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Love Shanghai update in time to improve the user experience at the top of the page second love Shang

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here I proposed 2 methods for the adjustment and optimization of

We first look at the picture:


love Shanghai after several rounds of large-scale K station adjustment love Shanghai today again big update,

2. according to the relevant search ranking mechanism love Shanghai, in a reasonable range to search your own tail, for example, the word "Wuhan yaoje technology", now there is Wuhan Jie Chi technology, only need to put the Wuhan yaoje technology related long tail search every day more than 5 times, naturally there will be new the long tail.

Original: Wuhan Yao Jie Technology www. Shanghai dragon yaojie贵族宝贝

ring up part is the search for love Shanghai search second leaves appear, before the relevant search at the bottom, the updated Shanghai love the top search terms second leaves have increased 3 related searches, which virtually increase the mutual search by clicking on the machine and the number is to improve the user experience, I personally think that this update is very good, as we can according to the relevant staff of Shanghai Longfeng increase efforts to promote the second key words, to love the Shanghai adjustment.

1. according to the relevant search at the top of the leaf were observed in all second are from the lower part of the top 3 selected up, so in the optimization of the time mainly to the lower part of front 3 key words each other to focus on line optimization.


Hao Cong shared everything he knew about the search engine marketing

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Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: teacher Hao said is right, can take a specific case analysis about it

Hao Cong: on the network marketing strategy, this topic is more conceptual. Network marketing strategies including but not limited to: search engine marketing, email marketing, instant messaging and marketing, BBS marketing, viral marketing, blog marketing, RSS marketing, creative podcast marketing, advertising marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, experience marketing, marketing, knowledge marketing, fun event marketing and so on, some strategies are from the media perspective the definition, application and some strategies from the perspective of the definition of, I’ve written an article about the article summed up the network marketing strategy, we can look to my BLOG, hope to help.

Hao Cong: a variety of marketing methods have their own characteristics, which, how to use, depending on your marketing budget, human resources and customer requests, I favor the search marketing, event marketing, email marketing, in addition, is SNS, such as micro-blog interactive platform, because this kind of interaction the spread of products is very strong, the objective situation.

Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: network marketing a variety of ways, among the many ways of marketing, which one do you prefer?

Hao Cong: the host overpraise, I think anyone in the field of network marketing has the opportunity to performance, I always think: as long as the creative, marketing is everywhere, provides a natural platform for the Internet and play the huge media for all network marketing, has spread fast, the direction of public opinion to guide the characteristics. As we can fully explore the demands and contradictions, triggering resonance amplification.

Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: today’s webmaster encyclopedia is search engine marketing explorer and practitioner of Hao Cong field (black dream), 6 years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng industry, 2 years experience in SEM services, has a number of commercial websites to provide overall solutions and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon advisory services. In the next hour Hao Cong and you share everything he knew about the search engine marketing. Now let’s welcome teacher Hao! Now the interview started, we know that the teacher Hao in the network marketing this one very much now, and we ask you to talk about network marketing strategy stuff

Hao Cong: These are the theory of things, in the actual development of network marketing, according to the real marketing demand, user group characteristics, the influence of the brand level of products, the advantages and disadvantages of absolute strategy is to what can be used, and which should not use what marketing cost is lower, and which is better. For example, high-end brand marketing often sell to users is the future, or is the trend, it focuses on the influence of the target user group inside, so that they have to rely on thinking. OVER!

Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: teacher Hao said, this should be decided according to the actual situation of

Noble baby Adsense account is sealed to the whole process.

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AdSense from the

First picture: Hello! Article


about a week, Adsense reply, this reply content is more simple, as follows:

after "careful" changes, owners believe that website has to meet the quality standard, then sent a letter of confession as a warning for the future mail, both hands swear to God "will not violate the quality guidelines and regulations of Adsense" (though he did not know where the illegal)……


the early release, but the problem is not resolved. As it happened, 2013, my friend’s Adsense account was closed. Open the message to see, reason is "violation of noble baby webmaster quality guidelines". Therefore, your AdSense account has been disabled, part of the noble baby excerpt in the mail.

I’ve successfully unlinked your AdSense and Analytics accounts. If you’d

as you know, noble baby attaches great importance to the violation of our plan policy. For violation of AdSense plan policy is disabled account the publisher will not be able to continue to participate in the noble baby AdSense plan.

follow the link to integrate accounts on the " Overview" or; " Advanced

group of noble baby

(disabled account is due to illegally noble baby Adsense anti cooperation standard)

after a few days to receive such a letter "I have to cancel your Adsense and Analytics account email:

I wish you greater success!


because of the specific violation of the agreement is not clear, so he made a careful study of the site quality guidelines, to think in violation of the content, "all the rectification. That noble baby website quality guidelines is content too stiff, and there are a variety of possible violations, all need a point in, if not carefully read very hard to understand what it means.

like to re-link your AdSense account with an Analytics account, please

Knowledge paid, explosion frequent, to build a formula and three bottlenecks burstPull hook nets a g

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one, knowledge, entrepreneurship, fire,


the network profit model is not clear

At the beginning of

June 6th, Himalaya launched 66 member days, around the content of knowledge paid to introduce membership services, and strengthen the stickiness of paid users, three days to convene 3 million 420 thousand members, membership sales reached 61 million 140 thousand. According to the platform announced news, this year, its paid users monthly average ARPU value has exceeded 90 yuan.

, industry media tiger sniffing, 36kr and titanium media launched their respective knowledge paid membership services…….

recently, one of my friends a very busy, working on a variety of network platform every day. I can not help asking him, you take the ID card every day to shoot, and what is the certification,

this is also a lot of aspiring knowledge paid young entrepreneurs common distress. Meanwhile, in the summer, knowledge pays more.


at the same time, various segments of the intellectual entrepreneurs began to achieve amazing results. Voice coach Xu Jie, "how to make good sound", sold 1 million 900 thousand in a single day. Is it difficult for Shanghai Conservatory Of Music Professor Tian Ye’s classical music to pay a fee of 7 million 815 thousand?



has been declared for the network enterprise charges, but for now.

punk proudly laugh, I want to do network red

in May 18th, held a knowledge conference, Luo fat released 12 knowledge products, and issued an internal quality control manual, its subscription column sales volume has reached 2 million 60 thousand copies.

in the field of Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net, not alone, the street network, push the network, Zhou Botong, etc. are also outstanding tenderness in the field of Internet recruitment vertical. 2011 street network access to fidelity, New Oriental, and three institutions tens of millions of dollars level financing; 2013 push network established the beginning of the 2 million 500 thousand angel investment innovation factory in September 15, 2014 announced the acquisition of NetEase; Zhou Botong recruitment capital of 28 million yuan of A round of financing in August 12, 2014; and won $20 million B round of financing 100 million valuation…… For a time, favorable capital of the Internet recruitment industry vertical burning hot, all the name of the subversion of the traditional Internet recruitment banner of the company can be more or less favored capital, but favored capital does not necessarily imply that the prospects of people look forward to, it may be another bubble.


May 6th, 36kr issued an annual fee report on knowledge, noting that the overall economic size of the field is expected to reach 300-500 yuan, to become "new tuyere"".

but very tangled, Himalaya, live, 1000, or chat, small dense ring, and a goose, rice and vegetable roll pass, as q…… Knowledge paid platform too much, where to earn the first pot of gold

Xu just give a pull hook net data, China Internet practitioners about 3 million people, an average of more than two times for work, every year about 1 million 500 thousand people for work from "Xu just chat behind" pull hook net transformation and elegant; pull hook nets in different site also gives another set of data, the network statistics at present, there are about 5 million IT employees, of which 70% people every 2-3 years to replace the work through the Internet, which means that the Internet recruitment target users about 1 million 200 thousand a year on average from the DoNews story: "new Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net to support the high valuation". Take both of them, and we have 1 million 350 thousand Internet target users per year. Remove like qianchengwuyou, ChinaHR Zhaopin these big Mac, pull hook network can get the market share should be less than 20%, the value is 400 million yuan, and $150 million 900 million yuan valuation compared with obvious huge water.



May 17th, know almost on-line "knowledge market", launched similar to Taobao’s "7 days without reason refund" rules. Know about live on-line 11 months, has held 2900 games, more than 3 million people to participate in, the speaker average hourly salary reached 11000 yuan.

on June 3rd, thousands of chat held the "knowledge drain break" summit, invited more than 300 KOL, the platform has registered lecturers 800 thousand, courses, and income of more than 500 yuan lecturer reached 50 thousand people.

the network completed in August by Qiming led Bertelsmann with the cast of B $25 million round of financing, valuation reached $150 million, but this time the network was set up a year time only. In response to a VC gangster, an investor does not actually need to make money, and it needs to grow up as a neurotic.

Internet vertical recruitment valuations bubble


certainly, pull hook net should be is this one of neuropathy as the project, a short time growing madness, do not consider how to profit, but think about how the plate to do more. To understand this, look back at the pull hook net hit 5 million Monday is to create recruitment, behoove, is not the story? Internet analyst Xu just born, clearly understand this.

said, "he’s on the list. You see, recently, knowledge is very expensive. I happen to have an excellent ear for speech, and I want to make a knowledge paying content business for this area.".

poof, I can not help laughing. I don’t trust a hooligan face look, said, is not the kind of Red Net live, is the knowledge network of red

Animal riding all chips end, pushing new flagship serviceShare a few new Wangzhuan planning advice.

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If this

Internet plus riding to create the most sense of science and technology brand – Beast landing China riding bike, and held a strategic conference during the exhibition.


grabbed the Internet and started branding

is a relatively mature Wangzhuan form, when everyone in a project to do better, can be like the brand direction, on the one hand we have the brand promotion, on the other hand.

builds skills in small projects and seeks to develop network

China international bike riding beast to bring a new product, according to the countdown poster on the drying out of the micro-blog riding beast beast: on the ride is likely to launch the "Three Guarantees" service package the "warranty" + "maintenance" and "insurance", China is a big country bike, but traditional bicycle the industry has been a problem is the consumer to buy a car, no maintenance, no warranty, in recent years, the service industry gradually began riding, more cars began to shop for consumers and riding friends to provide services, but there are still uneven quality of service, service charges opaque, riding beast in the congregation raised just after it launched a strong industry innovation the service mode, really make people feel the beast on the user’s sincerity.

is a project to make money is limited, and the like that line Feng Gong said, now the play is a comprehensive strength, after all, the customer demand is not single, when he asked whether you do LOGO, he also need advertisements and promotional planning services for the development. This problem is the novice Wangzhuan needs to pay attention in the second stage of the Wangzhuan present, not just in the service field, writing appropriate to do some writing press releases and event planning scheme can become the choice of young people, thus not only enrich their product range, as far as possible to retain resources, also the customers think we are more professional, of course this is just to the point, we can make a reasonable judgment according to their own industry.


any contact Wangzhuan friends don’t abandon those small orders, although the amount is limited, but the same is not high, not only can do some appropriate to consolidate their skills, but also enhance the confidence in their field, can be said to be two stone carving. But the novice friends only look to see in this apparently not, in the early Wangzhuan process, there is an important goal of small project is to set up their own customer network, through small task orders, gradually exposed to some big demand or long-term cooperation customers, like my niece, although a LOGO100 do but in her customers are also willing to spend 1000 dollars to do LOGO customers, priority among priorities and this part of the resources we screened out is the future development.

riding beast is a focus to create a top smart sports bike technology company, in March 10th 751 in Beijing has just released three strategic new products: SpeedX carbon fiber bicycle MUSTANG, LEOPARD intelligent motion and its professional version of "LEOPARD PRO", priced at 3999 yuan, 7999 yuan and 14999 yuan. And on the same day, Jingdong raised all the chips. As of May 4th, wild riding Jingdong all chips end, the cumulative raise 15 million yuan; synchronous overseas overseas chips in KickStarter overseas chips also received more than 2 million 300 thousand U.S. dollars. This achievement is ranked first in both domestic and overseas riding events.

his niece is a university in the reading of the Book Design Bachelor, usually love to do things like LOGO tags, the effect is good, the pig also earn a lot of money, and a few students recently opened a so-called studio, seems to make a lot of money. In fact, this is also good, some children do poineering work together with the drum is beaten, than when crush vitae, look at the other people more active. But then I asked them what they thought about the future, but they were very optimistic. I think I’m doing well now. I can earn a part-time job with LOGO, which is much better than handing out leaflets. It is said, but always Wangzhuan is to have planning, after all, a few young people together, set up a studio. If only in guerrilla warfare, in the Witkey site to accept the task, this approach will certainly not work, the following easy constant to tell everyone about their plan to give the novice a few ideas.

as a recognized bicycle kingdom, China’s cycling population is growing rapidly. According to the "China sports bicycle industry survey report", the domestic bicycle sport especially mass cycling sport in recent years, showing a trend of rapid development, the current domestic bicycle Sporting Club Hotel has more than 1 million, related stores have more than 10 thousand, the number of participating in bicycle sports for more than 20 million. How to integrate resources, promote cycling sports and product market scale, standardization, from the overall strategic point of view, wild animals hope in the future

now owns the beast beast riding riding app, Speedforce integrated timers and SpeedX intelligent exercise bike. It is reported that the beast riding since October 2014 began to build its own smart bike brand SpeedX. And in February 2015, July 2015 and March 2016 to get it real fund Xu Xiaoping millions of dollars in angel investment, innovation works, Li Kaifu 50 million yuan A round of investment and the new round of investment fund 30 million Jinding A+, intelligent hardware has become one of the fastest growing enterprises China.

has been expanding services on the basis of existing support


Case study holiday house rental website file

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transparent property information, the perfect industry standards, so that real estate e-commerce in foreign countries to develop faster and more large-scale. Today is Monday and everyone under the crowd just IPO HomeAway.

HomeAway is a holiday service online rental website, founded in 2004 and operated in 2005. Just a few years time, HomeAway through a series of acquisitions and strategic expansion (the founding investment and mergers and acquisitions five world-class vacation rental site, including the United States and Britain’s Holiday-Rentals Cyberrentals web site), has now become the holiday rental housing the world’s largest online service provider, the company is currently in 145 countries around the world has more than 560 thousand vacation rental housing.

1 and HomeAway growth profile

domain name:

is located in Austen, Texas,

founder time: 2004

current staff: 735 people,

website concept: with HomeAway, Hotel (why hotel when to you can HomeAway). This is the HomeAway on the official website on the slogan, its hidden behind the "personal" aura has let us feel that the website domineering exposed.

‘s brief history of growth:


HomeAway Ventures from the Vc firm in Austen Austin Ventures and the other one is located in California Menlo Park Vc firm Redpoint, received a total of $500 million investment.


, IVP, and Trident Capital contributed $160 million to support HomeAway’s acquisition of the site;


HomeAway and Redpoint Ventures, is located in California Menlo Park Vc firm Technology Crossover Ventures and Institutional Venture Partners a total of $250 million in venture capital investment.


attracted a total of 220 million user visits, with an average of 9 million 500 thousand visits per month;


Bold speculation intermediary platform, site development direction

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when we search for a keyword is not difficult to find a lot of keywords ranking are classified information and B2B occupy a large site, that is not to say that search engines love these sites? I think as long as you in the perspective of ordinary users to analyze these sites will be the corresponding answer, no matter what your answer is anyway, I reject. Why search engines will give these sites so high ranking? I think the main reason is the network market is not refined, with the network market gradually refine the site only direction is like Taobao as a platform independent.

why intermediary platform is ranked

why intermediary platform search engine traffic into the shocking, do not want to know because they conform to the search engine algorithm, says website data on the website of the weight contribution decreased gradually, but there is still the main reference factors, we look at the following data:


said the user experience on the weights of the website to take you to increase gradually, but the search engine algorithm to the change in the buffer, and the user experience of search engine itself is not a good judge, because many search engines follow the user came to an intermediary site for users and there is no direct exit, but difficult to search again the following is a thermodynamic diagram needs, intermediary site:


thermodynamic diagram this small intermediary platform is not difficult to guess intermediary site out rate is very low, since you are holding the attitude of the search engine how to muddle along to judgment.

intermediary platform will gradually fade out of the search engine market


intermediary group you will gradually fade out the high search engine market, is actually very simple, just search engine itself, it is not to appear like Taobao such a large platform to seize the market share of their own search engine itself, it is a very easy for the generation of virtual products are popular, and can use the search no Baidu, no can also fade out a better search engine, it will have to follow the footsteps of the user debugging of self-improvement, however, with the strengthening of the needs of users and businesses change awareness of the net two times so tired of epiglottis search, intermediary platform in the search engine’s share will no doubt greatly, is now the most for obvious change is the industry site, to a point of intermediary platform will gradually fade out the search engine market is because the network market Insufficient subdivision.

intermediary platform development direction bold speculation

All the above

statement to say that the intermediary platform will fade out of the search engine market only, namely intermediary platform to obtain from search engine traffic will be greatly reduced, of course, is to buffer, but I believe that not long, although the network market is not fine, but the pen.

Why is it good to roast a country in Hefei

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said that there is a good barbecue in Hefei to join the brand, small series of life in Hefei for you to recommend baking on the national paper barbecue. Of course, do not come up with a little dry goods can not convince you, please look at the following brief introduction to the grilled country paper on the grill.

roast country · paper barbecue has a professional, effective R & D team, and constantly develop new products to meet the market demand for new products, to ensure that the brand grab ahead of competitors in gold.

1. ·: perfect logistics; accurate and timely to ensure the normal operation of the investors "baked in stores, · paper barbecue" headquarters will be through the improvement of the logistics system, safe, accurate and fast to a full set of equipment and supplies business timely delivery of shopkeepers hands.

2. business · flexible mode: in order to avoid the risk of investors, "the paper baked · a barbecue system return and risk of exit mechanism, poor management can according to the actual situation, refer to the relevant policy, agreed to exit the business to avoid the risk.

3. media · advertising promotion: headquarters will be widely publicized in CCTV, the local TV, magazines, newspapers, Internet and other media, the huge advertising strategies aimed at improving the "roast country · paper barbecue" brand awareness and influence power, help investors attract popularity, improve sales performance.

4. · professional equipment; free training: "baked country · using the method of paper barbecue with professional lecturers product production process, production process, nutrition formula and brand equipment, to enable investors to enjoy the free learning system, easy operation, the headquarters training field control. The latter will continue to provide free equipment technology upgrades and equipment maintenance services.

5. ·: protection and reasonable development; business strategy according to the market’s headquarters will implement regional protection policies strictly to the investors, set up shop, unified control area quantity, price system and policy, to ensure that the monopoly of investors in a certain area, to avoid vicious competition between the various stores, standardize the market environment, the investors can healthy development and lasting profit.

6. tracking management · sustainable development: from the shop to contract management, "the paper · grilled barbecue; headquarters will be full support, regular visits to the store, not for staff training, business communication, marketing training and supervision support regularly, timely follow up. The implementation of fixed, regular, periodic

Wang Laoqi steamed fast food franchise

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Chinese cooking methods varied: fried, fried, boiled, fried, braised, stewed, etc.. As a result of the food and beverage brands are numerous, but have you ever thought about a special way of cooking a unique fast food restaurant?

in many way of cooking, stewing, steaming produced the most nutritious delicacy, so in the face of nutrition food market demand continues to increase investment to open food and beverage market, steamed snack shop is very good, recommended here Wang Laoqi steamed food items, Wang Laoqi steamed snack is recognized by consumers is the diet and health products, join you can easily make money.

Wang seven steamed with exclusive private recipe, steamed steamed rice soup can keep the food, taste and nutrition, by way of making a delicacy of the evolution of the modern people a king by patent seven a way of keeping good health! Steaming equipment developed the exclusive, fundamentally solve the cumbersome, nutritional value loss problem of Chinese the traditional fast food technology, private steaming process, original, authentic, nutrition, health, and all ages.

Wang seven steamed food

Wang seven steamed snack project headquarters research team launched a series of delicacy, but also in the pricing, the maximum to meet the consumers’ demand. At the same time, Wang Laoqi steamed fast food fast food delicacy, so that consumers do not need to wait for a long time. Only need thirty seconds of time, can quick meal, Wang seven steam nutrition housekeeper with this advantage, captured a large number of consumers.

is a high quality and inexpensive, convenient Wang Laoqi steamed snack delicacy, triggered a consumer buying boom, of course, make it become franchisees eager to join the project. Join Wang Laoqi steamed food, headquarters to provide marketing resources and product promotion, and constantly improve the visibility of the seven king, let the franchisee shop you can have a good business.

What is the direction of the development of health care

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is not what is more important than health, we all hope you can have a very healthy body, in recent years, the health of the entrepreneurial projects has been an unprecedented development, a lot of people to get good returns in which you are not ready to engage in this industry? But do you understand its current situation and future direction? Here and we look at the direction of the development of Health Health Museum, to the needs of a friend of reference.

mode expansion

In fact, we see

in the market today, the health museum, in the management process is basically a single individual, like some massage shops, they provide knowledge to massage alone, or health care products retail, just have a sales function; this also makes our store is not able to give consumers more comprehensive services and consumer experience, so we join in investment when this industry in the early stage, we can honestly from aspects, because we want to build their own reputation, a process the best way is to provide fewer services.

project development

At the same time,

is now in the market for the Health Museum has not been popular, mainly because the industry is too dead; because for any industry, want to be able to survive in the market has been down on it, then we can make our business in such projects, obtain better development. So if we want into this industry, we need to develop our new areas for the project have a relatively high demand, the development of new technology, or new products, no matter what, we all need to take seriously.

full service

A set of

we should not only create their own store consumption, we focus on the services for consumers but also at the same time so we adaptability in the store; the best is the need to provide different services for different groups of people, because we are now in the market for health has more than the requirements of the crowd, and the crowd the age span is relatively large; so we store products and services to create, we also need different people to provide different services.

health industry in the current development is very fast, but also a very worthy of people’s choice of an industry, after reading the introduction above, you do not know the health of the development direction of the health museum? So in the future development is also not know how to do? Although in today’s society in the industry, and there is no outstanding advantage, but if we treat our entrepreneurial projects seriously, the demand for the development of its breakthrough point more, still can bring us unimaginable benefits. < recommended