Cosmetics should pay attention to what

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is now the country’s overall beauty and skin care industry in full swing, at the same time every year the market demand is increasing, in the process of investment and management of cosmetics shops, there are a lot of attention. So how to open a good cosmetics store?

to successfully open a cosmetics shop, is to investigate the market of cosmetics, the cosmetics market survey is that you should be clear, people demand for cosmetics, cosmetics to the state of the market, is saturated or hungry, how many people are in consumption of cosmetics what brand of cosmetics, more love and favor you, your target customer base which is about the audience and so on, all these problems should be investigated in advance. Such an investigation will have an unexpected help in preparing a cosmetics store.

Select the

the industry’s many businesses, the quality of the product so we are uneven in quality, with a mind on brand choice. So the choice of brand is a key step, as we all know, the cosmetics industry profits are high, the attraction for entrepreneurs is very large, but the brand choice but to franchisees dazzled, is the way we choose when very cautious, just to get started, we’d better move the brand a relatively high degree of cooperation, which is not only conducive to our publicity, but also a guarantee.

join requests to be optimistic about the

or to guard against some of the Swindlers Company, if required by the company to join the threshold is very low, the funds needed to join the company less than normal, but did not say specifically in the future to provide what services, this time you should be careful, this could be a Swindlers Company, you may pay the money after the company had disappeared the. Big brand to join the company although the threshold is relatively high, but they will provide service good, such as training and technical support for what, do you think the money the better, since to do this, you will have to pay a lot, there could be no pie. In addition to this or to identify their own clear.

to the preparation of a store, is your budget problem, which is also very important, but also in the shop before you should be planning, otherwise there will be a series of unexpected painful experience. You have to rent the store as well as the cost of the purchase budget, do a good job in the early budget, leaving the remaining funds in the late period, can be prepared. Don’t hold the idea of taking a step further, it’s hard to keep a shop without a plan.

A gold mine inspired by $2 billion

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inspiration is that everyone will have, will dream, but a lot of people will not use, you can imagine an inspiration can bring $2 billion market value? Don’t believe it, it might as well come together!

before even the rent can not afford to pay, and Robles, now has become one of the world’s most wealthy young man. How did Robles do in the story of celebrity entrepreneurship? None of this, however, is due to the delightful shape or the low price of his dolls, but to his sudden inspiration at a village crafts fair.

soon after, some buyers wrote to Robles, telling their "children", those dolls are bought back after the problem. At that moment, an amazing idea suddenly came into Robles’s mind. Robles suddenly thought, he is not to create a doll, but a character, the soul of the child".

Chen Yishan put out three vendors stall shop

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open physical stores open stores, which is not a strange thing in the current, however, you have seen the stall can also be placed in the stall shop? Below, let Xiaobian take you to know such a hero, through their own efforts, even out of the three stall shop". Next, let Xiaobian to take you to see the miracle of such a stall.

2011 New Year’s day, Nanjing female white-collar Chen Yi when shopping, passing Nanjing University Simon, see a lot of people in the stall. Come to sweep the stalls are mostly college students, living in the vicinity or white-collar workers in the vicinity. A: Chen Yi Shan also take as their evenings and weekends to stall?


for the first time

first Liantan, dared not selling, Chen Yishan sold only two small pieces of jewelry, revenue to 30 yuan of money. The next day, she continued to stall again. She was puzzled, there are a few buyers in the payment, the money will be put into her palm, she carefully touch. Then came a couple. The girl took a fancy to a bracelet but too expensive, the boy whispered to the girl, said: "expensive on the point of it, when the offer of love!" Chen Yi suddenly realized that she was wearing sunglasses, the customer when she was blind! This home late, Chen Yishan thought, paid 100 yuan of money. She thought, if you go on like this, it won’t be long before her stock will be sold out.

swing vendors also have business by

slowly, Chen Yishan realized some business classics. For example: the competition is very fierce booth, in order to attract customers, you must have a unique commodity. Chen Yishan thought to have to travel to Yunnan, leaving a Dai jewelry store owner strong phone, so he contacted, ordered 50 Dai jewelry. Unexpectedly, these unique shapes, distinctive Dai jewelry, put on a stall, it is sought after by many girls, less than a week on the sale of an empty. Careful Chen Yishan found that to buy these ornaments are a young family, their pursuit of individuality, love, worship fresh fashion, so she decided to take to do business.

then Chen Yishan day Chutan, have to put on sweater, jeans and shoes, wearing a baseball cap. Her dress after 90, closer to the distance with the customer. Rest time, she bought a large number of fashion magazines, to catch the most popular season wind direction, according to the fashion magazine guide to purchase. For example, when "Xin Wei" magazine introduced the popular pencil pants, she would sell the belt and braces. Chen Yishan followed the trend of the wind to spread the stall, making her business more prosperous.

open branch also has skills

with the business bigger and bigger, Chen Yishan found that the capacity is limited, a lot of goods put together, is not convenient to show, and easy "self phase"

Chongqing Industrial Park building 1+2+7+36 tower architecture

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Chongqing’s economic development, Xiao Bian has written too many information reports, along the way is obvious to everyone. Chongqing keep up with the pace of the times, continue to carry out the reform of the industry, the construction of a new industrial system, which has made a series of development, is proud of!

in the first quarter of this year, Chongqing GDP 377 billion 273 million yuan, an increase of 10.7%, higher than the national growth rate of 4 percentage points. The city’s above scale industrial added value grew by 10.2%, higher than the national level of 4.4 percentage points. Among them, the city park industrial output value of 403 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%; industrial investment 75 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%; the actual new construction billion yuan investment in 28 key projects, plans a total investment of 30 billion 300 million yuan.

in recent years, vigorously develop industrial park in Chongqing City, the new Two Rivers District, Yongchuan Science Park as the national new industrialization demonstration base, the annual output value of more than ten billion yuan level Park reached 35, including one hundred billion yuan Park 4.

city’s industrial park has built up a perfect "1+2+7+36" (i.e., Liangjiang New Area + Cuntan bonded port, West Wing comprehensive bonded zone +7 national and Municipal Development Zone +36 specialty Industrial Park) tower architecture, the park layout continuous optimization, resource allocation efficiency has been improved, built up area of 460 square kilometers, to support the nearly 80% of the total industrial economy.

in order to further play the role in promoting economic growth and Industrial Park, the Chongqing municipal government to speed up the optimization of the city’s industrial layout, the introduction of the development of ideas and planning 1+3 Industrial Park, to promote the new industrial investment projects into functional areas, into the industrial park.

with the continuous optimization of the industrial layout of Chongqing, the city’s Industrial Park concentration reached 78%, industrial park output reached 7 billion 900 million yuan / square kilometer. Beijing will also promote the modern 137 projects started this year, brilliance Fuling Xinyuan base 122 projects, Changan Ford three factory 77 project. Chongqing City, through the establishment of 65 park investment team, strengthen the market analysis, project planning, key breakthrough, innovation, project negotiations and other work, 2015 contracted billion yuan more than 1000 key projects, 354 billion 300 million yuan investment agreement.

Chongqing also focus on improving the park service, based on strengthening the "seven links one ping" and supporting facilities, the implementation of one-stop service, with access to employment, and factors of production security, improve the industry capacity. At present, the output intensity of the whole city reaches the level of the developed coastal areas.

reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Commission by letter, "12th Five-Year" at the end of the city’s Industrial Park recommended

2015 Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship festival will be opened in Hainan

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in this era of entrepreneurship, must not leave the topic of the internet. The Internet spawned a number of emerging industries, but also led to the transformation of traditional industries, in this change and development, the birth of numerous opportunities for development and entrepreneurship.

to create a strong atmosphere of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, promote multi docking venture and financial capital, to help outstanding entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial team landing, promote the development of the Internet industry in Hainan, the Provincial Department of industry, Haikou municipal government, Chengmai county government will be held on December 16th -31 2015 Hainan "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship festival.

2015 Hainan "Internet plus" innovation section around the Internet industry to create a demonstration area Chinese goal, in accordance with the "government led, park operation, public participation, frugal Festival" principle, with "network dream, a dream" as the theme, through Entrepreneurship Forum, entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship contest roadshow Market etc. a series of activities, strive to build a nationally influential "Internet plus innovation" name card.

in December 16th to 31 in Haikou national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Haikou City Renaissance Internet Innovation Park, Hainan Ecological Software Park and other places to carry out entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial innovation forum roadshow, bazaar, propaganda and 10 main activities and 20 field enterprise special activities, to create a strong atmosphere of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship. Promote multi docking entrepreneurial enterprises and financial capital, to help outstanding entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial team landing, promote the development of the Internet industry in Hainan.

"Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship festival will further enhance public understanding of the field of Internet business, a good grasp of the future direction of development, let the Internet business transformation to three-dimensional mode diversification, and fully realize the organic integration of Internet and traditional industries.

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Colorful flowers roses cake to profit good choice

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colorful rose flower cake? Just listen to such a clear word, it is very beautiful fire. Of course, not only the appearance is very beautiful, but the taste is very delicious. Colorful rose cake to join the project, is a very choice!

"eat" the market is different from the "wear" and other market, ordinary people every day to eat three meals, but never buy clothes every day. Therefore, the food and beverage market is an evergreen tree, colorful rose cake to join, get started fast, easy to operate, business can make money, become the first choice of small entrepreneurial projects! Colorful rose cake to join you to make a good choice! Colorful rose cake to join the small business can also be a fortune!

colorful rose flower cake to join the perfect craft to make the taste of mouth of happiness, colorful rose cake to join both the selection of raw materials or the production process are lean rescue. First of all, the colorful rose flower cake join material is very exquisite, from the flowers, choose to choose honey, sugar, a selection of the raw materials are carey selected to ensure that every consumer to eat cake is fresh and authentic. Secondly, in the process of the production, colorful rose brand delicacy also very fine flower cake, all for the pure Handmade, is divided into 6 steps, including the preparation of flowers, candied, stuffing, skin, mold, baking.

colorful rose flower cake join, a Yunnan born from the nature of life feelings and the delicacy, the local Yunnan is rich in natural quality of flower petals as ingredients, with selecting flour and glutinous rice powder to produce various kinds of flowers cake, this unique leisure snacks products for consumers to obtain a unique dining experience. The choice of colorful leisure snacks rose flower cake to earn a coup, so you do not have to worry about, even a small stall business, as your monthly income of 10000 yuan without pressure. No technology, no cumbersome training, the opening period is short to 3~7 days, so colorful rose cake cake to join partners quickly see return! Do not seat, there will be no idle space after the peak, colorful rose flowers joined the brand to join the unit area of high output! Don’t need rich experience, do not need huge amounts of money, a leisure snacks agent can let you earn a.

colorful rose flowers to join the project, open their own brand stores, making money is so simple! If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

Art education investment industry market development immeasurable

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our country is a big country of education, children’s health education, is our best choice. So, the choice of venture capital investment in the market, no doubt, is a matter of choice. What about art education? Quality projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

art education project to more than and 10 years of successful experience, to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, cultivate national art talents. Not only that, the art education project also combines more than 50 artists in the art of the original creation of the "+5 of the 4 dimension" training method, and with professional art colleges and universities, and regularly to all kinds of domestic and foreign performing arts platform conveying outstanding students.

choose art education project venture, investors do not need to advertise hard, no need to run the market. The headquarters of the headquarters of a fertile ground for education, professional operation team, allowing investors to start from zero based business, success is not in a short period of time is a dream!

education market, has been a very hot market. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very wise choice. What about art education? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious, it is worth our choice, it is worth joining us!

Easy to master entry

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women’s Union is said to be the most simple branch of the industry, almost no threshold. But it is not easy to do well. Every year the closure of the women’s clothing store is also very much. Here follow the small series to see how to do the management of women’s franchise bar!

brand stores profit increase in turnover also need both need open source throttling, with control effect and the rationality of maximizing open source throttling, two to achieve business is both sustainable. Make full use of the What consulting method, all the factors that affect the cost of the women’s franchise stores, one by one carefully listed. To gather the ideas of the people in the store and keep a serious attitude.

if the owner found brand store employees mostly towards "attributes passivity" partial travel time, this system can reach the standard homeopathic launched, difficult to impose incentives, not reached to a light punishment. Can receive better benefits and mathias. The so-called goods than three do not suffer, not to mention the operator itself should not blindly caught in the shop. "Home management" is the current prevailing mode of operation, the use of this method for general merchandise stores, department stores or related businesses, will discount goods, special offer the suitable amount of misappropriation in the store, can reduce the cost of natural.

women joined the simple but not simple. Simple entry, not simple to operate. The above content will help you do a good job in the management of women’s stores, I hope you have seen the above, for how to manage to have a certain understanding.

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Beautiful career for women

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women love beauty, the pursuit of the cause of beauty is a woman’s life career, how to make women in the pursuit of their own side of the beautiful career at the same time can harvest their careers? With more and more women with their own unique and meticulous excavation of their own success, the first pot of gold, the entrepreneurial era has ushered in a sign of the distinctive "her" style of the trend. The following Xiaobian for you to bring the beautiful woman to do.

It is the first

the theme of female consumption, many female entrepreneurs are around their own beauty characteristics, looking for projects.

women look ", mainly to help customers, and other Manicure collocation makeup, even to the wardrobe management, is a kind of new service project." This blue Q color show makeup head Li Fengling introduction.

"and beauty salon, we only do makeup service, specifically divided daily makeup, makeup, bride banquet makeup, about half an hour, a delicate beauty can all attend the event." Li Fengling said.

trained stylist can be recommended according to different customer, clothing, makeup and harmonious collocation, can also according to customer specified locations to help other appointments. We found that the future market space should be larger." According to Li Fengling introduction, the future trend of female consumption, will serve as the main product.

Dianzhi choice: mainly in high-grade community or commercial, regional cbd. Standard store business area 150 to 200 square meters.

investment reminder: image design and operation requires a certain professional knowledge, the accumulation of relevant experience or suggestions for training, to lay a good foundation skills.


Children’s clothing stores to pay attention to what

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since the business is a physical product, it is necessary to do a good job related to the purchase, this is a prerequisite for the stable development of shops. However, when the purchase is actually a lot of attention we need to pay attention to, so as to ensure that the purchase work carried out more smoothly. So, children’s clothing store when the purchase should pay attention to what?

1, don’t store wholesale stores in the children’s clothing slowly check your product, when you refer to the goods, as long as the amount of food can be, generally go back and find the product in question after the replacement (but not too far away from the time of purchase). If you pick up the goods after the goods squat in the wholesale store inside, will let the wholesalers think you are a very troublesome customer, so do not want to play with you a long-term deal. If the home found the number less call wholesalers immediately, wholesalers will point the goods, less wholesalers will know, or he will not call the wholesalers.

2, don’t expect the children’s clothing wholesalers franchise exchange to reduce the risk of purchase, do not put forward to wholesalers if the product is good to sell can not be replaced by the goods sell well this kind of problem, if you ask, is that you did not do wholesale business, is a business novice (can be controlled to the point, if the risks of doing business may have a fortune, who said you have guessed) wholesalers will give you what kind of offer no next. Wholesalers are not obligated to bear the risk of purchase for you, he is able to replace the defective products have been very good support.

3, children’s clothing store wholesale market price adjustment is very small. Wholesalers single piece of goods is very low profit margins, commodity prices can not be reduced as retailers, the general adjustment in 2%~3%, can be reduced by 5% has been very powerful. If you end up with a wholesaler and ask for another 20 percent off on the wholesale price, you will let the wholesaler know that you rarely get mixed up in the wholesale market.

there are many novice entrepreneurs, because of the stock market rules do not understand, cause enough attention in the time of purchase, and ultimately to a higher price but to worse goods, having a very negative impact on the development of the business entity shop late. So, if you want children’s clothing store business is hot, when you need to buy a lot of attention.