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Some marketing strategies of Shanghai dragon micro-blog optimization

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@ 2 Gold: "double eleven" phenomenon has now become Tang, what people have to rely on. Micro-blog marketing said that two eleven 40%~50% traffic from micro-blog; do Shanghai Dragon said more than 30% of the traffic from Shanghai Longfeng; Amoy outside do advertisement union said there are more than 30% of the flow from them; this combined super fuck, 100%, such a calculation, if we own (Taobao) do not have to go on.

real micro-blog marketing that is on the need to promote activities, detailed marketing planning and promotion, and the market widespread understanding of micro-blog marketing, by micro-blog Shanghai dragon to get traffic, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon lion dynamic network view, this is led by the strong narrow.

First, the layout of the

to locate accurate keywords from before refining the selected eight keywords to label, in order to expand the micro-blog search engine grab the breadth to allow a wider audience to our search, the two key words left for real-time hot topic keywords, this is also one of micro-blog Shanghai Longfeng optimization method.

1, micro-blog full screen brush hard; 2, zombie fans (Shui Jun) all over the world @ micro-blog, 3 user comment harassment; micro-blog Shanghai dragon, precise private messages, active search skills such as attention, Sina full screen disaster caused by flooding water; 4 hanging advertising; 5, the government shut down micro-blog; micro-blog 6, new product substitution. Where too much emphasis on marketing speculation skills, not to trust as the core, humanity will hasten death.

1, 2, nickname; 3, certification; introduction; 4, 5 and 6 labels; content; content labels; 7, micro-blog. These places can be included in the key.

1, micro-blog user name related degree; 2, attention to the user on the top; 3, micro-blog, micro-blog and the number of fans on the number 4, and micro-blog; label; 5, micro-blog 6, micro-blog certification; content quality, forwarding comments number

using micro-blog keyword search tags, enhance the depth and breadth of.

is a Taobao insiders in Sina micro-blog says:

Some suspect

which can be reflected in behind Taobao and Tmall "11.11 shopping Carnival" great success, wake up and inspire more people to pay attention to the electronic commerce, network marketing, and the way attention to traffic acquisition, Shanghai dragon will usher in a new round of prosperity, especially the hot micro-blog marketing, it is new platform development prompted micro-blog to the Shanghai dragon. According to the experience of moving lion network following micro-blog and the details of the marketing strategy, I hope you can help.

third, micro-blog marketing’s death

micro-blog, a micro-blog Shanghai dragon "

second, keywords ranking




After micro-blog

New station two months by DMOZ included secret

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in April 6, 2010, we Tsinghua Peking University Students co founded the "Tsinghua university exam online", after the testing officially launched, Baidu and GOOGLE are quickly included, we were very happy and excited, because this is currently the only college entrance exam and can communicate online learning platform, we have the confidence to do this platform.

we have several students, are responsible for the artists, is responsible for program and database, before I get a little SEO fur, construction SEO from Tsinghua University online project champion began, fell on my shoulder.

to tell you the truth, we all know that DMOZ included is a very difficult thing, but in today, June 1, 2010, Tsinghua University scholar online has finally been formally included in DMOZ ( It’s less than 2 months from the online site in April 6th.

believe that many new and old webmaster friends have registered on DMOZ website experience, memorable personal sorrow and joy. Today is a happy day, here, I will be in the DMOZ some experience published in the public, to share with you, but also wish you success, was included in the DMOZ.

in the plan was included before DMOZ, your station to be GOOGLE, Baidu included, ha ha, this is the premise. I was wondering if DOMZ had an automated review process, and the results were confirmed. Even if you automatically review that has not been the case, should be dead. Specific include website to open speed, the follow such as W3C standard, a sad station of rubbish, the first pass cannot pass.

Before you submit

, you should read the DMOZ help documentation carefully. Make sure you choose the appropriate subcategory, and the subcategory is an editor, or you’ll just have to wait. Because the document says "wrong login category" and "inappropriate word description" will delay the inclusion process".

After a month is best not to repeat the submit

, otherwise you just want to row, and re submit the results to the back row; description is also very important, not too commercialized, with the best of the best, not the best use of text, appropriate and concise statement to describe your website; website name should be the official name of your site fixed use, do not use the name of goods; you will need to contact address, contact phone (mobile phone), a site for the email domain, such as Tsinghua University scholar online address is, mail box is

above method can only "temporary solution", really can >

Do from the media, because of interest and not to make money and abandon

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The word

from the media Steamed Rice also from watching the news in the beginning know, do not know from the media is a what thing, always feel very tall and very domineering, like Luo Zhenyu’s logic thinking one day accounted for 1 million 600 thousand of the membership fees of news everywhere, it is hard to know, especially about love some IT news friends, will be very curious, so you can make money, driven by curiosity and deep understanding of the original play from the media are likely to become rich handsome, after more and more people from the media, since the media people engage with membership was gradually accepted by the people, who want to self the media industry to not fire a slice, and then have to start from the media.


for interest

A5 in the above 13 years saw an article saying "why understand the log so popular" one article, revealed a diary for the work of the people, and then continued to see a lot of people from the media reports about money, in a WeChat public number on the metaphor of an advertisement ten thousand, a month, the public profit of three hundred thousand, we were fascinated by the information from the media, since the media is full of interest, want to do a month income better than work, then do the ebullience since the media to the point, brush like comment space every day every day, write the log talk every day, and friends, full of vitality and passion, so as to promote their own, a month later found writing reading only a few, after two months is no longer so passion every day to write a diary, three A month after the logs are simply not written, it does not adhere to, most people from the media are like this, can insist that every three months to write a really few, at present in my QQ friends, still adhere to three months a day only three person with me that four, very few people can really hold on, there are many write, do not insist for a long time, reason is that since the media do not make money writing and time-consuming, so slowly give up.

two, don’t make money and give up

has been realized from the media to question, if it’s true, since the media has not been profitable, so I should stick to it is also a question mark, because since the media do not hungry do have bread, but also want to novice so hard to get because you have no bread, no experience, human resources, writing is not how sophisticated, this is the novice from the media to do the realization of difficult problem, of course, soft Wen write poorly to put her out, and make money from the media who are starting early, is in the advantage of network resources some, for the new beginning to profit is not possible, so the couple or give up from the media, or do not long-term profit under the condition of continue to operate its own personal brand, but many people are not, because For they do not want to waste time to write articles, a written out did not see, two don’t know what to write next, three or that money word.

concludes: "it’s hard to do anything now, from the media."

What is the most profitable business opportunities in the future

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now see your business venture capital is not much, not to see how you are of course this is strive for progress with determination, one of them, but the most important thing is to see you a double eye, start looking for a project how to make money how to


a nursing home in Shanghai, some people made the "elderly small table", namely the community elderly people can only stay for dinner at home. In this way, not only to meet the aspirations of the family pension, but also to make their children feel at ease. In accordance with the international population of 60 years of age or older to reach the age of 10%, more than the age of the population reached the age of 7% is the standard into the aging society, China has entered the aging society in 1999 in.

Just graduated from college after 90 do not write a general chapter

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There are a lot of grass root

counter attack story, there are a lot of business market, the newly graduated after 90 boys now began to live a rich life, by air travel, access to the Michelin restaurant, let peers envy.

can you imagine a year to earn millions of dollars of entrepreneurs, the company has hundreds of employees, and this year he is only 23 years old


see here you must really want to say, comparisons are odious! Sure either by dad or grandfather by the rich two generations three rich generation chant, and he dare to boast without shame on CCTV! In any case, today we will welcome the eight hundred and eighteen 90.



Chen Hao made achievements

Coffee shop to join the need to pay attention to what preparations

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coffee shop is a place where everyone likes to relax, the coffee shop has a special mood, many friends also want to open their own coffee shop. So, the shop, you need to pay attention to what preparations? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

location description

first, a clear expression of their ideas, so as to better find their own brand side, so that coffee to join the brand to better design for you to want the coffee shop style.

The location selection of

second, still looking for the ideal franchise site, and rent, housing structure is the most basic conditions. Coffee shop to pay attention to what? Store choice, and even can decide the life and death of a store, the general responsible for joining the brand side will conduct a comprehensive examination in the early stage, not to make money store location is not recommended for investors to choose.


coffee shop to pay attention to what? Then, also listed the rent, renovation, equipment, materials and documents for the fees and other costs, so as to estimate revenues, these brands and should be more communication and clear analysis of the costs, so as to help the franchisee to better estimate the required funds.

personnel recruitment

in addition, the recruitment is to locate the management structure and the required number of coffee shops to join what to pay attention to? Also need to consider the recruitment channels; the general brand side will assist in the recruitment, and professional training for employees, such as MEETWITHCOFFEE and other brands will have zero based training courses to ensure that employees quickly get started.

other matters

finally, in addition to the main work can not be ignored, other issues can not be ignored, such as apply for licenses as soon as possible to determine the process, to comply with the relevant provisions of the preparation in advance, these are to be noticed.

The above is about

for some matters need to pay attention to open a coffee shop, I hope everyone in this regard to a lot of attention, only to choose a good brand items, so as to better open their own business, to choose a good brand to get better returns to shop.

90 after the passing of the classic story of delicious food

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food and beverage market of course happen every day a galaxy of talents, delicacy story is beyond count. Today Xiaobian to introduce to you is a story between 90 after the guy and the food.

Xiamen, Jimei, the source of the road there is a taste of the ancient taste of the snack shop, "a heron acid bamboo shoots", it is a good place to taste the ancient taste of food. After 90 guy heritage of the ancient taste of gourmet snack food restaurant landmark, and the owner of this shop is 90 young man Chen Yulu.

90 guy heritage of the ancient taste of gourmet snack food landmark

venture specializes in traditional food

more than 5 in the morning every day, Chen Yulu get up to buy food for their own shop, has been busy until the evening of 9 before the rest time. Though the task was so heavy, Chen Yulu enjoyed it. He chose a hard road to entrepreneurship, and now the success of his inspiration for the continuation of traditional food to continue efforts.

"among my friends of the same age, fewer people choose to start their own business." Chen Yulu said that he was also determined after thinking about entrepreneurship shop.

Chen Yulu is a native of the big clubs who are interested in the ancient early taste of delicacy, follow the agency’s chef learned a cook. In 2009, Chen Yulu entered Jimei University as a cook.

although the work in the cafeteria is very stable, but Chen Yulu did not stop. In 2015, after accumulating enough experience, Chen Yulu resolutely left the cafeteria of Jimei University, began a difficult road to entrepreneurship. "I want to preserve the traditional taste of Jimei." Chen Yulu’s ideal is very simple.

snack bar to become a gourmet landmark

2015 in March, Chen Yulu and friends together to open a joint venture in the area of acid bamboo shoots. After several months of operation, Chen Yu Heron decided to open their own independent snack bar.

2015 August, Chen Yu Heron’s new store opened in the source road. Before the opening, Chen Yu Heron every day to go to the island, Tongan, more famous acid noodle shop, learn from their practice, the development of the characteristics of the acid with Jimei face.

although Chen Yulu prepared very full, but the road is not smooth sailing. "In the first three months of the opening, every day is at a loss." Chen Yulu recalled the hardships of the past, sigh. In the face of a bad business, Chen Yulu also suspected of their own. The first three months, the monthly loss of more than $10 thousand." Chen Yulu said, but I still want more people to eat these ancient taste of food.

Xining City, a city of this year and strive to national evaluation and ranking forward

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reporter from Xining city in May 23rd held a press briefing learned that this year in the national annual evaluation of the last three months, Xining City, a city will control the evaluation standard for the gap; highlighting the key and difficult, pay close attention to the weak link, and strive to achieve the national evaluation and ranking more forward.

this year is the fourth batch of national civilized city to create a key year of selection, but also the implementation of the Xining city to create a crucial year for the five year plan. It is reported that in the next three months, Xining will further strengthen the propaganda and mobilization, broaden the channels, various carriers use a variety of forms, to enable the general public to enhance the creation of awareness, create to create a strong atmosphere, in order to achieve real effect in improving the comprehensive quality of citizens; evaluation standard strictly control the national civilized city to create work, weaknesses and problems in the specific work to create a civilized city exists, focused and difficult to implement the plan, to ensure that the creation of standard.

According to the

standard and civilized city, to carry out special rectification action focus, vigorously carry out environmental sanitation, illegal structures, outdoor advertising, traffic roads, residential areas, business premises and other special rectification activities, and strive to urban greening, lighting, landscaping, cleaning work on the basis of the existing overall level, standard, new class struggle, to the evaluation of relevant standards, by focusing on remediation, the city environment has improved significantly, significantly improve the level of city management, to achieve national civilized city standards.

development of Xining city environment, traffic civilization, civilization, civilization, public places business operations of public civilization index system evaluation method, self diagnostic evaluation and publish the evaluation results, the implementation of key crucial, concentrate to solve difficult problems. (author: Xiao Shu)

Urban poverty issues of concern to the Secretary

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– Wang Xiao to the East delegation – and representatives on issues related to 11 in-depth exchanges in five aspects – dry at the forefront in the letter

consideration, He Mingxing, Zhang Li, Chen Lei, Xie Yufang, Jin, bender etc. dart representatives around the government work report, "13th Five-Year" plan itself speak freely, each one airs his own views, talk about feelings, then combining with the development of. We have said that the report is a concrete manifestation of the twelve plenary session of the thirteen session of the municipal Party committee and party spirit of "13th Five-Year" plan. The delegates went straight to the theme, focus on economic development, poverty alleviation, city management, accurate opening, community work, environmental protection, health reform and other content gives good advice and the development of our city "13th Five-Year" period are discussed. Wang Xiaobian listened, asked, while the delegates expressed their views and suggestions, and representatives of the relevant issues one by one in-depth exchanges, I hope the delegates continue to seriously consider and put forward more reasonable and feasible suggestions.