Exclusive interpretation of children’s clothing display six key points

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a lot of people in the time of starting from the children’s clothing industry, this industry has always been a very hot industry, then you know how to successfully run children’s clothing store? Children’s clothing display is a very typical life life of the display window display, reflect the childlike to display more vigor and vitality. Is the use of children’s life props to simulate the real life of children a display. The following is the key point of children’s clothing display:

children’s clothing display key points 1, with the same color

with the same color of the children’s clothes together will give people a very comfortable feeling, the grade will be improved, but do not put the same style, the same length of clothes together, so as not to feel like a warehouse.

children’s clothing display key points 2, contrast color matching

said that in contrast to the cool warm color, such as green clothes to bring red garments, with a blue dress to wear yellow, placed on a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, should pay attention to add 1011101101 (1 on behalf of the warm 2, on behalf of the cold).

children’s clothing display key points 3, the rational use of living area

so-called living area on the face of the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the area, otherwise the dead zone. To push their children in the main living area, the secondary style on the dead zone, which can greatly enhance sales.

children’s clothing display key point 4, the number of models to master

some franchisees think the model is easier to enhance the display effect, in their own store heap a lot of models, in fact, will play the opposite effect. The so-called "things are too expensive", the model shows too much will make the customer seem to be at a loss what to do, put the best style in the model body on the line.

children’s clothing display key point 5, time to grasp in place

First of all you need to know who is

to you here to buy clothes every day, children of different ages "mothers" will choose what time to visit your children’s clothing store, grasp of the rules to the rational allocation of children’s clothing display. For example: on Monday, two or three, four people were usually higher income "mother", so you can put a few fashionable, expensive and unique style garments in the living area or in the mannequin.

children’s clothing display key point 6, store display to have a sense of rhythm

is not the same as the display will give people a different feeling, no matter what kind of choice of display, can let consumers recommend

Environmental protection latex paint shop management skills

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sales of environmentally friendly latex paint products, business strategy, a good grasp of these businesses need to pay attention to matters, businesses can get better economic returns. So you certainly want to ask, in the end is the need to pay attention to what management skills? Xiaobian to tell you.

wall to join the project most of the investors will choose green latex paint shop, green latex paint shops investment to join us? In fact, environmental protection latex paint store investment is also very profitable, but you have to develop a reasonable business strategy, so that you will make more money to your store!

green latex paint shop to ensure the competitiveness and charm of the sale of green latex paint to attract, because now the market of environmental protection latex paint product homogenization phenomenon is very serious. Now, in addition to the brand of environmentally friendly latex paint, the same environmental protection latex paint than the price, quality, etc.. Therefore, the purchase of environmentally friendly latex paint must pay attention to these aspects, the specific circumstances, the comprehensive examination of other peers do know, the sale of goods to ensure their own charm. Maintain good internal and external image. Green latex paint shops according to their own performance to determine their own store promotions, in real profit to customer basis, stimulate consumer purchasing desire and purchasing power, give full play to the promotion of the most direct and effective way of environmental protection latex paint.


How to join – pool when

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now, easy to join the choice of the project, is the choice of the city. How about going to the pool? High quality entrepreneurial projects, to join the pool convenience, shop is earned! Good projects, good business without friends!

per capita consumption of 100 yuan per capita, that is, $130 billion. Convenience of the market, not to be underestimated. When the market has occupied a certain position in Chinese, with the development of market economy, has entered the operational stage of brand equity, and quickly occupied the market of new territories, vertical and horizontal integration, the formation of market barriers, in the process with a large catering competition, always at a low cost, the starting characteristics of the way, won a huge market the amount of.

really know how to eat lunch, in fact, is very particular about the convenience of rice in good or bad. On the pool was not easy, of course, have Ikegami meters, but instead of high quality rice in northeast. Rice, seemingly simple, in fact, very particular about. You see, this is a few big rice cooker, is specially used to cook rice. This kind of rice cooker can only be seen in a professional convenience store. This big guy, with gas. According to Taiwanese saying, only made fire rice enough incense, Q enough, enough chewing head.

when the product pool is rich in content, more than 100 kinds of category, colorful delicious, attracts all kinds of people, especially young people, white-collar workers, Indoorsman Indoorswoman, freaky Daddy as the main strong consumer groups. Dishes to meet the nutritional needs of modern people, scientific and reasonable proportion of nutrition can be called a modern nutrition textbook, its taste, its technology, its rhyme, amazing. The pool is easy to use standardized operation, differentiated management, high efficiency, high turnover rate. 24 hours a day of vitality, four seasons hot non-stop, flexible operation, easy location, popular streets.

whether it is commercial street, cinema, large shopping malls, office buildings or communities, like the "pool lunch" people everywhere!

three meals a random selection, the popularity is Wang on the pool lunch early in the morning and evening to attend the three largest market, you can do dinner and can run a casual diet, completely free from market constraints!

how to eat at random, customers like, in the pool lunch, a variety of free choice of food, free combination, eat what you want to eat, how to eat on how to eat.

nutrition food doctrine, to join the pool convenience project, is the right choice! Small business choose to open a pool of their own convenience stores, very wise choice, very powerful choice. What are you hesitating about?

Glasses to join a few major pitfalls of entrepreneurship

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eye industry and the rapid development of the huge business opportunities and wealth, which attracted the attention of many investors. Many people want to join the venture through the glasses to get rich, it can borrow the advantage of the brand can be easy to create their own careers, but the most important thing is to choose to join the brand glasses project. Choose the right glasses to join the brand, investors need to pay attention to the following errors.

now the Internet is so developed, all the members of the brand from a variety of angles on the network will be a thorough search of the clear, there is strength, regular, the Internet will have news. The size of the company, year, model, influence, advantages, disadvantages and comments, objective and comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the analysis is clear, don’t expect 100% of all good, nor listen to the words of blind decision. Because of the need for multi angle analysis.

glasses to join a venture trap: instant success

franchisee: what the project is high income, fast return, to make money fast.

flicker: join us, earn three hundred thousand monthly, the month can be returned to this. Annual rate of return as much as!

a month later……

franchisee: Wang manager, manager Wang you dial the phone temporarily unable to connect.

flicker: traced to the company to report illegal fund-raising.

reminder: beware of the temptation of interest, all out of the usual returns are deceptive, if so good to make money, they do not get rich first.

glasses for entrepreneurs to join the trap two: can not lose

join: do not lose money, can you guarantee can not lose money?

: fooled join us, believe me, the big company, ensure not lose.

a year later……

franchisee: Manager Wang, no business, inventory backlog, the money did not see, you had promised? (anger)

: I’m sorry, I’m leaving, looking for our boss, the boss told us to say.

Alert: beware of the temptation, the business is the need for careful management, commitment can not lose business, need to be cautious.

glasses join venture trap three: very low investment

franchisee: don’t want to invest a lot of money

Chong Qing Bus Station is too close to the name of the car caused by the elderly confused

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has been to a lot of cities, the most worried than to leave, looking for a bus stop. Because many of the city’s bus stations tend to let visitors into a confused situation, which is not clear which one? Today Xiaobian introduce you to the story of the Chong Qing Bus Station is confusing!

"Chong Qing Bus Station" and "Chongqing bus station" straight-line distance of more than 100 meters, with the nearby Caiyuanba train station, but you get better?

took advantage of the "51" holiday to visit Chongqing two more than and 80 year old man, was free to return to Luzhou in May 3rd. City transportation group service center relevant responsible person said that the two stations are used for a long time, the direction of line distribution is relatively clear, "blind name will affect passenger travel".

reporter visited the two stations, and roughly combed the main city of the bus station around the car to move to facilitate the needs of the public.

online booking "Caiyuanba" has three stations

two elderly ladies and gentlemen, respectively. Before the May Day holiday, two people from Luzhou to visit relatives and friends in Chongqing. 2 evening, relatives help in the "Chongqing highway passenger ticket network" to buy back to Luzhou long-distance bus tickets. Relatives of the open web, in the choice of "starting point", have optional three station related to Cai Yuanba Cai Yuanba: Chongqing tourism center, Chong Qing Bus Station (Cai Yuanba), the bus station in Chongqing (Cai Yuanba).

that Mr. Hou and relatives are "confused": three to which the Caiyuanba station? Relatives asked a friend to call one by one, no one can say clearly that the three station Caiyuanba difference, some even said, "is not a bus station?".

to the "Chongqing bus station" almost miss

later, relatives finally made one by one click, "Chong Qing Bus Station (Caiyuanba)" two ticket for Luzhou.

3 morning, two elderly relatives drove to the Caiyuanba ride, Xiangyang tunnel, all the way to see the "Chongqing bus station" the station set up signs.

relatives said that the car to Chongqing bus station ", the station found" in addition to the station that said showmanship to Luzhou ", and there is no bus to Luzhou. "I was carrying two old men, quickly asked around the vendors, vendors said to go to the railway station bus station to sit there."

had relatives holding two 80 year old elderly, the underground passage, go to the train station Caiyuanba Bazi "Chong Qing Bus Station", finally catch up with the bus. "On the ground floor of an underground passage, a road across the line

Entrepreneurial guidance to open the fabric store what tricks

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open a cloth shop, the cost is not very high, the income is not bad, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about. However, you should also pay attention to the way to open the fabric store, you want to accumulate experience in the store, the accumulation of contacts, the accumulation of funds, the following small strategy can not be ignored.

1, posted on the wall

store again small, also a career, do not think that open fabric shop just to make a living, now a lot of people because of love to shop. Create a wall with paint, wallpaper, background, wood, and even cloth, paste the above please advertising company logo design (of course with name card, uniform standard color, font), business philosophy, cultural philosophy.

as in textile: which have not fuanna night tonight, Menglan: good dream place to start, you can put your cultural ideas, such as: to create a better quality of life, give you a beautiful home and express, which is also the embodiment of enterprise culture, to attract people to resonate, even 35 square meters, less display a curtain, give your own shop to the soul, the eye, the best place is the cashier at the entrance or.

The calculation formula of

if you still want to through a short foot inch less fortune, it no longer shop. The first in the beer industry to promote their own business without formaldehyde gave the impression of green beer, is actually a lot of big brands not long ago, but he did not say it, so to do promised to say it out loud, show, is your own competitive force.

accessories accessories sample together with the cost of posting on the wall: of course carefully investigate the average price, the same varieties do not higher than the market price, this part is used to supplement the labor costs and profits, it is best not to use too much of the time, often affects the entire fabric of the quality of the products. The use of the most common accessories business skill, do not ignore the accessories, often accessories can enhance the grade fabric, so try to purchase some others no accessories lace is not afraid of people, may be appropriate to increase the profit ratio.

2, printed on paper

the small shop, also have exquisite color printing, in addition to leaflets opening and promotion period issued, the conditions can also print color pictures, generally about 20 pages, there are business philosophy, product knowledge, maintenance knowledge, product pictures, engineering cases, generally when the small advertising company can complete, consider store capacity, less set >

Item – small jewelry chain stores business need to pay attention to the whole

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doesn’t want to work in the hands of others. Many people have started their own business, just started not what money, choose a lot of small business projects, now many young people love to wear some small accessories, which led to the development of small jewelry industry, some entrepreneurs choose to open their own small jewelry chain so, running a small jewelry store, chain stores need to pay attention to what matters?

small adorn article chain stores note: market analysis

is not a blind set up shop of things, not to say that you want to shop to shop, shop after shop will be able to make money, not simple, success is not easy, therefore, in the shop to do the preparatory work before. What do we need to pay attention to small adorn article chain stores do a good job in market analysis, clearly know the development of the gift industry and the future trend.

small adorn article chain stores note: correct operation

in the course of the business also need to pay attention to some matters, pay more attention to detail, so as to help investors better business. How to open small adorn article chain store? In the gift packaging should pay attention to. Investors buy gifts have a variety of meanings, but because this is not the same as the meaning should have different packaging, if you pay attention to this point, do the packing work, will attract more investors to believe.

small adorn article chain stores note: location problem

shop location is critical, open a small adorn article chain stores should also focus on the location of the problem, in the right place to open shop will help investors gain greater wealth. Small adorn article chain stores open where good at the site can not need to be a large traffic, but must be conspicuous, easily found by investors. Such a price is not cheap, but also to make money!

like this industry is very good, no experience or enough money people can choose to try, entrepreneurs to open a small jewelry chain stores, we must grasp the three point Xiaobian said above, do market analysis, there is a good shop, pay attention to the operational details, in order to better success!

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Little painter gypsum like graffiti how to make children love the whole

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art like plaster is always very attractive. Join gypsum like graffiti project, or a very good choice. How about a small artist’s plaster? Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. If you join the small artists like gypsum graffiti project, is also very exciting, then, hurry up!

little painter plaster like graffiti make children more happy to enjoy the fun of graffiti. Little painter plaster graffiti is painted in white painted plaster, and it is now a very popular leisure activities with the DIY property, in the form of graffiti enthusiasts: hands by himself, using a brush and paint advertising, reference samples or color atlas, in a variety of other white plaster on graffiti and painting.

small artists like gypsum graffiti to make money?

easy to dry plaster graffiti artist, without art foundation to paint graffiti good product can take home as a beloved crafts pendulum in his own bedroom or shelf or as precious gifts to friends or classmates. In addition, the children hope to get reward, most want to extend their results to peer or parents to brag about, because of their own production, it is to have a sense of achievement, this product can let the child put it down.

has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice, will always attract a lot of franchisees. Entrepreneurial choice to join small artists like gypsum graffiti? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Brand project, join more reliable!

What magic honey dessert brand

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is a popular puff love dessert delicacy, of course there are a lot of market operation good puff brand, today Xiaobian to introduce only magic honey dessert brand. So what is the brand, look at the following introduction you know.

16 century, called a puff delicacy from Italy to France, has spread to Britain, because of the meaning of happiness, peace, joy and romance, the upper and lower nobility prefer this looks fluffy golden, taste sweet but not greasy dessert, then swept the whole of europe. Soon the wave swept the puffs at home and abroad, China popovers shop also appeared in various provinces and cities all over like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

although it was popular, can in many brands in talent shows itself is not easy. Let’s take a look at how the magic sweetheart dessert has caused a storm in the market.

magic sweetheart dessert brand is how to cause a storm in the market

one, with its unique brand features:

1, wheat flour, magic taste unique charm, to buy the baby mother rest assured: the use of 1CW refined wheat flour, taste more delicate, exclusive high-quality, magic taste, unique charm.

2, 19 series of honey, the charm of the shape of the interpretation of love, the love of 80, Bao Hanying, France, the United States, Japan, the middle of the multi national tastes, more magic series, so that the temptation to eat more sweet.

3, 120 seconds in the magic hand, colorful selling water, petty life, required dessert white-collar: unique production technology charm, 120 seconds to a meal, do not wait for the wonderful experience, superior hand to dominate the market, super suction gold short.

two, the brand to join the advantages:

1, street mobile banknote printing machine, money is not a problem: join the store’s location and management is very flexible, no longer limited by the area and area, greatly reducing the risk of investment. For different product sales headquarters collocation structure based on store size, a variety of colorful choice, your shop will people out of


2, multiple operations, season is not the problem: after long time open innovation, launched different such as product characteristics, thus challenging the consumer taste and visual experience, combination, collocation diverse fashionable, amazing taste, throughout the year a single product, let every magic honey are of different tastes


3, the pattern of a one-stop artificial, technology is not a problem: the chef’s instability, so that investors on the food and beverage industry, the company set up specifically North China

Operation of the road – 90 small boss Wen Wei’s whole

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said the boss, now I am afraid that few people will take such a call and 90 link, but also has a lot of 90 have made great achievements in their favorite industry, and also become a successful small boss, Wen Wei is such an entrepreneur. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to understand the operation of the text of the Wei road.

has a bias of "90" in the eyes of many people, that is some personality, selfish and irresponsible generation, mostly 90 clothing neet to hand eat a ready-cooked meal. However, the venturi wine small master Wen Wei and girlfriend Du Yan story let us have a different evaluation of the new generation after 90. In Deyang, filed the venturi wine, almost no one does not know, venturi wine little master Wen Wei and Du Yan this small couple is of praise.

initial run market

after graduation in his father’s shop to help, in order to be able to truly "customer first, service first", his father paid a lot of energy. Because the only shop soon, there is no fixed consumer groups, the father will arrange Wen Wei to run the market, just out of the Wen Wei especially shy around Wen Wei traveled to the restaurant, traveled around the bar, but no matter how he did promise, people see he with a young face, don’t believe him. He could only go back home, waiting for his father to come forward. However, he has been determined in his heart: be sure to do a good job in this line, will not be looked down upon by others.

since running the market we do not believe him, Wen Wei will assume the task of door-to-door. Customer a phone, Wen Wei had to ride on the delivery of the battery car on the road, regardless of cold or heat. These are not what, let the Wen Wei can not accept is a delivery way to meet some old classmates, see Wen Wei riding a bad battery car delivery, a face of contempt, said some sarcasm, let the great pride seriously injured. The students left, Wen Wei could not help but burst into tears. Also secretly determined, must rely on their own to lay down a mountain.

business stability services Huan

after two years of training, Wen Wei met a lot of customers, can take charge as chief of in business. In order to give him a better platform for his father, he put the cigarette business in the home to Wen Wei and his girlfriend. The couple get the opportunity to exercise this extra treasure, but also feel the heavy responsibility on the shoulders. The relationship between his father and his wife is not to be destroyed.


two is very enthusiastic to introduce customers to their products, but most customers to see this little old boss, all face the question, on 90 biased customers they didn’t believe the boss, in the eyes of their two people is truly rich two generations.