Recruitment of secondary school teachers in Xining part of the scarcity of professional positions no

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June 28th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Personnel Bureau, 2007 Xining city middle school teachers open recruitment registration work since the start of 20 this month, there are more than and 580 people enrolled in the examination, including Chinese, English and other subjects for reference number, but there are also some professional candidates appeared no situation.

It is reported that this year

, Xining City, the Department of junior high school Chinese teacher for 5, the number of candidates for the 82 people, high school recruit 4, the number of candidates for 38 people; recruit junior high school English teacher 2, the number of candidates for the 45 people, high school recruit 4, the number of candidates for 68 people; the junior high school mathematics strokes 4 teachers, the number of candidates for the 26 people, high school recruit 12, the number of candidates for 50 people; for the high school biology teacher 4, the number of candidates for 32 people; high school recruit political teacher 3, the number of candidates for 35 people. At the same time, car repair, the application of electronics, integrated arts and dance and other professional, and some only one or two individuals to apply for, and some no one.

it is understood that the open recruitment of middle school teachers in Xining city in 2007 the deadline is June 29th, the Xining Municipal Personnel Bureau relevant responsible person said, if some scarce professional post enrollment of less than 1 to 5 ratio, the form of competition, these jobs this year will stop recruitment, they remind the candidates meet the professional requirements apply as soon as possible. (author: He Min)


Our city retirees new pensions in place

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reporter learned from the city social security, the city in 2015 to adjust the pensions of enterprise retirees pension work has been completed, in March 27th has been allocated to the issuing bank, this month 30 days before the city’s 151569 retirees from enterprises will get paid on time from January 2015 to March for pension. April 2015 from the adjusted monthly payment of normal pension.
it is reported that the city enterprise retirees per capita pensions increased 273 yuan, per capita pension will reach the level of 2734 yuan (including heating fee), the new year will increase the pensions of enterprise retirees totaled 496 million yuan. It is estimated that the city’s retirees in 2015 will reach 5 billion 100 million yuan annual pension payment.
for the adjustment of pensions for enterprise retirees in 2015 the successful completion of the work, the City Social Security Bureau and the County Social Security Bureau has made a lot of preparatory work, social security staff at all levels to give up the rest day overtime, one by one to verify the basic information of the personnel data on more than 2000 units more than 15 enterprise retirees, ensure quality, held a retirement the insured persons and business units to transfer work, and require the insured units to do propaganda and policy interpretation, will be transferred to the roster to return to the insured unit checked again, make every retiree Dou Qingchuming white himself should increase the pension standards, truly transparent sunshine.

Accumulate steadily results in better benefit the masses

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comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, optimize and improve the grading system of diagnosis and treatment, improve the national health insurance system, improve drug supply security mechanism, accelerate the construction of health information……"

this year, the province’s top medical comprehensive pilot work focusing on design, key breakthrough and upgrading speed, adhere to the goal and problem oriented, overcome difficulties, strengthen the implementation, the highlights are frequent, the focus of the work has made new achievements, let the masses again for this wonderful livelihood responses to cheer.

statistics show that this year, the province of urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard from 550 yuan to 610 yuan, the average individual contributions increased to 124 yuan, the insured rate remained above 98%; the province’s comprehensive break in yaobu mechanisms, medical services from 4049 adjusted to 9714; strictly control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses the first half of the year, Qinghai city public hospital, average hospitalization expenses for 8703.46 yuan, the growth rate slowed down significantly over the same period last year, the city public hospital medicine accounted for 43.81%, down 0.8 percentage points over the previous year; has been the construction of the basic medical and health services in the medical center (Tibet) 179, the province’s basic medical and health services organization (Tibet) medical center construction coverage reached 41.2%; focus groups of city community family physician rate reached 0.03%, the agricultural and pastoral areas of rural doctors contracted rate of 60.04%……

continued to promote the reform after many years of accumulation of people of all nationalities in our province to accumulate steadily, and enjoy more benefits.

overcome difficulties push medical reform

talked about the changes brought about by this year’s health care reform, who lives in the old city of Xining Shen Shen obviously feel much cheaper to see a doctor. The serious illness insurance policy to let him in the treatment of gastric cancer during the relief of many public hospitals at their own expense expenditure, and bid farewell to yaobu mechanisms, more let him feel the cost decreased obviously. "I have to eat 4 kinds of drugs every month, this year, the monthly price can save nearly $two hundred."

Shen Shen in the body, we can see the province to overcome the difficulties of pushing the reform of medical reform.

this year, the province launched a comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the provincial level,

14 provincial public hospitals across the province to carry out comprehensive reform. From May 1st onwards, the abolition of drug addition, the implementation of zero sales. In the provincial people’s Hospital and other 4 hospitals to carry out day surgery pilot. At the same time actively carry out medical service price reform, appropriate to improve the diagnosis and treatment, surgery, nursing and other high technology content of the project price, reduce inspection, inspection and other project prices.

province also accelerate the reform of public (Tibetan and Mongolian) hospital comprehensive reform. In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine pieces of drugs and medical supplies all canceled addition, the national medical services from the current 76 items increased to 348.

2011, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County People’s hospital nurse Ma Zhijuan monthly salary of only 200 yuan, the monthly income of about $3000, to last year, her monthly salary increased to more than 2500 yuan;

Eastern pushing the mass line four priorities

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February 26th, the reporter learned from the East District, according to the provincial and municipal arrangements, the Eastern District to the party members and cadres of the Party issued a mobilization order, and the deployment of a fine deployment of the region’s four major tasks of educational practice.

the requirements of Party organizations at all levels in the region and the majority of Party members and cadres should spare no effort to complete the party’s mass line of educational practice four priorities: one to do implement the "General requirements" to change, without aliasing, focusing on the "four winds" not absent-minded, astigmatism, face the problem is not to avoid, not hide, to tread stone to stay in India, there are traces of iron grasp the responsibility, and throughout the study and education, the rectification spirit throughout, to really realistically change throughout, a link is not a standard, do not fall, to ensure that activities from start to finish, good to do good. – two in the completion of the city and district "provisions of action" at the same time, combined with their actual, innovation carrier, innovative ways to carry out various forms of the theme of practical activities, to ensure that the provisions of the action without aliasing, freestyle characteristics". Three to seize the key, focus on the focal point, identify the points, to prevent the style of a detour, to prevent the general, general, principled requirements instead of solving the problem of style measures. Four – to carry out educational practice closely together and implement the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the General Secretary Xi series of important speech combined together and do a good job in the current reform and development combined with the stability of the work, with the major task of building rich civilized and harmonious happy new Eastern combination, overall planning, reasonable arrangement, so that both hands, two promotion". Through educational practice, truly achieve the education of cadres, problems to solve, the style change, the people more satisfied with the effect, promote the rich civilized and harmonious new district construction with the actual results of happiness education practice!

it is understood that the party organizations at all levels of the region and the majority of Party members and cadres to fully understand the importance of educational practice, urgency, with a high degree of political consciousness, conscious thought and action consciously and actively participate in the initiative into educational practice activities to get rid of the chain, leaving no consciousness to "chronic illness surgery, real activities to implement the" nerve ", and the disadvantages of the style of behavior, conduct a large scale investigation, overhaul, cleaning.


A lot of good little happiness

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happiness Xining Civil Affairs –

shares: happy life support line

[happiness connotation]

happiness from life we shoulder the responsibility, play different roles, a role is to try as well, that is the role of civil affairs workers, because of great responsibility, because happiness is hidden in them. Do poor households a warm quilt, make the elderly light smile, do military and civilian yushuiqingshen Xiangruyimo, do a marriage certificate on red gold hi words, a sow the seeds of happiness, let many happiness happiness together.

[happiness goal]

Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary session of the twelve, fifteen National People’s Congress Eight meeting and mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the "government work report", depicts the "happy Xining" development blueprint for Xining civil affairs play a promoting effect of people’s livelihood, make up the short board, bottom line, maintaining stability, pointed out the direction of the struggle, put forward specific request.

city’s home work will focus on the provincial "131" General requirements and the municipal "12315" overall goal, organize a comprehensive implementation of the "12345 project", "a prominent development" and "construction" on the two "issued three policy" to "deepen the reform of the four" Five "promotion services", "happy Xining" in civil affairs, specific measures, to enhance people’s happiness index.

[happiness support]

a variety of convenient services around pension

effectively assume the responsibility of the province’s comprehensive reform of the pension services experimental services, pension services industry development in the forefront of the province. Accelerate the construction of old-age service system in the home-based, community-based organizations, to supplement, around the "9064" pension service pattern, enhance the government purchase service basic pension service standards, boost social organization participation degree, expand the pension services, expand service crowd, let 90% elder people enjoy home-based care services. Let 6% elder people enjoy community (Village) pension services, so that 4% of the elderly enjoy pension services.

Huimin project a year to catch up with the past five years

civil project construction. 2016 plans to implement key projects in 4 categories of 10 to 581, mainly involving 231 pension service facilities, 345 urban and rural community service facilities and child welfare relocation, city mental patient welfare, the construction of new city elderly activity center and municipal pool of relief supplies construction etc.;

Energy saving and emission reduction of Qinghai road transportation industry

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Yesterday, reporters from the Provincial Highway Transportation Management Bureau was informed that, at present, our province road transport industry of natural gas vehicles accounted for the number of the taxi industry, the highest proportion, followed by public transport, passenger transport industry proportion is relatively low.

it is reported that in order to respond positively to the national call for development of green recycling carbon transport, to ensure the realization of energy-saving emission reduction targets of the road transport industry in our province, the province’s road transport enterprises to actively eliminate old fuel vehicles, increase capital investment, the purchase of natural gas vehicles.

Longyangxia ecotourism scenic spot

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I added a good tourist destination, Qinghai has a new tourist attractions. Reporters learned from the tourism sector in August 3rd, our province has added a three A-level scenic spots – Longyangxia ecological tourist attractions. Visitors here can not only visit the Longyangxia Grand Canyon scenery, ornamental forest Longyang Danxia landforms, the first taste of the Yellow River dam dignity, but also taste authentic ethnic delicacy – gluttonous feast of fish.

Community care for poor patients with hydatid disease

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July 25th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial radio and Television Bureau, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the Provincial Federation, the provincial Red Cross jointly organized the "love summer · in my town square in Qinghai; humanitarian" large-scale public welfare donation activities. In the activities of donations received by all the provincial Red Cross donation information platform for the publicity site.

11 Inner Mongolia entrepreneurial Pioneer Award

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entrepreneurial process is always full of tears and sweat, but as long as the success of all this is worth it. Recently, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held a ceremony for the 11 entrepreneurial Pioneer Award, reward its contribution to Inner Mongolia on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

11 3, Jingu rural commercial bank · awards ceremony of 2015 Inner Mongolia entrepreneurial pioneer contest in Inner Mongolia radio and television news publishing digital media center held, Wei Jun, Xiao Cheng, Liu Junchen,   Han Ling, Li Gang, Yan Shuchun, Wang Zhanbiao, Li Chunxia, Zhao Jian, Li Qiansuo who won the 2015 annual "Inner Mongolia business pioneer" Wang Yaxiong, the 2015 Inner Mongolia business pioneer example title.

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How small and medium-sized chain enterprises like six Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

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company to achieve the effectiveness of special snack supply chain logistics system gradually and smoothly, keeping up with fashion trends, frequent updates and more choice, the use of the unique design to create a unique appeal to buyers, thereby greatly increasing the customer preference and loyalty to the special snack, one-stop consumer. Let buyers enjoy a healthy world.

hi six Hot and Sour Rice Noodles by the advent of the middle and small chain quickly won praise, a huge market profit in the heart, very return, set off a new upsurge of cooperation. Enterprise development over the years have the results of the development of the current investor support is to make life better development concept. Now the characteristics of the popular snack market all the way, the company will be based on customer demand, to create more features snacks fashion new. One more attention, and the pursuit of excellence, Seiko secret agents!

snack food franchise, like six Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Qiangde on wealth. The main form of franchising, better life service concept, in good faith to create a market vertical brand, reputation, create a good opportunity to get rich is a good cause of many small and medium-sized operators and the characteristics of snacks. Hi six Hot and Sour Rice Noodles realized the ideal product in the market today, daily sales continue to increase, as in today’s market of the road selling special snack.

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