay

first_imgThe late Matthew Innis, Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the CBL Regulation and Supervision DepartmentPerhaps the incident would have been passed off as just another hit and run accident involving an unknown speeding vehicle had it not involved an individual linked to the ongoing investigation concerning the missing billions and the US$25m cash infusion into the economy.The individual reportedly killed in what is alleged to be a hit and run accident has been identified as Mathew J. Innis, Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the Central Bank of Liberia’s Regulation and Supervision Department.He is said to have been just about the only staff member of the CBL who had openly expressed opposition not only to the commanding role played by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah in the US$25 million infusion exercise, but also to the manner in which the exercise was being handled outside regular and conventional banking procedures and practices.But barely 3 days since the release of the PIT and Kroll report on the missing billions and the US$25m infusion exercise, Mr. Innis has been reported killed in circumstances that security sources say bear close parallels to the mysterious deaths of Harry Greaves and the NOCAL whistleblower, Cllr. Michael Allison.The FrontPage Africa newspaper quoting family members say the deceased left home saying he was going to work which according to them was unusual for him on a Saturday. The FrontPage report quoting family sources further says that Innis family had unsuccessfully tried all day Saturday to reach him by mobile phone but failed in their attempts, never having heard from him until they learned that he had been involved in a hit and run accident around 2:00 a.m. early Sunday morning. The accident is said to have occurred in his neighborhood around the 72nd Junction.The Daily Observer, upon learning of the incident contacted the family of the deceased. Family members confirm that Innis did leave for work on that fateful Saturday but had remained unreachable by mobile phone until reports of his death reached them.According to informed sources, it appears that Innis was killed elsewhere and his body dumped in the vicinity of his home near the 72nd Junction. He was found near his car in a pair of shorts and a muscle t-shirt, laying near his car.  The family source remembers seeing bruises on Innis’ face and on one arm, though his car was undamaged. His laptop, mobile phone and other personal effects were later turned over to them by the police, they said.The key questions being asked are: Why would Innis, being so close to home, get out his car at such an odd hour of the night? Were there witnesses at the scene when the incident took place? How long did it take between the incident and the time he was discovered by a group of young men who went to his home gate to inform his family members? Under what circumstances did the police decide to take Innis’ body to ELWA hospital?Family members told the Daily Observer that, by the time they reached the scene where his body was found, the body had been removed by three police officers who took to the ELWA hospital. The family members followed the police officers there, where they saw Matthew Innis’ lifeless body for the first time.The family members then took possession of the body and moved it to the Samuel A. Stryker Funeral Parlor for embalmment.Family sources further say that they have since been informed by the Stryker Funeral Home that the Police had given instructions to refrain from embalming the body until an autopsy had been conducted.Noting that such an exercise could take weeks, the family of the deceased told the Daily Observer that although the Police has since prevented them from taking delivery of the body for appropriate funeral rites and internment, the Police has made it clear that the family would have to shoulder the expenses involved for the prolonged stay of the body in the funeral parlor.The family member who spoke to the Daily Observer declined to say whether or not their relative’s death might be linked to the just ended Presidential Investigation which has incriminated top officials of the Central Bank, the Justice Minister and the Finance Minister.Meanwhile several attempts made by the Daily Observer to contact the Police through its spokes-person, Moses Carter, since Sunday, has proved futile.However a former ranking Police officer (identity withheld) has told the Daily Observer that the Police account of the incident has just too many holes in it which leaves the public to rightly suspect that Mr. Innis may have been murdered by dark forces associated with some higher-ups.The LNP officer observed that, in most cases, dead bodies found in the streets often remain there for days on end before removal by the Police, unless identified and claimed by a family member. He cited the case of the dead body of a man believed to have been a notorious armed robber which was left lying and decaying not far from the Bedell Funeral Parlor on the Airfield by-road for days before it was finally removed.The family of the deceased for their part, has  maintained that they do not have the kind of money required to keep their relative’s body for weeks pending an official autopsy by the government of Liberia although, the conduct of an autopsy to determine the actual cause of death is a step in the right direction.It can be recalled that a few years back during the reign of President Sirleaf, Monrovia was gripped with shock and horror following the mysterious but brutal death, attributed to drowning, of Harry A. Greaves, who had begun to blow the whistle on some shady deals allegedly involving the former President.In similar fashion too was the death of NOCAL whistleblower Cll. Michael Allison who had blown the whistle on deals involving Robert Sirleaf, son of the former President. Cllr. Allison’s death like that of Harry Greaves was attributed to drowning.Meanwhile, investigation continues.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Can Liberia Afford The Re-Imposition of Sanctions on Its Timber Industry/Forestry Sector?

first_imgAfter more than a decade of UN sanctions imposed since 2003, the ban on export of Liberian timber was finally lifted pursuant to a UN Security Council decision to not vote to renew sanctions despite the fact that the Government of Liberia had not made sufficient progress as set out in Security Council Resolution 1521 (2003). The imposition of UN sanctions on Liberian timber, on 7th July 2003 was based on the conviction, supported by facts that funds generated from the sale of timber were being used to finance the civil war.In order for the sanctions to be lifted certain conditions had to be met as laid out in UN Security Council Resolution 1521 (2003). The 2006 New Forestry Law was an attempt to address such issues within a controlling legal framework. Key amongst its provisions was that under Forestry Development Authority Regulation No. 108-07 titled “Regulation on Establishing a Chain of Custody System”. The “Chain of Custody System” is intended to ensure that logs harvested from Liberia’s forests for export have met certain basic criteria.It has long since been recognized that the forest sector has the potential to generate substantial environmental, social and economic benefits. In this regard, “efficient monitoring of logging operations is critical to safeguard Liberian forest assets and ensure that it effectively contributes to Liberia rebuilding process” according to Thomas Pichet Marie Laval and Antoine de La Rochefordière, authors of “The opportunities and challenges of implementing a timber chain-of-custody system in post-conflict Liberia”, published in a report of the XIII World Forestry Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 –23 October 2009.Pursuant to this an international bidding process was launched to contract out the design and implementation of the Chain-of-Custody System. This system, also called LiberFor, was contracted out by the Government of Liberia to the Swiss verification company SGS, in partnership with the UK-based software company Helveta. Supervision of the implementation of the Contract falls under the Forest Development Authority(FDA).According to authors Thomas Pichet Marie Laval and Antoine de La Rochefordière, “LiberFor is the world’s most advanced nationwide verification system in place to monitor and verify wood products and associated revenues ensuring that the national forest resources contribute to the country’s sustainable development. Further, according to them, “Helveta’s CI World™ information system provides database technology, software applications, and hardware components to operate the end-to-end traceability system”.“LiberFor will track 100% of the wood products from forest concessions to the nation’s export gates and local wholesale mark etc. SGS provides overall project management and capacity building to national administrations”. Moreover, “Forest sector stakeholders have now access to critical information enabling broad consultation and establishing a constructive dialogue with and among governmental agencies, logging companies and civil society members. Finally, according to the authors, “The project will empower Liberia to effectively manage its forest resources and ensure that the forest sector restarts with a timber legality assurance system that meets growing international requirements to prevent illegal logging”.According to the 2006 New Forestry Law, the agreement should have become operational in 2007. Progress was begrudgingly slow and according to reports, logging concessions were and have since been generally unhappy about the introduction of the Chain-of-Custody arrangements, currently under the supervision of the Swiss company. Section 21. of the FDA Regulations entitled “Establishment, Scope, and Administration” provides the following:(a) The Authority shall establish and operate a Chain of Custody System to track Logs, Timber, and Wood Products from forest to processing to domestic market or export.(b) The Authority shall establish and maintain an electronic Chain of Custody database containing— (1) Information on all Logs, Timber, and Wood Products tracked under the Chain of Custody System; and (2) Information on forest-sector fees assessed and paid on all Logs, Timber,and Wood Products, and in connection with any associated Forest Lands.(c) The Authority may delegate, in whole or in part, day-to-day operation of the Chain of Custody System and maintenance of the Chain of Custody database to a private contractor, subject to oversight and auditing by the Authority.(d) The Chain of Custody System established by this Regulation shall begin operation on September 30, 2007.Against the above, this newspaper is gravely concerned about reports suggesting that the management of the FDA wants the Swiss company, SGS, out since its contract with the Government of Liberia is to expire soon. Under the contractual arrangement, all logs leaving the country for export must bear the stamp of the SGS certifying that the logs were harvested legally and were done so in compliance with all regulations governing the sector.Already, according to reliable reports, several export permits have reportedly been prepared outside the Chain-of-Custody arrangements. Although FDA officials deny that this is the case, there are reasons for concern, why? It is because the country’s forestry sector runs the risk of the re-imposition of sanctions which will only serve to hurt this government and hamper its chances of advancing its development agenda.The fact that Liberia has been suspended from the LEITI process due to the extra-legal change of its leadership provides even more reasons for concerns. This is because the forestry sector is part and parcel of the country’s extractive industries and any moves by the current management of the FDA to disengage from the Chain-of-Custody arrangements could prove counterproductive and ultimately hurt the interests of this Government.President Weah may have the best of intentions for his beloved Liberia but as we all do know, good intentions are not simply enough. They have to be followed by concrete practical action and steps taken in the right direction. This newspaper believes that emergent signs from ongoing developments at the FDA are worrying because they portend of danger to the country’s forestry sector and general interest posed by what appears to be blind avarice unhinged.The question is can Liberia afford the re-imposition of sanctions on its forestry sector? This newspaper does ot believe so but, Troubling Signs, they are, at the FDA and President Weah Must Take Heed!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lawsuit Hangs over House of Representatives for Holding ‘Illegal’ Session

first_imgRep. Clarence G. Gahr: “I am contemplating of suing the House of Representatives for having an illegal session to pass bills and conduct business of the day.”— Margibi County Rep. Clarence Gahr walks out in protest, as lawmakers insult each other Tuesday’s session of the House of Representative has been viewed ‘illegal’ by Margibi County District #5 Clarence G. Gahr and, in protest, he angrily walked out and threatened to sue the Lower House for ratifying laws and conducting business in an ‘unlawful’ session.Rep. Gahr is the second lawmaker to walk out of session in protest and threaten lawsuit for either the procedures or the control of the session by the House Speaker Bhofal Chambers. The late Rep. Adolph Lawrence walked out several times and was thrown out twice.The Margibi County lawmaker argued that the necessary quorum of 37 being present, was never required in Tuesday’s session in consonance with the 1986 Constitution of Liberia and the House’s Rules and Procedures.Rep. Garr told journalists on Tuesday, that the bodily turnout of members of the Lower House yesterday, which marked the 29th day sitting, was below 20 persons, contrary to the 1986 Constitution of Liberia which called for a ‘simple majority.’ The House’s simple majority is 37.Article 33 of the Constitution says: “Simple majority of each House shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a lower number may adjourn from day to day and compel the attendance of absent members….”The House’s co-chairman on the Committee on Public Accounts and Expenditure, who was visibly upset, said Speaker Bhofal Chambers is stonewalling the House’s Rules and Procedures, which said only a motion can compel the attendance of absent members to form part of a quorum for the House to conduct a business of the day.“Without motion to compel the attendance of absent or excused members to compel the attendance to have a simple quorum of 37 is illegal,” Rep. Gahr said. “Tuesday’s session was illegal, we were below 20 and we didn’t have a quorum, because the motion was not carried.“Rule 12 of the Rules and Procedure of the House of Representatives says: “A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the Honorable House of Representatives. Quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of business. However, a minority may meet from day to day. Meetings at which a quorum is not present, only a motion to compel the attendance of absent members or to adjourn may be made.”During the reading, correction and amendment and adoption of Tuesday’s agenda, Sinoe County District #3 Rep. Matthew Zarzar denied the amendment from Rep. Gahr that the motion should include the attendance of absent members to form part of the quorum to have a simple majority.Rep. Zarzar said the amendment was ambiguous, but Rep. Gahr said the Sinoe lawmaker ‘is not reading and therefore is part of the problem for the session to be illegal.’He furthered: “I am contemplating of suing the House of Representatives for having an illegal session to pass bills and conduct business of the day.”Accordingly, the Chief Clerk has recorded 37.Low attendance has for the past months has been chronic problem and has prompted Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous Gray to indulge members of the House of Representatives to effect Rule 21.1 of the Rules and Procedures of the House of Representatives, which called for punishment for ‘absent lawmakers’.“No House member shall stay away from sessions without the expressed approval of the House for a period of more than two weeks; for a period less than two weeks, permission may be sought from the Speaker. Violators shall be penalized in a manner deemed appropriate by the leadership of the House in consultation with plenary,” the rule says.Buttress Rep. Gray’s point, Rep. Gahr added that absent lawmakers who have not given expressed excuse for a period of more than two weeks, should be penalized without salary and allowance.Meanwhile, before session would begin, Nimba County District #1 Representative Jeremiah Koung and Grand Bassa County District #4 Representative Vincent S. T. Willie, insulted each other in the Chambers of the House of Representatives.The lawmakers insulted each other with language such as: “corrupt, spying in class, parasite, dirty,” among others.The confusion was triggered by an alleged comment on Truth FM recently that the lawmakers were receiving their legitimate benefits, which prompted Rep. Willie and members from the Independent Legislative Caucus (ILC) to disagree.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

MoU signed to address issues facing poor farmers in Guyana

first_imgFood for the Poor (Guyana) and the World University of Service of Canada Caribbean (WUSC Caribbean) have signed a memorandum of understanding to address and secure more lasting sustainable solutions for issues facing poor farmers in Guyana.Signed on December 4, the agreement looks at the specific areas of cooperation between WUSC Caribbean and FFP as lie within their mandates and involve supporting the contribution and distribution of seeds, simple tools and equipment to farmers, agro-processing, and farming groups and learning institutions.In addition, the agreement seeks to promote the adaptation of climate smart agricultural practices through establishment of shade houses, while supporting small-scale farmers to pursue crop diversification and adopt new technologies to boost efficiency and productivity.Chief Executive Officer of FFP, Kent Vincent, and Deputy Project Director of WUSC Caribbean, Munish Persaud (centre), with other executives of FFP and WUSCFinally, the agreement is geared at supporting agro-processing and farming groups by the establishment/upgrading of agro-processing centres.Deputy Project Director of WUSC Caribbean, Munish Persaud, and Chief Executive Officer of FFP, Kent Vincent, inked the agreement.Persaud has said the WUSC Caribbean is pleased to have signed the partnership, which provides a great opportunity for both entities to utilize their resources to get more lasting, sustainable solutions for the issues facing poor farmers in Guyana.Meanwhile, CEO of the FFP, Vincent, indicated the pleasure of FTP to be signing with another entity that promotes agricultural initiatives.last_img read more

Govt lends support to WCB fire victims

first_imgThrough the Social Protection Ministry and the administration of Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice), Government has provided support to the West Coast Berbice family of thirteen who lost their home to fire on August 1.Social Protection Minister Amna Ally on Friday handed over mattresses, stoves, pots and pans, clothing, furniture, food items and other household necessities to the family.During her stop at Kingelley, Minister Ally extended sympathy to the victims on behalf of the Social Protection Ministry and on behalf of President David Granger. The minister also handed over the sum of $500,000 to a local lumber dealer to enable the victims to purchase building construction materials. She assured the victims that they could expect continued assistance to rebuild their home in the form of sand, stone, cement and hollow blocks.The Regional Administration of Region 5 also assisted with a number of construction materials. Regional Executive Officer Ovid Morrison disclosed that the building materials donated would help the victims substantially in their efforts to build another home.Owner of the ravaged building, Shellon Long, has said the efforts of the Social Protection Ministry and the Region Five Administration to stand with her and her family at this time have been a source of considerable relief. She said life for herself, husband and their children are returning to some normalcy.Reports are that tragedy struck Long’s family at just before midday on August 1: while most persons were enjoying their planned Emancipation Day programmes, her house was discovered to be on fire; and within minutes, the building was reduced to rubble. Eleven children, aged 17, 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 3 and a 1-year-old baby, are among those homeless.When this newspaper arrived on the scene, Maxwell McDonald, who shared the home with his reputed wife Shellon Long, detailed that none of the children told him what had caused the fire, but he noted that they were all confused.According to McDonald, as he returned home from work on Wednesday, he observed the thick smoke in the air. He said one of his work colleagues told him that it was his house on fire, and he quickly dismounted from the truck and ran home.McDonald said he was only told by the children that the fire had started in the back bedroom.Meanwhile, Officer in Charge of Operations at the Guyana Fire Service in Berbice, Divisional Fire Officer Clive McDonald, said the fire call was received at about 11:05h on Wednesday, and the GFS responded promptly. By the time they arrived on scene, the building was already flattened. Fire Officer McDonald told this publication that the fire was caused by children who were left unsupervised and were playing with matches.last_img read more

New GuySuCo CEO takes up post tomorrow

first_imgNewly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Dr Harold Davis, will officially take up the post on Monday.The Agriculture Ministry (MoA), in a statement on Saturday, said Davis is tasked with modernising the three remaining sugar estates, which are the productionAgriculture Minister Noel Holder and new GuySuCo CEO, Dr Harold Daviscentres. This process will entail transforming infrastructure, agricultural and other practices, and retooling the factories at Albion, Blairmont and Uitvlugt. The MoA noted that one of the key focus areas for the new CEO will be to increase the competitiveness of GuySuCo with the production of high value sugars.A precursor to this will be increasing sugarcane yields to beyond 70 tonnes cane per hectare. A land development programme has already re-commenced under Dr Davis’s watch as Agriculture Director, and this is being conducted in a very technically sound manner. In addition to attracting high quality skills to support the modernisation of GuySuCo, improving the capacity of the workforce through training and development is a high priority item on Davis’s agenda.“In terms of the process for achieving his goals and objectives, focus will be on the establishment of a sound, highly skilled management team with a range of relevant expertise. The production centres – estates — are the core of the business, and strong teams will be built around providing the requisite support to achieve and surpass the 147,000 tonnes production target by 2021,” the statement related.The MoA has said that in an effort to create and deliver more value, co-generation facilities will be constructed and the factory at Albion Estate will be upgraded to produce plantation white sugar. Additionally, consideration will be given to the expansion of production at Blairmont Estate to accommodate increased production of direct consumption sugars, among other things.Feasibility studies on co-generation have been completed for two factories, and a further study will be conducted on the third estate. The first co-generation project would commence on Albion Estate within the planned period, the statement indicated. This approach is guided by GuySuCo’s new ‘Sustainable Business Model’, which focuses on achieving a triple bottom line (TBL) – economic/financial, environmental and social — and ensures more accountability in all three areas, while adding more structure around becoming a more environmentally sensitive business as well as cost reduction.Davis takes over the reins from Bhim, who was one of the members of the Interim Management Committee (IMC), established in 2015.Meanwhile, a new GuySuCo board is yet to be named. The life of the previous board expired since February of this year, and a new board with Special Purpose Unit (SPU) Head Colvin-Heath London was gazetted. It however subsequently emerged that the old board was still in effect amid reports of a split at Cabinet over the new board’s composition. There has since been much confusion over the matter.Over 5000 sugar workers from Enmore, Rose Hall and Skeldon were dismissed from their jobs following the downsizing of the sugar industry.last_img read more

MatPal to train mariners in oil and gas

first_img– sailors graduate from workshopThe MatPal Maritime Institution on Wednesday announced plans to train mariners for the oil and gas industry, as 47 sailors graduated from a two-week workshop.Cognisant of the fact that training in the area of oil and gas was now vital, the MatPal Institution related that plans were moving full steam ahead so that the mariners would become knowledgeable.The announcement was made at the Transport and Harbours Department’s head office in Kingston, Georgetown during a simple graduation ceremony for the 47 sailors, who recently completed the training in various fields related to safety management at sea, among other areas.MatPal Administrator Coleen Abrams said, “It is our aim to, in the very near future, to begin offering [Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and EmergencyFrom left seated: MatPal Administrator Coleen Abrams, Captain Derrick Erstine, and Transport and Harbours Department Manager Marcelene MerchantTraining] T-BOSIET and other safety training specifically geared for persons embarking on being employed within Guyana’s oil and gas industry and so, even as that materialises we will keep the public informed and we will keep having engagement with companies that are seeking to make their entrance into the oil and gas industry.”She added that the training would be vital to not only locals but foreign employees of oil giant ExxonMobil.“For persons working onboard the supply vessels, contracted by ExxonMobil as well as the drill ships that are also contracted by ExxonMobil. There is a level of training that is required for them, while we do the safety training at MatPal Marine, because of the volatility of the crew, of the cargo that is carried onboard by those vessels,” Abrams added.The training sessions for the sailors who graduated were held between April and May as a result of a partnership between MatPal and the Transport and Harbours Department.It is aimed at developing the capacity of sailors in various departments of the Transport and Harbours Department.The mariners were trained in basic safety, ship security awareness, survival and safety and several other areas.The Administrator of the Department stressed the importance of training as she noted there were several areas, such as safety management which often required attention.“For the group of persons who have been trained so far, they will function on board of the ferries of the Transport and Harbours Department plying the routes of the Rosignol to New Amsterdam crossing, the Parika to Supenaam crossing as well as the Georgetown to Vreed-en-Hoop crossing. Those persons will function in the capacities as with the bowmen, speedboat operators and captains, ordinary sailors, coxswains, able body seamen, engineers as well as deck officers,” she informed.last_img read more

Mother still seeking answers

first_img– 4 years after son’s disappearanceA devastated mother, whose now 32-year-old son went missing four years ago, is still looking for answers about her son’s disappearance.Troy Greenidge, a miner of Lot 8 John Fernandes Housing Scheme, Greater Georgetown, went missing on October 15, 2014, after he left home to collect his salary from his employer in Diamond.It was four years ago, Greenidge of John Fernandes Housing Scheme at Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was last seen and his mother Seeta Persaud is still seeking answers regarding his disappearance.The grieving woman visited <<<>>>> and once again shared the chilling story of the last day she saw her son.Persaud explained that since her son disappeared, they have been hearing all sorts of rumours about what might have happened to him, including one that says he was beaten to death and his body burnt by residents in an East Bank Demerara (EBD) community.The distraught woman said she is frustrated with the slow pace of the investigation being carried out by the Guyana Police Force, as she has been running around for four years with no formal word from the law enforcement officials on the probe into her son’s disappearance.The missing miner is the father of two children; ages six and four.When he left his home, the then 26-year-old father of two boys was clad in black three quarter pants, a blue jersey, white and black Nike sneakers and his hair was braided. He never returned.The following day (October 16, 2014), Persaud received a call from her sister informing her that Greenidge was reportedly arrested by Police.As such, the woman rushed to the Providence Police Station, EBD where her son was supposedly held and made enquires but was told that no such person was in custody there.Searches were made at the Brickdam and other Police stations with the same result.Persaud told <<<<>>>> that she returned to the Providence Police Station and spoke to an officer, whose name was given as “Singh”, where she made a report.It was then that she was told that there was an incident in Greenfield Park, Providence, EBD, where a woman saw three men in her area, close to her home, and sounded an alarm screaming “Thief! Thief!”Two of the men reportedly ran away and the third person, allegedly Greenidge, stayed. It was reported that Greenidge, who was in the area to reach someone concerning employment, was picked up by a man whose name was given as “Barry”, who is also from Providence.When Police Officers reported to the scene, they were reportedly told by “Barry” that they (he and others) already “dealt with the matter”.The distraught mother recalled that the said Police Officer (Singh), who filed Greenidge’s initial missing persons report, arrested the man and reportedly told Persaud that the matter was being investigated.According to Persaud, she visited “Barry’s” wife who reportedly told her that her husband did apprehend Greenidge but subsequently released him.The grief stricken woman relayed to this publication that she continued to visit the Police station and even reached out to a number of news entities where she told her story.Following an airing of a news report on her son’s disappearance, she received a call from an unknown number. Persaud said “It was a woman, who asked me if I ain’t find my son as yet. I said no and she said that she is from the said area in Providence where Troy went missing. She told me that she hear them bai talking and saying how they collect me son, beat he and killed him and buried his body somewhere right there, in Providence using an excavator”.Persaud is requesting anyone with information that would lead to her finding her son, or regarding his disappearance, to make contact on telephone number 610-1537 or the nearest Police station.last_img read more

State ordered to pay mother of slain Agricola teen $28M

first_imgDead: Shaquille GrantThe mother of Shaquille Grant, who was shot and killed by police ranks in 2012, is now expected to receive a sum of $28 million, which the state agreed to pay at the conclusion of the 2014 lawsuit heard before Justice Gino Persaud at the Demerara High Court on Wednesday.Shonette Adams, through legal representation of Attorney Nigel Hughes, had filed the lawsuit on December 28, 2014, against the state and police ranks involved in the shooting to death of her son which occurred on September 11, 2012, at Agricola, East Bank Demerara (EBD).It was maintained in Adam’s lawsuit that Article 138 of the Constitution was violated for her now dead son, hence she sued the state over the wrongful death of her son, breach of his fundamental right under Article 138 of the Constitution of Guyana, not to be deprived of his life intentionally, and for assault and battery.Meanwhile, for each of the mentioned claims, Adams had further petitioned for excess monies which included: exemplary damages, costs, interest and such further or other order as seen just by the court.According to reports, on the day in question, police ranks acting on information received went to the East Bank Demerara community and were allegedly shot at by a gang of teenagers, this resulted in them retaliating, and as such claimed the life of Grant in the process.After the fatal shooting, three police officers namely: Terrance Wallace, Warren Blue, and Jamal Lewis were jointly charged for the capital offence of murder. In addition, ex-policeman Wallace, who faced a High Court trial was acquitted in 2015 of the murder charge, while his other accomplices, Blue was killed in the course of a robbery, and Lewis is still on the run.last_img read more

Sophia miner killed at neighbourhood party

first_imgPolice are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 28-year-old Terry Ault, a miner of Lot 63 South Sophia, Greater Georgetown, who was shot and killed in the wee hours of Sunday at a pool party within the community.Guyana Times understands that Ault had left his home on Saturday evening to attend a pool party within the area. However, just before 03:00h the following morning, he was killed during an alleged altercation.On Tuesday this publication visited the home of the deceased and spoke to the father, George Ault, who explained that neighbours went to his house at about 03:00h and told him that his son was shot.“Coming onto 3 o’clock in the morning some neighbours from the neighbourhood come and start hollering pato! pato! come! come! And they say you son dead,” the grieving man related. He said that he rushed to the scene but his son was already taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where he was pronounced dead on arrival.The grieving father also confirmed that two females were arrested and are being questioned in relation to the shooting.“We went to the police and they say they catch two girls, that were going away after the incident happen…some police guy went in the area, they didn’t know he was a police and they [the girls] say ‘we man just kill someone ah dem’….and I understand they pick them up and carry them at the station and start do the investigations,” Ault related.The visibly shaken father described his son as a “people person” adding that all he wants is justice for his son’s unexpected death. “He’s peaceful, he is a people man, he like everybody he got that loving type of way…I would glad if I could get lil justice.” Ault pleaded.A post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted on the body of Ault today. He leaves to mourn his daughter, reputed wife, father and four other siblings.Dead: Terry AultFather of deceased:George Aultlast_img read more