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The effectiveness of the chain view

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in the chain when everyone knows what time is the best anchor text and hyperlinks, the last is the text. Although my hair of the chain is not much. Most of them are pure text. But some is in the form of hyperlinks. I found a hyperlink also has several different forms. When we put the mouse on the link, do not click on, look at the bottom of the browser display, usually three display forms, one is the direct link URL, the hyperlink can transfer page weight, spider can also climb down, the second is Javascript (), this form is more common in classification and information the B2B website, it is the legendary call, there is a typical page Jump, like Shanghai is Shanghai dragon pony blog comments to stay outside the chain, there is also some forum, this is the chain jump range. In fact, I on both the hyperlink heart always have some doubts. Although the two link is a hyperlink, but these two links are spiders index difficult category. As I understand, the real effects on the website optimization is the normal display link instead of JS calls and jump.

has always been a question that is about nofollow tags. Once in the Shanghai dragon forum presents a nofollow problem, this is also just stop > tag is transfer the weights of the web page

before learning we should also have to understand, said the search engine is not a cold call this JS and dynamic URL, although the search engine can grab dynamic URL, but like some forum or blog belongs to jump hyperlinks, which according to the dynamic number are long, this link my personal feeling is only convenient for the user to click on it, what will bring. Today I made this problem in a push forum, want to consult, but really answer my people are really talk about, in the forum to ask something was also the infinite Navy submerged have a headache. Fortunately there is a moderator provides answers to these questions, that is not what this kind of chain effect on the ranking, but also does not transfer the weight, should be more correct. But I think, since many people love Shanghai optimization text URL, many forum members are hung pure text, this is also a lot of chain personnel commonly used outside the chain way since love can identify this kind of Shanghai plain text, so our links and not the anchor text, love Shanghai read the website, since pure text has certain effects on love Shanghai optimization, although not much. It is not super chain links is not a pure text with the same URL exists. What if it is equivalent to the pure text, a related domain, then find a chain of high quality good than to some BBS hang pure text outside the chain much better now, forum posts included basically continued in a certain light, included a part to remove a part, but the probability is included in a high quality personal blog page will be greater and delete chance on many small.

According to the statistical analysis of estimation and prediction of the web site keywords and valu

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. In the noble and love baby in Shanghai Chinese Internet market of the us through them to run amuck, forecast, basically can predict the stability of the site search flow.

estimation, prediction of the site keywords flow and value; in fact, Shanghai dragon website optimization, the most important point is not considered directly on the key words. First, when we received a keyword, the first is to carry on the forecast, this thing no wrong.

search engine noble baby, we can know the monthly forecast of the website keyword search times, has been hit, more can keyword traffic prediction search engine to the site, if the baby aristocratic prediction to row name prediction so long to share how much traffic from search engines, or 30%. Or is 50%

In fact, the

According to the statistical analysis of

flow prediction.

In fact, through the search engine to forecast

two, the web site of the keywords ranking prediction,

from the web site keywords can bring traffic, rain is what kind of keywords can be obtained from search engine ranking. Have to go through the forecast. In fact, after a series of keywords list item forecast, the estimated proportion is not able to complete one hundred percent, for example, we have one hundred words on the hand, predict the ranking, need ranking effect, flow calculation. But the forecast is not so obvious.

First of all we say

prediction of Web site traffic, we must proceed from the three aspects of

, the website keyword search number forecast,

only love Shanghai predicted more trouble, love the Shanghai index and >

Firstly, through the analysis of

prediction tool budget website nobility baby is very good, I feel very good, but the basic use of love Shanghai, then through the forecast flow it. Love Shanghai can participate in the search index prediction.

three, the rank of the website page click rate forecast.

search engine according to the noble baby flow estimation, and can reach the general keyword keyword ranking and achieve the desired effect brought by traffic, about 40% before forecasting. Only a few small. Perhaps when yo keyword prediction error can make back a lot of traffic loss.

these are different, however, if after we predict some key words, we can do some long tail keywords, this calculation can accumulate the search engine can bring us flow.


from the aspects of the predicted site of power, the value of the site can be a big budget.

estimated what? The estimated time, ranking, and flow effect.

Teach you how to improve the low conversion rate of the old webmaster website

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, we are from the website popup rate to carry on the analysis, we all know that the site is usually the bounce rate is mainly aimed at our site, the site visit to judgment, usually a website bounce rate directly reflects the user of the site inspection is good, but for the case the content of a web site, but also directly affect the site’s conversion rate, we can see from the picture of the small website bounce rate low of 81.82%, the highest is 100%, from the data we more certainly a lot of tourists do not find what you want, on my website to leave, for this, Xiaobian feel very failure, website bounce rate is too high.

second: many of the sites have been doing "title party" activities, use the title to attract users, but this article has no substantive content, let the user enter the article page, feel a kind of feeling of deception, for such cases tourists are usually close the page in click to enter other website to find the content they want, so for this case, the small advice >

first we need to understand that a website conversion rate is low in what situation, the small situation is mainly divided into the residence time of tourists and our website bounce rate, we can www.6hoo贵族宝贝 a website screenshot data from small series can be seen in the small website, the longest stay in 120.38S the shortest 21.42S, see friends this data many may feel good, very good, but not for a beautiful picture station, the residence time of this still belongs to a few, because according to the story, the average residence market at about 140S in our industry similar website, so small website far from the demand.

believes that many webmaster with small hands, the site more or less have some traffic, but relative to other sites in the same industry, the conversion rate is much lower. We all know that a low conversion rate of the website directly means the website and their equivalent circle of rival site income comparison would be a lot less, this is of course every webmaster do not want to see, so today Xiaobian to explain how to improve the network and station conversion.

through these two small analysis draws some experience, hope to help you master.



the first point: tourists in the site stay time is short, and the bounce rate is very high, a large part of the reason is because there is no specific page to get visitors click, but the single page has informed the users want to find content, usually small series of such circumstances suggest a related recommendation column. To get more visitors click, let visitors have questions trying to understand the related content of interest.


Check 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update processing method

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2, a good space. There are two conditions, one is open speed should not exceed 5 seconds, Shanghai dragon do a commonplace talk of an old scholar should focus on the user experience, in fact, this is the user experience, if you open the space is very slow, who will love. The two is very stable, no matter what time the spider, spider can access. So the search engine to a certain degree above give you extra points, the snapshot is not a problem.

5, a week to write a few soft article. This is for you to learn, and can add a lot of backlinks to your site, snapshot update naturally be nothing difficult. I like A5 on the soft hits and reproduced or very good.

Shanghai, now more and more electricity supplier website needs to be optimized, small small to release the product page, big big to keyword optimization ranking, with the local network of Shanghai dragon arena. A Shanghai dragon need to grasp more knowledge about Shanghai dragon, today Shanghai love story behind the snapshot. If a site has new places or new things will attract the arrival of the spider, a snapshot of your website so the search engine will update the database, so how can we make love Shanghai day is the next day snapshot update or snapshot here according to a "fat: 10 love Shanghai in inventory update the reasons summed up" approach 10 corresponding, provide a reference for the webmaster.

6, refused to hang black chain. Experience tell you webmaster, black links will quietly disappear, once this black links force, increase the weight of your site, when a link failure, so your site will be search engine friendly judgment. It will not only affect the snapshot, and may be right down. So such things advised you don’t do it.

4, Links check. Many webmaster, hasty do a Links whether, in fact, this is wrong, Links not to do, but also diligent check, because if you change the link update snapshot overnight, then snapshot of your site also have a certain effect.

1, every day to add original content to your website. We are the first day to a new company work, presided over the morning meeting of the people will say so and so coming to our company has injected new blood, and we also need such a website, need to take care of it. The website should have the update frequency. Let the spider often come to your site. Snapshot will update. So slowly accumulated weight love Shanghai.

3, every day to add several backlinks. A regular and continuous increase a few of the reverse connect every day, the effect is very significant, which is equivalent to the word-of-mouth, your website address every day in the Internet, so there is a spider on your friendship, the key point is to adhere to, so as to let the search engine update every day.

7, adhere to the mass without software

. Can improve the keywords ranking group within a short time, that I have.

Four steps to the novice will be Shanghai dragon optimization

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"to do good work, must first sharpen his tools", choose a certain weight of domain name and the stability of the space is the first step to optimize the success, I can see, a lot of people are not optimal level difference, but the optimization based hardware needed too, such as space often downtime, is a new domain name or domain name the domain name is being punished. So you will have to pay tens of times efforts may not be able to achieve the desired effect, and even to achieve the ultimate goal, but overnight, also can let you cast to waste all the effort. The stability of the space since Needless to say, I only take effect to talk about my personal website domain name, I recently made a guest website, the domain name is registered as a station has years of domain name, and then on a single page station, a love Shanghai index 80 words, there is no more new any article on the weights of the domain name, the ranking of this site within a week to love Shanghai before three. Thus, factors affecting the weight of the domain name can not be ignored.

, to know how to choose a site to optimize the system of

The basic conditions of Two new

, a new Shanghai dragon find the weight of domain name and stable space

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is undoubtedly free website to get the accurate flow the best way, as a small webmaster, few people do not understand the art of Shanghai dragon, of course, Shanghai Longfeng technical level, good and bad. But many people are looking for a shortcut to optimize Shanghai dragon road, has been against the Shanghai dragon optimization shortcut, think this technology is a long-term and cumulative process. Although we see the only decent Shanghai Longfeng achievements, there can not be ignored the evil wolf rain Shanghai dragon. This is the Shanghai dragon optimization of each of the road, but only one purpose: to obtain directional flow required by Shanghai dragon. According to Shanghai dragon optimization, as long as the accurate method, also can quickly learn the new technology. Below I talk about how to quickly learn new Shanghai dragon optimization.

all have the condition, started a website.

three, learn to create original content website promotion weight

I said Shanghai dragon is not tell you how to optimize the shortcut overnight home page, but as long as you master these basic prerequisites, it will pay a lot less effort than others, to achieve a multiplier effect. Take this, a good website system will reduce late a lot of Shanghai Longfeng burden, such as choice of chain structure in good system, keyword tags can be customized, tag tags can be set, URL can be static and so on, these basic conditions of Shanghai dragon can make you pay a lot less, now CMS system is relatively good for example, the dedecms is very good, of course, you can choose a lot of other systems, you can also develop their own, It differs from man to man. The key point to consider whether or not the system use the search engine grab information, whether in Shanghai Longfeng optimization favorable, with these pave the way for the optimization of course, multiplier.

People network CEO Wang Jianshuo entrepreneurs need three Heart Sutra

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people network CEO, Wang Jianshuo,

After graduating from

University, I worked in two places: one is Microsoft, and two is the current people’s network. Their roles have changed from the original professional managers to the current entrepreneurs. There are many opportunities for Internet development, but the rate of elimination is relatively high. Its development "dramatic" beyond the ordinary people imagine. For example, in 2005, we first tried to do classified information in china. In the second year, 3000 similar websites came out in China, but now most of them have disappeared.

as an entrepreneur, what should you do in such a complex situation,


focus on limited things,

a person can do many things, but it takes less than 5 or 10 years to do one thing. I’ve been blogging for 9 years, and I’ve been writing blogs every day except for one month I haven’t written because of my poor health. Because I believe in the power of persistence and implement it in the management of the company.

people network since its inception in 6 years, the company’s main business and architecture and no major changes. Even in the financing, we will not be because of the injection of capital and change, has focused on the development of information classification and operation, not to do a similar group purchase like the popular type of business, the main business will not change in the nature. This is the bottom line of our cooperation with management and an important factor in attracting investment from management.

I give people network requirements, we want to do a good job classification; give advice to the translation company, do a good job; to a friend’s advice is to run, run together to do good to the organization; koowo advice is to do a good music box.

focusing on one thing is the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do. Many friends who believe in entrepreneurship for more than three years will laugh at it. Man is so strange that unless he makes the same mistake, he can’t remember it.

simplify what you need to do,

people are greedy, and feel that by expanding the size of the company, you can achieve faster "big" or "strong" purposes, but in fact it is not. The cost of adding a person is not necessarily a person’s salary, even after the benefits and office costs are amortized, it is only the small end of the real cost. Because of the communication costs, management costs, and even the time and attention of the CEO, it is a great cost. The cost of adding a function is not necessarily the development cost of this function, but involves the operating costs of the subsequent series. For example, the post of a reply function, engineers can do a day like appearance, but after the cost, only to do, will know.

, for instance, a message function, there will be anti spam function; a message, you must have somebody to have audit; audit personnel, will involve all work, wages, welfare, management issues; the >

For Entrepreneurs investment can be very simple

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in our daily lives, we all believe that investment is a very rare thing, because the need to take into account many aspects, one of the less investment varieties, and secondly, the market performance is not very mature. People seem to be able to make a profitable investment tool only real estate investment, but you have to worry about a lot of investment and lose everything with a policy. Most of the investment in the stock and futures market investors have to face losses, and even many public fund yields are better than the broader market rose. It seems that all aspects of the investment in the Chinese market is difficult.

has been very young cynic said Chinese not only the value of investment, speculation, heizhuang and rat etc.. These are facts, but not all. Some people say that China’s stock analysis report, more than 80% are rubbish. In fact, not only in China, but also in mature markets like the United states. Really have prophetic vision is always very few people, and most people can only parrot. However, we have recognized an investment opportunity, I am afraid that this opportunity has been missed.

In fact,

What are the skills of baking franchise stores

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choose a promising market, choose a suitable brand, join the investment, which has become a choice for many entrepreneurs in the current. As for a bakery franchise, if appropriate and effective management methods, will have a multiplier effect, to bring unexpected benefits to your shop. To this end, offer five tips for baking you join investors reference.

skills 1 control loss rate of

any shop will be faced with the problem of the loss of shopping guide, the loss rate is too high for the salesperson will have a great impact on sales, to control the turnover rate of the bakery store clerk.

According to

technique 2 posts

due to the bakery franchise business characteristics make the adjustment is inevitable, adjust the attitude of the shopping guide to be stable, recommended to the new counter, to avoid the purchasing staff have trouble.


skills incentives and penalties, the implementation of humane management

Service specification

baking stores for shopping guide set is must comply with the principle of adhering to the serious, rigorous, standardized and orderly so as to make the entire team; but on the other hand, Daogouyuan mood affects sales enthusiasm to life difficulties to shopping guide to help and care, reflect human nature management.

skills 4 use appropriate incentives

is doing a good job, also can let the sense of achievement, no one wants to be left behind, if a bakery stores management personnel will only use the means of punishment, it is undoubtedly the overseer, appropriate incentives will make people from the heart to accept and do better.

skills 5 manager responsible for the implementation of

in a bakery franchise, the role of the manager can not be ignored, he is the core of a shop. He should be responsible for the store personnel, goods, health, display, sales. Therefore, you want to manage the franchise, first of all, from the beginning of a good manager to start this link.

current store management is not good to do, if you want to get the job done in place, but also need to hold the operator more skills, so as to protect the cause of better management. In short, small series for the majority of baked franchise operators can not provide skills, if you are ready to invest in such a shop, these techniques may wish to pay attention to.

Hee hee mango drinks brand – the whole

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people’s life level is better, this also means that people have a lot of money can be used for leisure entertainment consumption, accelerate the pace of life makes people have a great need for regulation of recreational facilities. Take the food and beverage industry, the rise of the project is now able to meet the needs of the masses of small projects, such as coffee and tea drinks. Famous drinks to join the project Xiaobian to recommend you to join mango mango. In today’s life, everyone used to eat greasy food, such as mango, such as light and casual food is definitely a big market


what leisure good food? Hehe mango catering to join, enjoy a healthy delicacy! Hehe mango unique taste, taste good, let us forget, get the majority of customers, to win the huge market wealth for mango hee join, is a potential and good market investment, easy to join to create a perfect wealth market, win great opportunities to get rich, is a potential investment project.

what about mango?

mango mango join, has a strong competitive strength, the company’s main food and beverage promotion and service. Investors from the store opening, hee hee mango headquarters will be counseling, so easy to join the venture. Hee hee mango stores across the country provinces and cities, choose to join the mango mango hee hee, sharing opportunities, quick profit. Hee hee mango will mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, honesty, for the new and old customers to provide the best catering industry project, less investment, quick effect, easy operation, no risk, good market prospects, lucrative business opportunities and profit platform.

joined hee hee mango, win at the starting point of success tomorrow, hee hee mango promising leisure food items, which also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs to join the favor. As people have been put into the leisure food industry, the market will set off a new round of investment in leisure food craze, hee hee mango is one of the wave of leisure food. Large profit margins, a lasting market potential, so that the temptation to grab mango mango.

above is just a simple introduction to the mango drink brand, if you want to know more about the brand, please leave a message below our website, we will reply to you after the first message.

How to do a good job in tea shop location

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open tea shop, generally choose what lot more money? Many investment businesses are eager to learn more about this issue. Today Xiaobian on a few suggestions, hoping to help investors find the right address. If you want to learn more about the location of the skills and then look at.

A, reasonable location: business the most attention is the geogas popularity, this is not superstition, gas mainly at the place where there is no commercial atmosphere, the commercial atmosphere of our merchandise are not appropriate, the popularity of our business mainly refers to the place where there is no customer flow whether there is psychological motivation to buy our goods these customers.

tea as a kind of special commodity, in addition to drinking health care function. It also reflects its cultural and artistic value, it can make the person heart, yaking and natural tea shops should be selected according to the characteristics of tea, summed up the general has the following sections:

1, the bustling commercial center of the area: commercial atmosphere thick, traffic, shopping complex, high purchase frequency, most consumers have strong quality, good and beauty, but the price or the cost of rent is relatively high, competition is particularly fierce, so enter the before after careful consideration, analysis of their own human, financial and material resources have, if there are conditions, to enter the commercial center of what is right, to seize the commanding heights! But do not have the strength, do not act rashly, these places require high grade tea, should pay attention to the brand, to enrich the varieties of tea, and tea related to supporting tea, tea books, such as red porcelain, porcelain, tea glass etc..


2, hotel group: hotel business is the place of residence, most of them do not take tea, purchase at any time, and, in order to zouqingfangyou, take a little tea, is elegant and impressive, the hotel will have tea, tea is off to Chinese the traditional etiquette. The hotel group opened near the shops, is more worth it, the rent should not be too high, but also can rent a hotel business hall, can improve the style and combined with tea.

3, the local population: road traffic flow is big, is mainly to attract customers, so these places focus on the external attraction to tea varieties, novel, price concessions, for some number of older, larger customers into intangible assets, just getting started merchants should not blindly open shops.

4, residential area: tea is a necessity for the consumer, the general risk of smaller residential areas, but at the same time according to different levels of residents are not the same style of tea shops.

a, the old liberated areas: these neighborhoods with a rustic Chinese characteristics, industrious and simple virtue, tea can not be too high, tend to low, low to the pursuit of profit, the salesperson should be flexible, pay attention to popularity, the quality of tea must be stable, better reputation.

b, New District: this kind of consumption is more advanced, and material recommend