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2016 three new board mergers and acquisitions in the case of the failure of the 4 there are 2 uncert

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is said that mergers and acquisitions is not so easy. M & A is science, mergers and acquisitions is more art; art is uncertain, the three new board mergers and acquisitions as well. Recently, a review of 2016 new three board mergers and acquisitions market, and sorted out the three new board of the ten major mergers and acquisitions in the case of the 2016. Unfortunately, the 4 have failed to confirm, there are still 2 do not know where to go.

is said that in 2016, is the first year of the acquisition of three new board; it is said that mergers and acquisitions is not so easy.

mergers and acquisitions is science, mergers and acquisitions is more art; art is uncertain, the new board on the same merger.

recently, read the 2016 review of the three new board mergers and acquisitions market, and sorted out the three new board of the ten major mergers and acquisitions in the case of 2016. Unfortunately, the 4 have failed to confirm, there are still 2 do not know where to go.

may make you love very deep, may let you as a warning for the future. This is M & A.

5 billion 700 million: talent success bondage "listed companies Nanyang shares

this year three new board company "who" listed companies who sell best talent?! talent! Topsec something important to say three times.

5 billion out of three new board this year the highest selling price "it is this year the Topsec" s genuine goods at a fair price".

in August 2nd, 5 billion 600 million of the market value of the shares issued to Nanyang, Ho throw 5 billion 700 million acquisition of 100% stake in Topsec, which paid 207 thousand and 900 yuan in cash, the issuance of shares to pay 362 thousand and 100 yuan. "A shares 5 billion 700 million acquisition of talent, the new board" s "is so tempered"


is the new three board Topsec white Formica, focus on the field of information security, 2015 revenue of 855 million yuan, an increase of 16%; net profit of 230 million yuan, an increase of 24.81%; in the last round of financing, organized by brokerage Huarong securities gives 4 billion valuation. After the acquisition, Topsec commitments net profit after deduction of non in 2016 not less than 288 million yuan, in 2016 and 2017 cumulative not less than 675 million yuan, the annual cumulative 2016-2018 of not less than 1 billion 179 million yuan.

performance of not less than 288 million yuan this year, corresponding to the valuation of 5 billion 700 million, the price is really good, 20 times. More importantly, in November 4th, Nanyang shares announced the acquisition by the Commission reorganization committee passed unconditionally, finally pass.

is the acquisition of talent 3 years, valuations soared 35 times, and after landing A shares, and the stock value of the dividend in waiting. Since then, Nanyang shares it and live a happy life.


2 billion 700 million: Xintai material 2 billion 700 million M & A, all rely on bet

a total assets of 1.>

The two entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed Need to solve these new problems

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editor’s note: "failure" in the conservative China is never a glorious words, but for entrepreneurs, investors tend to be more love "serial entrepreneur", because it is behind that rich experience and extraordinary mind. Everything has two sides, the author knows the short "entrepreneurs benefit failure", but also put forward a new dilemma faced some "Second-time Founders", and gives some feasible solutions that he.


investors are very optimistic about the two entrepreneurs, especially the founder of past success stories. Reason: two times completely bared there and then entrepreneurs experience more easy to query and reference; they have gone through a lot of pits, never fell; they are more than entrepreneurial mice to raise funds and manage funds etc..

and many first time entrepreneurs often told me that they learned how much experience the school motto, the next time you have to deal with such a situation will how to better. Startups always have a lot of trouble, but the second will be much better.

however, I found that entrepreneurs in the early stages of the search for second projects will also face some challenges.

over the past few years, a large number of experienced entrepreneurs choose EIR (editor’s note: EIR Entrepreneur, in Residence, refers to the entrepreneurs in the business, to an investment agency for a year, the two sides also give each other their each one takes what he needs, a jump point) or into the next journey in. To my surprise, only a few of them have done it, or have taken a long time to find the right track and start. It sounds unbelievable, but it is not unusual. This seems to indicate that the two entrepreneurs are also facing their own problems.

reasons are as follows:

lack of driving force

entrepreneurs do the first project is often born with strong experience and passion, so willing to sacrifice a lot of time, money and energy to keep the project alive. The founder may not be as experienced as today, but he / she has a unique view of a problem, and has a unique driving force of entrepreneurship.

to the second venture, the situation is different. Many of the two entrepreneurs deal with problems more thoughtfully, and more discipline. In some cases, this may be a way, but this process will make the development of the project timeline becomes unpredictable.

away from familiar areas

some of the successive entrepreneurs tend to stay away from familiar areas. This is due to boredom and frustration with the direction of the past, or that they know too much about the field that they don’t want to go on.

running a company sometimes needs "stupid optimism". I’ve heard a lot about founding

Krypton space strategic stake in the joint venture agency office

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krypton space and joint venture Office Agency (People Squared, hereinafter referred to as P2) jointly announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides will be in the shared space, enterprise services and other aspects of the common interaction, at the same time, P2 in the new round of financing, krypton space will also be a strategic stake.


for the hand of krypton space, P2 mainly to provide two aspects of resources and cooperation docking, (1) through both physical space. Krypton space enterprises can also get P2 passport, sharing the rich resources of P2 space; (2) P2 will help Google krypton space docking GFE global business services, enjoy the entrepreneurial resources.


partner P2, krypton space is mainly provides two resources and solutions (1) spatial replenishment. From 1 to 1000, the space can accommodate krypton from start-ups, Small and micro businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises and business branch and internal entrepreneurial team, which provides office space for subsequent innovations in P2 development and growth through the cooperation between the two sides, coming from P2 space to krypton space can even reach "step docking". (2) service output. Based on the ecological system of the 36 krypton krypton space media platform and financial service platform, the key to the output from the "standard" to "fine" office service, whether it is P2, krypton space, or settled in the enterprise space more partners, are able to enjoy the super class shared space and business services.

with "hezonglianheng" to promote the rapid progress of the joint office, trillion krypton space, such as the P2. At the same time, P2 provides better service for entrepreneurs to enhance the concept of cooperation, the pace of the layout of the world is gradually accelerating.

65 page PPT detailing the development of Internet sports venture large companies layout, entrepreneu

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IT orange TMT venture business analysis new sail is a monthly special subdivision direction, the whole industry interpretation! Jie Zijun had previously released a white paper excerpt part sports development of venture capital investment in the Internet, a lot of buddy does not feel satisfied, this is the full version of PPT on page 65 in all, and is free of charge (electronic version of Oh at the end of a link) ~


report from the market background observation, analysis, observation of the layout of large companies, venture investment analysis, subdivision direction analysis, capital analysis and multiple dimensions, a detailed interpretation of the Internet in the trend and the trend of the strategy, and the track of venture capital Internet plus more subdivision trend of sports industry layout and various thermal door.






























Mobile Internet campus Entrepreneurship This is almost a microcosm of the whole world

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mobile Internet business wind up in the campus of the enduring market, mobile Internet entrepreneurs have been frequently involved, they must attack style to complete the layout of the campus O2O.

today we come together to sort out the whole campus market is the mobile Internet business dynamics, and the same as before, just talk about the existing state of the campus mobile entrepreneurship, all other trends we summarize.

first, campus social

when every dream activity of teenagers all entered the campus, this is definitely a little need screening "precise user" market, but also a huge precise circle of users, and the poorest endless yan.

campus social, we talk about the hottest from everyone, that is, the school network. 2006 to 2010, Renren Daxing, as for the later stage of the great decline we have to say that it failed to comply with the trend in time, will go out of the campus users who keep it,

but we assume that if everyone does not decline, it needs to do what


first, social mobile Internet layout; second, stop the loss of users. Yes, after solving these two problems, it has basically been able to cut off the road of decline, but the world is often the case: it is too easy to say, it is too difficult to do.

so, the day before the mobile Internet in the field of O2O campus, campus social this piece has not yet formed a major leadership team, as WeChat, Tencent, not a campus social category APP.

second, campus course APP

from middle school to university, the curriculum management of APP is endless, we in the college market as an example, some online courses in reading, transcripts, and processing and reading professional selected course information, have developed its own value, but the current situation throughout the campus, can of course APP still does not exist.

third, campus activity platform and campus life service platform

about student exchange activities, living services in the field of entrepreneurship, has become one of the major developments in the field of mobile Internet entrepreneurs, public comments and other life service platform "invasion", and other professional services platform to capture the soy sauce, the rise of campus life, some for small entrepreneurial team students finishing school activity information……

in addition, the campus football, bike sharing service, some campus campus charter service platform, running errands in the daily rise in the campus of the big circle, some more detailed and more personalized service requirements are also increasingly mining.

fourth, campus breakfast, campus takeaway

in addition to spiritual needs, the students still need some practical help, such as the campus breakfast field and >

Unprecedented complexity! 2017 will be the most difficult year for investment!

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2017 is to grasp the trend, if you do not grasp the trend is good, you want to reflect the performance of the investment is very difficult. What do you want to do with the big trend? Since 2017 is a sign of volatility, you may have a good harvest in 2017 if you want to make a basic strategy for volatility.

recently, senior vice president, Oppenheimer fund senior fund manager Li Shanquan CRE securities in the 2017 annual strategy meeting that 2017 will be a year of unprecedented complexity, is probably the most difficult year for investment.


nobody knew Trump would be what brand of European countries, the election gave birth to change, Asia Japan and South Korea also faces a lot of uncertainty. The capital market is not meant to peace, there are three major trends will be reversed, their changes will bring inestimable impact to the stock market, property market and money market, must not be let down.

first, in 2017 the situation unprecedented complex

from the point of view of global investment, now placed in front of the task, I have a basic judgment, 2017 is a turning point, may be the most difficult year to meet the investment.

this year there are too many uncertainties, changes mainly reflect these aspects:

is one of the biggest changes in the world’s major economies. Simply speaking, the new president, the game is no doubt a series of policies to begin, the at least one risk should pay particular attention to, every day in the media headlines, a lot of things scare you with me, what results do not know, at least every day will have a new message, which is the main the source of causing huge fluctuations in the market, the new president of the United States is the first.

second look at the situation in Europe, Italy after the election, the election in Germany was followed by elections in France, all the problems are directly related to the stability of the euro area is directly related to the euro, because the euro is connected with the dollar, the world’s second largest currency of any global capital have wind sways grass, re configuration.

third the situation in Asia is not particularly good, there is a lot of content that expand on. Japan seems neither dead nor alive for so many years, in fact, Abe economics basically no chance of winning, the final result must be in a complete mess.

South Korea is now politically problematic, economically problematic, and one that includes China, Taiwan, etc.. China’s economic slowdown is mainly the problem of how to look at, in the end what is our way out, can not find a suitable policy support, so that we come out of this predicament?.

anyone knows that the adjustment of economic structure, overcapacity adjustment is a very painful process, due to the capital to Guantingbingzhuan, wasted on Chinese to prevent as much as possible to reduce the waste of capital "

Ma Yun dialogue Hongkong youth more than I need only ten to fifteen years

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technology news August 9th morning news, Ma 8 evening in Beijing attended the Beijing Union University asked Ma "activities, and to the" Hongkong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship All people belong to one family. "delegation made a speech, even to fly 9 country business, time is unable to reverse, but the horse cloud still pointing Jiangshan, witty.

"there is no better time than it is now"

said Chinese, young people pressure, in fact Hongkong is the same, after Ma has been in Hongkong for local young people a lesson, this is the second lessons.

"we are ordinary people, my parents, teachers, classmates…… I never thought I’d make it, but it turned out to be a big reversal." Ma came to power on self resources, "admitted to the police, 5 people admitted to 4, I did not last; go to the KFC waiter candidates, 24 people admitted to 23, and I was not accepted."

Ma Yun even joked that not long ago, he also found himself in charge of Kentucky Fried Chicken, maybe some people are born or entrepreneurial life."

does that entrepreneur encourage every young person to start a business?

clinker as the most successful example of China’s grassroots entrepreneurs Ma has made a foreshadowing: if I start again, never again." At the same time, he also suggested: young people can also find a good boss, a good team, but also good, do not have to do their own boss."

however, Schmidt, Ma quickly began Ariadne: "no one times better than now. In human history there have been three great revolution, the industrial revolution, Britain took 50 years to develop; technology revolution, the United States spent 50 years; it is the human history of the third revolution, the age of the Internet has been in the past 20 years, the next 30 is the key."

"you have to catch up with me, ten to fifteen years on the line"

said, "don’t see me cry, because I don’t have time to cry, so I have to watch my opponent cry."."

"everyone wants to be successful today, then you have to see ten years later; we all see that after ten years, you can try to see today."

entrepreneurship is not a matter of money…… You can borrow money from your parents and borrow from your friends. If you don’t lend it to you, you have a problem with your character."

over time, Ma more wit in high and vigorous spirits, constantly. He even said to the 2000 young men, "it is impossible for you to surpass us in one or two years, unless we are stupid. But if it’s 10 or 15 years, it’s very likely."

Alibaba is the future of the economic infrastructure to build


is just facing the young people a group of a green hand, but Ma is seriously abnormal, even took out their own research experience: the development direction of the Internet economy in the future.


Big data entrepreneurs, where the data come from Need to cross a few hurdle

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you no grass root data, how to play? First, you can say through the third party purchase data, data hall have a lot of data and share sale; secondly, you can use the crawler crawl back to some data to storage; furthermore, to accumulate data through the use of big data tools to enterprises, developers, owners and so on authorized. Finally, using free government, businesses, and institutions to open data.


this article consider for a long time did not write, on the one hand to write some dry cargo hand, want to write some fascinating, tangled tangled to go, finally decided to write to a neutral point of view of the users, try to write some popular.

May 10, 2013, the ten anniversary of Taobao’s Party – Ma retirement speech, Ma said: This is an era of change. Some people did not figure out the PC, the mobile Internet has come; not clear the mobile Internet, big data to. The age of change is the age of youth.

Ma Yun said this sentence is key, he not only talked about big data, but also with a statement of the Internet from the PC era, the evolution of mobile Internet era, and then from the advanced mobile Internet era to the era of big data. There are several key points are very important: PC era, the world spawned a large number of Internet listed companies, including Google, Amazon, Sina, Sohu, New Oriental, etc.;


mobile Internet era, Chinese business boom fast, not only have a large number of mobile Internet (including Mobile Games) companies listed on the United States, it is the birth of numerous entrepreneurial miracle. Mobile Internet not only brings convenience to our lives, but also to the entrepreneurial boom to the highest peak in history.

now the problem, the era of big data, entrepreneurial boom should be more lively than the mobile Internet era? How big data era of entrepreneurship?

first answer to the question: the era of big data, entrepreneurial boom should be more lively than the mobile Internet era


as far as I know, not. Walking on the streets of Zhongguancun venture, you can receive 100 financing BP, there may be 99 copies of the APP and O2O projects, but more than 99 of the family will pay attention to big data in the.

so big data era how to do poineering work, please first understand the big data entrepreneurial threshold.

threshold: data

big data big data, no data how to play? So where does the data come from?

like Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba such BAT companies, itself has accumulated a large amount of data, so they play big data, mostly is a big money". Of course, it can be said that a few BAT companies play big data example, such as Baidu’s Baidu migration, Baidu actuarial, Baidu public opinion, Baidu big data prediction engine, etc.

Mobile Internet belongs to our era

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I always felt it very difficult to understand young people complain about this time whether business or a small business, more and more difficult, and fewer opportunities, that our fathers in the world is full of opportunities, there is gold. I think on the contrary, when our parents are not so many opportunities to do business now, business is not so easy, that era is the era of the planned economy, give them the opportunity and not so much, they might have to squat jail. At that time to eat a grasp of a lot, able to solve the food and clothing of the ordinary people is not much, regardless of the market environment and consumption ability is very backward, even the money to buy more things that are restricted, because that is the planned economy era, not the market have the final say.

I also believe that our parents think is easier to do business in our grandparents in that age, opportunities are being robbed of my grandfather’s generation; then, to our son at that time, maybe there are a lot of people say the chances are that we are a generation away, give them the chance is not many. But I would like to look at the issue from another angle, this time I think we have a lot of opportunities, especially the emergence of the Internet and mobile Internet, for many ordinary ordinary people could not have been a great opportunity, can be in a relatively fair Internet world has a fair chance to compete. We don’t even need relationships before we attach great importance to the various eat gifts to solve things, previously registered a company needs all kinds of trouble procedures, but also need a lot of money, the audit is very strict. And now you can zero the registered capital, the procedure is very simple, no longer need office field pictures and so on a lot of strict procedures, this is an opportunity, and be better, because I always believe that human development is more and more simple and beautiful.

when my father was in high school, my grandmother needed to turn a few times to get the money into my father’s hands. It was a waste of time, trouble and fatigue. When I was in high school, my mother just need to move the automatic teller machine keys, money will soon be able to my account, simple and convenient, time-saving. And now we even do not have to go to the ATM, mobile phone can directly turn over another account, more simple and quick, this is a trend of development, will develop to what I do not know the future, but I believe there must be better than now, perhaps say a word to the money of account perhaps, just make a gesture to.

I grew up in the countryside, if there is no Internet and mobile Internet, I can not imagine what kind of state is now, I do not know what my income will be. Spell diploma, no one else is very high, the ability to fight, too much stronger than me, fight relationship, no more, is a poor place to grow up poor children. It is the Internet that let me have today’s development, although it is grass root, but at least I have enough confidence, at least have the ability to improve their quality of life, and I believe it will get better and better.

today with one of the branches

Entrepreneurial genes may have doomed OPPO, vivo and hammer different future

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entered in September, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers are crazy again. In glory, Mito busy at the fashion week catwalk when OPPO and vivo began to promote the brand concept, millet positive for the upcoming new propaganda, even a hammer, but also because of possible acquisitions has become the focus of.

in fact, after a round of reshuffle and knockout, whether it is a giant in the sales line, or small and beautiful two or three line brand, have found a temporary home". For example, OPPO and vivo represent deep line channels, a symbol of China innovation strength of HUAWEI flagship technology licensing, often known as ecological and conference LETV, and do business in the vertical self field beauties.

in the final analysis, the emergence of this phenomenon and the choice of the market is not unrelated, but in essence is still the domestic mobile phone brands combined with their own advantages of differentiated operations decisions.

brand differentiation brought about by changes in the market structure

smart phones in the Chinese market, the first year in 2011, the market volume has jumped from 118 million to last year’s 430 million. But in just five years, the pattern of the domestic mobile phone market has repeatedly changed, from the original Chinese cool union camp to millet led by the Internet mobile phone brand, and then to OPPO and vivo to create the myth of sales. The reason, but also need to be traced back to the mobile phone manufacturers operating strategy.

from the tone of the brand, the domestic well-known mobile phone brand seems can be divided into three categories, with OPPO and vivo as the representative of the invisible giant, HUAWEI, millet as the representative of the domestic department and a hammer, etc., Mito mobile phone vertical "feelings" brand. It is not difficult to find that the three types of mobile phone brands have their own different operating styles.

OPPO and vivo in 2016 to become a leader in the domestic mobile phone market, self-contained line operators on a variety of naming and celebrity endorsements of the skilled online has a high brand awareness, and won the two or three line of the city line more than half of the share. In contrast, in the sales volume as well as HUAWEI and millet, the former by consolidating the marketing behavior of a series of "innovators" image, and become the eyes of some people the national pride, which began with the "new Chinese" marketing to stimulate consumers, so compared to independent innovation or domestic brands dedicated consumers. Select or millet, or HUAWEI. In contrast, the hammer and the United States and other plans to give a small and beautiful feeling. The hammer is more sensational, early attracted a large number of hammer powder, Mito vertical bias in the crowd, only "self portrait" has won a lot of loyal users.

out of this relationship is easier to understand mobile phone brand marketing behavior, such as the first mentioned fashion week debut, glory is perhaps in order to deepen its influence among young people, and the figure may be looking for the meeting point between the self and the fashion, it is decided by the operation strategy.

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