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  • For the four best Links resource efficient shortcut method

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    4, in fact, your competitors on site Links is the best resource, but one thing is, how do we find each other contact, my own research, finally found a way to share with you now, that is to use the domain:+ domain name + Links way, generally as long as the station in the optimization, more or less will do Links exchange in some Webmaster Platform posts, and leave contact information, this time, we can add each other, and then do a chain exchange.

    3, QQ group inside, Links, use chain platform, Links platform…… Key words about this, and then join in this group are very active, many webmaster exchange chain inside, but this group, I went to the exchange, found that most are uneven in quality exchange launched station, or related industries, every time to see the flashing of the results. No, I wasted a lot of time. But the new words, go here to exchange without losing a good choice.

    how to exchange Links, it still has very deep knowledge, in addition to looking for resources, the next is to talk about, I share here every time I talk.

    2, but after all, in the above person is limited, I discovered, many people come to me a link, the weights are relatively low, is not very high, the chain platform number is relatively fixed, there are few updates, basically are those people, I went for a few days, and then for each other, because not all the record, so I do not know who contacted yesterday, just feel the others stand better, then a link, but he said, yesterday you find me, we do not change, the invisible will waste a lot of time, so at this time, we will have to change a mode of thinking, and other ways to find resources.

    In fact, there are a lot of resources,

    1, slightly as long as you take a little time to good, I usually to a lot of Webmaster Platform to register for an account, then your website go up, this brings a link not only to you, and you can exchange the chain where, after leave your contact information, but also keep people come for friends of the chain.

    about this aspect has too many articles, in fact, if it is not too much to say, but the love of Shanghai data are updated every day, every day in the algorithm, we can only go up to the fastest speed, so in this place every day to see everybody stationmaster net article, or is to write their own articles and share are necessary, especially today to share the webmaster should how to talk about the friends of the chain, how to find resources.

    another way is to find their own, the Webmaster Platform, with Links platform column, every day there are a lot of people inside the post, if you see fit, see it contact, direct contact with the other owners began to exchange.

    For growth in the change in website optimization

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    second, /B2B2 classification information website, also used to be concentrated in the chain, the type and classification of information website /B2B2 related information, updated quickly, the industry.

    webmaster hair chain is usually love blog, classification of information, /B2B2 website forum, several video sites released by the lamp main position, so we take a look at some of the position change.

    3, the chain channel has been changed to

    2, the number of the chain can change the quality of

    to change to change the website optimization we can correspond to the following aspects:

    to change the variable can be said that China is now the site optimization Jinke law. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google every day they change, change, change, ranking algorithm included in the same, today’s Shanghai dragon technique may not be suitable for the next love Shanghai updated rules, today’s Shanghai dragon skills is the white hat maybe tomorrow you love Shanghai definition of black hat technique, has been relentless love Shanghai the punishment. In the website optimization and for growth has also been confirmed in numerous websites in practice.

    I want to still have many webmaster every day to your site every day 50-100 the chain today, hard ah. Whether it is really effective, perhaps only they knew his own comfort. Love is still in Shanghai since the June storm, many sites are outside the chain of K is also a lot of, the reason is very simple, love Shanghai algorithm, the chain number can only give the chain overall greatly reduced the quality of your website, we all know that a site outside the chain of high quality of the site is very important but, you 100 a day outside the chain I can say there are 5 things of high quality, there are 95 garbage, at your level of white chain, but also harm its own reputation.

    website optimization of the original has been a major search engine favorite, also has been the major search engines to the authority of the high-profile official confirmed, but the search engine is really the most original station that the eyes of the original? No, they are trying to stop the past, write the unique website written since the original personality love Shanghai June storm repeatedly K station trend already reduced to fragments. Now the content or the website must build the core content of the unique, this is the so-called original website.

    first, the blog is generally divided into individual blogs and external blogs, like Sina blog. Since the June Shanghai storm is still love the webmaster independent blog I want to have nearly no past scenery, K is basically a Sina blog is dim and dark, and in Shanghai love standard after import. The reason is very simple, in Shanghai has been observed Love Blog group, if the group exceeded the warning line, immediately closed, etc. in smooth water began to slowly assimilate after. Fish expert to say that the blog to do, but don’t overdo it, give yourself some flames to others.

    1, the original is the original

    The effectiveness of the chain view

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    in the chain when everyone knows what time is the best anchor text and hyperlinks, the last is the text. Although my hair of the chain is not much. Most of them are pure text. But some is in the form of hyperlinks. I found a hyperlink also has several different forms. When we put the mouse on the link, do not click on, look at the bottom of the browser display, usually three display forms, one is the direct link URL, the hyperlink can transfer page weight, spider can also climb down, the second is Javascript (), this form is more common in classification and information the B2B website, it is the legendary call, there is a typical page Jump, like Shanghai is Shanghai dragon pony blog comments to stay outside the chain, there is also some forum, this is the chain jump range. In fact, I on both the hyperlink heart always have some doubts. Although the two link is a hyperlink, but these two links are spiders index difficult category. As I understand, the real effects on the website optimization is the normal display link instead of JS calls and jump.

    has always been a question that is about nofollow tags. Once in the Shanghai dragon forum presents a nofollow problem, this is also just stop > tag is transfer the weights of the web page

    before learning we should also have to understand, said the search engine is not a cold call this JS and dynamic URL, although the search engine can grab dynamic URL, but like some forum or blog belongs to jump hyperlinks, which according to the dynamic number are long, this link my personal feeling is only convenient for the user to click on it, what will bring. Today I made this problem in a push forum, want to consult, but really answer my people are really talk about, in the forum to ask something was also the infinite Navy submerged have a headache. Fortunately there is a moderator provides answers to these questions, that is not what this kind of chain effect on the ranking, but also does not transfer the weight, should be more correct. But I think, since many people love Shanghai optimization text URL, many forum members are hung pure text, this is also a lot of chain personnel commonly used outside the chain way since love can identify this kind of Shanghai plain text, so our links and not the anchor text, love Shanghai read the website, since pure text has certain effects on love Shanghai optimization, although not much. It is not super chain links is not a pure text with the same URL exists. What if it is equivalent to the pure text, a related domain, then find a chain of high quality good than to some BBS hang pure text outside the chain much better now, forum posts included basically continued in a certain light, included a part to remove a part, but the probability is included in a high quality personal blog page will be greater and delete chance on many small.

    According to the statistical analysis of estimation and prediction of the web site keywords and valu

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    . In the noble and love baby in Shanghai Chinese Internet market of the us through them to run amuck, forecast, basically can predict the stability of the site search flow.

    estimation, prediction of the site keywords flow and value; in fact, Shanghai dragon website optimization, the most important point is not considered directly on the key words. First, when we received a keyword, the first is to carry on the forecast, this thing no wrong.

    search engine noble baby, we can know the monthly forecast of the website keyword search times, has been hit, more can keyword traffic prediction search engine to the site, if the baby aristocratic prediction to row name prediction so long to share how much traffic from search engines, or 30%. Or is 50%

    In fact, the

    According to the statistical analysis of

    flow prediction.

    In fact, through the search engine to forecast

    two, the web site of the keywords ranking prediction,

    from the web site keywords can bring traffic, rain is what kind of keywords can be obtained from search engine ranking. Have to go through the forecast. In fact, after a series of keywords list item forecast, the estimated proportion is not able to complete one hundred percent, for example, we have one hundred words on the hand, predict the ranking, need ranking effect, flow calculation. But the forecast is not so obvious.

    First of all we say

    prediction of Web site traffic, we must proceed from the three aspects of

    , the website keyword search number forecast,

    only love Shanghai predicted more trouble, love the Shanghai index and >

    Firstly, through the analysis of

    prediction tool budget website nobility baby is very good, I feel very good, but the basic use of love Shanghai, then through the forecast flow it. Love Shanghai can participate in the search index prediction.

    three, the rank of the website page click rate forecast.

    search engine according to the noble baby flow estimation, and can reach the general keyword keyword ranking and achieve the desired effect brought by traffic, about 40% before forecasting. Only a few small. Perhaps when yo keyword prediction error can make back a lot of traffic loss.

    these are different, however, if after we predict some key words, we can do some long tail keywords, this calculation can accumulate the search engine can bring us flow.


    from the aspects of the predicted site of power, the value of the site can be a big budget.

    estimated what? The estimated time, ranking, and flow effect.

    Common medical problems in Shanghai Dragon

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    medical industry in Shanghai dragon in order to improve the keyword density, that can improve the maximum possible keyword ranking, will continue to the title tag keyword stuffing, especially in the home tab. Not only that, there are also many medical websites for the three major label does not pay attention to the home page ZhengZhan title tag, causing page similarity is too high, at the same time will cause the title tag is too long, great circumstances affect the user experience. Whether in the website keywords ranking and user experience are underperforming, need to do so in Shanghai Longfeng medical website strategy, rational planning of the three major labels is the first step to Shanghai dragon, must be refined and excellence.

    The most serious problem is the highly repetitive content in

    more and more industries began to contact in Shanghai Longfeng area, in the medical industry in Shanghai is a disaster caused by flooding water dragon. Shanghai dragon how to reasonable use to improve the effective flow of the hospital website is critical, as many medical marketing topics. At present, many problems exist in the medical site application in Shanghai Longfeng, we should seek as soon as possible to solve these problems, to help the site traffic has been a qualitative leap. What are the common medical problems of Shanghai dragon? For this problem, people talk about their years of experience and views, hope industry colleagues to explore each other, jointly improve and gradually improve the self ability.

    1, the title tag repeat

    medical websites, medical websites in order to meet the search engine spiders crawl on the security of the major search engines included effect, the use of a large number of filling content, the content is not only exist in the Internet, while its own website information is too redundant, resulting in repeated contents the degree is high, no unique advantage content you want to get traffic to the site unprecedented leap, more difficult than ever. The medical website application process, to avoid excessive redundant repetition and prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of excessive optimization.

    < >


    3, the content of highly repetitive

    structure is not clear



    good website structure can help users quickly find the required information, however, in the medical website most put in common, namely the website structure is not clear, there is no specific division of disease structure, which often leads to difficult for users to quickly find the required information. For information retrieval, is most concerned about the cause of disease, symptoms, treatment, nursing and other aspects of the user, so the disease site navigation structure design, should be a good grasp of dimensions: fast. If the user cares about "disease" symptoms, can from the home page navigation bar directly enter the condition related list page for users to choose the reading, this can quickly solve user needs.

    Shanghai dragon three problems the website architecture + content + Chain high quality difference

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    here is the fat Shanghai dragon blog about the beauty of Shanghai dragon is unique, but also from the three problems of some views about the site has a lot of unique, different from the traditional Shanghai dragon, if you are interested, you can control some views following their own study.



    to do a good job in the website structure, it is also necessary to search with the user requirements, the real needs of users in the first place, the user wants to give them what content. Here directly on the dry cargo, here is a relatively good enterprise website architecture case, column navigation its home page is very simple, without the introduction of our common company, such as company news, which directly into the LED lamp price list, product category and common industry problems, these are more useful to users column. This site is a reference architecture of the needs of users to search, also a reference to the Shanghai love search, you can search.

    beauty case analysis

    Netconcepts of the Shanghai dragon ranking conference held in Beijing yesterday, several friends attended the meeting, attend the meeting of the friends are holding the attitude of learning, after the end of course will record and share, this time the Beijing Shanghai dragon is the fat one, come back after Bowen, his sharing is a case analysis about the beautiful ZAC, the case about the present situation of Shanghai Longfeng industry, a view is my very identity, the current Shanghai dragon encounter three problems: how to make the website structure, how to build a website content website where unique, high quality to the chain.

    because they also undertake some website construction business, so still do a lot of website, also met many different website structure, of course, most of the sites are a structure, such as take small business station as an example, when the general establishment of the total page template will not be more than 10, generally are: the home – column page (OR column page) – content page (OR page) of the structure, from the perspective of structure of enterprise 80%-90% station is this structure, then most of the enterprise is also with the trend for websites, stand out naturally difficult.

    three problems about Shanghai Longfeng, in fact, for many of you probably have not seriously to think, first of all for architecture are many times we can not control, but for web content is indeed unique only (non professional editing) a lot on the Dragon Phoenix couldn’t deal with, and for the love of Shanghai large scale chain adjustment algorithm, Shanghai dragon is bitter to his stomach. So how to break the three problems? Or how to find a point respectively three major problems in the breakthrough? Some simple opinions here to talk about their own.

    1, website architecture is with the trend or user with

    Shanghai kuangsong 450 local mobile phone portal into the burn Era

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    Chinese Internet market after 10 years of development, the product pattern has undergone many innovation. From the birth to the bubble period, then the Soviet period since the development of economy, the field of Internet innovation, a smash hit, also die halfway.

    Alibaba by means of electronic commerce, the introduction of local community walk Taobao e-commerce concept, attracted local stationmaster of a lot of popularity, the emergence of Xiamen fish, long lane from the Discuz switch to phpwind camp. The Tencent to QQ Internet community concept counter. The forum attracted Yantai enabled QQ landing drainage function, and the recent Shanghai Shanghai community forum first let QQ Internet enabled, in Shanghai for the local community to occupy the important step out.

    local community over the years by virtue of its interactivity, sharing, user experience strong viscosity, high fidelity and clear and lasting profit model, also for many years as a carrier, whether blog or micro-blog, are the building blocks for derivatives. In recent years, local portal is subject to wind the Blitz, especially the local community portal like Shanghai such a big city, with its broad market space, is to let the wind.

    8-10 months of this year, Shanghai launched about 1000000 investment following the Shanghai subway ads, and in October to one million yuan from the United States to repurchase the www.shanghaitan贵族宝贝 domain name (its original name for www.6665贵族宝贝), after a lapse in January, Shanghai once again the millions of advertising on the subway at the same time, Shanghai to Dixon will launch a total value of more than one million large grab building activities in mid December there will be 450 mobile phone (mobile phone giant product contains almost all of the latest products, including mobile phone IPONE4s, Samsung tablet computer, NOKIA N9 and so on), more than 100 thousand of the value of mobile phone accessories, more than 300 thousand dollars worth of Yunnan tourism places, and high-grade, high-end Yunnan Pu’er Tea drink consisting of millions of gift free to send large rob building activities detonated in Shanghai market. Any user can log in Shanghai community participation grab floor, have the opportunity to get free awards. Such a large heavy Tuirang can not help to the local community how much potential? Shanghai formal operation has been just.

    however, it is not difficult to find, the local community of the original BBS model has lasted for many years but still enduring. In recent years, Tencent and Alibaba is a local community area launched a fierce battle. In April 2010 08 years of reforming Alibaba acquired the company in Hangzhou Tian altar (phpwind), in August of the same year that came after the acquisition of Tencent (DISCUZ) giant Comsenz forum. Ma Yun attended the phpwind held the webmaster General Assembly speech at the same time, Ma Huateng also attended the discuz held 2010 webmaster General Assembly speech, grassroots station become a two horse battlefield, local portal has become the smoke.

    Summarize the site keywords ranking drop causes and Solutions

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    3, Links in


    this is a common cause of keywords ranking drop, the optimization is over expressed in what way? A keyword density is too large, the chain rose, one-time remove or replace a large number of Links and so on.

    this reason, small crane is deep, because of the small crane before there is a website, because there are two Links website is k, he is also due to busy, no time to check often Links, resulting in ranking is the brush down. Then remove the two Links, and since the new for two Links, keywords ranking soon recovered.

    2, competitive

    solution: for this reason, the solution is very simple, is that you only pay more than competitors the same effort or greater efforts to optimize the key words, such keywords ranking will rise. To take this job as the work is to improve the keywords ranking, rather than maintaining keyword ranking work.

    we have heard a saying "go", is also the case for keywords ranking, especially keywords is very fierce competition, others are in the optimization of key words very hard, but you still can only do simple maintenance work, this often leads to keywords ranking drop.

    see this title, we will see before someone summed up the reason, but kotsuru not feel completely, and no solution, so today kotsuru spend a little time to add some reasons not on the basis of others, and the corresponding solutions to share out.


    solution: for this reason, you must first cause analysis, and to change the search engine algorithm, large Shanghai dragon forum or QQ group to understand the information of course, you have learned only as a reference, and then according to their own circumstances analysis, and try to solve the test, in the process of practice to record the selection and analysis of continuous, is conducive to the ranking method.

    site is k or drop the right reason search engine has its own reasonsThe causes excessive optimization

    solution: for this reason, we need some time every day to check Links and keywords ranking, and then be K or drop the right Links removed, and notify the other. Why should notice, since it is Links, is friendship, or to tell each other, sometimes the other side still do not know what station was drop right, you tell him, is a good thing, and immediately exchange good Links up.



    search engine algorithm often has changed slightly, so more or less will affect the site ranking, sometimes a few days back, some have not recovered.

    Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme Interpretation of Shanghai dragon new ideas

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    site location


    3, a directory name and layout

    whether new or old station, we all need to locate the site, we want to know, why is our website, which mainly provides services for users, our website belongs to what type of site, our site development is how, we all want to induce, and then to their website a combination of summary and positioning. As long as the site is what a good location, we have the power to step to plan according to the site location, even if the site location are not, how can we go to the next step of

    for the new station, what is zero, start from a newborn baby, what, what, what the weight of the chain within the chain, what keywords ranking, what site for a new station, are so strange. For a new station, we must plan your site keywords from the first, we need to do the word, as a new station, we must know that our website is that the core keywords, target keywords our website is that, how do we locate our core keywords or layout again, what is the target keywords, which is the site of our long tail keywords, how can we find their own websites or screening core keywords and target keywords and long tail keywords, how can we know whether the competition, with low conversion rate, with user retrieval? And whether these problems should be considered in our choice of keywords idea keywords range? We choose whether considering competitors choose keywords? We through some Auxiliary tool or manual work, we are through the three screening, if indeed we choose words are targeted? These we have to lay a question? We have to do excel good

    screening and good planning arrangements, the 2 key words table statistics?


    is the most headache to do the new site navigation, we know that the site navigation is the most core position of the entire site, if the location and layout of the site navigation is not good, will directly affect the site of UV (visit guest), PV (page views), bounce rate, user experience (UE) and IP number however, these.

    just came into contact with Shanghai dragon industry for Shanghai dragon understanding is not strong, through three months of hard work, I raise a lot of Shanghai dragon, but there are still many shortcomings, I still need to learn more. The beginning is the boss has said, whether new or old station, Shanghai Longfeng scheme we have a website or Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme. I was very puzzled, why the boss to say ah, why write Shanghai Longfeng scheme? Until their own hands to write the company’s Web site, and then discovered that the original scheme is that Shanghai dragon. Let Nanning Shanghai dragon small and we slowly come.



    Shanghai Longfeng Encyclopedia how to layout the website long tail keywords

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    4. long tail word title and description set

    mining well placed in the electronic form, remove duplicate and long tail word obvious brush and not related to the long tail word. A class of words such as mining steel tube steel tube dance related long tail word, then dance the long tail of Related words must be removed.

    distinguish short words and long words in the selected keywords, if it is short term and index and the degree of competition is relatively large as the column page keywords, and the long term and the index of small degree of competition small keywords as the inside pages of the long tail word ranking. For example, Hefei Shanghai dragon Li Yong blog is a long term, but the index and the degree of competition is relatively large, so as the layout of the long tail word column page, and Hefei Li Yong blog website optimization index and the degree of competition is relatively small, so as the inside pages long tail word layout.

    (1) classification of the degree of competition. The same two mean the same, the long tail word text keyword is almost the choice of the degree of competition and the common long tail word. For example, * * * * good * * *, please? Second. For example, Li Yong Shanghai and Li Yong Shanghai dragon dragon blog, Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng blog index is 1818, Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng index is 2828, so the choice of Li Yong Shanghai dragon.

    1. mining long tail keywords

    2. long tail keywords classification

    3. column page and the inside page layout

    was screened for long tail keywords on the site, similar to the meaning of selection of the degree of competition, including selection and non included included. The rest of the ecosystem as the layout of the long tail word chain.

    study points to

    (2) contains the word classification. The relationship between the choice of words can contain a word long tail word, if included word index is relatively large, on the choice of word is included.

    mining is the use of long tail keywords relevant search, love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai, and know the drop-down box search tool to find the long tail keywords ask these users often search. Can also use other tools, such as the Shanghai love promotion assistant, long tail word mining will be more accurate; the webmaster tools, webmaster tools etc..

    Most of the


    station in the layout of the long tail keywords title with two or three long tail word or method of keyword stuffing set the title, this not only affects the user reading and the influence of the long tail word ranking.

    (1) title by screening out the long tail keywords


    long tail keywords layout is very important, because it involves the website optimization effect later. The first point is the layout of the long tail word mining and screening of long tail words, then according to the long tail word competition and correlation in Web site layout column page and the inside pages. The long tail word inside pages around the word short column page competition degree to the point of layout, not the long tail words of different columns cross and overlap.