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  • Shanxi will build a number of entrepreneurial cities to achieve more employment

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    this is an era of innovation and industrial restructuring, Shanxi as a large province of traditional resources, is also actively looking for the transformation of the road. Shanxi trying to develop innovative projects in the new era of the new situation, the environment to achieve the goal of pollution, and continue to support local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

    “early start, we are one of only 3 personal computer 2 studio, due to the shortage of funds and personnel, as well as to the local electricity supplier industry understanding is not deep enough, a lot of difficulties in the early stage. When we are faced with the plight of survival and development, the Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the provincial Employment Bureau has given us strong support and guidance, so that we get rid of the dilemma.” Wang Wang, general manager of Shanxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jiening told reporters.

    2012, in the provincial government under the arrangements, I selected 30 development environment is good, the employment policy system more perfect, the public employment service system more perfect cities and counties to carry out the creation of entrepreneurial city activities. The activities carried out in three years, the creation of cities and counties to strengthen organizational leadership, improve policies to support entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial services, optimize business environment, business activity index increased significantly, the initial formation of the government to encourage the whole society to care and help support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, workers brave good pattern of self entrepreneurship.


    policy support,

    A group of venture



    DAMBOLO shoes to join a good market choice

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    actually, the choice of women’s shoes to join the market, is a very wise choice. Women’s shoes to join, for entrepreneurs, the cost is small but large profit margins. DAMBOLO what about women’s shoes? Good quality projects, successful venture worthy of trust!


    said thick shoes ugly people, must have seen their own thick shoes to wear the ugly look, but certainly did not see those female stars wear thick shoes, beautiful and confident and the appearance of gas. Among the many female stars, the number of Fan Bingbing like to wear thick soled shoes, it can be said that all the year round in the wear, there is a pattern, pure color, anyway, thick soled shoes style has come a. Of course, in addition to Fan Bingbing, as well as Angelababy, Zhao Liying and Zhao Wei, they are not to be ignored, but also very deep love shoes. Always like to wear a pair of thick shoes, show a strong gas field.



    in addition to the stars are wearing, the annual fashion week T Taiwan have thick soles of the shoes, the designer is also deeply love the thick soled shoes. Have to say, the shoes are still pick people to wear, no contrast, do not know the original thick shoes can wear so well.


    as early as in the 70s of last century, thick soled shoes began to fire up in Europe and the United states. It can not only explain the lively and playful style, but also to support the sexy wind, variety style is so annoying. You are ugly, ugly shoes, because you probably do not know what is the difference between the shoes and the shoes, shoes today let DAMBOLO tell you loudly.


    anyway, remember, thick soled shoes and platform shoes are different. Thick soled shoe soles are generally not so exaggerated heavy platform shoes, at about 7CM, suitable for daily walk. Remember, the wrong way to make a thick bottom shoe is the main reason for it.


    wear thick shoes ugly? That’s why you didn’t choose a pair of shoes. Next, DAMBOLO shoes that you have the best of these cheats get up, you will never say thick shoes ugly.


    The first step for

    to make a thick soled shoe look good is to choose the right style. To choose the shoes Square, tip design, thick soled shoes so exquisite radian can make big toe become more slender and elegant, but also modified the foot, perfect. Vamp with solid colors is better, it can let you casually collocation your clothes; the best is the sole wedge slope, there are color design, this design makes it the line more good-looking, not clumsy, also very fashionable personality; at the height of the best exposed ankle, so wearing them to look good, there is a sense of hierarchy.



    saw thick soled shoes look fashionable, next is the collocation, the DAMBOLO women’s strengths, absolutely let you beauty earthshaking. >

    Google search results page added function calculator graphic display function

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    Google search results page add graphics function calculator function


    graphics zoom operation

    Beijing on December 6th news, according to the development trend of the industry attention to search the American technology blog SearchEngineLand reports specifically, Google Technology Engineer Adidas · Avi Doll (Adi Avidor) said Monday in a blog post, Google search results page has increased the graphics function calculator function, global math lovers only in the Google search function calculation the need to type the box, Google search results page will return the corresponding graphical expression at the top.

    Avi Doll said that users in the Google search results page to see the graphics function, but also use the mouse to click on the node graph, to zoom in and out of these charts. Avi Doll said, most browsers have support for Google this new function.

    SearchEngineLand pointed out that the graphics function calculator function to increase Google’s new search engine WolframAlpha, can be regarded as the corresponding mathematical calculator function on another Internet response. The WolframAlpha service in May 2009 officially launched, has been hailed as the "outside Google killer". With the Google search service is different, users need to query the search box type problem in WolframAlpha, the search engine will return directly to the user answers, instead of returning a lot of web links.

    Check 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update processing method

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    2, a good space. There are two conditions, one is open speed should not exceed 5 seconds, Shanghai dragon do a commonplace talk of an old scholar should focus on the user experience, in fact, this is the user experience, if you open the space is very slow, who will love. The two is very stable, no matter what time the spider, spider can access. So the search engine to a certain degree above give you extra points, the snapshot is not a problem.

    5, a week to write a few soft article. This is for you to learn, and can add a lot of backlinks to your site, snapshot update naturally be nothing difficult. I like A5 on the soft hits and reproduced or very good.

    Shanghai, now more and more electricity supplier website needs to be optimized, small small to release the product page, big big to keyword optimization ranking, with the local network of Shanghai dragon arena. A Shanghai dragon need to grasp more knowledge about Shanghai dragon, today Shanghai love story behind the snapshot. If a site has new places or new things will attract the arrival of the spider, a snapshot of your website so the search engine will update the database, so how can we make love Shanghai day is the next day snapshot update or snapshot here according to a "fat: 10 love Shanghai in inventory update the reasons summed up" approach 10 corresponding, provide a reference for the webmaster.

    6, refused to hang black chain. Experience tell you webmaster, black links will quietly disappear, once this black links force, increase the weight of your site, when a link failure, so your site will be search engine friendly judgment. It will not only affect the snapshot, and may be right down. So such things advised you don’t do it.

    4, Links check. Many webmaster, hasty do a Links whether, in fact, this is wrong, Links not to do, but also diligent check, because if you change the link update snapshot overnight, then snapshot of your site also have a certain effect.

    1, every day to add original content to your website. We are the first day to a new company work, presided over the morning meeting of the people will say so and so coming to our company has injected new blood, and we also need such a website, need to take care of it. The website should have the update frequency. Let the spider often come to your site. Snapshot will update. So slowly accumulated weight love Shanghai.

    3, every day to add several backlinks. A regular and continuous increase a few of the reverse connect every day, the effect is very significant, which is equivalent to the word-of-mouth, your website address every day in the Internet, so there is a spider on your friendship, the key point is to adhere to, so as to let the search engine update every day.

    7, adhere to the mass without software

    . Can improve the keywords ranking group within a short time, that I have.

    Community O2O 5 questions for entrepreneurs to think aboutSix ways to bring your entrepreneurial tea

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    When the

    to look at the community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas.

    understands your stress patterns,

    even the Ding Dong District into a failed case, but the community did not reduce the heat O2O. On the contrary, we often hear that certain community O2O projects have received tens of millions of levels of financing. Moreover, dynamic valuation of billions of dollars, or even billions of.

    when people face a series of crises, they will have a default stress response. For example, some people are faced with pressure to escape without restraint. Some people work hard, others complain about themselves, others blame others…… The important thing is that you have to know your stress patterns so that you can make your next step in a sober state.

    I have been to the community O2O embrace of doubt, on the one hand is the market rising heat, on the other hand, has seen relative success stories, curious, also let a person want to explore in this field.

    in 2013, one of my friends want to do community O2O, and to start planning team and other issues. By the first half of 2014, the project had not yet started, but he told us about it again, saying that a company in Beijing had raised $100 million. "One hundred million dollars ah, what not to do!" the excitement shows between the lines. Not long ago, when we talk about the O2O community again, he became silent, seems to have given up the idea, perhaps by the Ding Dong District "failure".


    what is community O2O? I always have this question. For example, near the community to achieve online takeaway food store, is not? If so, it is not a takeaway, as for the O2O community so tall? Looking at the current domestic O2O community model, can be divided into several categories:

    through the phenomenon

    has been a bottleneck, funds may be problems, you can not continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. Debt denial includes non essential expenses such as not buying new equipment, adding workspaces, hiring contractors, and so on.

    these decisions are tough, but as an entrepreneurial team, it is better to save money than to let the debt problem grow. In addition, it is necessary to have an emergency account, so as not to encounter really unavoidable expenses.

    meets customer needs in order to create valuable models. The Internet is not to change people’s lives, but to enhance people’s lives, make life easier and more interesting. And the development of the Internet to the back, the more should be embellish things fine silent, feeling no barriers, and daily life as one.

    rejects more debt,

    a, the District Social entry: for example, Ding Dong District, community social entry, but actually do is.

    if clear decay building a nest, must not mean action. If you can’t hire more employees, so will the extra people clean up; if your income is from a customer service to customers, then do not choosy. But also be quick to find clients and projects that interest you.

    everyone loves listening to successful startup Stories: tough starts, popular products, smooth financing, and the peak of life…… Not every story has a perfect ending, and in order to avoid the tragedy, especially entrepreneurs in the Internet industry entrepreneurs, have not only courage, foresight, more important is to learn to deal with the crisis.

    understand the difficulty, and see the essence of

    for the community O2O, on the one hand, the market is rising heat, on the other hand, did not see a relatively successful case appeared. To meet customer needs in order to create valuable models, so as to look at the current community O2O, I think there is still a long way to go, perhaps more than O2O industry in other areas of the industry. So, as an entrepreneur, the following 5 questions are worth thinking about.

    when you start your business, you may have a relatively focused vision: >

    maybe you know everything about the team, such as how many people have been hired recently and how many contracts have been broken up. However, these are not the main reasons for your bottleneck. As a marriage, a small problem small enough to make families fall apart, but the long-term accumulation of small problems can also lead to building collapse. So the team’s decision makers should see the problem going on for a long time.

    1, entry point,

    we all say that entrepreneurship is based on passion, all the problems to understand, and also lost the opportunity to start business. So these questions don’t have to be answered, but at least think about it. If you’re trying to start a business in this field, I think the following issues need to be considered:

    back to the original vision,

    / Wu,

    don’t believe in fatalism,

    fatalistic theory is, "things are always like this, you can’t escape."." The idea is so easy to despair that there is no incentive to take action. Keep looking at where you can change and challenge, and you won’t be a victim of fatalism.

    bottleneck coming, take decisive action,

    American financial magazine Entrepreneur pointed out that entrepreneurship is a gamble, but also to face the difficulties in the team, which requires entrepreneurs excellent Eq. Specifically, there are several ways to get your team out of the clouds as soon as possible.

    Analysis of the significance of love Shanghai

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    in love Shanghai snapshot faster, the more new snapshot, love Shanghai more attention to its website, the number of spiders to his site is more frequent, this conclusion is nonsense, unable to prove that there is such a meaning of love Shanghai.



    first, the first statement today to say: boy love Shanghai snapshot: the meaning of meaningless, love Shanghai snapshot update frequency, update speed snapshot meaningless. Who will say nonsense, this conclusion is what I get out, I certainly must produce evidence to prove my point:

    happy net comprehensive strength from speaking, though not the renren贵族宝贝, however, the gap between the two should be relatively small, the key is, although the latest snapshot of happy net, but the relative and renren贵族宝贝, love Shanghai may pay more attention to the happy net? Love sea spiders to happy net the frequency is really better than renren贵族宝贝 frequently? I think the answer is no..

    two and more absurd: love Shanghai snapshot affected the weight, the more new snapshot, snapshot update more frequently, to the site of the weight is also higher. This conclusion is more absurd.

    love Shanghai snapshot, a familiar term. Many webmaster for the weary, even sleep, so love Shanghai snapshot, what is the meaning? On the Internet are also very concerned about the most Public opinions are divergent., snapshot time that updates faster, more new snapshot that love Shanghai more attention on its website, but there is a lot of argument also said that the snapshot update frequently, Shanghai can give love higher weight…… anyway, that is very important in many aspects, can affect the site, so many webmaster in exchange Links, when review site to put love Shanghai as a snapshot of a very important factor to consider.

    it is easy to see from the chart, pages 88 network and network China machine is the latest snapshot of the snapshot, renren贵族宝贝 is last month, is this love Shanghai yellow pages more trust 88 network, 88 network spiders to yellow pages more frequently than to renren贵族宝贝 frequency? I want to be people are bright white, renren贵族宝贝 than yellow pages 88 nets strong, can’t love Shanghai more attention to pages 88 nets and machinery network. Someone will say, 88 pages with net renren贵族宝贝 not in a class, difference is very far, can not be compared, so good, see below:


    love Shanghai snapshot of what kind of meaning? I am now 88 Yellow Kid webmaster assistant, follow the 88 steps of network pages, follow the webmaster learning is a long time, today I dare to publish small, personal insights on love Shanghai, agreed to a boy about thumb. Don’t agree with that boy, please.

    , many webmaster said the snapshot update more quickly, it shows more importance to love Shanghai on its website, that his website spider to crawl the content of frequency is fast. Then look at the picture:

    Garbage content will become a site of internal injuries

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    we may be an illusion in the update of the content on the website, that updates the content not only can let the website snapshots. And that the search engine included more, the weight of each page to your home page with more high, thinking that the keywords ranking will be useful. Of course, there is a more important reason is to do the long tail keywords, but the general long tail keywords if not closely linked to the website theme bring flow in general are garbage flows. For example, if we are a Shanghai dragon forum, the others about reports of electronic commerce, the article e-commerce is popular reports, our forum and weight will be high, this article will rank well. Our website to bring good traffic, but because this waste is the garbage flows will bring content to us.

    I see too many Shanghai Longfeng operators commonly do two things, that is to update the content of the website and send the chain. I don’t understand is a corporate website there are so many updates? Need that update? Update will have a beneficial effect on the ranking? The answer is no, can only bring benefits to update a website, that is the site of the new. The snapshot is only one of the benefits of the new, it is convenient for you may point in time for Links, but whether you have a new snapshot of the rankings, but no good, this is an indisputable fact. More terrible is that in order to update and update the content on the site but is harmful, but it is the daily updated website content people are not aware of. So today I said the main impact is the content on the website of the garbage.


    said the content will become clear in the garbage when a site of internal injuries we first need to understand what is junk content, such as some Union website advertising put, not related to the theme of the content, the Internet repeat high acquisition type of content, the content can not meet the needs of users. And the most important thing is this cannot meet the needs of the user, you update daily news that companies and related products of technical articles, is not what role for users. You will see no business news, most people would not to understand the technical knowledge of a product. The main culprit no one see what is on your site can drag.

    spam will drag the entire website, the overall quality of the entire site down. If your site has one thousand articles, daily traffic is one thousand, PV is three thousand. The competitor’s website only two hundred articles, daily traffic is one thousand, PV is three thousand. Do you think that what the result is, when the search engine to determine the site will determine the overall quality of a website. When people two hundred content could also contribute to the PV value of three thousand, then, every piece of content about people website are of high quality content. And you believe the content there are a lot of sleep, never to disturb. This is not what the user sees is not available to the user value, naturally don’t even want to improve the site keywords ranking.

    5 minutes to teach you how to optimize the mechanical industry website

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    skills is the first product to distinguish between primary and secondary, the main products are placed in the most prominent position and introduces the category, subdivision of the main products, the same type of subdivision. The classification should not be too much, not more than 7.

    product is the difficulty of site optimization, the reason is based on the analysis of Dongguan’s user search habits, the customer through the search keywords of a product into your website, but see is your website 3.07ghz, looking for a long time can not find want the product, to direct user experience is dazzling and this is not consistent with the website optimization. But as a machinery industry enterprise website and inevitably there are many types of products. How to operate

    , customers to search the product you, the first concern is the price, if the content of your website is mostly the introduction of products, not to mention the price of the product, the user can then imagine how to do? The customer will turn off your website, continue to search for other sites, until he wants about the price is very simple and tell him the details of the site.

    1. content


    then came the question? How should we solve the above problems, quickly make your website is in line with the optimization of

    4. is not related to the content.

    machinery industry is one of the most important industries in Dongguan, many township has a large industrial area, and produce many large and small machinery industry company. So, how to optimize the machinery industry should do simple

    website optimization, any of the above is enough to affect the normal website optimization ranking, this is also a lot of machinery industry company website, in line on the site has been difficult to have one of the reasons for good rankings, even has not been included. Traffic is low, not customer consultation.

    2. product segments

    to the core keywords, according to user needs, the user demand content released. The general customers in Dongguan is concerned about the products, price, usage, comparison, parameter, method is for the demand of more of the layout of site content.


    1. web content clutter.

    ?The steps are as follows:

    based optimization of

    3. sites with low quality.

    According to the principle of

    The accuracy of

    so the website content wants to meet the optimization, so understanding the needs of users is the premise.

    For example, the price of

    first, we must first understand the status quo of Dongguan machinery industry enterprise website optimization difficulty what? According to the series for many years engaged in website optimization experience, can be roughly divided into the following problems:


    2. too many product categories.

    3.Many websites can optimize >

    Effect of site optimization flow of three factors

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    site included mainly the following points: 1, the overall structure design of the website; 2, website domain name and directory settings; 3, the site code is simple and standard; 4, website content meets the needs of the users.

    website click rate and to optimize the process can not be ignored in a little. The website hits to the ranking has a great impact, the better the site click rate will be higher ranked relatively. Our website editor should grasp the user’s mind, the attractive title to attract users, but also through various channels to promote the site, increase traffic, so as to promote website ranking natural rise.

    site traffic is a lot of Shanghai dragon are very concerned about the topic, you want to get a good flow, it is necessary to master the influence of Shanghai Longfeng flow factors, understand to increase traffic to the site below Zhirui Feng Ji skills, site optimization experts share three experience points to you.

    The overall The main factors affecting

    three is more than Zhirui Ji Feng for influence share site optimization flow of three factors, I believe we do these three points, website traffic will quickly be promoted. The Beijing website optimization expert Zhirui Ji Feng (贵族宝贝youhua18贵族宝贝) starting A5, please keep the

    Overall, information!

    three, website hits


    included in the site

    Factors affecting

    website ranking are: 1 the main content of title in the web page; 2, the content of the website construction; 3, whether the site can win the user’s recommendation.

    website ranking

    wants to have a better site traffic, in addition to do more effort in the collection, we should also work hard in the overall ranking on the site. The first thing is to make the website main keywords ranking, because most users search keywords is the main vocabulary, brought to the site traffic is immeasurable. Then do the long tail keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking is a process of accumulation, in the late to the site to bring traffic even more than the main keywords.

    site included more web traffic will be more, there is no doubt that, because the site included more search engines will have more opportunities to visit our website, so as to improve the site keywords ranking. As long as the good internal website optimization, the article is love Shanghai included, with the chain optimization, the website will have good rankings, then can very good drainage.

    Analysis how to locate the site user groups

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    how can we find the industry’s largest user groups? In fact we are positioning of user groups is done in user demand analysis, positioning analysis group is part of the user is to belong to us, that part is not belong to us; for example: this website is selling reflow equipment; we love Shanghai the biggest demand is "drop-down box principle, reflow reflow process, reflow temperature

    before a few sites are love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia first, then know that the Interactive Encyclopedia, an independent site, and the emergence of love Shanghai library……… We know that the independent site is two, then the ranking contrast gives us what information? Weiwei tell you: site prompt is the "search and download data of these user groups is the largest search;" reflow "maximum user needs is to find information and download information"

    maximum demand groups

    user groups need to pay attention to:


    we do in the positioning requirements of users and user groups is the object of our analysis cannot do without them, because when we do in the analysis of user needs to determine the part of the greatest demand, so we went to meet the maximum needs of users; why we can not meet the needs of all if we put all? The requirements are met, so our website will become very fat; user experience more severe; so when we analyze the needs of users only need to find the maximum to meet the demand. User groups when we demand analysis into the biggest demand groups, small groups and other groups, if we meet the biggest part of the group’s website capture most of the traffic, then the search engine will push up on our website.

    so we are selling equipment, users find information with us not related, we don’t need to do this part of the user; Wei Wei told you: if the maximum demand and the site itself is not relevant, and we don’t have to do; at this time we’ll loss maximum demand of user groups, we want to website ranking in the home to meet the needs of the largest part of Wei Wei Group; make an assumption: our website to meet this part of the user community, so when the user search data will see our products; there is the possibility of purchase! When we in the industry has been met when most of the users search engine is not that we the website has more advantages in the peer, so as to push us up! Weiwei to tell you some little knowledge: when we go to the forum is not See some of the posts is marked "fire" or "hot" two words, said.

    1. find the industry



    A few key points when we locate

    then we take a look at the comparative ranking of the site is how


    Four steps to the novice will be Shanghai dragon optimization

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    "to do good work, must first sharpen his tools", choose a certain weight of domain name and the stability of the space is the first step to optimize the success, I can see, a lot of people are not optimal level difference, but the optimization based hardware needed too, such as space often downtime, is a new domain name or domain name the domain name is being punished. So you will have to pay tens of times efforts may not be able to achieve the desired effect, and even to achieve the ultimate goal, but overnight, also can let you cast to waste all the effort. The stability of the space since Needless to say, I only take effect to talk about my personal website domain name, I recently made a guest website, the domain name is registered as a station has years of domain name, and then on a single page station, a love Shanghai index 80 words, there is no more new any article on the weights of the domain name, the ranking of this site within a week to love Shanghai before three. Thus, factors affecting the weight of the domain name can not be ignored.

    , to know how to choose a site to optimize the system of

    The basic conditions of Two new

    , a new Shanghai dragon find the weight of domain name and stable space

    Shanghai Longfeng optimization is undoubtedly free website to get the accurate flow the best way, as a small webmaster, few people do not understand the art of Shanghai dragon, of course, Shanghai Longfeng technical level, good and bad. But many people are looking for a shortcut to optimize Shanghai dragon road, has been against the Shanghai dragon optimization shortcut, think this technology is a long-term and cumulative process. Although we see the only decent Shanghai Longfeng achievements, there can not be ignored the evil wolf rain Shanghai dragon. This is the Shanghai dragon optimization of each of the road, but only one purpose: to obtain directional flow required by Shanghai dragon. According to Shanghai dragon optimization, as long as the accurate method, also can quickly learn the new technology. Below I talk about how to quickly learn new Shanghai dragon optimization.

    all have the condition, started a website.

    three, learn to create original content website promotion weight

    I said Shanghai dragon is not tell you how to optimize the shortcut overnight home page, but as long as you master these basic prerequisites, it will pay a lot less effort than others, to achieve a multiplier effect. Take this, a good website system will reduce late a lot of Shanghai Longfeng burden, such as choice of chain structure in good system, keyword tags can be customized, tag tags can be set, URL can be static and so on, these basic conditions of Shanghai dragon can make you pay a lot less, now CMS system is relatively good for example, the dedecms is very good, of course, you can choose a lot of other systems, you can also develop their own, It differs from man to man. The key point to consider whether or not the system use the search engine grab information, whether in Shanghai Longfeng optimization favorable, with these pave the way for the optimization of course, multiplier.

    How old and new sites included fast sharing

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    2. and their editorial content have a great relationship. Because the site itself inevitably there will be some common statements, these statements once too much appeared in an article in Shanghai, will be identified as love no new news. So on the back of a new press release available immediately be included. Some news is not included, or direct sea rock. Then I put these cannot be included in the news for a website to release the results of the second day was included. These are just proved this truth.

    1. preference by mixed articles, only text pages included is relatively slow.


    3. title number of easy to be included. But the title will appear on the label, page, so the title role is very important, if the title and content you are closely related, this is love Shanghai love things, then the weights will not only be collected and will directly increase the inside pages. When these pieces together. On the back of the drive home page weight. This is what some people write a lot of news, but the effect is less than another write less, this is a problem in the. In addition, the space is not enough, the content is not full, not too will be included.

    has been included in the website, to attach great importance to the site within the chain, the quality of the original content, site of Mate (title, keywords, description tag set). Except, for example Links external links is more important. To check you >

    4. site pattern is more important. Like an old station I focus on optimization, such as after many website was hacked, the server is attacked, the record was revoked, the fate of K website. The program also has some problems. For example, I can display the page update area is that a small "news center" the rest are dead fixed content. Two years ago, I still stay in the accumulation of key words, never touch it. So my article with new area only with this. I can be independent of each news page, because I did not show the function. I am in the article are the guide to the home page anchor. I love Shanghai spider come every time, grab the page is still limited.

    website ranking is usually included, stable amount included is the most basic foundation of good rankings. So how to make their new website is a collection of love in Shanghai, or have been included in the website, how to achieve faster included? This is a deep discussion topic. Especially this year, love Shanghai has unlike previous years, as long as you continue to unremittingly new content is out of love, Shanghai will basically zhaodanquanshou to grab, and achieve the effect. Xiao Bian observed this year their site, the second situation basically No. Although all of the original information as in the past, it may take a few days to be included. Some will be pass off or directly. He will be selectively included. This small series also analyzed the reasons: