Learn six consumer psychology easy to stay customers

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consumers are really stupid? It can’t be generalized. They sometimes silly, funny, sometimes fine one. Fool is the happiest people in the world, where there will be so many fools, but it is only a period of IQ sleep only, as to what time to sleep, it depends entirely on what the consumer psychology. So we invented all kinds of marketing, and the essence of marketing, and consumer psychological game. What are some of the most common psychological characteristics of consumers


1, a base cover 100 ugly

in this era, not only is the mobile phone, in fact any class of consumer resistance to the last line of defense is the price. Even, the mass consumer chooses the product by the price limit. Therefore, "a base cover 100 ugly" is the most basic principle. Because "a base cover 100 ugly", so ugly clothes would have to wear, and then unpalatable restaurants will have to eat, and then withered vegetables will have people to buy a home.

of course, keeping the cost within a reasonable range, but also to make the core value of the product at the core of the pain points. There is a prominent differentiation advantage, the other level is mediocre. If there is no prominent differentiation advantage, it is necessary to support the comprehensive performance of a variety of value. It is precisely because of this contradiction, "small package", "fast fashion", "small batch", "supply chain", "pre-sale" concept began to blossom everywhere.

in the absence of the Internet before thinking, Chinese less profitable health wine brand, by reducing the amount of price sell the wine is a wine. Because of the lower cost of experiential consumption, product sales up, consumer habits have produced, the right to speak of the manufacturers and the terminal has also increased, forming a virtuous circle. Millet behind the sense of participation, but also proud of the low price. So, when there is no market based product market, pricing factors are more important than the positioning strategy.

2, beautiful and very

What are the skills of baking franchise stores

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choose a promising market, choose a suitable brand, join the investment, which has become a choice for many entrepreneurs in the current. As for a bakery franchise, if appropriate and effective management methods, will have a multiplier effect, to bring unexpected benefits to your shop. To this end, offer five tips for baking you join investors reference.

skills 1 control loss rate of

any shop will be faced with the problem of the loss of shopping guide, the loss rate is too high for the salesperson will have a great impact on sales, to control the turnover rate of the bakery store clerk.

According to

technique 2 posts

due to the bakery franchise business characteristics make the adjustment is inevitable, adjust the attitude of the shopping guide to be stable, recommended to the new counter, to avoid the purchasing staff have trouble.


skills incentives and penalties, the implementation of humane management

Service specification

baking stores for shopping guide set is must comply with the principle of adhering to the serious, rigorous, standardized and orderly so as to make the entire team; but on the other hand, Daogouyuan mood affects sales enthusiasm to life difficulties to shopping guide to help and care, reflect human nature management.

skills 4 use appropriate incentives

is doing a good job, also can let the sense of achievement, no one wants to be left behind, if a bakery stores management personnel will only use the means of punishment, it is undoubtedly the overseer, appropriate incentives will make people from the heart to accept and do better.

skills 5 manager responsible for the implementation of

in a bakery franchise, the role of the manager can not be ignored, he is the core of a shop. He should be responsible for the store personnel, goods, health, display, sales. Therefore, you want to manage the franchise, first of all, from the beginning of a good manager to start this link.

current store management is not good to do, if you want to get the job done in place, but also need to hold the operator more skills, so as to protect the cause of better management. In short, small series for the majority of baked franchise operators can not provide skills, if you are ready to invest in such a shop, these techniques may wish to pay attention to.

These five areas of entrepreneurship in the capital of the winter situation clear

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in the new era of the Internet, entrepreneurs are looking for new investment projects in the industry, to determine their own investment direction, in fact, this year, many entrepreneurs have found popularity in the industry full of entrepreneurial field.


1, intelligent hardware

2, virtual reality

2015, virtual reality (VR) has become a hot topic in the industry, it is considered to be expected to become the next tuyere, attracting many companies scramble. Among them, both Oculus, SONY, Samsung and other foreign well-known enterprises, there are domestic storm mirror, 3Glasses and a number of domestic enterprises,

3, running social

If 2014 as the movement of social products the emergence period, 2015 is the year of the outbreak. Along with the rise of the running boom, and the popularity of mobile devices, users running the explosive growth of the size; at the same time, the running of APP financing news has just completed $18 million without stop, such as the B round of financing Wyatt laps, "super club" recommended a few months ago

Young people how to open the silver agency

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over the years, we can see the increasing demand for silver market, which is a lot of young entrepreneurs to bring more opportunities. So, for young people, how to open silver to join the agency? Do you know any shop experience? What problems will be encountered in the operation? Let’s take a look at it!

first, when silver joined agent suitable for decoration on the counter next to the exit. Because a lot of people buy things after the habit of going to the next place to go around, this will increase the ratings of silver jewelry products, which will bring a lot of revenue.

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How to sell the most dangerous goods on the shelf

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any one of the shops, if you can have a best-selling product, there will also be some products are not popular with consumers. In these unpopular products, if the customer is picked up and put down, in fact, this product is the most dangerous. But as long as we adopt the appropriate business strategy, these dangerous goods can also be sold. So how can the most dangerous goods on the shelves sell well?

shopping, there is such a scenario: the customer will be shopping malls in a piece of clothing, toys and try again, look and see, after some hesitation, and finally put the goods down. This kind of goods usually encounter many similar situations. Careful attention to the details of the business owners, will quickly put the goods under the shelf, to fill the new goods. But most of the time, new goods will suffer the same treatment.

of these goods, known as "the most dangerous goods shelves", because it caused a lose lose situation: consumers do not buy your favorite items, the boss can not generate profits through it, and is likely to cause stock piling.

this situation, whose fault? The first thing to be sure of is that it is not the fault of the goods. Flow out spring sewer, pull out the cloth VAT; these goods, just after the avalanche have scattered snow, a real mistake maker, is behind the "avalanche".

who is behind the black hand?

since the shelves of the most dangerous goods caused a double lose dilemma, then it is clear that the black hand from the physical stores and consumers.

, however, there is a saying that the customer is god. Whether consumers buy or not, he has spent a certain value: buy, spend money; do not buy, energy consumption. Therefore, the real behind the scenes, but in fact for the store unilaterally.

stores the first error, from the boss’s thinking.

Chinese people do business inertia thinking is to follow the crowd. For example, a gas station in a place, there will be the first hotel nearby, second restaurants…… When a Jewish man arrives at the gas station, he opens a supermarket, or a hotel, which is the most dangerous goods on the shelf".

this phenomenon is particularly evident in the city. For example, there are a few street in Chongqing, a street is a street may be all Hot pot, Chongqing small noodles on a street, mostly selling clothing, and to other types of buffer stores, is less and less.

with the idea of going with the flow, the most likely problem is the product homogeneity; the consequences of homogenization, is the product >

Sun Yang 1500 meters final crushing dream of the top three

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Sun Yang is a good swimmer, our domestic relatively high visibility at the same time, he in the world of sports is also a very good athlete, once in a number of world-class competitions have a very good performance.

however before the final, only 7 people in the waiting area, Sun Yang did not appear, the long distance the king chose to retire, according to official said, Sun Yang is because the heart does not opt out of the final tonight, Yang Saiqian participated in the sun to warm up, the body is not too big problem. Sun Yang 1500 meters freestyle three consecutive mengsui.

7 in the final, Paltene Leigh of Italy and Cochran of Canada competition before the 200 micko Karen in the lead, followed by only 0.45 seconds behind Paltene Leigh. 400 meters, Paltene Leigh to achieve anti super, Karen lagged behind for about 0.23 seconds, the United States of Jagger in the third. Paltene Leigh to keep the edge, 750 meters ahead of Cochran at the time of 1.81 seconds. After 1000 meters of the race, Paltene Leigh’s first position more and more solid. 1200 meters, Paltene Leigh ahead of the second of the Jagger, 3.10. The game entered the final 100 meters, Jagger will be distance to catch up to 2 seconds 88. But Paltene Leigh is still firmly in 14 minutes and 39 seconds to win the championship of 67, creating a European record. Jagger of the United States to get the silver medal, Canada’s bronze medal for the bronze medal of Cochran.


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How do Korean jewelry wllp

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South Korean fashion concern, Korean clothing hot selling, South Korea’s acid jewelry also won a high degree of concern. Korean manufacturing jewelry suction eye strength is not in general, the domestic sales situation is excellent, the development prospects should not be underestimated.

has a long history of jewelry market

mention South Korea jewelry industry, have to mention the South Gate of Seoul market. Today, the 600 year history of the South Korean national treasure No. 1 "market has become a famous international giant jewelry collection and distribution center. It is understood that in Seoul was designated as the capital of South Korea 600 years ago, the South Gate (formerly known as the Chongli gate) is the capital of the South Gate of the central gate of the top 4, so far is the oldest wooden buildings in Seoul, called the symbol of Seoul. Was designated as the national treasure 1, the South Gate of the Korean people, especially the people of Seoul has a profound historical significance.

is located in the south east side door of the South Gate of the market in Seoul is South Korea’s largest and oldest market, more than 12 thousand stores and nearly 50 thousand businessmen and around the clock factory made it become the famous giant international wholesale market.

a daily average of up to 500 thousand people to visit the south gate to the frequent active business. Unlike other shopping malls in Seoul, the building of the building and the store as gorgeous and full of modern flavor, here are simple and simple traditional business and open shop. The traditional market of natural and simple businessmen and the various levels of shopping and pedestrians, people can feel the most simple, hard-working, kind-hearted Korean civilians side.

South Gate where the Central Financial District South Gate Road as the route, sightseeing and shopping complex, especially the South Gate of the market in the alley is often crowded. Therefore, to remind Chinese tourists to go to the South Gate Shopping

Purifier franchise business skills which grasp these points

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whether it is air purifiers, water purifiers, these products in the market demand is growing. So invest in this industry, occupy an absolute advantage. What are the operating skills of the purifier store? Master these, you can easily profit.

purifier stores in the daily sales process, in addition to relying on the excellent quality of the purifier to impress consumers, but also to the operator through the skillful product promotion and encourage consumers to purchase to achieve speed up. At this point, some of the necessary sales skills can make the staff in the purifier shop twice the result with half the effort. So, how to succeed in product sales and not to make consumers feel disgusted? The following method is the sales industry veteran summed up the essence of the purifier sales staff may wish to learn.

with purifier stores continue to increase, the market competition is increasingly intensified, investors want their stores for a steady purifier development rise, it is necessary to master the purifier sales skills. If the purifier stores can not grasp more purifier sales skills, so the store competitiveness is not strong, the final will be unable to adapt to the development of Cleaner market, can not adapt to the development of cleaner industry, will end up with failure.


Management of small candy shop

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small candy shop in some of the many "ambition" aspiring entrepreneurs heart perhaps are not what, so we work together to have a look at what is now the market needs of the store? Take a look at such a small shop is not how much wealth.

in its first month to make money

for entrepreneurs, the most difficult is to start the "ice age", in the first few months, mostly to lose some money, can do. Liu Yangxi said: "from the first month, we will make money." There are two reasons: first, the money is not too much candy store in Chongqing, the most prosperous commercial area of Shapingba, Monument for Liberation, Jiangbei, each district only about two. The candy consumption market is relatively large, newly married more than 80, the traditional Chaotianmen style candy and packaging has been unable to meet their aesthetic needs. Second, the opening time in late August, candy business survived the June to early August off-season.

their candy store opened in a square in Shapingba, the larger flow of people, but the shop transfer fee of up to 70 thousand yuan, most venture capital spent here. What other almost do not have to spend money, decoration of thousands of pieces of candy boxes by the manufacturers deliver goods, almost no accumulation of goods. Customers are optimistic about the box, under the good order, pay a deposit, they find manufacturers purchase, are now sold to buy. Candy, invitations and other supporting items are available in the wholesale market.

location about

the candy shop open in where? A senior practitioner gives the answer: the best in the business district near, but not into the district. The best is the street facade, big traffic, convenient parking.

Clothing store design and layout skills

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opened a clothing store, clothing features are necessary, but how to attract consumers to the store is the focus. So the decoration and layout of the clothing store must be distinctive. Below, we introduce several clothing store design and layout stage can use skills.

color contrast should focus on choosing the representative, can show the trend or the theme of the clothing as a key display, and to clear the introduction of enterprise products to avoid the light factors change the original color of clothing. In the vision of an array of improper original styles of clothing to misinterpret focus, through the contrast of color, clothing quality property contrast or direct sunlight to strengthen the key, in addition, but also consider the customer’s sight, ergonomic design basis, using different props, accessories.

the rational use of space factors of T-shirts, shirts, skirts, scarves and other materials lighter clothing do wall display. Large space wall display strong plasticity, can be applied in thick paper, paper clips, lighting and folding skills make clothing produce three-dimensional, reasonable use of points, line and surface composition techniques of goods vividly displayed. The small space of the wall display goods should not be too much, leaving space and the use of color contrast highlights.

actually use the table design, display of almost all goods are suitable for the table, to choose the goods rack, hanger, display and display cabinet. The direction of the goods can be placed horizontally, do not change the main direction, the composition of the goods are neat and regular appearance, enhance the positive visual effects, how to use the platform display cabinets or display platform. You can also change the direction of the commodity, the pursuit of visual changes, such as the use of curved display or multi way display cabinets. The use of support to improve the height of the goods, so that the display table is more varied. Pay attention to the display of goods folding techniques, so neat and uniform.