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How to improve the effect of Links

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PR, a pretty

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, other classified information, forum and industry website to restrict users leave the anchor text, hyperlinks or text links, friends of the chain link to the webmaster is a pity chain as gold. Because the chain links can improve the site of PR, increase the amount collected love Shanghai and improve the keywords ranking effect etc.. But if in exchange when a chain of improper operation, will cause the site into the doomed eternally. When we exchange Links, how to improve the Links

two, included the normal

a lot of people in the exchange chain will be the first time to see the weight of the other site, in fact this is a misunderstanding of the majority. There are many now query weight website, and each kind of query tool it will appear difference. Love Shanghai did not give every website real weight, so different Webmaster Tools calculation website called weight are based on different methods, so the weight we see is not the real weight of the site. When we exchange chain, if the website PR, it proves that if in the same time two outbound links, each link of the website, the PR value transfer is generally equal.

three and site

exchange chain, outbound links most people are more concerned about the other site, snapshot date and weight and the PR value. The number of the chain and included the situation is often overlooked by Shanghai dragon Er, a web site is normal, it can be proved that the content of the website is to search the love, it is a good comprehensive. This is a website with potential, and it is worth to be friends.

four, ranking similar

site is not in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the first is down right or be K (the maximum penalty is K is down right), there are many reasons why a site down the right, for example, change the website title and keywords, space transfer etc.. If the other site is a high quality website originally temporarily be right down, we can keep the webmaster contact, and other websites to restore the normal situation, we will exchange with each other, and not see each other is not appropriate, because the decline, who can guarantee their own website forever "superior".

and other rolling links do not, because the rolling link is not recognized by search engines; cross links do not, because the cross links not only management difficulties, and.

in the first placeThe


site keywords ranking is the weight of the similar keywords in the site is almost two key words site can support each other, this website for those keywords top is relatively important. It can be said, and related industry ranked similar website links to search engines, it is equal to two of the same level people agree with each other, so that the "vote" is more recognized by search engines.

? The on-line

Talking about the present situation of Shanghai dragon industry Shanghai dragon industry market

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do network optimization when more money, a lot of people or companies see the business opportunities, and thus a lot of shell optimization company, is a company of up to three people, or only one person, no technology, how they make money? Is their orders and then outsourced to other companies or optimization man to do, make the profit, they use a lot of companies do not understand the industry, to those enterprises is how we will optimize, this words make up in long time, but also ensure the search engine ranking ranked off, and deceptive orders. I have seen this kind of company, a company, a person, business manager, boss, employee is a person to do, they pick the single and the outsourcing, even more ridiculous is the "Shenzhen car" the words love Shanghai top 31 years received 5000 yuan, if you understand Shanghai Longfeng people must know the word the commercial value and the degree of competition, even.

website is increasing, many companies want to spend the least money to get the best return, please professional personnel costs are high, so just rely on these professional optimization company, will optimize the company’s business is getting better and better, better, one day can take a few ten single, but the one is too much, the staff do not come. Well, Shanghai dragon industry personnel salary requirements are relatively high, do not move and do not come, so some optimization company began to use the Shanghai dragon cheating way to help enterprises do what common methods include: optimization (keyword stuffing and group, false words, redirection, black chain, mass, software brush, brush, buy chicken Links etc.), this is the most effective way of ranking, quick, optimization put over to the corporate website, natural money faster, more money will not only save time. The enterprise website takes over and over time began to be search engine punishment, keywords plummeted, ask the optimization, optimization of company said this is your post does not maintain good cause, they’re not to blame. Of course, those enterprises also do not understand how to optimize the site, there is no professional talent, they just look at the keywords ranking, so the optimization company was kept in the dark.

with the increase of China Internet users, many products and services industry is poured into the Internet, resulting in a lot of enterprises and industry website, every industry in the Internet for this treasure Feng shui. The site is certainly depends on the website profit for themselves, profits come from? The profits generated by traffic flow on the back, then talk about relates to the site content and site ranking in the search engines, but the search engine ranking is not so good to do, the search engine to understand the properties you and ranking rules this is a lot of enterprises, the most troublesome. So he had a lot of specialized enterprises or help others do site optimization, web promotion, brand planning, construction sites, search engine marketing and Internet Co (hereinafter referred to as "a web hosting optimization company"), these companies rely on fees to support the optimization of the company’s overall operations.

Community O2O 5 questions for entrepreneurs to think aboutSix ways to bring your entrepreneurial tea

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When the

to look at the community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas.

understands your stress patterns,

even the Ding Dong District into a failed case, but the community did not reduce the heat O2O. On the contrary, we often hear that certain community O2O projects have received tens of millions of levels of financing. Moreover, dynamic valuation of billions of dollars, or even billions of.

when people face a series of crises, they will have a default stress response. For example, some people are faced with pressure to escape without restraint. Some people work hard, others complain about themselves, others blame others…… The important thing is that you have to know your stress patterns so that you can make your next step in a sober state.

I have been to the community O2O embrace of doubt, on the one hand is the market rising heat, on the other hand, has seen relative success stories, curious, also let a person want to explore in this field.

in 2013, one of my friends want to do community O2O, and to start planning team and other issues. By the first half of 2014, the project had not yet started, but he told us about it again, saying that a company in Beijing had raised $100 million. "One hundred million dollars ah, what not to do!" the excitement shows between the lines. Not long ago, when we talk about the O2O community again, he became silent, seems to have given up the idea, perhaps by the Ding Dong District "failure".


what is community O2O? I always have this question. For example, near the community to achieve online takeaway food store, is not? If so, it is not a takeaway, as for the O2O community so tall? Looking at the current domestic O2O community model, can be divided into several categories:

through the phenomenon

has been a bottleneck, funds may be problems, you can not continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. Debt denial includes non essential expenses such as not buying new equipment, adding workspaces, hiring contractors, and so on.

these decisions are tough, but as an entrepreneurial team, it is better to save money than to let the debt problem grow. In addition, it is necessary to have an emergency account, so as not to encounter really unavoidable expenses.

meets customer needs in order to create valuable models. The Internet is not to change people’s lives, but to enhance people’s lives, make life easier and more interesting. And the development of the Internet to the back, the more should be embellish things fine silent, feeling no barriers, and daily life as one.

rejects more debt,

a, the District Social entry: for example, Ding Dong District, community social entry, but actually do is.

if clear decay building a nest, must not mean action. If you can’t hire more employees, so will the extra people clean up; if your income is from a customer service to customers, then do not choosy. But also be quick to find clients and projects that interest you.

everyone loves listening to successful startup Stories: tough starts, popular products, smooth financing, and the peak of life…… Not every story has a perfect ending, and in order to avoid the tragedy, especially entrepreneurs in the Internet industry entrepreneurs, have not only courage, foresight, more important is to learn to deal with the crisis.

understand the difficulty, and see the essence of

for the community O2O, on the one hand, the market is rising heat, on the other hand, did not see a relatively successful case appeared. To meet customer needs in order to create valuable models, so as to look at the current community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas of the industry. So, as an entrepreneur, the following 5 questions are worth thinking about.

when you start your business, you may have a relatively focused vision: >

maybe you know everything about the team, such as how many people have been hired recently and how many contracts have been broken up. However, these are not the main reasons for your bottleneck. As a marriage, a small problem small enough to make families fall apart, but the long-term accumulation of small problems can also lead to building collapse. So the team’s decision makers should see the problem going on for a long time.

1, entry point,

we all say that entrepreneurship is based on passion, all the problems to understand, and also lost the opportunity to start business. So these questions don’t have to be answered, but at least think about it. If you’re trying to start a business in this field, I think the following issues need to be considered:

back to the original vision,

/ Wu,

don’t believe in fatalism,

fatalistic theory is, "things are always like this, you can’t escape."." The idea is so easy to despair that there is no incentive to take action. Keep looking at where you can change and challenge, and you won’t be a victim of fatalism.

bottleneck coming, take decisive action,

American financial magazine Entrepreneur pointed out that entrepreneurship is a gamble, but also to face the difficulties in the team, which requires entrepreneurs excellent Eq. Specifically, there are several ways to get your team out of the clouds as soon as possible.

The next 24 hours easy to keep on account that nobody to rechargeBusiness must go through five Hom

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repetition – do you bother, do what you do, do it, close your eyes, or even dream,

now the parties are concerned three questions: why Hang Zhou to launch an attack on the "son"? The interests of drivers and passengers can be protected? Itself strapped LETV will easy to

in your head.

"as far as I know, there is a real money problem.". And the most direct reason for this problem is that music as easy as funds misappropriated 1 billion 300 million." Zhou Hang’s announcement will be easy to fall into crisis, directed at music, said, "because music as well-known reasons, but also inevitably hurt the easy to itself."".

"on account of what? People can not find it! Let’s go to Beijing to find someone?!" a Shanghai car driver display easy to "white" to the first financial journalist, it records the driver’s name, account number and the amount of cash.

in later times, I shop business gradually better, at that time I was delighted to see their pay for results, I feel very excited, but I also put my propaganda live down, but my stop is to make my business once again deserted, at that time I realized I do not go far enough, I also need to continue to do, continue to do.

opened a year in my shop, business has been basically stable, but my income has been good, then every day I was washing and guest chat, some people may think that life is good, but I was a little tired. I’m eager for new, so I’m ready to invest in other

from Hang Zhou 17 PM reporter to voice has been in the past over 24 hours, in the meantime, the car is easy to Shanghai branch and is located in Beijing Zhongguancun Chinese technology exchange building easy to car headquarters, gathered a group to come to ask the driver and client is easy to. In easy to official micro-blog statement released yesterday, is also flooded with drivers and users tucao.

how to deal with?

today, I’d like to share with you some of the phases I started in business, and summarize my whole business process in a period of time. I hope it will be helpful to you:

we have their own understanding of entrepreneurship, but also have their own purpose and mentality of the beginning. I don’t know what other people are doing. I was excited at first. I thought if I could open my store, it would mean I was successful. I guess I was just right. The store was really the beginning of my success, but it was also the beginning of my suffering….

Beijing driver master is also facing a piece of "ious", it says "payment notice", on behalf of easy to promise, will let the driver withdrawals, but the official arrival to wait 16 working days.

"I have more than 5000 yuan left."." Beijing easy to driver Li master 18, the first financial reporter said. On the same day, Shanghai also has a lot of car drivers gathered in the easy to use car Shanghai branch, two drivers said they have 60 thousand yuan has not been mentioned.

, a music industry close to the source told the first financial reporter, does not rule out music as easy to find home, financing and find the family is equal."

easy to own 24 hours: keep on account of

attention – do you love, nothing can only be of two minds


easy to capital chain problems are not new, but this time to easy to collapse is the founder of the company Zhou yun. 17 afternoon, Zhou hang said in a statement on the music as easy to misappropriation of funds of 1 billion 300 million, also strongly urged the easy to control – and actual LETV Jia Yueting can stand in the perspective of social responsibility, easy to properly handle the problem.


continued – nothing can be put down, and sometimes falling means going back to life.

I just started doing a car wash shop, just opened a few days, the business is not bad, I also worked particularly hard, but gradually fewer people, business is deserted. The rest of my life is every day to distribute leaflets, distribute leaflets, distribute leaflets, I suddenly have a world of deception, feeling abandoned, sometimes watching others my flier readily thrown into the trash, I really want to beat, but I didn’t, because my face is not to mention leaflets that response I can not change the reality, so I can only repeat, repeated day by day. I will shop, slowly, do.

more than easy to the driver told the first financial reporter, years ago, successful withdrawals rely on luck, withdrawals after the year is basically hopeless.

when I started looking back at my whole business trip, I actually had a lot to say. The years of ups and downs, like a TV series, are constantly repeating in my head. When I came to this city, I was so yearning, but when I failed and I feel so strange, then to now I have not a sense of accomplishment, but a genuine sense of belonging.

to tell you the truth, at that time I lost most of the time, I don’t know what to do when I shop, do not know what time you can make money, then my heart is only one idea, is to do it, no matter how stick with it.

, however, for the door for the driver, easy to deal with the only way is "on account".

as of press time, although the first financial reporter dialed the phone three times, but Zhou hang refused to answer. In addition to easy to continue to come to collect debts driver "on account", also did not make more response. The music is riposte that has invested nearly 4 billion yuan to the development of ecological resources and a large number of support, and implied the Hang Zhou is the farmer and the snake in the story that the snake return kindness with ingratitude evil for good.

What benefit can SEO bring to the enterprise How should the enterprise SEO do well

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SEO this "little things", with its own advantages (free, cost-effective, effective results) to win more and more corporate identity. Business owners who want to SEO to achieve through their way of the e-commerce, but because of the lack of the necessary understanding for some SEO, in the practical application of the process there have been many deviations, today is about Sisong Hu SEO can produce what benefits for enterprise and business owners for the wrong cognitive SEO and enterprise how to do SEO.

What benefits can

SEO generate for its business:


1. Improving the brand awareness of enterprises in the Internet

two, to increase the exposure of products or services

three brings prospective customers

four, to help enterprises improve the conversion maximization

business owners’ misperceptions about SEO:

based on the above points, is indeed a lot of enterprises have acknowledged the value of SEO, but most of the enterprises but there is still a lack of understanding in SEO, many enterprises in the actual application to SEO "changed", so it is necessary to explain what is SEO:

SEO= search engine optimization; search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine marketing is part of network marketing. From the above we can see, in fact, SEO is just one of the network marketing means, methods, tools, many business owners are SEO as "results"; see SEO as a panacea. It is a mistake to think that SEO can receive orders from the Internet as long as we do a good job.

mentioned earlier that SEO is only a method and a means, it is not almighty, nor is it god". Regardless of SEOer level of staff to achieve what degree, and the related positions, some work or have someone to do, such as technical personnel, website construction of web design and some other social media promotion personnel and so on, and in the majority of domestic enterprises to these all the work assigned to SEO to this position that is to say, in the eyes of the enterprise SEO staff is omnipotent. This is also the place where business owners are not in the least understanding of SEO.

some business owners always think that when I hire SEO people every month, he should take all the relevant work related to the Internet and the website, and then bring me orders from the internet. Once they did not meet this requirement, they began to suspect SEO, suspected SEO staff did not seriously do, and more will speak loudly abuse. The boss for this wrong cognition, SEO practitioners are embittered, did not receive orders it is SEO personnel problem? SEO is just a means of promotion, is just a process, to achieve a certain effect, to get the book > on the network

Xiamen innovation and strong emphasis on international market

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the pace of economic globalization continues to accelerate, a high-quality enterprise only to meet the domestic market is not enough, but also to overseas development. Xiamen for the phenomenon of economic globalization, for the development of the enterprise requirements, innovation and strong, both in line with the international market, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Standing Committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Huang Qiang led the research area of industrial enterprises, has come to the long bus, amoytop, ed Sadegh, biological biological enterprise, the field to understand the situation of production and operation, the scene to coordinate the resolution of difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises, encourage enterprises to accelerate the capital expansion to achieve large-scale production.

in the enterprise and exchange forum, Huang Qiang pointed out that to further optimize the layout of regional and business enterprises, to mergers and acquisitions or capital expansion etc., to expand the scale of production; to innovate and create a strong embrace of the market, both capital and capital, integration of international markets, has taken the pace of development more quickly, the formation and development of larger scale the better economic benefit.

Huang Qiang said, the district government and enterprises will always be the same resonance frequency, must take effective measures to help enterprises solve difficulties and problems encountered in the production and management, for enterprises to achieve sustainable long-term development to create a more favorable external environment.

in the process of economic development, enterprises must be timely to keep pace with the times, to stand in the market environment, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, in order to become bigger and stronger. In an innovative society, it is very necessary for enterprises to start their own businesses, improve their competitiveness, and move towards the international market.

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Silent world pioneering Road

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what entrepreneurship is no excuse, just want to do, dare to do, is the beginning of success, even if the body cannot bring is short, following Tian Jie’s story, let us work together to learn about his business was!


despite the failure to combat, but the sense of responsibility to the family still inspires the big boy on a green hand firmly. That the government departments in the development of employment training for people with disabilities, Tian Jie initiative to contact the disabled massage skills learned and soon found a job. 2015, in the country’s basic services for the disabled and the needs of a special survey, Tian Jie’s situation caused by the relevant departments concerned.

Dongpo District Dashiqiao Street federation according to Tian Jie, the "tailored" personalized service "(hereinafter referred to as" the amount of service "), has developed a complete set of scheme for helping Tian Jie: first, encourage him to establish confidence, again; two, to help him fight for the employment of the disabled and disabled entrepreneurial assistance three, in view of his money; I have some farming techniques, based on their willingness to help the development of aquaculture, aquaculture walk the road of poverty.

7 factors – choose a good store location to consider the whole

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is not a good way to get rich, entrepreneurs need to consider too many factors, such as a good store location! Although the location of a good store is not the same, but also have a lot of similarities, the following Xiaobian to explain for you to choose a good store location must be considered 7 factors, come and see!

select a good store location to consider the factors 1:

human traffic: normal, holiday and day, night to person and proportion.

select a good store location to consider the factors 2:

vehicle flow: car and motorcycle traffic.

select a good store location to consider the factors 3:

traffic: current and future possible increase or decrease of transport.

select a good store location to consider the factors 4:

road width and parking problems.

select a good store location to consider the factors 5:

regional characteristics: competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions and cultural and educational, leisure facilities, etc..

select a good store location to consider the factors 6:

population survey: population, consumption habits, etc..

select a good store location to consider the factors 7:

business district survey: the main and secondary business area, rent, price.

good store location important? A good store location directly affects the income of entrepreneurs, you say important is not important? No matter what you choose to do what the industry business, a good store location or not, take a good look at the choice of good store location should consider these factors, to prepare their shop to be able to help!

Nanjing many schools to implement school policy – elastic

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many students need to send their parents to go to school, but many of the school, the time is very early, so many parents are very helpless. In Nanjing, the implementation of flexible school policy, by the parents’ attention. At present, Nanjing "elastic school leave" for the management of the school, the school is facing a lot of manpower and financial pressure. How to leave the school to do a good job, the reporter conducted a visit.

2:40 in the afternoon, the second grade primary school attached to the Metro South Division South Campus course has ended, Chen Yuxuan and her classmates set farewell in the school hall, set back again by the teacher in the canteen on the first floor "comfort station", and the Nanjing Normal University School of nursing duty teacher student volunteers in the school, opened the book and began to read after class. From time to time there are other grades to participate in the "elastic school" students come, went to the shop on a blue tablecloth table, quietly doing homework or reading.

"before school early, even on the football club is more than 3 p.m.. My mother couldn’t get up so early; dad worked in the company, and sometimes secretly came to pick me up in his flat. But there is no small partner exchanges and no books can see." Chen Yuxuan told reporters, and now his mother to pick him up at 5 o’clock, parents can work at ease, he can live very .

nsfz Xincheng South Campus primary school principals Hou Jundong introduction, the preparatory work has already begun from the winter vacation, the first week of school, where there are difficulties after leaving on time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school by the parents volunteered to submit a written application, approved by the school after school can delay.

the children after school, in the school setting at station can see interesting books, but also can advance the completion of the operation, this not only let the parents at ease, more time can help the parents go to work. Educational institutions are mainly based on public welfare, through cooperation with the school this model, can form a good reputation, which is a win-win situation.

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